12 Best 5 Burner Gas Stove (2021 Reviews & Buying Guide)


Whether you’re a full-time chef at your house or cooking is the favorite hobby, the ideal kitchen and cooking appliances may significantly affect the output. We concur you could use any sort of cooking surface for cooking, but in case you’ve got a 5 burner Gas Stove, you can find the best cooking experience. Along with your time at the kitchen will probably be more significant.

However, the trick is here in order to decide on the most acceptable stove. Here, according to our expertise, quality study, and optimal testing, we’ve chosen the 12 best 5 burner gas stove to allow you to pick from.

List of 12 Best 5 Burner Gas Stove Reviews

1. GE JGP5030SLSS 30 Inch Gas Cooktop with 5 Burner

GE 30 inch 5 burner gas stove surely stands apart from others with its distinctive cast-iron grate layout, which may be changed out to home the griddle, which comes as part of your purchase.

You’ll have the ability to cook your flapjacks, eggs, and bacon at one time! There are, in fact, six knobs on the front, one per burner, and a child safety lock knob which prevents the gas from turning when youthful ones bulge a knob.

The simmer burner includes a precision simmer knob, letting you keep a steaming kettle without burning or massaging. The power boil burner includes three rings of flame for quick boiling. All in all, the cooktop could pump out 20,000 BTUs, which makes it much ahead of the competition.

Some customers have reported difficulty receiving their pans hot enough, quickly enough. However, an exhaustive review of this user manual and alterations from the plumber will look after those issues in short order. Some cooktops have come with loose knobs, which may cause early breakage.

2. Frigidaire FGGC3047QS Gallery 30” Gas Cooktop in Stainless Steel, 5 Burner

This 5 burner gas stove specifically stands out as one of the favorite Frigidaire gas cooktops in lots of ways. Streamlined structure, practical controls, and easy burners are a few of the numerous desirable attributes that produce the Frigidaire FGGC3047QS an exceptionally sought-after gas stove. The discreet price point is that which additionally makes it an attractive alternative over other available choices.

Talking of the visual appeal of this cooktop, it’s quite appealing with unpretentious recessed burners, corner-to-corner matte black cast iron grates resting over a glistening stainless-steel surface. The constant 3-piece grates, besides incorporating an elegant look to the cooktop, allowing you to easily maneuver around heavy baskets from within a burner into another without needing to lift the whole thing. What’s more, the grates are dishwasher safe!

The 5 burners result in an entire meeting in every facet for routine domestic cooking requirements. From a very low simmer, burner to warm delicate foods and sauces to some force burner to get a quick boil and all in the center of, the cooktop has the suitably calibrated capability to cater to all or any cooking requirements.

As evident from the magnitude of the burners, the fundamental one is the best rated at 18000 BTU; significance it warms the speediest. In the same way, the left and front strands tune down to a max of 9500 and 12000 BTUs, respectively. Along with the left and back burners, heat the lightest in 7500 and 5000 BTUs, respectively. To get a meticulous culinary pro, these heating levels function right for distinct cooking requirements. The stainless steel 5 burner gas stovetop can be available in black outside for kitchen plots that prefer black appliances on stainless steel.

3. Empava 30″ Gas Stove Cooktop with 5 Italy Sabaf Sealed Burners NG/LPG Convertible in Stainless Steel

If you’re planning an RV experience, then you are going to wish to have the ability to enjoy decent food as you travel. But you just have a little space to cook and prepare your food. Luckily, the Empava 30″ 5 Italy Sabaf Burners Gas Stove EMPV-30GC5B70C supplies the perfect answer for this dilemma.

As its name implies, this version measures only 30 inches and fits easily on a countertop. But you’re still treated to some wise and fashionable design in addition to lots of electricity. The 12,000 BTUs are dispersed across five clever Italian-made burners.

Regardless of what you would like to cook, you’re certain to discover you have lots of space. The hinges in front of the model are indicated, so you understand which burner everyone controls.

Among the wonderful things about this version is it is compatible with both LPG and NG. You’re given a complete conversion kit in addition to the nozzles for the two kinds of electricity. This makes cooking with no power very straightforward and productive.

But you’re very likely to discover that the stainless steel surface of the model can be hard to wash. You will need to take additional care to prevent scratching the surface. You could also realize that stripes look after wiping the surface with a moist cloth.

On the other hand, the sealed burners stop food from draining down indoors. Because of this, the sole cleaning you’ll have to do it on the surface. The iron grates are simple to remove and can be washed in the dishwasher.

4. Frigidaire FGGC3645QB – Frigidaire Gallery 36 Gas Cooktop in Black

The belief this cooktop provides you the very first time you place your eyes is inviting. Past this aesthetic element is acts that won’t disappoint you.

Its surface is roomy, confirming that every cookware will fit in its designated place. This five-burner gas stove is intended to serve households of different sizes. In any case, food that’s prepared is readily stored hot on the cooktop since you still cook longer on another absolutely free burner.

The burners are sealed, eliminating the probability of spills creating a wreck around the burner. They’re also simple to keep clean. These burners are appropriate to manage various cooking methods that take high heat amounts of around 18,000 BTU which can also be great for boiling water quickly.

The burner with the cheapest heating amounts to 5,000 BTU for sauces requiring particular care. Additionally, the knobs can allow you to control the warmth instantly to the necessary level for effective cooking outcomes.

As if these aren’t sufficient, the constant grates are powerful enough to manage big and heavy containers well. They’re simple to wash, having been manufactured from cast iron. The gear has a one-piece guarantee that’s constrained.

Repairs and replacements of faulty components are guaranteed at no cost inside the one-year. If the gas cooktop creates problems upon use or installation, make excellent use of your guarantee.

5. FOTILE GLS30501 30” Stainless Steel 5-Burner Gas Cooktop

Now, FOTILE comes from our listing with its specialist stainless steel gas stove. This large and industrial-grade stainless steel device includes five distinct burners to cook unique kinds of foods together with perfection. There’s a Tri-Ring burner in the center that supplies 21,000 BTUs.

Additionally, the cooktop includes a 304 food-grade thick stainless steel coating. There are two burners on both sides and 2 on the perfect side. In any case, the device also comes with another burner to cook fine food items and leftovers at an exact temperature.

For your benefit, this Fotile 5 burner gas stove is accompanied by an advantage to edge grates which are exceptionally durable and defy the weights of large pots and pans easily. Like many others, you can simply slip the utensils to change the burners rather than lifting the pans.

Last, its one-second rapid ignition system dissipates fast, whereas the fire failure protection effectively disconnects gas when fires are away.

6. GE Cafe CGP650SETSS 36″ Built-in Gas Cooktop

Coming to another offer within this 5 burner gas stove inspection, here is an impressive gas cooktop in the impressive firm. GE is famous globally for its high-quality goods, which means you need to expect the exact same here.

Starting with the layout, you are able to view what stands out of the other contenders. The knobs are attractively positioned and comprise white LED lights for night cooking.

Additionally, it has the maximum heat production within this review using its 20,000-BTU. Along with this, it sports a griddle attachment to turn your breakfast bacon and eggs a cinch.

GE Cafe CGP650SETSS involves a stainless steel cleaner to assist you in maintaining it tidy, an LP Gas conversion kit, and also a 1-year guarantee for both parts and labor.

7. Thermomate Gas Cooktop, 30 Inch Built In Gas Rangetop with 5 High Efficiency Burners

The Thermomate 5 burner gas range comes with five flexible burners: 1x 9500-BTU triple ring wok burner, 1x 6500-BTU rapid burner, 2×5000-BTU semi-rapid burner, 1×2800-BTU auxiliary burner; every burner provides even heat that is the necessity for many dishes. Much like a braise, simmer, fry, roast, stir-frying, steaming, melting, boil, as well as caramelizing.

A push-type rotary switch controls the ignition that prevents kids from touching it unintentionally. There is also a thermocouple fire-out error system that makes certain the gas turns off on its own once the fire isn’t detected; this may prevent gas from leaking.

This 5 burner gas stove provides the utmost 28800BTU power to natural gas and gas (Natural gas is by default). It’s effective for several functions like large kitchens, RVs, households that adore cooking, etc…

The surface of the cooktop is created with 304 stainless steel level; plastic alloy composite knobs present in the front can withstand high temperatures, and long-lasting weatherproof cooking grates keep the kettle in a secure place. A fashionable design is a great alternative for your kitchen decoration. Please be certain the size of this cooktop suits you.

8. Frigidaire FPGC3077RS Professional 30-Inch Gas Cooktop, Stainless Steel, 5 Burners

The Frigidaire Professional 30-inch gas cooktop is an amazing machine that will deliver commercial-level caliber for residential usage. It’s about the high end of the price range but guarantees outstanding performance and management.

It boasts an impressive 18,200 BTU PowerPlus center burner and four extra burners ranging from 9,500 to 12,000 BTU. The large heat of the middle burner provides you the capability to sear, saute, and boil cleanly and economically. Convert to LP using the included kit Too.

The massive trivet grates are intended to permit for slipping across as required, and they can also be washed in the dishwasher! A rare characteristic in gas cooktop grates.

We enjoy this cooktop since it gives a solid performance in each class whilst still being reasonably sized and costly. And remember the griddle!

The Frigidaire Professional 30″ 5 Burner Gas stove can be obtained from Amazon.

9. Bosch 800 Series 30″ Stainless Steel 5 Burner Gas Cooktop

For luxury 5 burner gas stove, the Bosch NGM8055UC is our best pick. With 5 sealed burners, a stainless steel finishing along with also a cast iron grate, this Bosch gas cooktop is a superior cooktop for kitchens.

As previously mentioned, it matches 5 burners, all of which are all sealed. The burners have the highest Btu score of approximately 18,000 BTU. Here is the highest we have seen up to now in this particular review.

The five burners are governed by the controller knob that’s aptly placed in front of this device. All of the knobs are created out of high-quality metallic substances, and they’re responsive to finishes.

We adore the car igniter function of the machine. Even in the event that you dismiss the light, it ignites mechanically again until you switch off the burner.

10. GASLAND 5 Burner Gas Cooktop

Gasland’s Chef model comprises five distinct burners, despite being just 30 inches wide. Its combination of a stainless steel cooking surface and broad cast-iron grates seamlessly blends traditional with contemporary. Because of this, it is going to match with classic or modern kitchens.

The fundamental burner is created for woks, with three rings to guarantee warmth reaches every area of the pan. It generates a huge 12,000 BTU. There is also a 10,200-BTU quick burner on the back left-hand side, ideal for bringing water to a boil immediately.

Eventually, two 6,000-BTU burners placed on the front left and back right are great for smaller tanks. And in the front on the right-hand facet, there is an additional 3,400-BTU burner to get gentler heat.

With five burners at a cooktop only 30 inches broad, however, there are a few compromises to be made. Do not expect to have the ability to heat your wok at the middle without restricting the distance on the other burners. So while five burners provide you lots of choices, you are going to fight to use all of them at one time.

The burners are encompassed by three great excellent pans supports made from heavyweight cast iron. They fit together neatly, preventing food debris and dirt from getting between them. The burner covers are made from black cast iron also, contrasting with the stainless steel cooking surface. Each burner is controlled with a sturdy bakelite dial using a smart stainless steel finish.

There is an automatic electrical heartbeat, so the cooktop will have to get wired to your power supply. Make sure it’s installed by an expert technician. It runs on natural gas but includes a conversion kit to help it operate with LPG too.

11. Thermador SGSX365TS 36 inch Masterpiece0174 5 Pedestal Star0174 Burner Gas Cooktop

Thermador SGSX365TS is your top 5 burner gas stove, and it will be exactly the Thermador title proud. This stainless steel cooktop has five gas burners (among which will be the center energy burner which maxes out in 16,000 BTU), and these burners are capped using Thermador’s signature star-shaped burner covers.

This cooktop brings warmth; each of the five burners can attain temperatures greater than 450°F. The middle burner operates the latest and maxes out in a toasty 518°F. Another high point for this Thermador 5 burner stover is the burner evenness was much better than many gas cooktops we have examined. In cases like this, the star-shaped burner covers really divert warmth to the border of the cookware. This is very good for total cooking evenness but really produces a cold place in the middle of the burner.

Furthermore, Thermador users frequently remark that the star-shaped burner covers are somewhat more difficult to clean than ordinary circular burner covers, but for those people who desire evenly dispersed heating, the trade-off could possibly be well worth it.

Another fantastic aspect of this cooktop is both burners (the middle and left front burners) have the “xlo” simmer choice, which lets you cook at very low temperatures. Just take note that, so as to keep these low temperatures, the gas fire actually cycles off and on; this occurrence is not an issue with the burner, so it is 1 way which you’re able to keep low cooking temperatures using a hot fire.

To get a one-time cooktop that delivers luxury looks and functionality to your kitchen, look no farther than the 36-inch Thermador SGSX365TS gas cooktop.

12. Deli-kit 30 inch Gas Cooktops NG/LPG Sealed 5 Burners Gas Cooktop

A perfect alternative for people searching for a budget-friendly choice, this 30-inch stainless steel gas cooktop from Deli-Kit provides five burners in four distinct sizes with an assortment of BTUs to accommodate particular cooking requirements. 1 burner includes a double ring for quick heating with 11,262 BTUs of electricity; three are semi-rapid burners–one with 9,385 BTUs and 2 with 5,972 BTUs–and yet one with 3,413 BTUs is perfect for simmering and slow cooking. Each burner is designed to provide even heat distribution for a variety of cooking jobs out from boiling to stir-frying to more.

This 30 inches 5 burner gas stove includes a brushed stainless steel finish that resists rust and permits easy cleanup. Additionally, it boasts durable and secure cast-iron grates. The knobs to control this cooktop are situated across the front for fast and effortless access. Preset All-natural gas nozzles are included together with all the cooktop, but when desired, a specialist may substitute them with liquid propane gas nozzles.

Buying Guide for Best 5 Burner Gas Stove

Safety features

Security features such as control lockout and indicator lights which inform you if a burner is on will create your 5 burner gas stove comfier to use. Most versions have these fundamentals, so the cooktop is not such a danger to your property. But, high-end and mobile ones have a tendency to add extra features such as fire failure protection, which will switch off the gas that is fueling the machine, and pilotless ignition, making creating a fire a cinch. Push-to-turn knobs are just another fantastic safety feature to keep an eye out for since they stop you from inadvertently turning on a burner.


A fantastic pair of cast iron grates can make a major difference when it comes to trust and durability. The majority of the models opt to get a constant line of grates that pay the entire cooktop, and we must admit it will bring a wonderful touch to the layout. Ensure that you wash and look after the grates after every use, which means that you may enjoy their durability for several decades.

Burner layout

Even should a cooktop has 5 burners on it, that will not automatically mean you are going to have the ability to match five pans and pots onto it at precisely the exact same moment.

A fantastic burner design means you may have a broad saucepan on the stove together with a stockpot. There should be sufficient distance between your strands so they are not hitting each other since this can result in a dangerous trickle of warm ingredients.

It can be handy to go into a shop and take some of your favorite parts of cookware that you often use to cook with. This permits you to try out the viability of the burner design – instead of having to buy it first and find out the hard way that the way in which the cooktop is installed is annoying or inconvenient.


The 5 burner gas stove surface requires your consideration since the surface will be subjected to various foodstuff spills as you’re cooking. For that reason, it is going to be handy in the event that you’re able to wash out the cooktop’s surface only using a moist cloth. Elect to your cooktops that contain an abrasion-resistant surface. All these are easy to clean, and it is effortless to keep their glistening appearance.

Total Heat Output

Heat output in 5 burner gas stove is awarded in BTUs or British Thermal Units. Burners in full-size gas cooktops consistently come in various sizes and forms for certain temperature conditions. Ordinarily, all burners are divided into four groups: the Large Burners, Wok Burners, Medium Burners, and Simmer Burners.

You’ll discover gas cooktops producing everything from 5,000 BTUs for little sealed burners, while an open burner family range will create approximately 9,000 BTUs normally.

Larger commercial ranges may also produce around 20,000 BTUs, therefore it is left that you choose exactly what you would like. If you aren’t a top chef that desires the hottest gas stove, then some 5,000-BTU sealed burner gas stove should do.

Easy to Cleaning

Cleaning a 5 burner gas stove isn’t quite as simple and as simple as cleaning different cooktops. You ought to go for versions with detachable trivets. Additionally, the cooktop’s shirt ought to have a catchment area that retains spills — there’ll always spill as you are cooking regardless of how much you attempt to block it.

Endeavor to wash the spills as soon as you can to block your cooktop’s burners out of clogging. A clogged burner leads to a poor heat stream. In the long term, the device will appear untidy, and the baked-in dirt is going to be tough to eliminate.

Make certain that you comply with the manufacturer’s directions after cleaning. Pay attention to the recommended chemicals and cleaning products for your cooktop. What’s more, the controller knobs must be removable and easy to return. This allows for thorough cleaning.


5 burner gas cooktops provide more cooking flexibility compared to other cooktops. If you are seeking to avoid purchasing new cookware, or maybe, you plan to save in the long term, it will certainly be a fantastic investment.

We all know there are a whole lot of alternatives on the market, and it may be daunting to attempt to sort through all of them. We expect that the guide we set together has helped take out a few of the workloads for you and emphasized the 12 best 5 burner gas stoves available on the market.

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