13 Best 20-Gallon Air Compressor Reviews in 2021


Locating the best 20-gallon air compressor that will assist you along with jobs in your home or even for use on smaller job projects can be hard. But, there are lots of 20-gallon air compressors out there to pick from.

Therefore, we review a number of the best 20-gallon air compressors on the market and provide you a thorough product buying guide. This guide will enable you to know what to search for in design and features elements and supply you with other helpful tips and tips.

List of 13 Best 20-Gallon Air Compressor Reviews

1. Industrial Air IPA1882054 20-Gallon Belt Driven Air Compressor with Twin Cylinder

Since many 20-gallon air compressors available today can lay claim to specializing in a particular attribute — cost, power, reliability, etc. — we’re on the search for the instrument with the very best combination of features as our best option.

This belt-driven compressor out of Industrial Air is the sole and greatest 20-gallon compressor, which could boast of exceptional performance across all types.

First of all, the cast iron double cylinder pump which pushes the Industrial Air is designed to survive — like the rest of the durably built machine. Capable of creating a strong 155 highest PSI of pressure, it simplifies some additional compressors within this cost range by creating an impressive 5.7 CFM at 90 PSI.

Horizontally mounted on wheels and weighing in at a svelte 166 lbs, the Industrial Air really combines the best of all worlds. Back that up with a 2-year guarantee, and it’s easy to see why we have given it our greatest recommendation.

2. PORTER CABLE PXCMF220VW 20-Gallon Portable Air Compressor

The Porter-Cable PXCMF220VW Air Compressor includes a 20-gallon power air tank that’s supported by brakes measuring 7 inches. The large-sized air tank is positioned, and the device is readily moved around a job site by pushing the rugged handle positioned over the 20-gallon air compressor.

The whole device unit has been coated to stop users from touching the surface. This product generates a maximum air pressure output of 150 PSI, which will be sufficient for the performance of distinct air tools.

The air conditioner is oil-free and operates using a motor that’s rated at 1.5 HP. In 4.0 CFM, the device creates an air pressure of 90 PSI. That is an industrial 20-gallon air compressor version using a low sound output signal when it’s in use; the search motor produces only 84 decibels. The device has flexible functions, and it’s reliable.

3. WEN 2202 20-Gallon Oil-Lubricated Portable Vertical Air Compressor

The heritage of WEN marches ahead to incorporate a 2202 air compressor at the mech-family line. Having a secure, strong engine of 15A or 2.4 Horse Power, it fits into any compressing task you’ve in hand, be it a house garage, workshop, or building website. The utmost discharging strain is 135 PSI at releasing the pressure of 40 PSI, the CFM is 5.0 & in 90 PSI, the CFM is 3.8.

Only adjustable hose-changing by 1/4 inch NPT quick coupler. Maximized stability prevents any injury from occurring – made possible due to these rubber-footed wheels and legs.

The huge operational strength can accommodate everything beginning from the small nailers, staplers, spray guns to large paintings, woodworking, and also the saga goes on…

Long-terminal durability guaranteed through the building of reinforced steel. It is easily carriable to job websites due to its portability: enhanced storing and hauling system with wheels that are onboard.

Additionally, you can exact observation of inner pressure during the initial pressure gauge. And, it provides a lifetime guarantee of 2-years.

4. NorthStar Portable Gas-Powered Air Compressor – Honda 163cc OHV Engine, 20-Gallon Horizontal Tank

The North Star Portable Gas Powered Air Compressor is fairly impressive. Its pump is made of durable cast iron, that the V design cylinder offers exceptional cooling, along with the stainless steel valves, all work to offer a more lasting product.

You may get around 13.7 CFM at 90 PSI, which manipulates others. Furthermore, it’s equipped with a Honda GX160 OHV 5.5 HP engine, which can be among the most dependable gasoline engines for frequent air gear, maximum pressure washers, plus a few more heavy-duty power tools.

With this exceptional and long-lasting layout comes a high price tag. At more than 1,000, it’s undoubtedly more expensive than a number of other alternatives.

But, North Star 20-gallon Air Compressor can be stronger than others. With fantastic buyer evaluations, this is among the very best air compressor 20-gallon options in case you’re able to afford it.

5. California Air Tools 20040DC Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free 4.0 hp, 20.0 gallon Steel Tank Air Compressor

The California Air Tools 20040DC Ultra Quiet was made to be among the quietest 20-gallon air compressors in the business — just 75 decibels of noise. What makes this compressor simpler than others? Since the maker utilizes a double piston motor/pump system which displaces more air more rapidly, along with a 4-pole engine that only works at 1680 RPM. Both of these attributes reduce vibration and noise to get a smoother operation.

This 20-gallon compressor was made to increase the duty cycle and permit for more continuous run times. It’s an oil-free dual-piston pump built to have a life cycle before use of 3000 and hours in contrast to other similar products with life spans of 1500 hours or even not.

This 20-gallon air compressor produces around 10.6 CFM @ 90 PSI, which will be greater than many 20 gallon electric models we analyzed. Therefore it can power more or less any air tool. Additionally, the compressor requires about 150 minutes to fully pump up the storage tank from vacant.

In the long run, this really is the finest quiet 20-gallon compressor now offered. We discovered that it is far better than the Ingersoll-Rand Garage Mate, but it was too expensive for our top place.

6. Industrial Air IL1682066.MN 20-Gallon Belt Driven Air Compressor with V-Twin Cylinder

Not just oil-lubricated, however, the pump is additionally with cast iron and double cylinder. This comes together with an aluminum valve and head, which make certain the warmth debauchery is faster. The dual voltage engine permits the system to provide maximum functionality without hassle.

What’s more, the inflated wheels guarantee the portability of the product. You can receive your job done anywhere in the garage in addition to outside.

These 20-gallon air compressors are designed to withstand extreme problems. Because of this, it’s acceptable for massive works like livestock performance or support trucks. You are able to utilize it in a variety of areas, from private to professional demands.

The general performance is loyal. The price tag, though, will make a lot of men and women hesitate. Given all of the capacity and the oil-lubricated attribute, it’s safe to state that this cost is acceptable. Therefore, if you’re interested in a durable and dependable 20-gallon air compressor, then this is exactly what you want.

7. California Air Tools 20020 Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressor

The best 20-gallon air compressors we all have to check is by California Air. Using a powerful 2 HP engine and an oil-free pump that supports a max of 125 PSI, it provides 5.3 CFM @ 90 PSI. Considering its airflow capacity as well as both worldwide quick connectors, you will find lots of uses for this particular unit, in spite of numerous air tools at the same time.

Sure, the burden of almost 135 pounds could get you a little apprehensive, but it has a mobile design, with wheels and top-middle manage. Additionally, realizing that it operates in a very low RPM of just 1680, with less wear and noise, and the pump can handle over 3000 hours of runtime, will make you forget any other little disadvantage.

This version runs in 70 dB, making it incredibly quiet not simply for an air compressor, but generally speaking, but particularly for one from the 20-gallon size class. What’s more, it sports an easy-start valve which permits the engine to spin freely by releasing a little bit of air at the beginning. It’ll draw fewer Amperes and begin easier even if it is freezing out.

8. Industrial Air IT20ASME 20 gallon ASME Certified Vertical/Horizontal Air Receiver Tank

This multifunctional blower is prepared to work with, pre-assembled, and may be used vertically or horizontally. You can never go wrong using this compressor because its high-quality tank is constructed for use impact wrenches to maintain air for extended hours, and it’s supposed to survive long.

Plus, the sports top-notch couplers and gauges function ideally to ensure the pump doesn’t flow, which makes it among the very best 20-gallon compressors on the marketplace. The compressor includes a twin-cylinder pump, making it provide dependable performance and electricity.

The pump consists of cast iron with an excess aluminum head and a valve plate, which aids in the dissipation of heat. Industrial Air IT20ASME comes completely assembled from the box. It’s also equipped with a quarter-turn drain valve, allowing for simple and rapid draining and upkeep.

9. NorthStar Single-Stage Portable Electric Air Compressor

This air compressor can be guaranteed to have a long lifetime. Also, it includes a double-edged iron pump and contains two tanks. It’s also oil lubricated, making it extra silent so that it won’t disturb anybody in any way; they won’t even see that you’re using it. It’s also manufactured from extra strong substances since it’s made to be utilized in commercial stores in addition to for home use also.

It really has sufficient capacity to have the ability to operate the next tools: impact wrench, airbrush, along with also and air ratchet. You could even rewire the air compressor so that it can use 230 volts.

We enjoyed this product since it’s extremely effective and it can readily be used for both business stores and home usage, which makes it appropriate for practically any job.

10. DEWALT DXCMPA1982054 20-Gallon Portable Air Compressor

The DeWalt 20-gallon air compressor provides all the fantastic things that we come to anticipate from DeWalt products. It includes the best internals and motor parts like aluminum engine head, automotive ball bearings, stainless steel reed valves onto the air conditioner, and strong cast iron parts everywhere. This usually means the DeWalt DXCMPA1982054 is constructed to run economically, and it’s constructed to last.

The pump is oil-lubricated to maintain the operating temperature. A 1.9 horsepower induction electric engine delivers the electricity. It comes with a 12-inch balanced flywheel to smooth out vibrations. In general, these features help to maintain the entire unit functioning smoothly and gently. There is, in fact, not any need to say far more about the readily recognizable yellowish DeWalt product! You’re guaranteed to be impressed with these brilliant mobile 20-gallon air compressor.

11. California Air Tools CAT-20015HPAD Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free 1.5 hp, 20 gallon

California Air Tools CAT-20015HPAD is the ideal tool for everyone searching for a remarkably silent compressor to control all of your air tools. With equipping of top pressure of a 1.5 hp oil-free motor, this compressor comes with better strength and support life.

This instrument also offers easy-to-use features that make it simplified its own operational procedure. Throughout startup, there’s an easy-start valve in the machine which releases air from the pump. This permits a country of idling which helps to begin the engine running on the compressor.

This requires fewer amplifiers, making working in colder temperatures easier. Two meters at the peak of the machine are also available. A manometer is just one, plus a controlled manometer is another.

There’s not any oil at the 1.5 hp motor; this implies that it lasts for a longer duration with very little if any upkeep. This will help save you money and effort generally. With an oil-free engine and two-piston pump, then you’ve got 3000 hours nonstop to operate the compressor. Additionally, at 90 PSI, you receive 3.80 CFM, and in 40 PSI, you receive 4 CFM, and 175 PSI is your maximum limit.

12. P1.5IU-A9 2hp 20 gal Single-Stage Compressor (115/1)

Ingersoll Rand is a trustworthy name in the realm of air compressors and tools. Therefore it only fits we begin the review on this particular model. It’s a very low decibel level at 80, which will be quieter than a few vacuum cleaners. Also, it comes with an ergonomic handle and semi-pneumatic tires to make it easy to cart around.

Rather than naturally occurring compounds, this compressor employs a synthetic version that’s more efficient and offers you a longer period between fluctuations. You receive 2,000 hours, and it can be 4 times more than conventional lubricants provide.

It’s a two-horsepower engine that provides a maximum of 135 PSI; therefore, it’s excellent for home and commercial garage responsibilities. It’s a protective belt shield and a manual motor to guarantee smooth functioning and a lengthy lifespan.

13. Central Pneumatic 2.5 Horsepower, 21 Gallon, 125 PSI Cast Iron Vertical Air Compressor

I wanted a very affordable compressor to add to this listing. But, I was quite torn as it’s tricky to discover a compressor under $300 which may still deliver over 4 CFM at 90 psi. This Central Pneumatic model only barely squeaks in.

Complete disclosure is I likely would save my money and proceed together with the Porter Cable or among those other manufacturers on the listing. But in case you’ve got work that you need to get done, and you also desire to have an extremely reasonably priced compressor, then this one will be much less expensive than leasing one likely.

The Central Pneumatic includes a larger 2.5 hp engine, so make sure you keep it close to the socket since it’s likely going to draw a good deal of electricity.

But, a product’s life is a difficult one. It’s continually subjected to moisture, heat, and outside abuse because you move it from location to location.

I’m not fully competent to know where they are saving their money with this particular unit (do I have some industrial technology readers that wish to point out at which brands have a tendency to cut corners). But if you want one for occasional use, this one provides a whole lot of value for your light-duty user.

Buying Guide for Best 20-Gallon Air Compressors


The motor is a vital element of each 20-gallon air compressor. Based on how fast your tank is drained, your motor can become pretty much utilized. Locate a product together with genuine compressors with high-quality motors.

Minimum maintenance and repair also ought to be considered, like carrying a motor on the compressor by means of a belt. Be conscious of any fluid prerequisites that your motor will require and how much it will cost to fix if it’s broken.


The most significant thing you have to check before purchasing a 20-gallon air compressor is its own energy requirements. The majority of them contain 115-120V motors, which are just convenient to use in the US, Canada, and some other nations in the American area.

In the event the electric grid in your nation runs on 230-240V AC, then you have to purchase a compressor using a dual voltage motor, which can be easily switched between 115-120V and 230-240V. As an example, the initial 3 components within this review are great alternatives to take into account.

The CFM Value

The CFM (cubic feet per second ) is the measure of how quickly that 20-gallon air compressor supplies air to pneumatic tools. A fantastic compressor needs to be in a position to provide air at precisely the exact same rate which the tool is swallowing the air, so you don’t need to quit functioning and re-install the compressor.

It’s strongly suggested that you opt for something which delivers 50 percent more performance than one mentioned by the instrument manufacturer. By way of instance, if it’s suggested that a tool demands 4CFM in 90 psi, pick a compressor that could deliver about 6CFM in precisely the exact same pressure.

Tank Size

This is actually the limiting factor for how long you are able to work prior to the compressor pump must reconstruct pressure. If you’re doing a major job, this may cause the compressor to kick more often and enhance your compressor’s lifestyle.

Additionally, most producers fit their compressor pumps into the tank dimensions. If you buy bigger tank dimensions, it will normally arrive with a bigger, more compressor.

Accordingly, you’re expected to buy bigger tank dimensions anytime you need more electricity.


Noise levels are significant since you don’t wish to have a headache each time you run your own tool.

An instrument with 80 dB or less could be great enough to offer you good functionality without causing too much commotion.


As you can see, you can find rather a great deal of product choices to pick from, and they have a few differences. But employing the purchasing guide over, you need to be able to easily decide on the best 20-gallon air compressor that fits with your use requirements.

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