14 Best 10 Inch Rough In Toilet Reviews of 2021 You Should Know


While purchasing a toilet, it’s vital that either you or your plumber quantify the rough-in space so as to understand which sort of toilet to purchase because there are two common kinds of toilets; 10 inches rough in toilets and 12 inches rough in toilets. The matter is, the dimensions aren’t remotely synonymous, which will be the reason supporting the significance of choosing appropriate dimensions.

However, did you realize that by picking a 10-inch rough-in toilet, you can save yourself a nice quantity of floor area?

If you’re seeking to receive a toilet with a 10-inch, we’ve reviewed the best 10-inch rough-in toilets to help make your choice easier.

List of 14 Best 10 Inch Rough In Toilet Reviews

1. Kohler K-3889-0 10 Inch Rough-in Toilet

  • It’s among the best 10 inch rough in toilet in the company, well known for its comfort it gives. With 1.28 gallons a flush, it ensures strong flushing force and total riddance of any waste material from the bowl. Additionally, it has a comfortable elongated layout made from China.
  • It’s highly water-efficient because the canister flush valve together with a gravity flushing system is specially designed to utilize the tiniest quantity of water to remove as much waste as possible and keep bowl cleanliness.
  • The toilet is designed for comfort because it’s created at precisely the exact same height as normal seats compared to the majority of toilets that are quite lower. It ensures maximum comfort for anybody, particularly individuals with back and knee problems.

2. American Standard Cadet 3 10 Inch Rough-in Toilet

  • This 10-inch rough-in toilet will appeal to people who prefer a versatile traditional layout. The item is in 2 parts, made from sturdy vitreous china, round fit, and weighing 55 lbs. You are able to pick from three light colors: white, linen, and bone. The design height is regular, meaning it might not be comfortable for the older.
  • As this product is curved, its own water surface is a little more compact than the prior product in my listing (9×8 inches). But, coupled with a broad siphon, it’s sufficient to maintain clogging free.
  • The maker has implemented its own gravity single-flushing system, which generates a strong water stream, but at precisely the exact same time lowers the water intake per flush by 20 percent (1.28 gpf). The bowl comes with an EverClean coating, which prevents the growth of bacteria and parasites.
  • You should not have any troubles with the setup as Cadet 3 includes regular floor mountings. It costs a bit less than the preceding version, but it’s still on the high budget. However, the maker gives a 5-year guarantee. It’s fairly a great deal for these products.

3. Toto CST412MF.10#01 10 Inch Rough-in Toilet

  • This Toto Aqua CST412MF.10 gives you the option of choosing a reduced water intake setting of 0.9 g per flush or a typical flush of 1.6 gallons per flush. It does so due to this Dual-Max® flush mechanism, together with the lesser amount made to rid the bowl of liquid waste and also the increased flush for solid waste. This will make certain you save loads of water in a year. The flushing process is run by the easy push of a button in addition to the tank. The tray at the bottom is also rather big to guarantee no waste clogs the toilet.
  • It’s the contemporary, one-piece layout, completed in a wonderful cotton white color. That is something for people who are searching for a brighter, cleaner, and fresher bath feels. The bowl kind would be the elongated one, which combines nicely with the universal elevation specifications to guarantee the toilet is available to individuals of all ages, such as the elderly. It’s also geared towards individuals who want more comfort as the chair height enables you to sit on it as they sit on a typical chair.
  • The interior and exterior of the toilet are made from vitreous china, which will be effective at restricting the development of germs and germs. While updating your toilet to a modern appearance, this substance is a perfect option. Duties include IAPMO(cUPC®) and also WaterSense; differently, the item is water-efficient and eco-friendly. This Aqua falls to the mid-century budget, and though it’s promoted as a 10-inch rough-in toilet, it gets the choice of a 12-inch rough-in in the event you locate the latter better suited to your bathroom.

4. Toto CST744SF.10#01 10 Inch Rough-in Toilet

  • While picking a toilet for your small-sized bathroom, you must purchase the Toto 10-inch rough in a design as it simplifies various functions. This two-piece system makes it effortless to get a plumber to put in and is not as bulky to transport. It functions on a minimal consumption flush of 1.6 gallons per flush, permitting you to stay eco-friendly. With G-Max flushing technologies’ support, this model helps to ensure that the bowl is clean and eliminates all of the solid particles in one flush.
  • The tank holds the amount of water, which makes the machine work properly for quite a while. It’s general elevation, which can be comfy for an individual of almost any type to sit down and stand up off the chair with no effort. This toilet has an elongated bowl and bowl, taking more space and leaving more to maintain the elegance.
  • The 10-inch rough-in is measured from the wall into your waste pipe, showing that Toto provides the very best toilet seat featuring all the inbuilt capabilities. Aside from that, the stains and dirt particles stay intact on the chair if flushing isn’t done frequently. For that reason, it’s encouraged to wash the bowl to get detaching the particles out of the bowl. This can be the best version available at a low price with the essential features and effortless setup.

5. KOHLER K-3851-0 10 Inch Rough-in Toilet

  • The comfortable height of the Cimarron makes it simpler for you to sit down when you want to use the toilet and get up with no discomfort in your body. That elevation also makes it appropriate for use in bathrooms designed for all those who have disabilities. They can easily slip from a device such as a wheelchair.
  • This collection includes both another base using a bowl indoors in addition to a tank, and the two bits have the identical layout and complete. Though it doesn’t include a supply line or a chair, it will have a rounded bowl which occupies less space than bowls do.

6. American Standard 270AB001.020 10 Inch Rough-in Toilet

  • This is yet another Cadet 3 version toilet from American Standard that utilizes a 10-inch rough-in. It’s a really similar version to another American conventional toilet on the review list with a couple of exceptions. It’s not the same color, has a different hardware setup, and can be a couple of pounds lighter.
  • The chair on this model toilet is really a comfortable height, and its elongated bowl contour simply adds to its comfort when using it. Additionally, it is a certified water-saving toilet also. It meets the EPA’s standard of using 1.6 gallons per flush or not to be regarded as a water-saving version. It only utilizes an ultra-low 1.29 gallons of water per flush.
  • Among the things we enjoy about this toilet is its own structure and surface coating. It’s produced from vitreous china so that you know that it will not chip simple and will persist for quite a while. Additionally, it has American Standards proprietary antimicrobial surface substance called EverClean. Surfaces treated using this substance make it difficult for mold and mildew to build up anyplace on the surface of the toilet.
  • We believe as this is an exceptional kind of toilet, the maker should definitely incorporate a chair with it. We also are not fond of two-piece constructed toilets since they are inclined to be more challenging to wash.

7. Toto CST744EF.10#01 10 Inch Rough-in Toilet

  • Coming in 7th within our best 10-inch toilet reviews is your Toto CST744EF.10 in the ever-popular Toto Drake collection. This Toto 10-inch rough-in toilet comes with a potent flushing mechanism that employs a minimal quantity of water.
  • As a 10-inch rough-in elongated toilet, it looks quite sleek with a trendy yet streamlined appearance, which also makes it a perfect alternative for older homes, flats, stores, etc., using a 10-inch rough-in. The Toto CST744EF.10 is a worldwide height toilet — which makes it ideal for both residential and commercial uses.
  • Besides kids and adults, even individuals who need help can certainly use this Toto 10-inch rough-in toilet. This toilet consumes 1.6 gallons per flush of water, meaning your water bills will stay low. All goods at the Drake collection are outfitted with all the GMAX flush technologies — the flush valve is 1.25percent wider, the stream is raised using a jet, along the tramway is completely glazed. The consequent flush is strong yet silent.

8. STERLING 402512-0 10 Inch Rough-in Toilet

  • From time to time, the thing that brings one to a toilet is its cosmetic detail. In cases like this, the Sterling Riverton includes a pleated tank underside which grabs your attention. However, the interior of the toilet is much more striking. It is a quick DIY project as a result of its 3-bolt setup system.
  • The tank uses 1.6 gallons for each flush; also, it includes a ‘one flush guarantee’. You should probably try this at the shop just to be certain. Its comma-shaped flush lever is chrome-covered for additional protection. It is a mild toilet — 22.6 lbs. And its chair is elongated for extra comfort.
  • The Sterling Riverton includes a 5-year limited guarantee. This isn’t a well-known manufacturer, so if you are ordering online, remain in contact with your seller. The toilet ships in distinct boxes, so it is not unheard of for a single half to become lost in the email. Make sure you follow up on tracking numbers.
  • It appears great and guarantees superior flushing functionality. It does not have fresh power behind it, so purchase it with care. And in the event that it is possible, examine it in the shop.

9. TOTO AQUIA IV 2PC Connect+ W/ SS124 1.28GPF Cotton 

  • With this toilet from Toto, no space is wasted in your bathroom. It is a one-sided fixture with an extremely low-profile layout. The tank is lean, and the whole device is skirted for simplicity. As a result of its sleek lines and subtle curves, the toilet is comparatively simple to stay clean. Additionally, it’s a sleek ceramic coating on all sides, so which makes everyone the surfaces simple to wash down.
  • It uses a tornado dual-flush system. Buttons on the cover of the lid permit you to pick between a half flush and a complete flush. The half flush just uses 0.8 gallons. The whole flush utilizes 1.28 gallons.
  • Irrespective of which flush you decide on, water is delivered to large channels around the rim of this bowl. Strategically put holes in the water to make a productive cyclone that is supposed to compensate for the decreased water use.
  • This Toto 10 inch rough-in toilet includes a soft-close lid and seat. The toilet includes all you want to find the task finished.

10. American Standard 221DB104.020 10 Inch Rough-in Toilet

  • This toilet from the Colony range is likewise an affordably-priced model that will fit each consumer’s flavor on a budget. But, even if it’s relatively cheap, this toilet doesn’t lack features.
  • It’s the WaterSense tag and utilizes 1.28 gallons per flush. Thus, this toilet uses less than the typical water-saving toilet. Additionally, it sports a strong flush which can ensure the bowl stays clean.
  • It might not have the fancy EverClean antimicrobial coating which a few American Standard toilets have; however, the PowerWash rim scrubs will compensate for that. As a result of this, the bowl is going to be scrubbed clean with each wash, preventing any solid waste from staying on the surface.
  • Made from vitreous china, this toilet bowl not just looks elegant, but it’s also durable. Even in case you use it during the time, it is not as likely to receive any cracks. Engineered to be dependable and beautiful for a long time to come, this is an excellent 10-inch toilet to put in your bathroom.

11. American Standard 2315228.020 10 Inch Rough-in Toilet

  • The American Standard Baby Devoro is specially made for kids or for jobs where a little person is your user. The toilet is also an excellent pick for education or health care facilities for children.
  • It’s made of vitreous china, which is very tough, difficult to stain, simple to wash, and of course how tasteful it seems. It utilizes just 1.28 gallons of water per flush, and it can be a fraction of the total used by additional toilets. This toilet meets the definition of HET (High-Efficiency Toilet), and though it doesn’t absorb all that water, it’s a strong flush that ensures all waste has been gone in one flush.
  • The bottom height is just 10 1/4 inches for simple accessibility by children and tiny persons; however, the rough-in is preserved in 10 inches. Together with a round front bowl, the Baby Devoro creates a perfect toilet for compact bathrooms. Installing the device is rather simple as well, thanks to some Speed Connect tank and bowl coupling system.
  • Located on the other side of this tank is really a chrome trip lever for initiating the flush. Additionally, the chrome substance matches other stainless and chrome steel hardware in many bathrooms. The trapway is completely glazed to encourage a smooth flow of waste and stop flaking, while the accession of a sanitary dam around the bowl means that you may conceal unsightly infant diapers out of everybody in a more sterile method.

12. American Standard Round Front Toilet with 10-Inch Rough-In

  • The American Standard toilet is designed using the master layout of around front and 10-inch rough-in proportion. The mix of bowl and tank are in a worldwide elevation meeting the ADA regulations and rules. The exterior and interior comprise vitreous china that’s capable of limiting the development of germs and germs. Its EverClean surfacing inhibits the rise of odor-causing brokers, maintaining the chair clean and sterile for you constantly.
  • While upgrading your bathroom to a contemporary appearance, it is a perfect option. Both curved front and 10-inch rough-in will require much less space than other versions with front and 12-inch rough-in. Its 3-inch flush valve is chemically resistant and blows off water to the bowl in high pressure. This version absorbs 1.28 gallons of water per flush, so maintaining water usage at low. The WaterSense technology retains the machine ecofriendly in working and doesn’t lead to lots of water.
  • The measurements of the 10-inch rough in the toilet are 26.2 x 17 x 30.2-inches, which makes it very simple for the plumber to put in it. The access to two-piece as bowl and tank doesn’t demand an additional set of hands to repair it. It does the job flawlessly, but one thing to deal with is that chair isn’t included with this order. Its affordable price will probably be within your budget; therefore, don’t overlook this item.

13. Fine Fixtures Dual-Flush Round One-Piece Toilet 10″ Rough in

  • Fine Fixtures Dual Flush is a One-Piece toilet. The Dual-Flush is Highly Efficient with 6lpf. The toilet is produced out of premium material which has a glazed coating and trapway.
  • The glossy surface is an extra feature that can help keep the toilet clean with every flush. The glaze material does not allow residue to remain and can be removed from the trapway, preventing the dilemma of clogging.
  • The chair combined with this toilet is similar to the conventional toilet chairs that are noisy and may get annoying, especially if it keeps slamming. The lower portion of this toilet seat is tender, so when you closed the lid, there are absolutely no sounds.
  • The soft final toilet chair works well with families with little children that typically slam near the lid. The flush is double and will help save water. With this flush, you have a tendency to save a great deal of water and get the work done nicely. In this manner, you’ll have the ability to decrease your water bill too.
  • The manufacturer quotes to save about 4000 gallons per year.

14. Swiss Madison SM-1T257 10 Inch Rough-in Toilet

  • Last but not least, we’d love to finish our best 10-inch rough-in toilet reviews on a high note by introducing one to Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T257, an exquisitely well-made 10-inch rough-in one-piece toilet. This 10-inch rough-in toilet is intended to perfection because the tank is connected to the bowl, which seems amazing.
  • Its constructed quality can be outstanding — it is made of ceramic, which helps it withstand a substantial quantity of weight for many, many years. The SM-1T257 is a one-time allowing for stress-free upkeep — cleaning one toilet is much comfier than cleaning and keeping different components of it.
  • Additionally, it’s a glazed trap way along with a dual flush mechanism using 0.8 GPF for mild flushes and 1.28 GPF for eliminating solid waste. This guarantees that the bowl remains clean and sanitized and less water is absorbed; as truth be told, we inhale more than we create solid waste; therefore, we would use the 0.8 GPF flush over the 1.28 GPF. Additionally, because it’s a 10-inch rough-in one-piece version, it’s far simpler to put in it in tiny spaces, and since it’s an elongated unit, sitting it is also quite comfy.

Buying Guide for Best 10 Inch Rough In Toilets

Prior to buying a 10-inch rough-in toilet, there are numerous things you may wish to think about first. A number of them may involve the facet, others may go deeper — but they’re all equally important.

Bowl Height

The bowl height is dependent upon your height and requirements. The normal size is approximately 15 inches. It’s suitable for individuals without health issues. The so-called relaxation elevation ranges from 17 to 19 inches and complies with ADA standards. It usually means it is acceptable for individuals with disabilities.

Low water consumption

A lot of people don’t know the impact a toilet choice can have on their own water bills every year. There are a variety of forms of toilets available with different flushing capabilities. In accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a toilet shouldn’t eat more than 1.6 gallons per flush, and the majority of them adhere to the normal figure.

Toilet Style

When determining whether to purchase a 10-inch rough-in one-piece toilet or a two-piece toilet, you should think about these aspects:

  • Their sleek design, one-piece toilets are visually attractive
  • 10-inch choices are easier to wash
  • Two-piece toilets will provide you more options concerning rough-in, height, and style
  • Shipping two-piece toilets are simpler
  • 10-inch rough-in toilets in 1 bit are designed for comfort, height and may fit compact spaces
  • Two-piece toilets tend to be more affordable

Bowl Shape

Next, it is fantastic to consider the form of the bowl along with the corresponding chair. You’ve got two choices out there. Conventional round bowls are excellent if you would like to keep items as streamlined as possible. They have a roughly circular shape and a diameter of approximately 16.5 inches.

Elongated bowls would be the alternate. The bowl and chair choose an extended oval shape, thus consuming about two more inches of space. These bowls are regarded as more comfortable and secure.

Flushing system

The kind of flushing system that the toilet uses must also be in your list of factors since it determines the toilet’s flushing energy and efficacy. A toilet with a potent flushing system might help conserve water since it won’t need multiple flushing to eliminate all of the waste.

It’s very important that you go to get a system that will make flushing simple for you. A toilet is supposed to give relief, so using it shouldn’t be tedious.


Toilets that have a rough-in of 10 inches are all excellent choices for people that have small bathrooms since they help you handle the little space flawlessly. While thinking about the rough-in, however, remember to think about other attributes also, such as the chair elevation, water intake, and the flushing system, since they are equally vital for choosing a fantastic toilet.

Hopefully, the best 10-inch rough-in toilet reviews we made for you are of use. We have picked the most well-known models from brands that have already made a name for themselves in this world.

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