10 Best 30 Inch Range Hood Reviews in 2021 You Should Know


Are you interested in finding a 30 inch range hood for your kitchen? Or perhaps you’re just curious to find more about different kinds out there? Although venting is the last thing, folks choose when looking for appliances, it’s the very first thing everyone sees when they walk into your kitchen.

A range hood is also an essential component of your kitchen, both visually and technically. These basic appliances eliminate dirt, smoke, fumes and filter the air. They also offer illumination for ordinary cooking, in addition to a gentle dim accent lighting for ambiance.

We have compiled a listing of the best 30 inch range hoods with full reviews of the specs and features that will assist you in updating your kitchen venting to another level! They are listed in no specific order – that the numbering is for readability and your own convenience. Let us take a close look!

Features of Best 30 inch Range Hood

Select a version at least as broad as the cooking surface below. (Island-mount hoods deficiency a wall or cupboards together to help funnel fumes, so they ought to be wider than the cooktop.) These are a few 30 inch range hood characteristics to think about.


Manufacturers tout the cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air that is drained. More airflow means quicker venting, but it will not guarantee much better smoke capture and elimination in your kitchen. Many hoods we analyzed promised to possess modest airflow as well as the ones with double the airflow.

Number of Fan Speeds

The majority of the hoods we analyzed provided three to six fan speeds. We recommend at least two rates: a high-speed setting to use if cooking and an extremely low and very silent setting to utilize after ingestion to keep to ventilate the distance whilst eating. Any over three set rates are a lot of. If the manufacturer would like to provide over three levels, it ought to only use a variable speed switch the consumer can quickly set to any rate desired.

Thermostat Control

An integrated temperature detector in certain versions automatically turns on the fan if the temperatures beneath the hood become too large. This attribute is available mostly on over-the-range microwaves. The actual intention of the thermostat would be to guard the microwave electronics against being damaged by high temperatures.

In the event the temperature below the microwave is too large, the exhaust fan is sold to draw off the warm air and pull cooler air in the remainder of the kitchen. However, we don’t suggest this attribute on 30 inch range hoods since if you’re cooking with oil along with your own pan catches fire; then the exhaust fan will come on, drawing more air to the flame, fanning it, and possibly making things worse.

List of 10 Best 30 Inch Range Hood Reviews

1. IKTCH 30 inch Range Hood Tempered Glass 900 CFM

  • If you’re trying to find a chimney-style hood that will look good in a contemporary kitchen, this version out of IKITCH is worth contemplating.
  • This brushed stainless steel structure is complemented with a curving tempered glass panel. It is an attractive and modern design. It’s an impressive maximum air displacement of 900 cubic feet per minute. This makes it the most effective hood on the list.
  • Regardless of this, sound levels are small. This can create 40 decibels on the bottom of the four configurations, increasing to 65, about the greatest. There is also an adjustable timer, letting you place the fan to operate for between 1 and 15 minutes.
  • Operation is with a”gesture sensing” control panel, and you will find just two sensing factors for ease of usage. This means that you can just wave in the hood to adjust the rate of this fan. The control panel includes a last-minute guarantee.
  • But beware: it is very sensitive. If you are tall, you might find you are unintentionally switching on or altering the rate of this fan as you go around. Regrettably, there is no way to disable it if it is not required.
  • 2 3-watt LEDs in the front may be adjusted to favorite lighting levels. Along with the stainless steel baffle filters are dishwasher-safe for simple cleaning. They are simple to remove — easy to push a button to discharge them in the hood.
  • The 30 inch range hoods can simply be vented on top using a round 6-inch strand port. Alternately, it may be utilized with no duct, utilizing carbon filters to clean and recirculate the air.
  • You’ll require a minimum ceiling height of 7.62 ft. If your kitchen has reduced ceilings, then this will not be the hood for you. The chimney height can, however, be corrected out of 19.68 to 39.37 inches. That will let it reach up to a max of 10 feet.
  • Setup is straightforward. The device has a plug, even though it’s possible to eliminate that and hardwire it if you would like.

2. Broan QS130SS 220 CFM 30 inch Range Hood

  • Broan QS130SS Allure Range Hood, Stainless Steel, 30-inch was created using a two-speed enthusiast with a two-level light setting utilizing dual halogen lamp design; however, you have to be careful as bulbs aren’t included.
  • This product is constructed from stainless steel and is offered in a variety of colors: vanilla, bisque, black, black, white, and stainless steel.
  • With four-way convertibility and silent 1.5 Sones at normal speed, 220 CFM high setting, and 30 inches wide, you obtain a 30 inch range hood for induction cooktop with a completely enclosed design for simple cleaning.
  • The fan includes two filters, each covering half of the consumption surface; they enclose the base of the fan so that it gives it a great finished appearance.
  • These 30 inch range hood has three knock-outs, a 3-1/4″x10″ rotating on the trunk, another 3-1/4″x10″ rectangular on top, or a 7″ around on top.
  • It includes all the rectangular damper (to be able to help keep cold air from coming to the kitchen from the exterior ) but doesn’t include a damper in case you choose to join through the 7″ round tube.
  • This hood is simple to set up; the device is constructed quite well (heavy stuff ), cleans simple, is quite quiet on low and quite quiet on large, but it moves a whole lot of atmosphere.
  • The lights are extremely good, as is the recirculation of the fan. You may install it like a non-vented device and will do a fantastic job. If you can’t port to the exterior, this filters and recycles in the kitchen range well.
  • The suction is excellent also. Additionally, the unit includes the choice to duct either via the cover of the rear of the hood. There are holes summarized in the back and best for you to pick which way you wish to duct, all you need to do is pop them out.

3. 3. Hauslane | Chef Series 30″ PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood

  • Hauslane’s under-cabinet 30 inch range hoods will be ideal for any kitchen. With six rate alternatives and a maximum airflow of 860 CFM, this ducted alternative can manage output from both gasoline and electric stoves. Despite its high lover strength, nevertheless, it’s a reduced sound output, using a maximum output of 3.8 sones–marginally higher than the sound level in a typical library.
  • These range hoods include three exhaust choices, with adapters made to match most port styles. Additionally, it is rather low maintenance, using a button-free LED control panel that is easy to wipe clean and dishwasher-safe durable filters.
  • This version is offered in stainless steel, matte black, and matte white finishes, giving a choice to complement kitchens.

4. FOTILE JQG7501.E 30″ Range Hood

  • The Fotile JQG7501 is a superior bit of appliance. It delivers a fresh layout, high-tech attributes, and also a quality build.
  • These really are ducted, range hoods that will bring a specific futuristic feel to your kitchen. It’s a strange design using a 45-degree slanted surface that guides steam and smoke into the coil opening. The surface consists of tempered glass, which looks fantastic and is simple to clean but does not do well with a physical effect.
  • The hood can function at three distinct rates: 220, 400, and 510 CFM. If the potential of a burner is significantly lower compared to 18,000 BTU, then the 30 inch range hoods ought to have the ability to take good care of two or even three of these at the same time.
  • The JQG7501 comes with a touchscreen display that controls lighting, a delay shut-off feature, and also a screen-lock function. The display lock permits you to wash the surface glass along with the control panel display without accidentally triggering the settings.
  • Furthermore, its baffle filters have been concealed behind a cover which prevents insects along with the likes from penetrating. The cover is completely automatic, which unfolds alone and shows that the opening as soon as you turn onto the tube.
  • If you really don’t fancy the high-tech controllers, there is the Fotile JQG7502.G, which can be geared with physical switches, costs less, and contains a filter cover that is always available.
  • With all its advantages, the Fotile JQG7501 is one of the most expensive residential 30″ vent hoods. It is not for everybody, but it is a fantastic unit for those looking for a luxury addition to your own kitchen. The model is coated with a 5-year limited guarantee.

5. XtremeAir Ultra Series UL10-U30 30″ Range Hood

  • For an under-cupboard range hood with intense power, visit the XtremeAir Ultra Series Range Hood. These stainless-steel 30 inch range hoods pack around 900 CFM and will handle heavy smoke and odors.
  • Home cooks who do a good deal of high-heat searing and wind up combating smoke will love the extraction capacities of the enthusiast, but more regular cooking jobs will gain from the reduced and medium-power enthusiast settings. The sound level for every fan isn’t noted as being within range of ordinary expectations.
  • This made-in-the-USA unit is well-constructed and provides a professional-grade look. The business stands behind the integrity of its fan engine using a 10-year guarantee. This unit is in a higher price point than beneath cupboard hoods using a lesser CFM, but it’s well-priced for professional-grade power.

6. Kitchen Bath Collection 30 inch Wall-mounted Stainless Steel Range Hood with Touch Screen

  • The KBC Stainless Steel Range Hood following our listing of the best 30 Inch Range Hood. With a body of stainless steel and sporting a slick appearance, it’s the most desirable product in the industry at the moment. But we are not a follower of trends, and we think in going by extensive and quality testing of merchandise. Let us see exactly what the characteristics of this product that created us to maintain it in the very first place are.
  • There are a number of areas of this range hood which impressed us. If you’re trying to find a hood that has enormous power, exceptional aesthetics, along other ventilation choices, then this version is best for you.
  • This Kitchen Bath Collection includes a maximum airspeed of 400 CFM, powered with a 3-speed fan system, which will eliminate all of the oil stains, pungent odor of cooking residue instantly. It leaves your kitchen clean each time you complete cooking.
  • The very best aspect of the machine is its convertible layout. The 30 inch range hoods work with a vented exhaust system or even a ductless one. Simply speaking, you would not need to purchase any extra kits to match the chimney. This range hood compensates to all!
  • Many users have commended the wall mount center of the range. To put it differently, the hood attaches easily to the walls of the kitchen due to the aluminum ducts which exist in the bundle. Most ranges provide you’re a tricky time whilst linking them, but that is not true with KBC.
  • We discuss the LED lights. We turned off all the lights except that the in-built LEDs, and we all had been amazed at the results. Two luxury rows of lighting using 49 LED bulbs will shine the whole cooking space, minimizing your odds of mistakes and accidents.
  • Last but not the least, the UL accredited engine, charcoal filters, and three-speed configurations make this product an entire package of durability, efficiency, and cooking.

7. Hauslane | Chef Series Range Hood 30″ PS38 PRO PERFORMANCE Stainless Steel

  • On the lookout for a strong, hygienic, and handsome 30 inch range hood? Well, this effective range hood made by Hauslane Company might just be exactly what you’ve been looking for. The suction power stands in 950 CFM with double motors and 6-speed lovers, letting you prepare all foods without worrying about the filthy odor, harmful fumes, or messy spills.
  • Another unbelievable feature is the steam car clean that transforms water to steam to dissolve solidified grease. When it melts, water has been sprayed to guarantee the 30 inch range hoods are totally clean, indicate you no more water line is necessary in order for this to take place. For that reason, it enhances cleanliness whilst raising the engine’s efficiency and life span.
  • This range hood includes a buttonless slick design control panel, so the port is touch-operated, using an easy-to-read display screen along with a digital clock letting you keep an eye on the cooking time. Additionally, it includes simple to clean filters that are made from stainless steel, which makes it feasible to use a dishwasher to get quick and convenient cleanup.
  • According to sound level, this range hood generates 1.5 to 4 sones of audio; this usually means that it is considered very silent. Last, it’s two-light intensity levels comprising two bright halogen lamps with two mild intensity settings to light up the kitchen.

9. VESTA 30 Inch Range Hood

  • The Vesta is a premium quality 30 inch range hood that’s installed below a cupboard.
  • These 30 inch range hoods are made from stainless steel for a modern look and a lasting finish. It sports a potent 700-Cfm engine to eliminate smoke, odors, and dirt.
  • The Vesta makes the installation easier because it provides three optional port connectors (rear rectangle( upper circle, or upper rectangle).
  • The fan blades are treated using an “oleophobic coating,” which essentially means it’s going to repel dirt and produce your lover last longer. Furthermore, it contains two recessed lights, and it’s 3 fan speeds.

10. Broan-NuTone 413004 30 inch Range Hood with Lights Exhaust Fan

  • If you do not wish to eliminate the wall area, which might be used for cupboards, Broan-NuTone’s 413004 might be for you. This 30 inch range hood add will slot neatly under a cabinet, preventing the necessity to sacrifice storage.
  • You will want to put in it at least 18 inches over your hob. It is a non-ducted filtration program. This means that you won’t need to think about digging into your walls to let it vent outside. Rather, the air is dispersed through a carbon filter to clean away smoke and smells.
  • It’s a 75-watt mild, assisting you to see what you are doing when you are cooking. You may, however, need to provide your personal lightbulb.
  • There is a selection of two distinct fan configurations, low and high. Select your favorite level using a straightforward rocker switch. Use high to clean smoke and strong scents, and reduced to extract steam and protect against condensation forming in your own surfaces.
  • It is not too noisy as it is in use, which makes it a fantastic selection for open program kitchen-diners. This hood is constructed from stainless steel, which makes it a smart, modern look. The smooth surfaces are easy to clean also.
  • Setup is simple. Four screws attach it to the bottom of your wall cupboard. It does not, however, include a plug. You will want to hardwire it or rather wire this up to some plug yourself.
  • This is a really economical option, and it seems good. So is there anything to not like? It is not the most effective 30 inch range hoods on the market. And since it does not vent outdoors, it will not eliminate odors as efficiently as versions that perform. Do not install it over about 24 inches over your cooking surface. Any higher, and it might fight to extract steam and scents.
  • It is pretty lightweight too. On the other hand, that makes it a lot easier to maneuver during setup. Just be sure that you take good care to prevent dinks as you move it about.


The best 30 inch range hood is a fantastic investment if you would like to remove smoke, scents, and dirt from your house. Additionally, these ornamental pieces add a bit of elegance to your kitchen and make it a visual focus.

In Montana’s Trail House, our aim is to give customers all of the essential info to make the proper purchases. We take freebies from businesses, which means that you may be certain that our remarks are impartial.

If you’re prepared to purchase a 30 inch range hood, then take a look at the item listing above for our best selections.

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