7 Best 4 Burner Gas Cooktops (2021 Reviews & Buying Guide)


For many families, the gas cooktops offer flexibility for cooking with high performance. The cooktop usually comes in many sizes and a number of burners which fit the need of each type of family. In this article, we’re gonna discuss the best 4 burners gas cooktop, which suits the nuclear families’ needs.

Type of Gas Cooktops

Downdraft Gas Cooktops

The downdraft gas cooktop is a gas cooktop with an integrated ventilation technology called downdraft. The customer tends to use this type of gas cooktop when they have a kitchen with a special ceiling design or they do not wanna pay more for an overhead hood. This ventilation system uses several fans into the downdraft to pull down all the smoke and steam when cooking. However, it is not as good as the overhead hood ventilation system.

Gas Cooktops with Warming Zone

Many gas cooktops come with an extra-low burner capacity which used to keep the food warm during the serving time. This feature is very useful in the wintertime.

List of 7 Best 4 Burner Gas Cooktops Reviews of 2021

1. Frigidaire FFGC3012TS 30-inch Stainless Steel 4 Burner Gas Cooktop

This most powerful and appealing look design from Frigidaire is on the top of our list.

When it comes to cooking performance, this product comes with four burners including Right Front Element (BTU) 12,000 – Right Rear Element (BTU) 5,000 – Left Front Element (BTU) 12,000 – Left Rear Element (BTU) 9,500. This is a perfect layout when all the power burners for quick-cook or stir-frying all set front for easy to contact with. All the burners are sealed to prevent the food from falling into the burner and get burned which reduces the power of the flame.

All the knobs are sturdy and metal design for high durability. One plus point for the knob control when it is angled front controls. This design prevents the knob from getting hot by the heat from burners.

The trivet also comes with an appealing design. It is made of heavy cast-iron and has three parts. It is smartly designed when creating a space in the center for creating the condition for large cookware. But this space is not empty like the Whirlpool model (we will take above), it is covered with a grate which creates convenience for moving pans and pots across the surface.

However, the Frigidaire introduces its anti-scratch surface material – durable stainless steel, we tested and saw it tends to scratch when scrubbing with a hard cloth. So, be careful when cleaning the surface of this model.

2. Ramblewood High Efficiency 4 Burner Natural Gas Cooktop, Sealed Burner GC4-50N

Are you looking for a high-performance gas cooktop? This 4 Burner Natural Gas Cooktop from Ramberwood will satisfy you.

This model comes with 4 sealed burners in three types. One large burner with 9500 BTU, two medium burners at 5000 BTU, and one simmer burner at 2800 BTU. Although, the Ramblewood keeps talking about its high-performance burner and energy saving. But after testing the capacity of this model, we saw that it is just a medium performance gas cooktop but high energy saving. The most powerful burner in this model performs as efficiently as the medium burner at the product of other brands.

However, there is a plus point for this product. It has an electric ignition and safety device with thermocouple & flame out failure detection trigger mechanism to ensure the safety of the user. With this safety ensure system, the gas supply will auto shut off when there is no detection of flame.

3. Empava 24″ Gas Stove Cooktop 4 Italy SABAF Sealed Burners

Let’s move to one 24 inch gas cooktop from EMpava, which will not disappoint you.

With 4 different versatile burners: a Dual-Ring 12000-BTU burner, a 10000-BTU burner, a 6500-BTU burner, and a 4000-BTU burner ensure to fit any heat requirement for any types of dishes.

For sealed burners are imported from Italy, which is worldwide famous for its high quality and reliability. Not only that, there are several other things that can ensure a long life lasting when using this device. The knobs and edge-to-edge grates all made with high-quality material for ensuring durability. Furthermore, the stain and heat discoloration resistant stainless-steel surface will also keep the surface with a new appearance after time.

This Empava ensures a high safety when it comes with the latest flame failure thermocouples auto shut off protection technology.

However, we do not like the design of the trivet when it is not continuously designed, but having space in the center which becomes an obstacle when sliding across burners.

4. GE JGP3030SLSS 30 Inch Gas Cooktop with MAX System

This GE JGP3030SLSS 30 Inch Gas Cooktop from GE is little power and more budget-friendly.

Coming first with its design, this model has the control knob position on the right side for easy contact. And when it comes to safety, this position is difficult for the children for touching and adjusting the control knob, which is a problem commonly found in the front side control knobs. However, the downside of the control knob is made of plastic which is not durable.

This cooktop has four sealed burners. The ones on the left side have a Btu of 9.500, the right rear one packs 5.000, and the right front one is the most powerful with 11.000. This capacity is less powerful than the above version but when you spend less money on purchasing, naturally you have to spend more time waiting.

Although GE manufacture uses electronic ignition for increasing reliability when turning on the burner, it is still short when there is no flame failure system for ensuring safety.

5. GE PGP9830SJSS Profile 30″ Gas Downdraft Black Glass Top Stainless Steel Trim

This 30-inch gas cooktop from GE includes one special feature which definitely improves your cooking experience in the kitchen – the downdraft.

When cooking, the smoke and smell from food can cover your kitchen and stick into the other object causing a bad smell, especially in the wet season. In order to solve that problem, GE included a downdraft which works as a ventilation system to pull out or smoke and steam down when cooking.

However, when the center space is positioned with a downdraft, the cast-iron will not continue and if you wanna move the cookery, you have to lift it up.

6. KitchenAid KCGD500GSS 30″ 4 Burner Stainless Steel Gas Downdraft Cooktop

If you wanna own a gas cooktop with downdraft but more powerful than the GE model, this Kitchen Aid KCGD500GSS may satisfy you.

This gas cooktop comes with a 17.000 BTU burner which can fasten the cooking time. This is an impressive number for 4 burner gas cooktops.

It also comes with powerful downdraft ventilation of 300 CFM. With this downdraft, almost all the fume and smoke of whatever you cook will be pulled down. It will ensure that your neighbor can not know what you are eating today.

Unlike the above model from GE, the iron cast grates of this model are connected, where you can easily slide the cookware when cooking.

7. Whirlpool Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

If you are looking for gas cooktops with a great experience in cooking and clean-up supports, this model from Whirlpool calls your name.

In terms of cooking capacity, this Whirlpool WCG55US0HS gas cooktop comes with 4 sealed burners: 2 SpeedHeatTM Burners and 2 AccuSimmer® Burners. The SpeedHeat Burner is equipped with technology to fasten the boiling or searing time for a quick dinner preparation in a busy family. Besides, the AccuSimmer Burner, like its name, easily maintains the even, low heat at an accurate temperature. Knowing that simmering food usually takes time and energy, Whirlpool focuses on reducing the energy in both simmer burners.

The EZ-2-Lift™ Grates is made with a heavy cast-iron to enable the user to put on the heaviest pans and pots. With the full-with grates, the user can slide back and forth easily without the need of lifting the pan. We have tested the efficiency of this model by putting on a 10-inch pot of full water, cooking it for 5 minutes, and moving around the cooktops.

How about cleaning? The trivet and knobs in this device are all dishwasher-safe, therefore, simplify the cleaning process.

This gas cooktop originally works with natural gas, but it includes an LP conversion kit for free in case the user wants to use LPG gas instead.

Buying Guide for the Best 4 Burner Gas Cooktops

Gas type: Natural gas or Liquid Propane

Do you think that all the gas cooktops work on only one type of gas? If it is, you – like most of the users – are owning a misunderstanding. Actually, there are two types of gas that can work as fuel for gas cooktops: Natural Gas and Liquid Propane.

Natural gas is the gas that was produced by a tank into your farm.

Differently, the liquid propane is the propane that is compressed into a liquid form and held in portable canisters for selling.

Many gas cooktops are built for initially working on natural gas. But you do not have to worry if you are about to use liquid propane. There will be a conversion kit that allows you to convert the cooktop to liquid propane. What you have to notice when looking for a gas cooktop with a conversion kit is how easy it is to install the conversion kit and is the conversion kit included for free or you have to purchase it.

Cooktop Size

As the cooktop has to build into your countertop, you have to measure your cooktop for choosing the suitable cooktop size. Standard size cooktops are 24 inches, 30 inches, or 36 inches, and some times, some models offer the extra size of 48 inches or 21 inches.

Sealed Burner or Open Burner

The sealed burner is a burner that is sealed to the cooktops. This type of burner is commonly found in residential gas cooktops. By contrast, the open burner is the burner with all components exposed which means the flame is visually exposed to the air. This type of burner is commonly found in the commercial kitchen. So, actually, which one is better? As said above, it depends on where you use it: in your home or in your restaurant kitchen. Above, we will list some benefits of each type of burner.

  • The open burner: As all the components are exposed to the air, the heat from it can directly go to the kitchen cookware no matter how big and how small it is. Furthermore, the flame with more oxygen from the air will burn stronger and provide more powerful capacity.
  • The sealed burner: The sealed burners also come with many advantages. Firstly, many home news argues that the sealed burner works more efficiently in heat controlling compared with the open burner. Secondly, the sealed burner is easier for cleaning because the food can not fall into the burner and get burned.

Other burner features


The trivet is the one that supports your cookware and stays stable on the burners. Choosing a gas cooktop with a burner is such an important factor if you do not want to use more effort on lifting the heavy pans. There are several things that you should take notice of when choosing a trivet. Firstly, choose one trivet which has rubber feet on the bottom for avoiding the gas cooktop’s surface from scratching. Secondly, you should come with a trivet which is made of heavy and thick material. This trivet enables the user to put in the heavy pans and slide the pan for moving rather than lifting it up. And thirdly, if you wanna easily remove the cookware by sliding back and forth across the cooktops, you should choose a cooktop with less spacing between burners.

Controls and knobs

Unlike the electric cooktops which can come with a touchable control panel, the gas cooktop is usually equipped with a physical knob. In order to turn on or off the burner, the user has to press and turn the knob. When choosing a good control knob, you should take into consideration the above tips:

  • The control knob position: as the flame in gas cooktops is exposed to the air, the surrounding area is easy to get hot. Therefore, you should choose a gas cooktop with an angle position as the best choice.
  • The safety lock: While the cooktop is usually in the hand level of children, they may accidentally turn the burner on. This is a very dangerous situation, therefore, it is better for families, especially families with young children to come with a model including the childproof control knob.


Cleaning is no easy task when it comes to the gas cooktop. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of gas cooktops which discourages many housewives from making the purchase. Unlike the electric cooktop with all the parts on the same surface, the gas cooktops can not be cleaned with one simple movement. And you also have to clean the gas cooktop frequently, when the food dropped can get burned and hardly stuck into the burner. In order to clean the gas cooktop, you have to pull out all parts of it and clean each part separately. Understanding this problem, many manufacturers equipped their products with easy-cleaning features to keep the gas cooktop clean and simplify the cleaning process.


The last one but a not less important one is the cost. As the gas cooktop always comes with a high price compared with other kitchen appliances, you should judge all the factors, know what you really need before making a purchase.


Does My Oven Need To Be The Same Brand As My Cooktop?

Definitely no. Unlike the gas range, you can mix and match brands when choosing a cooktop and oven. This brings you lots of benefits when you can mix the advantage of this model and the advantage of other models.

How Much BTU Do I Need?

When it comes to full-size cooktops, which have five to six-burners at a wide range of BTU, you do not need to worry much about BTU. However, if you intend to buy a 3 or 4 burner cooktop, you should choose one wok burner, two medium burners, and one simmer burner.

How to clean your gas cooktops?

Keeping your gas cooktops is so important when it can last longer with a new look and maintain the performance of burners. Following the above step for keeping your gas cooktops in high hygiene condition:

Step 1: Preparation

Turn off the burner and wait until it is cool to avoid being hurt.

Step 2: Remove the Grates and Burner Cover

Remove all the grates and burner covers and dump them in a sink or bucket with hot soapy water and clean it. In case your grates are safe with a dishwasher, you can simply put it into the dish machine and clean it.

Step 3: Clean the Stove-top

Now, it is time for cleaning the surface of a gas cooktop. First, scrub off any loose particles from the burner, and then either use soapy water or a stovetop cleaner with a sponge or rag to scrub the surface clean.

Step 4: Re-installation

Wait until all the parts of the gas cooktop are dry then place it back into its position.

How did you test all the products?

We have tested all the above products under many criteria and mainly focus on two major metrics: performance and features.

  • Performance: When it comes to performance, we have multiple tests to help us to determine if this device helps the user in preparing a quick dinner. For example, we will test the maximum and minimum of each burner, especially the most powerful and simmer one. With the simmer one, we will test whether the burner keeps a stable temperature during the cooking time and energy consumption.
  • Features: While little things like cooktop knobs and grate quality might not affect your meal’s edibility, it definitely affects your overall cooking experience. We look at the cooktop’s features to try to identify any features that would really enhance or complicate the food preparation process. We love cooktops that have features that are especially useful, or that solve common cooking problems.

Do all Gas cooktops require Overhead ventilation hoods?

No. Not all the gas cooktops require overhead ventilation hoods. When the gas cooktop is already included in a downdraft ventilation technology like the GE Profile™ 30″ Built-In Gas Downdraft Cooktop above, you do not need another one. Although the integrated ventilation system is not as high performance as a separate one it takes advantage of price and the space occupied.


Are you ready to make a final decision? We have tested and listed the best 4 burner gas cooktops from the famous brand with the expectation that it could fit your needs. Each product stands out on one criterion when one could outweigh others by its low price, others could come with a high price but the extreme experience. And also, we also listed two products with an integrated ventilation system. Although the price of this model is double compared to the common ones, we ensure that it could bring a smell-free and hygienic environment.

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