9 Best 30 Gallon Air Compressor Reviews of 2021 You Can Buy


When searching for a 30-gallon air compressor, it is important to see that you’re getting into a place of heavy-duty industrial machines. These are not for pumping up limp soccer balls.

And you must also admit that on the market today there are hundreds of machines on sale. This is making it difficult for you to choose the best one for you.

But, when you are here with us, the matter is “straightforward.” We have compiled a list of the 9 best 30-gallon air compressors, which we have carefully researched, and then selected. Please rest assured when buying from our review. Come on, let’s watch it now!

List of 9 Best 30 Gallon Air Compressor Reviews

1. Industrial Air ILA1883054 30-Gallon Belt Driven Air Compressor

Industrial Air ILA188354 ILA1883054 is made of sturdy cast iron materials for heavy-duty demands. Since Industrial Air constructed this version with heavy-duty elements, it is going to please anybody needing to execute the toughest and greater air-demanding jobs.

The very best thing about Industrial Air ILA188354 ILA1883054 is its silent operation. You aren’t going to receive as much silence as this one in this range. Boosted using a 1.9 horsepower engine that runs on a 120V and can be convertible to 240-Volt software, the pump could attain up to 155 PSI using a purification of 5.7 CFM at 90 PSI.

The compressor is easy to work thanks to simple and speedy access to the off-the-shelf controllers that consist of setup tank, regulator and operating strain gauges, and off/on the switch. This can be an oil-lubricated 30-gallon air compressor and sent with synthetic oil for smooth and long-lasting operation. The vertical tank layout, pneumatic brakes, small footprint front grip make it more mobile.

2. Industrial Air ILA1683066 30-Gallon Cast Iron Oil Lube Air Compressor

What sets Industrial Air’s merchandise from the running for the best 30-gallon air compressor on the marketplace is its own heavy-duty induction engine. With engine technology similar to this, the Industrial Air ILA is practically certain to withstand the test of time.

If nothing else, this item surely has decent specifications. Having a 155-PSI maximum pressure, this Industrial Air merchandise has sufficient power to get the work done, and with its dual voltage engine, it may be utilized with 120-volt and 240-volt software.

1 thing a lot of customers look for in their own hunt for a great model would be the simplicity of use. To its credit, this Industrial Air merchandise features a quickset regulator along with a quick-connect air socket. Additionally, it is completely assembled for people who don’t enjoy putting in unnecessary time and effort to the meeting procedure.

It’s a powerful motor and above-average simplicity of usage. This air tool boasts a trusted induction engine, so you will not ever need to think about your energy supply breaking down to you. Additionally, with its own character, you will not be wasting time setting up.

While its engine is admittedly large quality, the Industrial Air 30 Gallon Compressor lacks the high quality industrial and engineering-grade materials that a number of the other goods on our listing boast.

3. Vertical 30 Gallon Portable Air Compressor

The perpendicular-shaped air tank within this unit may hold a maximum of 30 gallons. The air tank is thermally stable and may be emptied in seconds since there’s an induction motor within the computer system. The electrical motor has a double voltage evaluation of 120V and 240V; it also includes a minimal amp draw that makes it simple to initiate the product in chilly weather.

Additionally, this is among those 30-gallon air compressors containing a belt-driven system with twin cylinders for enhanced functionality. The belt-drive parts are protected by a metal belt shield which helps to improve the durability of the device.

The air pump within this unit consists of cast iron; it’s durable and will last for several decades. The air conditioner is oil-lubricated and includes a quiet engine. The audio output once the motor inside this device is operating is said as 78 decibels only. This makes it easy to use the product in residential locations.

On the control panel would be both analog air pressure springs, coupler valves, the power switch, along with a high flow regulator change. The wheels in the bottom allow this model to mobile.

4. DEWALT DXCMLA1983054 30-Gallon Portable Air Compressor

Dewalt is among the greatest brands in regards to air compressors that always believe in supplying quality products to their clients. And also, this model includes a strong pump that may supply you with great performance for the longer term.

It is equipped with 1.9 HP of the engine that’s sufficient to supply a fantastic amount of air pressure so you can finish your job a lot simpler. Along with the double voltage, technologies provide you a pleasant experience. With this technology, you are able to easily run this product using regular 120 Volts and 240 Volts.

DEWALT DXCMLA1983054 was made in such a manner it is capable of functioning with a maximum strain of 155 PSI, and it provides 7.0 CFM at 40 PSI and 5.7 CFM at 90 PSI. That is more than sufficient to perform all of the tasks on your house garage. The operation of this model is like the aforementioned compressors.

The cast iron-created enormous ASME accredited 30-gallon air compressor will be able to enable you to finish the tasks without needing one break so you can make your time productive. Along with the V twin-cylinder, using an oil-lubricated pump makes it appropriate for any situation and gives a very long life cycle.

The 30-gallon enormous cast-iron-created air tank makes it super heavy, but the pneumatic wheels allow it to be super easy to move this thick compressor readily.

Cast iron, twin cylinder pump with aluminum valve and head plate assist in dissipating maximum quantity of heat so it may provide much better functionality for a longer period. The handy control panel with a double pressure gauge, regulator, and also on/off switch is designed for simple use.

5. Campbell Hausfeld 30 gallon 2 Stage Air Compressor (XC302100)

The Campbell Hausfeld 2 Stage (XC302100) is the heaviest air compressor you’ll discover within this listing. But luckily, its wheels under to make it much easier for you to carry.

If you believe this is thick and also have doubts about getting it, then allow me to show you what it’s capable of. It’s a 2 HP engine, and it can reach up to 175 PSI of greatest strain. This is the maximum pressure level you’ll receive to get 30-gallon air compressors.

What’s more, it includes a moderate cost level which you are able to spend in your budget. This compressor has a metal belt guard that’s totally enclosed. It protects you from all of the moving parts of the product. So, I think it’s the best 30-gallon vertical air compressor for you once you think about security.

6. Powermate Vx PLA1683066 30-Gallon Portable Twin Cylinder Cast Iron Air Compressor

PowerMate 30-gallon mobile air compressor is merely excellent for you if you prefer to perform your job in the home or you require it for building website functions. It’s suited for almost any situation. This version is durable and dependable as the air cylinder is accompanied by an aluminum head and iron valve plate. It’s a thermal secure cylindrical body using a pump that’s oil-lubricated and double voltages motor.

It is acceptable for powering up any pneumatic tool. Having a weight of approximately 154 lbs, this gadget comes powered by an engine that provides a maximum output of 155 PSI. These products also will come with the oil fill along with a 10 inch cast iron flywheel that’s so balanced.

This unit can also be intended for optimum portability since it includes two spare wheels, which reveal less footprint and enables it to be transported easily to some structure site. This version is also simple to use with a fast setup regulator, functioning finest digital tire pressure gauge, tank, and on or off switch.

7. Ingersoll-Rand SS3F2-GM Garage Mate 30 Gallon Compressor

A good deal of tools is constructed to be utilized in fine silent garages and workshops. The Ingersoll-Rand SS3F2-GM Garage Mate 15 Amp 2 Horsepower 30 Gallon Oiled Wheeled Single Hot Dog Compressor was constructed to be tough. Despite being portable and lightweight, this unit is intended to survive almost anything. If you are working on a building site or simply like to purchase quality gear, keep tabs on this one.

This whole compressor consists of cast iron. Suppose you can get banged about and accept abuse without actually getting ruined. The tank itself is portable and uses a flat layout, instead of a vertical one, to make it simpler to move. In addition to the challenging design and fantastic freedom, this compressor may reach a maximum PSI of 135, sufficient to power your entire sanders, nail guns, ratchets, tire inflators, and whatnot.

In regards to performance and durability, the Ingersoll-Rand SS3F2-GM is still king. It is designed to withstand anything and can be strong as an ox.

8. NorthStar Portable Gas Powered Air Compressor

Immensely bulky and strong, NorthStar delivers a fantastic product that’s capable of powering high-profile tools. Prepared for virtually any sort of building work with gear requiring compressed air, this gear is mobile and reliable at precisely the exact same moment. Due to its multi-functionality, it’s absolutely a choice to pick.

With the majority of flat models, this one packs a punch. The tank features its high engine that is capable of a good deal of different purposes. Subsequently, the construct of this gear is quite bulky. The dark, red, and white color scheme of this model blends from the background and isn’t distracting when used on construction sites, which makes it ideal for home or job site use.

These heavy-duty 30-gallon air compressors are constructed with an ASME-certified tank with weather-resistant powder-coated complete. A complete cast iron pump with double crankshaft bearings and reduced vibration technologies keeps the equipment secure. A v-style cylinder, in addition to an oversized flywheel, helps with the cooling system. Measure type piston rings guarantee overlap for improved compression. Easy start lever isolates pump from tank pressure to prevent overload.

NorthStar’s Honda GX OHV engine offers excellent power at your control. It pushes up a 175psi maximum output signal with a 100% duty cycle for uninterrupted usage. In 90psi, it may provide a strong 24.4 CFM output signal, fitting for heavy-duty pneumatic tools. The gear guarantees constant strong power for virtually any construction needs you might have.

9. Porter Cable PXCMLC1683066 30-Gallon Single Stage Portable Air Compressor

If you’re searching for a sturdy 30-gallon air compressor with superior durability afterward, the Porter Cable PXCMLC1683066 is hands down one of the best alternatives for you. Though the cost is somewhat on the side, you will certainly get what you pay for. It gives an excellent performance which makes up to the price that you pay for this.

It is a single-stage compression using a phenomenal performance that is difficult to beat. It’s a measurement of 24 x 23.5 x 48 inches with a weight of 165lbs. The weight won’t be a hassle since it includes pneumatic wheels, so you can easily move it about.

The Porter-Cable 30-gallon pump is an exceptional selection for heavy use usage. This can allow you to get done with your functions effectively and quickly using its high-definition motor. It’s a maximum PSI score of 135 PSI using a CFM rating of 6.2 in 40 PSI and a CFM rating of 5.3 in 90 PSI.

Bear in mind that it is an electrically powered air compressor. For this reason, you are going to require a useful power supply should you have to use this machine. The best part is that it is compatible with both 120V and 240V outlets.

The machine comes completely armed, so; you may use it directly from the box that is filled with compressed air. The big 30-gallon tank is enough to perform all kinds of heavy-duty works. Additionally, it is pre-lubricated with petroleum that makes certain that the machine will continue running easily without any maintenance.

Buying Guide for Best 30 Gallon Air Compressors

Noise Factor

One of the big concerns for compressors is how noisy they’ll be and just how much that disturbs you. It may be extremely valuable to you that they’re silent as not to interrupt your workspace also. But it’s worth noting that some products operate very lightly (as low as 70 decibels in certain instances), whereas some genuinely do not! It’s down to the way the product was manufactured.


PSI is one of those facets which permit you to decide which is appropriate — only stage or two periods. Two-phase models have greater PSI compared to single-stage models. To learn exactly what PSI is needed for your needs — assess the air tool specifications.

If the best-rated air tool you use is really a blowgun using 2.5 CFM at 90 PSI, then you ought to go to get a model with at least 90PSI score. THE maximum PSI for a single-phase product is 125 to 155 PSI, and also for 2 stage air compressors will be 125 to 175 PSI

Ample Air Flow

As a guideline, your compressor’s CFM flow has to be greater than the energy tools it provides power to and has to be lower than its highest power output.

Should you make sure that this principle may provide the airflow as much as you can without overworking the gear.

Powerful Engine

Most 30-gallon air compressors, including those discussed in this listing, are wired up to get a 120V. However, if you’re hunting for gear that lasts longer and performs better, then proceed for 240V output. What’s the difference? The principal distinction is the models with higher power will place less strain on the device through the startup.

In a lower voltage, the machine will probably need more energy to startup, thus putting strain and pressure on the compressor itself. Consequently, should you want to spend 1 time only, buy a model with a power of 240V.


Irrespective of the item that you buy, getting it using a guarantee will save you from unnecessary strain. Sometimes even the very best of goods betray us whenever they do not supply the guaranteed performance. In these scenarios, a guarantee is very helpful. So check, then double-check the guarantee on the 30-gallon air compressor that you want to buy.

Single Stage vs Dual Stage

If you’re searching for more efficient performance in conditions of greater PSI, go to get a dual-stage compressor. All these have significantly more storage for air, do not create as much heat, and also have an extended lifespan.

But if you do not require that pressure anyhow, opt for a single-stage one as it is less expensive.


So now it’s your final decision. Remember, there is nothing better than buying 30-gallon air compressors that fits your “needs.”

We hope that, after you read here, you have the best 30-gallon air compressor in mind. If you find our article is flawed, do not hesitate to comment below to comment on us. Thanks for watching!

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