15 Best 4 Slice Toaster Reviews of 2021 You Should Buy


A toaster is a must-have for any home, and using the best 4-slice toaster only makes the task simpler and quicker.

The current market is chock-full of different versions, so it is not simple to get the one which fits your needs perfectly.

In the following guide, we’ll be discussing some important tips about which to look for in a four-slice toaster, in addition to our best picks on the marketplace for 2021.

Benefits of Using 4-Slice Toasters

Saving time 

The four slices on such toasters are there for you in order to toast faster and, so, save a great deal of time. If you’re preparing food for any range of individuals, it is simple to create more than 1 slice of bread or bagel simultaneously, in significantly less time.

They do not just enable you to work on more bread at one time, but also get every one of them garnished with the exact same perfection.

Provides Excellent Convenience

The capability to prepare double the sum of toasted bread inside precisely the exact same time period means more ease and less effort. This is a great toaster for households as you have breakfast ready in a jiffy. Additionally, since 4-slice toasters are comparatively new on the current market, you can anticipate all versions to get the most recent standard of layout and features. The majority of the 4-slice toasters have a pleasant and contemporary aesthetic.

Additionally, as you may expect this kind of toaster to become milder, it truly is still impressively compact and slick. You do not need to fret too much about it consumes too much space on your kitchen countertops.

Less amount of work to do

This appliance will help you perform less work with greater outcomes. More toasts with much less effort. Having four slots allows the consumer to toast more if thin slices are utilized, bread slices in only 1 session.

Saving money

You might even cut back on your energy cost using a 4 slice toaster rather than a two-slice toaster. Using a 2-slice toaster, you receive four toasts in 2 sittings, which isn’t true with those toasters.

List of 15 Best 4 Slice Toaster Reviews

1. KRUPS KH734D Breakfast Set 4-Slot Toaster

The KRUPS KH734D 4-Slice Toaster is just another fantastic entry that provides strong value for the money. It includes 6 color settings to pick from, which ensures that you receive the ideal amount of browning in your bread.

The controls are fairly basic as well, so novices shouldn’t fret. The bread slot is intended to be broad enough to accommodate not just chopped bread (thin to thick) but additionally bagels, buns, and waffles.

In terms of the functionalities on screen, you will find four buttons with characteristics which have to defrost, reheat, bagel (heats the interior whilst toasting the interior ), and cancel that is self-explanatory.

Additionally, there’s also a notable LED screen that shows the current color setting of this toaster also accentuates its modern appeal. There’s also a notable 2-year global warranty that’s as great a safety net there’s.


  • Perfectly even browning while employing the color setting.
  • It’s a streamlined and slick quality that’s highlighted by the contemporary design and LED screen.
  • This is highly suggested for toasting bagels too.


  • The odor emits when you turn it is rather powerful. Luckily, it quickly dissipates in a couple of minutes.

2. Yabano 4 Slice Toaster, Retro Bagel Toaster

We have this compact toaster, which Yabano did a fantastic job at making. It has all the characteristics you may possibly need for the toasting sessions.

The merchandise has some broad slots, but the slots with this one are much wider. The four slots measure 1.6 inches in diameter, so you can toast all sorts of bread from muffins to thick slices of bread and bagels.

This 5.3-pound toaster includes three modes. To begin with, there is a “Defrost” way to permit you to fulfill any frozen food until you toast it. The”Bagel” function toasts the top half of the bagel. Only 1 push the”Cancel” button, along with the toasting stops.

Would you like your toast mild, dim, or someplace in the center? Whatever color you need, this item will provide you with its own seven color dials. This specific version even includes a warming rack, which won’t allow your food to get cold.

It’s a double control system with higher lift levers. Thus, you can’t just apply two distinct colors to four or two slices of bread at precisely the exact same time, but it is also possible to check on the progress with only 1 push down the lever. This specific feature also guarantees your security because it permits easy recovery of their toasts.

This really is a super convenient toaster to get in your kitchen. You can have the most amazing toasts daily without needing to leave your property.


  • Seven browning settings
  • Four 1.6 inches wide reels
  • High lift lever
  • Double independent control panel.


  • Few complaints regarding unsuccessful toasting.

3. BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Extra-Wide Slot Toaster

This elegantly-designed, stainless steel toaster will liven up the appearance of any kitchen with its contemporary design. And, it’s four extra-wide slots, which may match a lot of artisan bread and bagels easily.

Furthermore, it includes a seven-level color selector, which allows you to choose the precise shade of brown which you want for your toast. What’s more, it includes a very simple lifting mechanism, which allows you to eliminate even smaller slices of bread easily.

It’s in-built, self-centering guides which place each slice of bread completely for even toasting. In addition, the toaster is reasonably-priced and is ideal for home requirements.


  • 7-level color selector for exact brownness control.
  • Self-centering guides to place the bread for perfect toasting.
  • Stainless-steel construct and contemporary design.
  • An inexpensive product with great capabilities.


  • Known to have any faulty goods, so check the guarantee carefully before purchasing.
  • Additionally, this is a slow toaster, and you may want to wait sometime to acquire a dark brown toast.

4. Cuisinart Touch to Toast Leverless toaster, 4-Slice

The Cuisinart CPT-440 is a leading-edge article on kitchen technologies. This attractively designed device includes Cuisinart’s Touch to Toast™ attribute, which removes levers. This usually means that you get to press a button along with the toaster will the job for you.

It sports an expert, brushed stainless housing which accompanies a blue backlit LED screen and an LCD countdown. This version has an incorporated improved bagel toasting program. The aerodynamic lift is totally controlled with”Cancel,” “Defrost,” and”Re-Heat” choices.

The device includes 4 extra-wide slots. It is among the primary models available on the current market, and it is quite simple to wash.


  • Leverless, button-controlled lifting mechanism
  • Pre-made bagel settings
  • Defrost, reheat, and cancel functions.


  • The maximum setting isn’t so high in all — lots of men and women claim they will need to toast their bread double, so this isn’t a fantastic option if you like your toast dim.

5. KitchenAid KMT422ER 4-Slice Toaster

I have to confess the first thing that I enjoyed about this appliance was the color. I am partial to glistening kitchen appliances. That apart, I also love the electronic screen and countdown timer since it takes the guesswork from toasting bread.

The toast browns well and evenly, even though it has a tendency to take somewhat longer than cheaper versions, which means it’s toasting correctly, i.e., it toasts through not merely the surface. You’ll have crispy toast, and also will press on the Reheat button to keep it warm up to a moment after toasting.

The person controls permit you to stagger your cooking times, so you don’t have four pieces of toast prepared to butter in precisely the exact same time, or you’ll be able to maintain 1 lot hot while you butter the very first lot.

The large lift levers allow you to push the toast mode over the height of these slots, which is excellent for little or curved items of food and is a fantastic safety feature (no more desire to poke anything into these slots to receive your toast out).


  • Digital display and countdown timer
  • Extra-wide slots
  • High lift lever.


  • No mark on the toasting color dial
  • It takes a bit longer to toast compared to cheaper models.

6. 4 Slice toaster, Retro Bagel Toaster Toaster

The Yabano 4-Slice Toaster pushes the envelope in relation to performance with the inclusion of its heating rack in addition to an additional toasted slot of 1.6-inches. The toaster also has around 7 color settings to provide the best browning of your bread. The Yabano is intended to toast not just sliced bread but additionally muffins, waffles, and bagels, to mention a couple.

This really is a 3-in-1 toaster and may also defrost, reheat, and may even grill using its own grill rack attachment. Other noteworthy features include a removable crumb tray for simple cleaning and an additional high lift lever for simpler removable bread after it’s completed.

The Yabano 4-Slice Toaster is quite inexpensive, and it will slightly feel like that. It manages to bypass this criticism with the addition of some small inventions to its layout (i.e., the grill attribute ). This is among the superior affordable 4-slice toasters on the marketplace these days and is our choice for those searching for a budget-friendly 4-slice toaster with adequate attributes in tow.


  • It provides amazing multifunctionality, and also the accession of this grill attribute cements its location over the competition.
  • The design will certainly match your kitchen layout.
  • It succeeds to toast bread evenly and quickly.


  • I really don’t think that it is designed with longevity in mind.

7. 4 Slice Toaster, LOFTer Prime Rated Bread Toasters

LOFTER’s recently designed toaster makes toasting easy and suitable, and we only had to add in these best-rated four-slice toaster testimonials. This item is just one of the most well-known ones and with great reason.

For starters, this stainless steel toaster comes with a simple to read timer screen that generally not seen in other toasters. This blue LED display keeps you updated on the toasting progress. Therefore, you can see precisely how long is left for the cycle of the color that you chose to be finished.

Does it have four extra-wide slots for thick and thin bread slices alike, yet this toaster also comes with a lot of excellent functions? All these will be the”Defrost” purpose for a while prior to toasting, the”Reheat” manner, and also to permit you to block the procedure anytime you need, the”Canceling” function.

This version has six different shading levels so that all people are able to make alterations to their toasts based on what they enjoy. In every one of the broad slots, there’s a heating cable on either side, which makes the toasting sessions faster and more successful. At the bottom of the appliance, there’s space for cable storage.

Once you’re finished with it, all you’ve got to do is unplug and utilize the cable wrap to keep it. The thing itself weighs approximately 5.51 lbs, and it stands 12.6 x 12.2 x 7.9 inches.

This item is completely user friendly, and after just a few applications, you’ll realize that you can’t help but adore it!


  • Complex blue LED timer display.
  • Cord storage for the advantage
  • User-friendly
  • Three toasting functions.


  • Somewhat pricey

8. Toaster 4 Slice, CUSINAID 4 Wide Slots Stainless Steel Toasters

This is just another fantastic 4-slice toaster, well-suited to your home requirements. It’s four broad, 1.5-inch slots that may match most bread and bagels. And, it includes dual, independent control panels. Additionally, it has a seven-level brownness setting for precise control over the toasting procedure to suit everybody’s taste preferences.

Aside from toasting, in addition, it has reheat and defrosts ways to fulfill all of your everyday toasting requirements. What’s more, in addition, it includes two removable crumb trays, which allow you to clean out the toaster without making a mess.

Furthermore, it comes with an automatic pop-up lift mechanism, which allows you easily take the toast out without getting your hands burned.

This 4-slice toaster is constructed from very good quality stainless steel and includes a 1-year limited guarantee. And it’s a somewhat reasonably-priced solution, given the number of attributes it has.


  • 7-level brownness setting for exact brownness control.
  • Automatic soda lift to readily extract bread slices.
  • Good-quality, stainless steel frame.
  • Four broad slots to match bread and bagels.
  • Two detachable crumb trays for effortless cleaning.
  • Affordable pricing.


  • Some customers complain that the 2 sides of this toaster toast unevenly.

9. Cuisinart CPT-435 Countdown 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster

The CPT-435 4-Slice Toaster includes two LED screen that indicates the present operation of this toaster. The toaster slot assesses the best width of 1.5-inches, so this toaster can manage most of the conventional pastries, which taste much better when toasted like bagels and English muffins.

This toaster also enters the multi-functionality test using a defrost and reheat setting, which might not be compulsory toaster attributes; however, they are welcome additions. The color setting provides up to 7 colors, which are just one more than your toaster. Other noteworthy characteristics that we found useful here is the removable crumb tray and an easy to clean surface, and smokeless layout.

This is just another fairly good toaster from Cuisinart. The performance is really well-rounded, and the layout itself may improve your kitchen’s ambiance. But, we did experience cases wherein our sliced bread wasn’t evenly toasted. However, this is a good 4-slice toaster by a well-trusted brand new.


  • Bell alert lets you know when your toast is ready.
  • A bevy of qualities enhances the total advantage and efficacy of the toaster.
  • LED display permits you to differentiate the color setting at a glance.


  • There are instances when the shading wasn’t on our sliced bread.

10. Breville BTA840XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster

Breville provides you with a distinctive four-slice smart toaster that has a brushed alloy casing. With this high tech solution, you’ll acquire perfect toasts in each and every session. This product was assembled with powerful die-cast metal and includes a brushed ending.

The broader than normal slots will maintain more than simply your thin cuts of bread. Craving a few pastries, bagels, or french toasts? If you’ve got this device, all this is only 1 push of a button off.

It’s an 1800 Watt heating element.

The item involves a number of the best features a toaster may have. Together with the conventional Toast, Bagel, and Cancel alternative, you also receive a Defrost style,’ Lift and Look’ feature. The elevator and appearance’ feature allows you to create a number of changes through the toasting process to provide far better results.

If this isn’t enough, you have the Bit More’ alternative. When the toasting procedure is completed, hit the’A Bit More‘ button to get it to undergo another round of browning.

With only 1 push of a button, this aerodynamic thing increases or reduces the slots. It pops the toast from the toaster when the job is finished. Based upon your taste, there are several distinct colors you’ll be able to pick from for the bread.

Once you are done cooking, there’s absolutely no need to invest more time cleaning following it. Utilize the pullout tray to throw away the grinds. Conveniently enough, there are LED signs which permit you to stay informed about the toasting progress.

When the cycle is done, you’ll be alerted using a beeping sound.


  • Stylish Appearance
  • Cleaning advantage
  • Sturdy construction
  • Cord storage in the bottom.


  • Quite Costly
  • Complaints about crumbs flushing the lifting mechanism.

11. Dualit 4 Slice NewGen Toaster Copper

This is a streamlined and refined 4-slice toaster using four broad slots. The slots are large enough to fit bagels. What’s more, it includes another setting to toast bagels and also to defrost.

The best thing about this toaster is the fact that it has a sandwich attachment, which lets you make grilled cheese sandwiches. The cage has an integrated drip tray, making it effortless to earn any kind of toasties. The item also contains a warming rack, and that means you receive a toaster together with value-added attachments on your product packaging.

One other fantastic attribute is that this item is offered in a huge array of colors so that you can select the one which is going to look great in your kitchen.

Additionally, the toaster has a mechanical timer which stops the toasting when the time is finished. What’s more, in addition, it comes with an ejector role, so it is easy to take the toast out. But that is not all. This item employs patented ProHeat elements with a protective armor-plated coating to pay the filament. This usually means that the filament is virtually indestructible.

Additionally, all of the sections of the 4-slice toaster are repairable or replaceable. And, the business has service facilities in a variety of countries where you could send the goods to get fixed.

In general, it’s an excellent product with amazing characteristics together with the sole con being that it’s a pricey item. But if your budget permits, this is among the very best 4-slice toasters on the marketplace, which may also work as a sandwich maker.


  • Offered in a broad choice of colors.
  • Compact and mobile.
  • Sandwich cage and built-in drip tray permit you to make grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • A mechanical timer to place the toasting period.
  • After simmer, the bread is automatically ejected.


  • This is a pricey solution, much more expensive than most other choices on this listing.

12. Sencor STS6077CH Premium Metallic 4-slot High Lift Toaster

A toaster does not just should create toast — it requires making your kitchen look great also. This gorgeous metallic version by Sencor is simply that, and with five color choices, you can select the one which matches your interior layout finest.

Good news — it is as durable as it’s pretty. Having a stainless steel frame, it is going to last quite a very long time. The outer case remains cool to the touch as it’s well insulated on the interior.

The toaster includes a large, trendy screen, also 9 heat settings with a digital timer. If it comes to toasting choices, it’s a bagel setting along with a choice to defrost your bread before toasting.


  • Beautiful metallic design
  • Reasonable cost
  • 9 heat settings.


  • The buttons command both sides simultaneously — no person toast controls.

13. Cuisinart CPT-180P1 Metal Classic 4-Slice toaster

The Cuisinart CPT-180P1 Toaster includes a ton of notable features that really embrace the progress in toaster technologies. It sports dual-control panels, which permits you to prepare double the quantity of toast whilst at the same time giving you additional control regarding how it’s prepared. The toaster provides 6 color settings and also includes useful added functionalities to reheat and defrost your favorite bread and pastries.

We also enjoyed the significant breadth of the slot that offers around 1.5-inches so that this can handle not just your normal slice bread, but additionally bagels and waffles. Other noteworthy features include a high-lift lever and a detachable crumb tray. The construction of the 4-slice toaster can be completely BPA-free for extra safety.

This is the very best 4-slice toaster round now, and it’s fairly affordable too. Cuisinart rarely disappoints in regards to their kitchen appliance goods, and also, this 4-slice toaster only continues that tendency.


  • Despite getting 4 slots using 1.5-inch width, the Cuisinart CPT-180P1 was able to keep a compact and slick design.
  • Fantastic choice of features to provide among their most complete toaster functionalities round.
  • The very affordable cost, together with its remarkable quality and performance, is among the greatest deals we’ve come across.


  • The color setting might not provide the degree of toast that a few anticipates.

14. Toaster 4 Slice, CUSIBOX Stainless Steel Toaster

When getting the toaster, make certain that you get one that’s reliable; just enjoy this stainless steel four-slice toaster by CUSIBOX. This item not only looks great but provides a performance that’s at least as amazing.

Your days of just toasting thin cuts of bread have been over. Using its extra-wide, 1.5-inch slots, you are able to toast both thin and thick slices of bread.

Like all fantastic toasters, this one also includes a separate double control panel. That means you’ll be reducing your time, even if applying two distinct shades to your own bread.

Its toasting features are fairly basic; you get”Bagel” for cooking the top half your bagel, the”Defrost” manner to allow the suspended food defrost before toasting, and ultimately, you can stop the cycle with a single push on the Cancel button.

There’s also a six placing color dial to present your toasts various colors of browning for your own liking. For this, you can enjoy your equally toasted bread, pastries, or anything you feel like getting.

For simple cleaning, the item includes two removable trays for the crumbs, every tray being 36.5 inches. The cable can be kept at the bottom of the unit, which means that your kitchen counter remains tidy.

This toaster is rather a favorite one of its type and with great reason. It’s truly among the best toasters on the market that we simply had to own in our listing of best rated four-slice toaster testimonials. Take your kitchen look more elegant with this attractiveness as you enjoy your everyday dose of tasty, crispy toasts.


  • Double independent control panel
  • Two removable trays for leftover crumbs
  • Extra-high lift lever.


  • Issues with one side not functioning.

15. Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster

This is just another fantastic 4-slice toaster out of the new Hamilton Beach. This one, however, is a 4-slot toaster, with all slots that are broad but not so long as the ones in the last version. For that reason, it cannot be utilized for bread, which has long slices but functions for thick slices of bread and bagels.

In reality, it even has another mode for bagels in which it toasts the interior part and retains the outer, round part warm. This is to avoid burning off the bagel on the outside side, and this is likely to occur if the two sides are toasted equally.

This one also includes the toast increase feature, which lets you extract little slices easily. Furthermore, this 4 slice toaster also includes the color selector feature, which lets you determine how brown you want your bread to be toasted.

Furthermore, this toaster also has a defrost option, which you may utilize to thaw frozen pancakes or waffles. Moreover, there’s an auto-shut-off quality that switches the toaster off when the toast is created. And, the buttons are illuminated so that you may observe those even in dim light, so, which makes it extremely convenient to use.


  • Provides a toast increase when the toast is created.
  • An inexpensive product with great capabilities.
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable.


  • It merely provides mild toasting and has to be conducted twice to find a dark brown toast.

Buying Guide for Best 4 Slice Toaster

Usually, once you’re searching for the best four-slice toaster or another kitchen blower, you want to undertake extensive research. This makes it effortless for you to recognize the most cost-efficient product which satisfies your requirements and preferences. A few of the factors worth considering when buying these toasters.

What does it toast?

If you’re on the lookout for a four-slot toaster, then think of what you utilize your present version for the most, and be sure it’s all you want. There is nothing worse than being a major fan of bagels and realizing you will need to use your grill rather.

If your loved ones make their toast fairly much the same style, a single-lever version will fit you well (and probably be more economical ). In contrast, the bagel function on certain toasters is super-useful for fans of bagels and crumpets, as it toasts one side, although just warming another.


Metal construction is more straightforward but may sometimes be more difficult to keep clean and might get warmer, causing whatever comes in contact with it to meltdown. If the 4-slice toaster you’re thinking about is metal, then start looking for one with a cool-touch exterior.

Vinyl is lighter, cooler to the touch, and simple to wash, but it’s not quite as durable as metal.

Shade Selection

Nearly every toaster includes numerous shading features that are intended to make a finish end. Most toasters have control panels that allow you to decide on the warmth settings. Subsequently, this allows you to create toast for your family and friends just the way they like it in 1 toaster.

Slot Dimensions

The first and foremost requirement for any toaster is the fact that it matches the bread you would like to toast. Thus, you will need to first determine your needs since not all toasters can match big artisan sandwiches or bread.

If you merely require a fundamental toaster to toast bread for ordinary usage, then all the toasters can accomplish that. But in the event that you often toast bagels, waffles, etc., then you require a toaster with larger slots. Consequently, you have to inspect the dimensions of slots at a toaster and see whether it matches your needs.

Ease of Cleaning

This is essential if you would like a toaster that will provide you years of support. If you cannot wash it since it’s too much hassle, your appliance will probably endure. Not just that, the item might even malfunction.

With all this said, you don’t have to be worried because the vast majority of toasters nowadays include a detachable crumb tray. Thus, you won’t face any problems with these bread wedges clogging up the toaster.

Standard Features

4-slice toasters will generally have a lot of regular features integrated into their design. We highly advise you to check to find out whether the 4-slice toaster includes these attributes to make certain you get its best performance capacity. These attributes include:

  • Crumb Tray: This attribute is vital since it could make clean-ups considerably simpler. Fundamentally, crumb trays catch all the falling laps into a single place. Additionally, this makes toaster care simpler in comparison to older versions.
  • High-Lift Lever: This is just another normal toaster attribute and can be used to push the bread upward bigger than its default once toasted. This feature is essential to stop the odds of burning your toast, and in addition, it will help enhance the overall security of the device too.
  • Variable Width Slots: This is another significant element that you need to take into consideration when picking a 4-slice toaster or any toaster for this issue. The factor width slot offers flexibility to a toaster concerning the bread dimensions it can accommodate. We advise that you start looking for a toaster that could take care of both thick and thin slices to supply you with a superb number of toast.


A four-slice toaster is very flexible and economical in comparison to some two-slice toaster. Therefore, buying the very best 4-slice toaster will provide you value for your hard-won money.

But when deciding upon the ideal product, you need to choose the amount of intricacy you need or desire, then decide on the layout that speaks for you.

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