15 Best Bed Frame For Memory Foam Mattress Reviews in 2021


If you’re seeking a bed frame for memory foam mattress, then you’ve arrived at the ideal location. In the subsequent article, we will present you with the 15 best bed frames for memory foam mattresses available in the marketplace now, together with a buying guide that will help you quickly determine the product that’s ideal for you. Let’s start now!

List of 15 Best Bed Frame For Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

1. Olee Sleep 14 Inch Metal Platform Foundation Bed Frame

  • This really is a green mattress manufacturer-new. Meaning Olee has been dedicated to manufacturing their goods in a sustainable manner. However, what about their foundations? The first on our listing of solid metallic platforms is 14″ high with no wood everywhere – perhaps they are saving the rainforests.
  • There is no need to acquire the toolbox out. This platform is fixed together using pins that could be put with your palms.
  • Those wires might appear lean, but they bring about an even weight distribution throughout the frame. Olee phone it dura metal relaxation, and we enjoy it.
  • Legs are located an inch and a half under the bed, protecting your prized toes.

2. ZINUS Metal Box Spring with Wood Slats /9 Inch Mattress Foundation

  • The Zinus is a box spring substitute. It is a freestanding, box-like arrangement that sits on the ground or railings of a bed frame. It doesn’t include a head or footboard. It is possible to pick between a 4-inch, 7.5-inch, or 9-inch profile.
  • Unlike many box springs, this bed frame for memory foam mattress includes a solid steel structure, giving the construction durable durability. Foam-padded tape cushions that the metal joints for noise-free use. Its slats are spaced 2.5 inches apart and also possess a non-slip grip implemented evenly to halt the mattress from changing around.
  • The metallic structure promotes simple assembly, and all the needed tools are included using all the metal bed frames. Altogether, the frame weighs about 50 lbs, which makes the heavy-duty foundation effortless to maneuver.
  • The Zinus Walter’s bright foundation comes in double, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes. Additionally, it will come with a 5-year guarantee to guard against flaws and material defects.

3. ZINUS Arnav Metal Platform Bed Frame

  • It’s a 10-inch platform out of Zinus with double advantages. It’s a bed frame having a foundation for a memory foam mattress. The Arnav supplies a strong mattress foundation using 10 wooden slats. It’s a lot easier to set up than all-metal foundations.
  • The Zinus Arnav is a noise-free alternative. It’s supplied with vinyl-protected feet, nonadhesive tape onto the wooden slats, and foam-padded tape onto the interior faces of the steel frame.
  • It’s one of the strongest bed frames for memory foam mattress in its own class and is in no comparison to bed frames under $100 obtainable in mattress shops locally. A couple of clients can feel that the person’s wooden slats are flimsy, but they function nicely when all installed collectively according to the instructions guide.
  • It’s a strong and perfect no box spring remedy.

4. Prodigy 2.0 Leggett and Platt Leggett and Platt Adjustable Bed Base

  • If you’d like to purchase a bed frame for memory foam mattress which may be elastic, you can not fail with the Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0. With a vast selection of premium features, such as anti-slip technologies, full-body wave massage, and program controllers, this can be a completely customizable foundation to match any sleeper.
  • Key features of the adjustable bed base comprise MicroHook™ technologies, which will prevent your mattress from slipping since the bed moves, a capacitive-touch distance using cushioned positions, and program controls using a sleep timer and gentle-wake alert.
  • Adjustable bed bases are perfect if you like relaxing in bed. You are able to customize your mind place to watch TV or read and may even appreciate a full-body wave massage to actually unwind before bed.
  • Another fantastic characteristic of Prodigy 2.0 is that you could fix the legs to a height that is suitable for you. In case you have difficulty getting in and out of bed or simply wish to avoid using a bed that’s too low or too large, having the ability to adjust the elevation of the bottoms of this frame is a helpful bonus.
  • Leggett & Platt provide a 1-3-25 guarantee in their own adjustable bed bases, so you are going to have a complete guarantee for your initial season, a limited guarantee for its second and third decades, and yet another limited guarantee for the remaining 22 decades.
  • With so many excellent features, the Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 is a powerful competitor for a memory foam mattress bed frame when the cost is not at the very top of your concerns. Even though the most expensive choice on this listing, you are paying for the greatest customizable sleep encounter.

5. Sven & Son Split King Adjustable Bed Base Frame 5 Minute Assembly

  • Sven & Son think you deserve a fantastic sleep nightly. Their award-winning mattresses and bed frames do precisely Sven & Son Split King Classic that — provides you sleep. Their frames are an amalgamation of performance, adjustability, and comfort.
  • There bed frames for memory foam mattress include a mind and lower leg articulation. The difficult frame has two programmable wireless backlit remote controllers. They’re intended for different foot and head control since it’s a split bed.
  • The Sven & Son Split King Classic is perfect for everybody who likes to sleep nicely. Its massage attribute is particularly handy for senior athletes and citizens. The anti-snore will continue to keep you sleeping during the night. It’s a recliner cum lounger, also.
  • It is 320 pounds together with all the carrying capacity of 1500 lbs. This divide accommodates two 14-inch twin XL mattresses. The measurement of each of those pliers is 80 inches by 38 inches which complete to 80 inches by 76 inches.
  • The product includes a 5-year guarantee on the adjustable bed frame. The headboard is currently sold individually. There’s a 25-year guarantee on the frame, and a technician will visit your house to take care of the electric system.

6. ZINUS SmartBase Zero Assembly Mattress Foundation

  • Zinus’ array of Smartbase bed frames is famous for its unique smartness so that this memory foam mattress foundation can be rapidly assembled in minutes with no need for some tools or box springs at all.
  • This 14-inch high-tech gives an outstanding 13 inches of clearance beneath it that may be utilized for a number of functions such as storage space for significant personal effects in flats where distance can be very tight.
  • The advanced design also suggests that this memory foam mattress bed frame could be immediately put into storage when not in use to conserve space.
  • If you are not certain whether this version is the most suitable one for you, the 5-year guarantee supplied by Zinus ought to help clear any doubts regarding its quality and functionality.
  • Purchase the Zinus Shawn 14 Inch Smartbase Mattress Foundation today in case you’re seeking the best bed frame for memory foam mattresses.

7. Meridian Furniture Aiden Collection Modern

  • Meridian Furniture Inc. is a premier distributor and importers of furnishings for living spaces. Becoming direct importers from factories, they give competitive prices while maintaining customer support and quality. They update their product line, so you enjoy the substances and newest designs.
  • Meridian Furniture Aiden is a daybed decked in blue shadow. The foam padding is kept in place with profound and comprehensive tufting and chrome nail heads.
  • The wooden frame of the bed is fixed on chrome legs which match the chrome nail heads. The headboard is created from the Wingback design, i.e., you’ll come across wing-like extensions to the headboard.
  • The contoured lines which taper into chrome legs ooze elegance and fashion. Two longitudinal metallic stretchers are supplied with three pillars of pliers to support the mattress.
  • Meridian Furniture Aiden is a mattress that is 86 inches heavy, 88 inches wide, and 56 inches large. The bed frame weighs 110 lbs and includes a carrying capacity of 550 lbs. Further, it features a 5-year guarantee.

8. Amazon Basics Foldable, 18″ Metal Platform Bed Frame with Tool-Free Assembly

  • Using its remarkable platform-style layout and heavy-duty structure, the AmazonBasics 18-inch bed frame for memory foam mattress is the epitome of luxury accessories. It is a superb alternative for a functional purpose that provides convenience and relaxation.
  • This material will replace your box spring and standard bedding service system. The frame stands 18-inch high supplying ample under-the-bed storage area. This makes it perfect for scenarios where saving more space is best. The sturdy steel construction offers secure and dependable support to your own memory foam mattress.
  • It features multiple support legs, which are backed up by horizontal and vertical bars and pliers. That means it will enable your mattress to put evenly and securely to give overall equilibrium. Significantly, it is going to allow you to stop body or joint strain brought on by lack of aid.
  • This platform design frame is a breeze to install. Simply unpack the item, and in a few minutes, it will be all set for your mattress and naturally for you.
  • Besides this, using its own foldable design, it is simple to transfer it into narrow spaces, like doors, stairwells, and lifts. What is more, it is easy to tuck it away when not in use, which makes it a wise alternative for any modern home.

9. Mellow Metal Platform Bed Frame w/Heavy Duty Steel Slat Foundation

  • Industrial level building and exquisite modern design combine to produce the Ace of Base Rounded Metal foundation from Mellow, a perfect choice for anyone looking for a fantastic excellent base for their memory foam mattress.
  • This frame for memory foam mattress is created of thick steel, and it is finished in an attractive brushed nickel color. The corners are around for additional security, and it is a feature you’re sure to love if you are utilized to frequently stubbing your toe in your bed frame. The hollow inner arrangement lets you store items under the platform, which is a fantastic way to maximize the usable area in your room.
  • This bed frame ships into your residence in one box, and the meeting takes half an hour or not, as a result of this easy to comprehend directions, along with the innovative Click2Lock meeting system. This simple-to-follow method demands virtually no tools for assembly. Each bit clicks together firmly in seconds, letting you receive your frame together in record time.
  • As there’s no need to be concerned about, you could have the ability to move your foundation without disassembling it also. However, if you really do have to break off your frame, it comes nearly as fast as it comes together.
  • Mellow stands behind the steel frame foundation with a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy and a last-minute guarantee. Even though there isn’t much info on their site about policy, the organization has a sterling reputation for client services. Therefore, it feels like it’s simple to file claims or process a return.

10. KD Frames Nomad Platform Natural Poplar Bed

  • To get a very simple cabin look, try out this good wood bed frame for a memory foam mattress ​out of KD Frames. It is crafted of renewable Tulip Poplar that is free of potentially toxic chemicals and is offered in sizes from Twin to King, such as Twin XL. It comes in 2 lines — regular and also. Pick the plus choice designed only for memory foam mattresses together with inviting slats that are less than three inches apart and will manage up to 500 lbs.
  • KD is situated in Georgia and has a reputation for quality. The 15-inch height offers lots of lift to your mattress and enables only over 11 inches of storage space beneath. Frames appear pristine but are eloquent enough to seem both natural and elegant, but KD additionally supplies simple finishing directions if you would like to add stain or paint that matches your current décor.

11. DHP Tokyo Metal Bed, Classic Design, Includes Metal Slats, Full, Bronze

  • The sturdy crossover from the DHP Tokyo platform bed frame for memory foam mattress makes it effortless to use with any sort of mattress. Additionally, the metal slat design makes it incredibly durable and supportive of foam mattresses. The bronze finish is reminiscent of a classic and lets you match it nicely into both a rustic or contemporary decorative decor.
  • Offered in full, queen, and king-sized frames, 11.5 inches of clearance supply lots of room for storage functions under the mattress. Easy to build, the bed includes all the components and tools required to put it all together. Slightly lipped sides additionally also allow your mattress to fit snugly and helps keep it from slipping.
  • Anybody searching to get a more conventional, classic feel might wish to contemplate this frame. It affirms your foam mattresses correctly and contains hardy cross frames for extra body weight support.

12. Brooklyn Bedding Super Duty High Rise Platform Frame

  • Another version I would love to discuss in my overview of this greatest bed frame for memory foam mattresses would be your Super-Duty high-speed platform by Brooklyn Bedding. It might be a superb alternative for those users that intend to go soon or desire a bed frame that they might take out of their way when not being used. Why? Since this version has a folding design. You may use it with a memory foam mattress (by way of instance, in a guest room), then fold it effortlessly for storage.
  • As it is an all-metal frame, it provides solid support and will develop a trusted foundation for the foam mattress. Moreover, the Brooklyn Bedding mattress framework is very tall (14.5 inches, to be precise ). Not only can it make it much easier for you to escape bed (as taller mattresses do not need that much effort to stand up), but in addition, it supplies a whole lot of additional storage space beneath.
  • In general, this bed frame has a great deal to offer, such as suitable support and a fantastic price. It is a practical piece of furniture which may make your life easier in some specific situations.

13. The Frame – Gold Brushed Steel Frame, 14 Inch Height Platform Metal Bed Frame

  • Do not allow the simplicity of the frame to fool you; Keetsa’s The Frame is a superb bed frame that is more than capable of encouraging your memory foam mattress.
  • Keetsa’s The Frame is a really hardy, attractive bed frame constructed from gold-plated steel to make an earthy yet lavish vibe in general.
  • The service system used to maintain your mattress is a timber slat system that uses birch slats spaced 3 inches apart. The frame itself is simple to build, provides lots of space for storage with 14 inches of distance, and is capable of carrying up to 2,000 lbs of weight!
  • Many of its customers may testify to the sturdiness of the bed frame, and not many users have complained. But, among the more prevalent issues in the frame was proven to gallop for many users. Apart from this small flaw, Keetsa’s The Frame is all but perfect.
  • Constructed with simplicity, decoration, and reassurance in your mind, Keetsa’s The Frame is fantastic for people who enjoy bed frames for memory foam mattresses that look great and keep durable.

14. PragmaBed Simple Base Quad-fold Foundation

  • You most likely haven’t heard of the pragma mattress before. These men are propping up the marketplace concerning cost, but they have actually delivered a superior product here.
  • A good alloy, a four-way cushioned frame that’s lightweight and simple to set up. We are impressed by the way Pragma Bed has managed to wed practicality with low-costs and deliver a superb product.
  • Every unit has been finished off with a mild powder. This will help to repel bed bugs in addition to dust mites resulting in a more sterile surface to put your mattress on.
  • Super simple to keep thanks to its four-way fold mechanism. Surprisingly, for a cheap bed frame for memory foam mattress, the mechanics seem sturdy enough to manage routine setup and package reverses.
  • Despite the folding parts, they have still managed to provide good ground clearance. Handy for people limited in a storage area.

15. Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame

  • Olee Sleep is famous for its budget-friendly excellent solutions. Here’s a feasible option out of Olee Sleep for clients searching for a tall profile. It is accompanied by an 18-inch elevation which makes it effortless to wash or for storage functions under the mattress.
  • It’s a headboard harmonious design using a 5-year guarantee. Olee Sleep mattress foundation is offered in most sizes, including the king and California king. The mattress foundation gives a noise-free encounter.
  • The frame encloses the mattress rather than on the very best design to stop it from slipping. With a cost of under $100, it’s arguably the best bed frame for memory foam mattress.

How To Choose The Best Bed Frames For Memory Foam Mattress


Even though the slats used in slatted supports are nearly always timber, most platform beds incorporate a steel center service to help evenly distribute the weight of all the sleepers. Bed frames are usually made from timber, particleboard, as well as metal- and are generally quite much like more conventional bed frame fashions. The sole true defining variable of a platform bed from different styles is a mattress may sit right on the surface provided with no other support required.


If it comes to bed frames, size is critical! Although bed frames will say an overall size for which they’re made, sizes will be different based upon the maker, and they won’t necessarily match the mattress they are created for, even though they do say the overall size in their packaging.

When you start your search for a bed frame, be certain that you look closely at the specific measurements recorded from the maker and compare them to the dimensions of your own memory foam mattress. In this manner, you can ensure your mattress will fit into or on your bed frame when you buy it.

Weight Capacity

Each bed frame for memory foam mattress includes a weight capacity. Most may consume 400 or 500 pounds at a minimum, but it is a fantastic idea to double-check some base’s weight capacity prior to buying. Reach out to customer support if you can’t locate the weight capability on the organization’s website.

Slat Spacing

The spacing between slats is also a significant factor, particularly in the event that you’re planning to utilize your bed frame using a memory foam mattress.

Memory Foam is springy and elastic, and it adheres to the surrounding contours and shapes. Consequently, if the spacing between the slats is too broad, it might lead to irregular support and early sagging.

According to my experience, the very best slat spacing for a memory foam mattress is 5-6 inches apart. However, if you opt for a firmer mattress with a compact foam foundation, you might even go with broader distances.

Bed Height

The combined height of a mattress and a foundation can vary between 16 to 25 inches tall. The fantastic bed frames for memory foam mattress retains your mattress in this height range. In case you’ve got a thicker mattress, then consider a shorter base. A taller foundation can use a thinner mattress or get somebody who needs more under-bed storage.

Your perfect mattress height must allow your feet to rest flat on the floor, your knees in line with your hip, as you sit on the edge of your mattress. If your knees grow above your buttocks, the mattress is too low.


What a foam mattress may perform an innerspring can’t is bend, meaning platform beds are also given in ergonomic fashions to help lift a variety of regions of the body for more comfortable sleeping. This is also valuable for people suffering from disabilities, recovering from trauma, or are in need of relief from chronic pain problems.


The essential point to consider is to decide on a bed frame for memory foam mattress that provides great ventilation, can encourage your mattress, also does not give a lot of when placing on it. A bed frame with strong pliers will be the perfect option for your memory foam mattress. A fantastic excellent divan base with built-in venting or designed especially for your memory foam mattress could also be worth considering.

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