10 Best 30 Inch Electric Cooktop Reviews of 2021 You Should Try


Whether you are looking to invest $100 or $1000, you will find 30 inch electric cooktops in a variety of price points with distinct attribute packs that could be ideal for your requirements! Within this short article, we made certain to come across versions at different price points to accommodate various budgets.

Every product on the listing of the best 30 inch electric cooktops comes in established and recognized brands that are known for crafting dependable, feature-rich kitchen appliances and cooktops.

List of 10 Best 30 Inch Electric Cooktop Reviews

1. GE PP9830DJBB Profile Series Electric Cooktop

  • An extremely functional cooktop with three power settings for your extractor. It’s two mergeable components for big oval cookware plus a griddle pan, a double power boil component, and a little plate with a melt function. With that, the extractor port in the center, the design of the 30 inch electric cooktop is uncomplicated using the kobs neatly positioned below. There are just two little knobs at the front one is a controller lock, and the other one is to get the downdraft extractor using three power settings. There’s a different hot surface indicator along with a cooktop on the index.
  • The design and characteristics of these plates give a perfect balance between flexibility and simplicity of usage. The left side components are equally 7-inch, 1800 watt plates for moderate-sized cookware great for frying, braising, simmering, and boiling. There is a suitable bridge component between those, so you may combine the surface to utilize an oval smooth top griddle pan.
  • The back right 6-inch component is for smaller strands, and in addition, it comes with a very low heat melt purpose. The front element is that the double element, which ranges from 6 to 9 inches. This component may be used for big pots or square braising pans and may do quick boiling with a high strength rating of 3 000 watts.
  • The electric cooktop does not include a cleaning kit, so you’ll need to purchase your own; also, for rougher metal stains, you could also use coconut. The springs come off easily, and they’re also dishwasher-friendly. Extra knobs are also available in black, white, or stainless steel on the manufacturer’s site.
  • Aside from needing a 240V / 208V hardwired connection using a 40 amp circuit breaker, then the downdraft exhaust needs to be tethered to the exterior. Never port these appliances into a wall or a loft roof. Many men and women recommend hiring an expert to do the setup and ductwork, and this newer version has slightly different ducting for the elderly ones. Additionally, the setup bracket is discretionary and isn’t contained in the bundle.


  • The LG LCE3010SB measures just 30 inches wide, but its compact dimensions nonetheless contain plenty of useful cooking and security characteristics, and it looks terrific.
  • This ceramic glass cooktop provides you five heating components, including one with numerous heating rings. These include 5 inch, seven-inch, and eight-inch regular burners, a double burner that may extend from six to eight inches, plus a half-inch warming burner. With numerous heating regions, you may use different sized pans and cook an assortment of meals at different temperatures at precisely the exact same moment.
  • The touchpad controls are organized in a semi-circle at the front area of the cooktop, and every control region has its semi-circle of signs which reveal the temperature atmosphere. On the left, you will come across that the”hot” and”kid lock” controls.
  • It’s invaluable security features like a kid lock to help prevent kids from becoming burnt, a hot surface indicator, and an automated shut-off feature, which isn’t often found on 30 inch electric cooktops. If you flip the electricity on and don’t pick a burner (LG calls them”cooking zones”) over 15 minutes, this cooktop will automatically turn off the heat to guard you and your kitchen.

3. Frigidaire FGIC3067MBGallery 30″ Black Electric Induction Cooktop

  • The next thing that stands out about the Frigidaire FGIC3067MB is its own user interface. It is quite simple to begin using it, and you won’t have any difficulty understanding exactly what the controllers do. There is also a selection of security features, along with the burner adjusts to the size of the pan.
  • It is among the most economical models we are going to talk about with this listing. Thus, if you are trying to spend less but you desire a cooktop you can depend on, this may be the one for you. Obviously, a lower cost means having to make some sacrifices. By way of instance, the cooking wattage is not the best, with a maximum of 3400 watts.
  • The controllers can not be secured, which is a characteristic that many electric cooktops have. This may not be a huge deal for everybody, but it is among the reasons why this 30 inch electric cooktop prices somewhat less than a number of the others.

4. Ramblewood 4 Burner 30″ Electric Cooktop

  • This is just one very distinctive-looking 30 inch electric cooktop. This version from Ramblewood stands out in a lot of ways. Discuss the heating elements along with another capability. The heating components have a distinctive alluring appearance that actually matches the general aesthetics of this device.
  • If you are somebody who wants to prepare many different dishes at precisely the exact same time, then this unit is best for you. It’s four heating components, two of which just absorb roughly 1800 watts of power and another two absorb roughly 1200 watts of electricity each. This cooktop is strong enough to handle nearly (if not) whatever you throw at it.
  • This cooktop can be known to be UL secure by the German EGO burner; moreover, it’s accepted by the EGO energy controller/regulator. So with this cooktop won’t radically improve your own energy consumption and bills.
  • This cooktop can manage huge pots and pans; the heating components can manage pans that are bigger in size, do not worry; they’re durable, they won’t leave even a blot. Along with this, it’s heat-resistant plastic knobs that dishwasher completely safe.
  • This trendy cooktop is quite simple to use and much easier to clean and keep. The analog chairs are made for precision when picking the cooking temperature you prefer; therefore, it’s as great as additional 30 inch electric cooktops with LSD displays.
  • The heating elements are protected with durable ILVA ceramic, which could withstand extreme temperatures also eases the rapid heating of the device. But note this unit will require the assistance of a certified practitioner to set up.

5. GASLAND Chef CH77BF 30″ Built-in Electric Cooktop

  • Standing next place, this listing of the best 30 inch electric cooktop is your Gasland Electric Cooktop CH77BF Certified. This is a 30″ cooker that is included with 4 burners and may be safely utilized within an indoor kitchen.
  • It sports multiple security functions that guarantee your security, such as the child safety lock, auto shutdown protection, overheating protection, and residual heating warming. This electric cooktop is quite effective for quick cooking while keeping you protected and secure.
  • Measuring 30.3″ x 20.5″ x 2.1″, Gasland 30″ Electric Cooktop is designed for 240 volts. The electronic sensor touch controls permit you to change into various heat levels from simmer to boil. Moreover, the cooktop comes with a scratch-resistant ceramic glass surface which makes it effortless to wash.

6. GE JP3030DJBB 30 Inch Smoothtop Electric Cooktop with 4 Radiant Elements

  • The GE electric cooktop includes easy-to-use knob controllers and four glowing elements that heat quickly.
  • With two-component dimensions, 8-inch and 6-inch, you simply use as much warmth as your pan requirements. The factor burners also boast melt preferences, keep heat, and electricity boil made to cook foods properly.
  • Its security features include’On’ and hot face’ indicator lights, assisting you to prevent burning mishaps.
  • We love the maker made it easy to wash. The bundle includes cleaning equipment that makes it possible to maintain the device shiny. What’s more, the installation procedure is straightforward. As a consequence, that you may be cooking in no time with no excess installment fees.
  • However, in spite of its sturdiness, this glass may scratch and crack. Reviewers note that cast-iron or other significant pots on the cooktop can damage the surface.

7. Frigidaire FFEC3024LB 30″ Electric Cooktop

  • The Frigidaire FFEC304LB 30 Inch Electric Cooktop is a great solution for anyone seeking modern design with conventional controls. There is no touch display. Rather, the temperature is controlled by traditional knobs. But here, they are color-coordinated to blend in with all the glistening black coating to get a sleeker look.
  • The knobs are clearly marked so that you can see exactly what you are doing. Plus, they click satisfyingly into place with every new atmosphere. There are four burners, one big and one small, on every side. They are slightly from the line, providing you with a bit more space for your own cookware on the 30-inch broad surface.
  • It warms up fast and economically, and even though there’s no quick boil attribute, you will barely miss it. It is actually that fast. It melts nearly as fast also. There is a red light to reveal whether any area of the cooktop is too hot to touch base. Be aware that there is just 1 indicator, however, which means that you won’t understand which of these burners remains hot.
  • This is a fresh variant of an older Frigidaire layout, and quite a few improvements have made the setup easier. There are self-centering springs that will help position the borders of the cooktop from the cut-out. And there are mounts in the middle on either side. These can allow you to line it up. They maintain it in place more securely also.
  • The cooking surface is level, though you will have to negotiate the knobs in regards to cleaning. They may be removed if you’d like to be comprehensive. On the other hand, you won’t need to be concerned about turning burners since you wipe past a touch panel.
  • 1 thing to notice is that the traces revealing the cooking zones have been published in addition to the glass. Be careful when you are moving about pans and pots, and do not slip them around. If you do, then you might discover the lines start to wear away.

8. Whirlpool W5CE3024XB00 W5CE3024XB 30″ Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop

  • Two things make this Whirlpool 30 inch electric cooktop stand out; cost and layout. We had no other choice than to pick it as our funding electric cooktop for the reasons we discussed.
  • First, it is a 30″ device that also needs a counter area of approximately 30″ (29.5″ x 20.5″). The device sports 4 components with measurements that range from 6″ to 9″ and contains a watt evaluation which hovers between 1200W and 2500W, based upon the component in use.
  • Additionally, Whirlpool added a trendy hot surface indicator light to frighten individuals. This, in turn, keeps them away from your device when they are not cooking on it.
  • The Whirlpool W5CE electric cooktop is really much cheap for users that are on a budget. It costs only a few hundred dollars and functions just fine.
  • But, it does not have lots of capabilities. Assessing the device is smooth and smooth due to its dishwasher secure controller knobs. You may easily turn the knobs even when you’re wearing gloves.

9. Frigidaire FFEC3025US 30 Inch Electric Smoothtop Style Cooktop

  • The Frigidaire FFEC3025US electric cooktop is just another 30″ smooth top electric cooktop that includes four burners.
  • By taking advantage of SpaceWise® Expandable Element technologies, the 6″ front element can enlarge to 9″ hence allowing for efficient energy intake when using large ovens. In addition, this ideal front burner also comes with a strong 3,000W Quick Boil component which helps a kettle of water or soup come to a boil considerably quicker.
  • The knob controllers placed from the dark ceramic glass surface provide this 30 inch electric cooktop a traditional old-school texture yet still mixing in with all the contemporary appearance of the cooktop. All these Ready-Select® controllers are simple to clean and permit simple temperature control too.
  • Aside from the knobs, there’s also a hot surface indicator to the glass surface that alerts you if your glass surface could be too hot to touch.

10. Empava 30” Induction Cooktop Electric Stove

  • Energy efficiency and the capability to deliver heat to cookware instantly make this Empava induction cooktop an excellent competitor for a kitchen. Additionally, it is a good alternative for a house with children because the cooktop itself does not get really hot and cools fast, while the hot-surface index and child lock add much more security.
  • The electric cooktop measures 30 inches by 21 inches and has a sleek, black tempered glass surface that matches an assortment of decor styles. An automated pan-size sensor heats the component into the magnitude of this cookware atop it and turns off again if no pan is current. This cooktop also offers an electronic controller and a timer that will automatically turn off the element as it reaches zero, permitting the user to set it and forget it.

How To Choose the Best 30 Inch Electric Cooktop

Heating Elements

Generally, you will likely gain from using a mid-powered component (or two) approximately 1,000-1,500W, a simmer burner approximately 1,200W or not, and also a power burner that is normally 2,000-3,000W or longer. The cooktop will provide you the flexibility to melt and simmer and to sauté and immediately boil. Consider bridge components and expandable components for big pots or griddles if necessary. A five-burner 30 inch electric cooktop frequently places the energy burner in the middle and gives you space for a massive pot, but in case you’ve got a huge pot in the center, there might not be a good deal of room to use another leftover.


Ceramic glass 30 inch cooktops aren’t only sleek and also have trendy good looks but also horizontal, thereby allowing themselves to double counter area when they aren’t used.

You won’t be asked to reach out into some burner because the signature controllers of an electric cooktop must be expediently put in the center, so temperature alterations can be made readily. The top cooktops ideally exhibit heat digitally that in turn steps the temperature correctly. Control dials should, however, be put aside. They aren’t merely hard to wash but also restrict how effectively you may use the cooktop as yet another prep place.


Your electric cooktop ought to be constructed to last. The best brands design products that not only operate in the short term but keep functioning at maximum capacity for many years after your purchase. Start looking for high-reliability evaluations and favorable reviews from clients who have possessed that new product for years of continuous usage.

Your electric cooktop requires a beating with heavy pans and pots slipping across its surface, stains and spills, and everything in-between. Quality building materials are crucial, so be certain the brand you select uses quality jewelry and glass to make their cooktop surfaces.


You would need to check your financial plan. You might have discovered that 30 inch electric cooktops ordinarily do not come cheap. However, you’ll have the ability to come across a lot of models which are 100 to $500. But I would strongly advise going for a few of the brands listed above because they have been in this industry for quite a while and also have hundreds and thousands of clients worldwide vouching for them.


Past cooking budget and dependability, it can not hurt to appreciate any premium features on your cooktop encounter. Some are considered standard–warmth signs, controls, and other staples ought to be confirmed. Past these, you might like auto-shutoff attributes, illuminated cooktop surfaces, bridging components for bigger pans, and much more. Characteristics don’t always make or break an electric cooktop, but they can make the difference between a good cooking experience and a great one.


We utilize standardized and scientific evaluation approaches to inspect every 30″ electric cooktops and supply you with accurate outcomes. If you have found different effects in your research, email us, and we will compare notes. If it seems large, we will gladly re-test a 30 inch electric cooktop to attempt to replicate those results. In the end, peer inspections are a crucial part of any scientific procedure.

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