10 Best 40 Gallon Water Heater Reviews in 2021 You Should Buy


The 40-gallon water heaters would be the very seen water heating system throughout the world. It’s the best size for the majority of households of two to 3, and also the durability of these is something which all people can appreciate.

There are several distinct versions of 40-gallon units on the marketplace. But the majority of these units are created by 1 of 5 firms, and all of them have a simple layout that’s similar with specific updates for various brands or versions.

With each of the best 40-gallon water heaters which come out, you won’t have difficulty finding one that’s excellent. We’re convinced that there’s a 40 gal water heater which will do the job for you in our post.

Benefits of The Best 40 Gallon Water Heater

In case the 40-gallon water heater inspections are anything to go by, then there are advantages of spending money on this type of merchandise.

A number of the more important advantages of utilizing water heaters of the kind are summarized below:

  • 40-gallon water heaters are large, meaning that you can be assured of an ample supply of hot water to use in your house. You don’t need to think about being crushed with cold water in the middle of the bathtub.
  • Most heaters of the volume have added insulation around their fundamental construction. This extra insulation allows you to heat a larger quantity of water with less energy as the majority of the heat will be maintained. You may therefore wind up using less electricity for heating, so lower energy prices in the long run.
  • Many water heaters have detectors for detecting flammable vapor as soon as it’s produced. This allows you to utilize the heaters without any fear of fire breaking out since it’s going to be discovered as soon as it’s very likely to happen.
  • Water heaters with a variety of 40 gallons ordinarily have a wise thermostat, which may control temperature settings depending on the heating requirements in your house. This saves you time and power to correct the temperature settings. In addition, it saves you lots of cash in energy usage.
  • Many 40-gallon water heaters have linings inside their inner structure. This is supposed to stop corrosion, consequently improving the durability of this tank. The heaters thus provide excellent value for money in the long run. Most producers provide long guarantees to back their goods of the sort, which is evidence of premium quality and endurance.

List of 10 Best 40 Gallon Water Heater Reviews

1. Sunbank Solar 40 Gallon Solar Water Heater

  • Sunbank Solar 40 Gallon Water Heaters would be the most energy-efficient kind of water heaters, which make them ideal for conscious customers and families looking to reduce their electricity bills.
  • The Sunbank 40G is acceptable for families of 1-3 individuals and is exceptionally efficient as a result of this smart, well-insulated layout that reduces heat reduction. It is so well insulated, which it is not unusual for it to shed under 10 levels of warmth overnight.
  • Solar water heaters are often tough to install; however, the Sunbank is really pretty simple and should not take all that long. It may be somewhat costly, but with energy costs on the increase, this item will pay for itself. Additionally, it is virtually maintenance-free, which means you don’t need to be worried about maintenance bills.

2. Noritz EZTR40NG 40 gal Tank Replacement Indoor Tankless Water Heater

  • Noritz is among the primary tankless water heater manufacturers. I’ve used one heater out of this brand and have been highly satisfied. Anyway, lots of first-time users also have advocated the merchandise for its inviting capabilities.
  • The whole package includes all the required items that you want to have to get a tankless water heater. The vent pipe is from polypropylene and elastic.
  • Condensing technology is intelligent and requires less time to warm the water. In addition, it is possible to quickly repair the temperature of their water utilizing the isolation valve kit.
  • The majority of the users of this item were joyful about the simple setup of the heater. You can put the heater onto a gasoline line without causing any harm to the line or environment. It requires less time. Anyway, gas consumption can be reduced. Thus, it is going to save your dollars also.

3. Bradford White 40 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater #RG240T6N

  • The Bradford White 40 Gallon water heater has modern smart technology that provides you control over the device. This really is a high-performing system that allows you to convert from a tank-style water heating system to a tankless one.
  • This version stands out with its innovative technology for increased security. It includes a thermopile converter to turn heat energy out of the pilot fire into enough electricity to begin the ignitor and function the gas valve and microprocessor so that you don’t have to have the device near an electrical socket.
  • The Atmospheric Vent Safety System prevents damaging vapors from coming into contact with the fires. Additionally, it will come with LED indicator lights that indicate when the pilot is still on. There’s also a diagnostic program built to allow you to know whenever there’s an issue with a coding system for simple troubleshooting.
  • This unit doesn’t need any maintenance once it’s installed. This is a reasonably priced device that’s simple to install and provides an infinite supply of warm water.

4. A.O. Smith GCR-40 ProMax Plus High Efficiency Gas Water Heater

  • Glass-lined water heaters are almost always well-admired since they’re well-insulated and corrosion-free. A.O smith never compromises on the quality and usefulness of the products, the exact same holds for the GCR-40 ProMax water heater.
  • This hardy, compact, and affordable water heater needs to be your final choice if you’ve got a family to care for and do not have a lot of time on your hands.
  • This 40-gallon gas water heater includes a Dynaclean diffuser tip that prevents sediment build-up in its underside section. Since the heating substance keeps rotating the water, sediment begins to collect in the bottom segment, which impacts the heater’s potential in the long term.
  • The glass liner keeps it rust-free and ensures there is no rust on your own heater. A.O Smith has made this heater according to the criteria of NAECA (National appliance energy conservation action ) so that this heater is secure and you need don’t frazzle due to the gas combustion anymore.
  • Maintaining the house improvement fixtures ergonomic and affordable has ever been a plus point for A.O smith; this heater will allow you to forget all worries of chilly water.
  • The port duct attached to GCR-40 ProMax can port around 40ft. So you are able to install this heater within the house, not be concerned about the exhaust pipe length.

5. Excel Pro 40 Gallon Tankless Gas Water Heater

  • Tankless along with a highly effective water heater are tough to discover. However, that mix is quite a much potential through this glow pro tankless water heater which is smaller than your typical water heaters; however, it is not any less in electricity and produces 140000 BTU per hour.
  • This mobile water heater is not powerful just due to the output it provides for an hour. Its GPM can be better than any other you’ll see in precisely the exact same variety. A leak rate of a maximum of 6.6 GPM is commendable, particularly for a tankless water heater. You will not be saving energy via its tankless functioning. However, you’ll have sufficient warm water whenever needed and too operating openly. Its heating modulation technologies is also quite beneficial in that since it assists the water heater to ascertain the heat output in line with the stream of water.
  • Sometimes you do not have sufficient water; however, the heater keeps functioning, and that’s exactly what will not occur if you’ve got this water heater installed at your house. Its power vent can also be readily installed or throughout the walls, whichever sounds fit for your residence. When compared with the best 40-gallon water heater gas, it’s a European version, or so the temperature reading is also in Celsius. If you’re planning to put in a 40-gallon heater, then this energy-saving manner is a better choice as it could do everything that a proper 40-gallon version would and consume less electricity and distance.

6. Bradford White BWC RE340T6-1NCWW 40GAL 240V

  • Among the reputable brands that give the best water heater for your home is your Bradford White BWC RE34OT6-1NCWW version. This 4,500-watt unit includes 40 gallons and is among the most astounding water heaters out of Bradford.
  • This 40-gallon electric water heater includes its own durability characteristic using a protective magnesium anode rod. The exact same pole also protects it from rust. What is more, is this specific model meets all of the recent ASHRAE Standard 90.1 of the Department of Energy.
  • Produced in the US, this water heater also includes 2 inches of non-CFC foam insulating material covering all of the components, including the tank top. This cushioning helps in keeping heat and reducing energy intake. This means you’ll have lower energy bills even in case you’ve got a water heater installed in your residence.
  • You won’t run out of warm water since this includes a First Hour Delivery of 55 gallons. The Recovery Rise is 21 minutes to get this heater, which means when the cold water enters your hot water tank, then it is going to take 21 minutes for the water to grow to a temperature of 90 degrees.
  • Not only that, but it boasts a HydroJet Total Performance System, chiefly a cold-water inlet tube that’s designed to reduce the sediment buildup within the computer system. Additionally, it ensures that saved water is suitably mixed with the incoming water.
  • With this technology, heaters do not have to work too hard or as frequently since they can keep a steady supply of warm water at a predetermined temperature.
  • Furthermore, the Bradford White 40 gallon water heater also includes the planet’s best tooth tank liner, the Vitraglass, that reduces and nearly zeroes any failures within the system.

7. EZ Ultra HE Natural Gas Indoor Condensing Tankless Water Heater

  • The EZ Ultra HE is either a Propane or Natural Gas (LPG) condensing water heater, which supplies all of the benefits that faithful EZ customers anticipate.
  • The Ultra HE is your brand’s first condensing heat exchanger, which allows the arrest and draining of the contaminated condensation, which prevents vertical ventilation. You can not fail with this 40-gallon water heater since the machine can attain an efficiency level of 92 percent and more by simply utilizing the exhaust gases to preheat the inlet water.
  • Together with the low-temperature exhaust gases due to the condensing heat exchanger, the device could be vented with the Solid Core Schedule 40 PVC/CPVC pipe, either vertically or horizontally.
  • Designed for the average American home, this cheap, effective, and simple-to-use system may get rid of a major bulk of your house’s standby energy reduction, which might mean more considerable savings on your funds and energy usage.
  • Emphasis on simple to use since it’s made to get 100% automated functioning, which means that you want to be awaiting it. Just turn in your water spigot hot water will be present in just a couple of minutes. When the faucet is off, the heater will even automatically switch off. If the water source is irregular, your gas valve will shut off alone.
  • Using its complete key touch water temperature configurations, knowing which button to use is simple. Its user-friendly important controls may likewise be reclined to your favorite water temperature, which makes it simpler for you.
  • As soon as you’ve put it to your favorite temperature, it will provide the temperature modulation mechanically. The system will regulate the fan, gasoline, and water flow, making sure that the temperature remains constant and continuous. Expect it to create 3.4 gallons of water in 60 minutes in a 45F increase.
  • As a bonus, this program is straightforward and visually beautiful, which makes it effortless to install. Even if it’s in view of the living spaces, then it isn’t imposing or disagreeable to the eyes.

8. Westinghouse WER040C2X055N06 Electric Water Heater

  • Westinghouse 40 Gallon 5500W Lifetime Warranty Water Heater functions with a power factor of 0.95 EF. This electric water heater is best appropriate for families comprising a few peoples. But, it’s made with laser-welded corrosion resistance stainless steel. Westinghouse WER040C2X055N06 water heater produces hot water 64 gallons in the First Hour.
  • The Westinghouse 40 Gallon electric water heater brings cold water close to the heating elements. Consequently, it doesn’t create any mixing of cold water also provides the desired temperature of warm water. Westinghouse 40 Gal Hot Water Heater equipped with high efficacy and reduced standby loss. In summary, it warms water from the tank with 5500 wattage electricity and a 240-volt electric supply.

9. A.O. Smith GPVL-40 ProMax Power Vent Gas Water Heater

  • The A.O. Smith GPVL-40 ProMax Water Heater includes 3 places rotatable blowers. I discovered this feature to be quite useful when it comes to emitting the gas away from your house. Due to the socket, it is easy to rotate the mouth, and it’s excellent to use.
  • The 1 thing that’s impressed me the most about the item is that the Dynaclean II dip tube. This is a sophisticated kind of pressure valve that’s very good for high elevation. The tube regulates the water pressure and offers you a better way to utilize the product even on tall structures.
  • Aside from that, the item features a digital gas control. The technology used is a blend of both gasoline and power. This gives more precise temperature control hence that the electricity consumption is obviously reduced.
  • I discovered that A.O. Smith GPVL-40 ProMax Heater comes with an LED controller light on the face. This feature appeared to be somewhat useful since it constantly exhibited the present standing. If anything else goes wrong, I can always get educated.
  • The A.O. Smith GPVL-40 ProMax Heater includes a hot surface igniter. Due to this, it can readily decrease the energy intake of the item. I could always use it with no difficulties.

10. AO Smith GPVT-40 Residential Natural Gas Water Heater

  • Individuals have written in their reviews this A.O. Smith water heater includes distinct protective capabilities. They like to use it inside their houses due to its incredible performance. It’s exceedingly efficient. Additionally, users report that the system of ignition and outside attributes be rather impressive.
  • This water heater incorporates spectacular characteristics and specifications. The igniter and non-CFC foam insulation succeed in gaining our focus. The business supplies a guarantee for six decades, which further provides reassurance. The heater keeps the warmth of the water for a very long time period. It does this by trapping the heat indoors.
  • Owners of any resort can set up this heater inside their hotels to provide their customers maximum comfort and simplicity. Tourists can unwind after travel by taking hot showers. Folks may also use it inside their houses to scrub dirty clothes and fatty dishes. They are even able to use it to remove greasy stains out of their garages.
  • The outside coating of the water heater deserves a great deal of appreciation. Folks are able to utilize it in their hotels, hotels, homes, and businesses. It features amazing protective capabilities. By applying this water heater, then you can get hot water in a couple of minutes. It’s a worthy investment.

How To Choose The Best 40 Gallon Water Heater

Deciding on the perfect 40-gallon water heater is equally essential since you likely will use it for another 5 to 6 decades, but you do not have to split your lender in your water heater choice. If you are unsure about which version is ideal for your house, Tena Cortez will be delighted to answer all of your queries and help you select the water heater which best works for your house’s requirements.

Tankless or Tank

Tank water heaters maintain a certain quantity of warm water in a tank at any particular time, prepared to ship to multiple appliances simultaneously. Tankless water heaters immediately heat incoming water as you require it and consume less space than a water heater with a tank. But, 1 device might not have the capacity to supply hot water to multiple fixtures at once, so you might have to get multiple water heaters for your property.

Efficiency Ratings

ENERGY STAR® is your reliable, government-backed symbol for energy efficiency. This evaluation helps customers save money while protecting the environment through energy-efficient products and practices.

Think about a high-efficiency water heater to save cash and help the environment. Water-heating efficacy is measured by means of an energy factor (EF) rating. The higher the EF, the more efficient the model. Though a few of the most effective versions may be somewhat more expensive, they are intended to be environmentally friendly and save you money in the long term.

First-hour rating

This clarifies the capability of the water heater to provide completely heated water at the very first hour of use. The heater’s maximum capacity and recovery rate ought to be taken into consideration when studying this particular rating.

Every household utilizes water otherwise; therefore, a”great” first-hour score is simply like the requirements of each person. To estimate that heater will offer an optimum ratio of jelqing efficacy and hot water output, think about the quantity of water generally utilized on your home daily.


Locating the best 40-gallon water heater is not the same procedure for everyone involved, but when you’ve determined the 40-gallon capability is ideal for you, now it’s time to ascertain the characteristics of the function you would like to have.

One or more of these products are excellent versions that may be set up indoors or out and are designed for simplicity of use. They’re all easy to set up by yourself and made to heat up your water in moments and keep it warm for all your requirements. You can not go wrong with some of those 40-gallon water heaters!

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