15 Best Air Fryer Under $100 Reviews of 2021 You Can Try


You are looking for the best air fryers under $100 to serve the needs of your family and yourself?

Many men and women like fried foods but all of us know the way excess fat or oil can be harmful to your wellbeing. An air fryer enables you to cook healthy foods with 80% elimination of cooking fat out of your food. Purchasing an air fryer under $100 gives you excellent value for the money by saving a few additional coins and receiving quality functionality.

Suppose you’re interested in finding an efficient and dependable product that does not damage your wallet, read on. We’ve got the top 15 best air fryers under $100 for you. Your selection will be simple when you’ve finished this review and buying guide. Then you are able to enjoy all of the advantages air fryers have to offer you.

List of 15 Best Air Fryer Under $100 Reviews

1. OMORC Air Fryer 1600W

  • OMORC air fryers under $100 using a six-quart capacity that may make delicious fried meals for you and your family around 8 associates as a typical routine or for particular functions or celebrations. It could fit from 5 to 6 lbs whole poultry in its six qt square shape jar. When compared to our conventional oven, it may save our valuable time by around half and reduces 85 percent of their cooking oil. Hot air in the fryer moves round the food thing with higher pressure to create it fried readily and fast.
  • Additionally, its functionality was made simple by its touch screen for controlling some attributes, and the existence of a knob can also be a portion of its operating procedure. It can function as a gorgeous gift for your adoring one on a particular event. This electric fryer can also be dishwasher safe and BPA free, so it wouldn’t lead to damage to the meals. It’s a nonstick thing, and besides skillet, you may use it for roasting, baking, and maintain the warmth of your adoring recipe.
  • The usage of electrical power for its performance is 1800 watts, and for that, we must supply 120 volts of power with 60-hertz frequency. For 1.1 pounds skillet chips, it takes 15 minutes to be fry and this period is very less compared to the ordinary fryer.
  • The existence of a knob also cuts the press button copying over and over. In addition, the shipping weight of the fryer is 18.05 lbs, and at the Amazon marketplace, it’s obtained countless evaluations from the consumers.

2. COSORI Air Fryer Max XL(100 Recipes)

  • The fryer uses around 85 percent less fat compared to grill/stove, also it provides exactly the identical flavor, and at precisely the exact same time, it’s the ideal present for friends and loved ones.
  • It’s 11 one-touch presets with a single simple tap on the screen, and you’ll be able to cook. It’s a detachable non-stick coated jar, PFOA-free & BPA free and has a recipe and movie tutorial in their neighborhood. Cooking time is quicker with crispier and tastier outcomes.
  • Additionally, it has a reminder and also one-touch choice with fingerprint-resistant and stays smudge-free.120 Voltage they also give air fryer attachment.
  • It’s among the very best air fryer and dehydrator under $100.

3. Ultrean Air Fryer, 4.2 Quart (4 Liter)

  • A kitchen gadget that arouses a craving fever within our gut! This cool gadget makes it possible for us to love fried Food, Less oil and dirt with no tension of ingestion than the unhealthy aspects.
  • Contemporary design and also a recipe book will surely help you prep your crispier foods without even perspiration into the bloodstream.
  • The thing that impresses me is that the Hassle-free operation. The effortless cooking setup, together with auto switch off timer and adjustable temperature setting maintain is forward from the remaining others.
  • The LCD screen is a fantastic chunk. The non-stick pan, and removable dishwasher- secure jar, makes it super easy to clean after ingestion.
  • Wash the appliance after cooking since the oil and dirt are a whole lot easier to wash when they’re warm. Additionally, it includes a cookbook using a package of tasty recipes.

4. GoWISE USA 1700-Watt 5.8-QT 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer with Recipe Book

  • The GoWise 5.8-quart air fryers aren’t just HUGE; however, you can get them in various colors and sizes, even when 5.8 quarts is too high of ability for you! Together with the GoWise air fryers, you’ll have the ability to air fry your favorite foods without all those additional calories out of petroleum! You’ll have the ability to bake, bake, grill and roast using little-to-no oil, consequently creating crispy chicken, beef, french fries, and pizza a cinch!
  • The innovative touch screen menu takes the guesswork out of cooking and using the air fryer under $100!
  • The temperature can be put between 180° — 400° F at 10-degree increments, along with the timer goes around 30 minutes, which should be long enough to air fry many meals!
  • It is possible to change the time at the center of the cook cycle, and also, the nifty alarm function lets you shake your components in 5, 10, or 15-minute increments!
  • The skillet is non-stick, FDA-certified, and PFOA free and contains a removable basket with a cool touch button and handle protector to prevent unintentional detachment.
  • To top things off, there is a recipe book with 50 amazing recipes to assist you started with your new GoWise air fryers! If it sounds like the air fryers for you and your loved ones, then you’re in good company as a great deal of Amazon clients left testimonials on the GoWise air fryers and think that it’s a fairly great product too!

5. Ninja AF101 Air Fryer that Cooks, Crisps and Dehydrates, with 4 Quart Capacity

  • With the Ninja air fryers, it is possible to cook your favorite snacks or meals efficiently. Today you can sip all your meals in your home.
  • Not merely is this skillet big and intelligent, but in addition, it uses 75 percent less fat than many traditional deep fryers. It sports a broad 4-quart cooking capacity, letting you concurrently prepare foods for a few people. That’s the reason why it’s capable of becoming the ideal air fryer under $100 for a household of four or even more.
  • It sports a one-touch control panel using four programmable cooking purposes and a guide timer and temperature controller. These air fryers generate temperatures ranging from 105 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and the warmth is dispersed properly to get a really golden-brown item. Its reheat option makes it easy to cook beef, fries, or chicken wings.
  • Furthermore, should you want to dehydrate any fruits or veggies, it’ll gently extract moisture out of the cooking ingredients. It could take a couple of minutes for the initial cooking to come to temperature. Consequently, you are able to wait at least 2 or three moments prior to loading your meals for optimum outcomes.
  • But you might use these air fryers for a family gathering. Because it’s rather a huge cooking capacity, it’s capable of frying over two lbs of celery, 6 frozen fish, or 12 chicken wings. This isn’t something that could be cooked in little air fryers for under $100.
  • Ultimately, cleaning the cooking appliance following every use is a cinch; the crisper tray, ceramic coated jar, and multi-layer racks are dishwasher clean. There are not any concerns should you boil them in water for an elongated time period. You can use it for individual use or for almost any event. This means that buying it for kitchen functions would not be an error.

6. Dash DFAF455GBAQ01 Deluxe Electric Air Fryer

  • Dash DFAF455GBAQ01 electrical air fryers under $100 are a fantastic solution that will supply you the exact same crunchy feel and excellent taste with 80 percent less fat than the deep fryer. At precisely the exact same time, you may enjoy six-quart capability, which is ideal for large parties and families.
  • You merely need to set the timer and leave within the many appetizers, such as chicken wings, desserts, baked products, and French fries, along with other items.
  • The concept is to set a timer and then load the capability indoors, and you’ll receive crispy and yummy food every time without preheating and using outstanding energy efficiency.
  • On account of this auto-shutoff purpose, you may avoid overcooking. It’s refreshing to touch base, making it safe for usage.

7. Chefman 4.5 Quart Air Fryer with Presets & Adjustable Temperature

  • It’s the top-of-the-lineup glossy and innovative air fryer under $100 at our cheapest air fryer list. It’s available in numerous versions and highlights. What’s more, each version is enough to create 3 to 6 food.
  • As it’s an awesome cooking area of 4.5 quarts where it is possible to create suppers only for you or even a tiny gathering. Really, despite this system, you can create whole poultry or turkey. Thus, you don’t have to worry about its cooking limitation. You may cook anything you genuinely need.
  • It includes a computerized one-contact LED touchscreen that you can set your cooking time and the warmth, and it doesn’t make a difference in everything you have to cook. Furthermore, the Cosori moderate air fryers include a shake upgrade that may be helpful for you. These automatic air fryers imply that they will provide you something greater than fry.
  • Its four Presets choices just for fresh and simple outcomes without neglect. In addition, these top-selling air fryers provide 98 percent fewer calories and fat, yet they will provide you a similar yummy and crunchy flavor to a deep fryer. So why are you going to devote a lot of money to expensive eatery fries?
  • Its 1200 watts warming curl may make incredibly large heat that could reach around 400°F to your fastest cooking experience. So, there’s absolutely no convincing reason to sit tight for a long time as a usual routine broiler. Simply load your meals and set the cooking temperature and time. After every use, you may undoubtedly wash it. As it’s a nonstick bin, that’s the reason you can, without a great deal of stretch, take your meals from it.
  • What’s more, its separable inner cage you can without a great deal of stretch different from the cooking bin for cleanup. It’s, in fact, an unbelievable flexible rowing machine. That may cook poultry, fish, poultry, bread, poultry, candies, Shrimp, and legumes. These aren’t only amazing air fryers under 100$ for your utilization. You’re able to give this period saver system to your mother, companions, and nearest and dearest.

8. GoWISE USA 3.7-Quart Programmable Air Fryer with 8 Cook Presets

  • The GoWISE 3.7 Quarts programmable air fryers provide the very best performance, which makes it an ideal selection for people who need a dedicated air fryer with the lowest possible investment. The apparatus upon touch provides a hardy and durable texture since it’s constructed from high-quality substance. There’s absolutely no compromise on aesthetics because it’s essential that the appliance needs to sit beautifully on the kitchen countertops and decorate the kitchen décor.
  • It is possible to prepare your favorite foods in a GoWISE air fryer without worrying when it comprises more fats since the air fryer under $100 does not use much oil, unlike conventional deep fryer in which food has been dipped in a lot of oil, leading to additional calories being added into the meals. Although, small petroleum (a spoon) could be inserted to have a crispy texture. )
  • The air fryer’s 3.7 Quarts basket includes ample area to have the ability to cook meals for a little family, but if you’re a huge family, you might also assess 5 Quart air fryer. It’s possible to prepare distinct air fryer dishes like beef, chicken, bacon, vegetables, chips, cake, and even more with no sweat.
  • The broad temperature selection of the GoWISE air fryer provides the consumer control over the dishes they want to cook. There’s an extra recipe book containing 50 recipes specially made for air fryers under $100, and you need to try them at least once. It is going to likely help you boost your cooking choices.
  • Should you ever struggle with what to cook, then go assess the GoWISE program that’s updated every daily for brand new air fryer recipes, hints, and tricks. The 7 presets offer you the freedom to cook your favorite dishes with the push of a button. The timer will be certain that you don’t receive the burnt food since it will turn off the air fryer automatically. Overall, GoWISE is leading you may never really go wrong with.

9. BLACK+DECKER Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer

  • Make way with this brilliant 2-liter fryer from Black and Decker. The Purify Air Fryers under $100 include a basket separator that lets you cook two distinct sorts of meals without blending flavors. If you have ever had a bass fillet that tastes sort of like yesterday’s Bagel Bites, you will know how great this small addition is.
  • The 2-liter basket is large enough to match up to four portions of your favorite meals simultaneously, along the temperature controller may be adjusted from 175 to 400 degrees, allowing you to zero in on the ideal crisp for your entire family recipes. If you have got a batch of chips that need intermittent basket vibration, the Purify includes a 60-minute cook timer for only this kind of precision cooking. To top things off, the fryer basket is additionally non-toxic, making clean up a cinch.

10. Instant Pot Vortex 4-in-1 Air Fryer

  • Next in the top 15 best air fryers under $100 is the Instant Vortex oil-free fryer using a black, shiny, thick casing, using 3.8 liters, ability of 1400 W, contemporary Rapid Air technologies to minimize dirt for baking and frying healthy and beneficial to health.
  • The heating knob is 80 to 200 degrees C, with the suitable heating amount and baking time around the pan, which makes cooking simple. Cooking timer up to 30 minutes, simple to operate if cooking healthy foods for young kids.
  • Additionally, the pot includes a hardy, sturdy skillet manager, compact hands, and a gorgeous compact oil separator. You could also quickly eliminate grease with the non-toxic coating to decrease burn-in.
  • Integrated Rapid Air technologies make it possible for the fryer to cook food together with all the air, reducing the odor, reducing the quantity of fat around 80% when compared with the traditional means of frying. With the self-power-off purpose when the skillet is completed, you do not need to be concerned about harmful short-circuiting, and the fryer is also easy to wash once you’re able to disassemble it into different components.
  • Even though the inexpensive oil-free fryer lineup of Instant Vortex brand, you’re able to fully rest assured and trust that the quality of the item, according to the high score of customers’ prices.

11. Avalon Bay, AB-Airfryer100R, Hot Air Fryer with Manual Controls

  • If you’re wondering why this Avalon Bay could be recorded on the peak of the best air fryer under 100 dollars, allow me to reveal the response.
  • Primarily, with the cost under $100, except for obtaining a helpful air fryer, you’ll be given a pair of tools for the cooking. They are:
  • In addition, the air fryers out of Avalon Bay are composed of this Rapid airflow technology. Thus, what’s the role of technology?
  • Quick airflow can imitate the procedure of skillet to bring you flavorful and crispy fried foods, but it does not require a drop of petroleum. For this reason, you can refrain from getting health issues brought on by using too much oil.
  • What’s more, the air fryers of Avalon Bay have a capacity of 3.5 liters, which can be effective in processing a few common components such as bread, sausage, sausage, and poultry. Moreover, the 1400 watts heating can create up the heat to 205-celsius levels in order for your food could be processed in a couple of minutes.
  • Aside from the excellent features made by the business, these air fryers are certificated using the Non-BPA for its handle. Therefore, the plastic handle can not do damage to your well-being. Additionally, the basket of the fryer is a removable one; therefore, it makes moving food out and in considerably easier.
  • In any case, working these air fryers are simple with a pair of 2 dial controls. Contrary to other models using an electronic display to deal with the setting, this one out of Avalon Bay gets got the dial for manual usage only. However, we do not believe this is a drawback since it’s not hard to control in any era, even the older.
  • For anybody searching for a kitchen gadget that provides a healthful meal, then this Avalon Bay air fryer has to function as one. Regardless of earning your food clear and tastes, this version can decrease the fat content to 20% just.
  • But these air fryers under $100 are unable to cook unique kinds of food at one time. Maybe, when placing distinct ingredients within this Avalon Bay concurrently, the taste and odor will blend and shape an unpleasant dish.

12. Innsky Air Fryer 5.8QT

  • If you’re searching for something sturdy to get an air fryer, the Innsky Air Fryer comes with your spine. These stunning stainless steel air fryers include a challenging construction and decent functionality. What’s more, it includes a 32-recipe novel, which means you’ve got lots of items to try in your air fryer under $100.
  • The horizontal LED touchscreen is among the easiest, at least one of the merchandise on this listing. You wouldn’t even have to read directions to understand how it functions. That is why it is a fantastic alternative if you prefer your appliances easily.
  • You’ve got seven gifts with precise temperatures and time to fry the most frequent foods. In terms of the temperature range, it begins at 180 and finishes at 400 degrees.
  • This one also includes a memory function and automated shut-off attributes. You do not have to tend to this food each time, simply set the timer and go on about your own chores.
  • The power of this basket is 5.8 quarts; also, it includes a squarish form. It is simple to fit in a five to six pounds whole chicken in it. The basket can be taken away, although while the cooking is around, and it doesn’t disturb the established timer.
  • Made from stainless steel, so you do not need to be concerned about the contaminants contained in vinyl utensils and appliances. Additionally, the stainless steel gives it a wonderful appearance and thus does the feel on the panel, which houses the signature LED screen. This one reduces fat and oil intake by 75 percent, which can be great enough.

13. Dash Compact Air Fryer Oven Cooker with Temperature Control

  • These Dash cheap small air fryers are quite simple to use. Even your children can handle it with no worries. Since it’s all of the modern features which make it quite safe to use. Even it’s particular cool-touch housing plus also a super-durable handle. They give it security and continue longer stability and functionality. It’s quite simple to clean since its cooking basket, along with other parts, is dishwasher safe. This means that you may use it daily for making foods that are different.
  • The Dash super streamlined air fryers utilize a very unique”Air Crisp Technology” that reduces petroleum, and its own hot air flow procedure makes for a fast and crispy sip. The Dash super compact air fryers provide 70-80percent fewer calories and fat without sacrificing the taste.
  • And it is going to serve you delicious and wholesome results every time. Thus, don’t be concerned about your food’s flavor; simply cook whatever you truly love. It’s two guide knobs that work as a control to keep temperature and time. Plus, it’s an automobile shut-off function to stop your meals from overcooking. Meaning if you forgot your meals, it wouldn’t ever create any fire or smoke in your own kitchen.
  • These super-flexible air fryers are really going to make your hectic lifestyle so easier when you have to cook something yummy in a couple of minutes. Even you may give it to your friends, family, colleague, or even travelers as an ideal present. I am hoping that its streamlined and compact design will grab their attention.

14. PowerXL Air Fryer Pro

  • Another merchandise from our record is a member of power air fryers whose electricity consumption is 1700 watts. It’s offered in two types on the basis of power is 6 quart which is ideal for the standard use of a few, while the next one is 8 quart that’s acceptable for small size household to prepare meals for one moment. It’s a gorgeous design with a touch LED on the front for eight attributes that can be controlled with one touch. The main reason behind the rapid frying is the food things inside it circulate at 360 degrees to find warmth from all sides continuously.
  • In it, a drip tray captures extra oil and fats in the recipe and provides you guilt-free fried meals in the end. This decrease of fats and oil is best for the individual with obesity and heart. Aside from skillet, you might even use it to dehydrating fruits and veggies with no inclusion of salt and sugar to your special function.
  • Additionally, these air fryers for under $100 include a rotating basket along with also a rotating rotisserie to encircle the warmth and consume it. Three novels for the methods of several recipes will also be available for this house fryer to your own knowledge. 10 stainless skewers and three airflow racks may make your skillet simple, which are you going to get with this fryer. So you need to present 120-watt electricity with a 60-hertz frequency.

15. Chefman TurboFry Air Fryer

  • The four-sided make it easy to serve French fries, chicken, fish, poultry in the push of a button, and then adjust the temperature and time readily with the easy touch management.
  • The 8-quart nonstick basket and horizontal skillet are equally top-rack dishwasher safe, which makes cleanup simpler than ever. Drink each of the delicious foods that are fried that your family enjoys right in your home with none of the extra grease or oil.
  • Healthful cooking begins with an air frying pan, also with presets for simple cooking and a temperature range from 200-400°. The Chefman Air Fryers are the number one tool to get a crispy, fried end using at least 98 percent less oil than conventional fryers.
  • With the glossy square form and nontraditional stainless steel complete air fryer is equipped with your kitchen countertop in your mind. The dishwasher allows for simple cleanup and rapid saving, saving space on your countertops.

Buying Guide For Best Air Fryer Under $100


Air fryers are counter appliances, so they’re all compact in design. But, there’s some variety concerning just how much food that you are able to fit inside. If you are cooking for a family, remember that you might need to cook numerous batches of meals to prepare sufficiently for everybody in your home.

You can typically find air fryers under $100 from the following dimensions:

  • Small versions have a 1- to 3-liter capability, which can be best for families with one to three individuals.
  • Mid-size versions have a 3- to – 5-liter capability, which works nicely for teams of three to five.
  • Massive models possess a 5-liter and upward capability, which works nicely in case you’ve got a household of five people or entertain or more often.

Cooking Speed

Ability might not be much of a problem if you are working with a super-speedy cook in 1 version over another. If you’re able to locate an air fryer that satisfies your budget but hamburgers your chips just too in half the time as a more expensive, bigger version, then you might have a good solution for your requirements!

The rate at which your air fryer cooks will rely on the heating capacity, which is dependent upon the wattage. So a greater wattage air fryer under $100 will often have the ability to cook your meals quicker than reduced wattage.


You want to obtain a size that fits your loved ones and cooking requirements. If you’re cooking regularly for a huge family, you want a bigger capacity air fryer. Having a huge capacity comes to the issue of a unit that is bulky; therefore, perhaps it doesn’t fit nicely in your counter area. You have to bear in mind both counter space accessibility and cooking needs in regards to the dimensions of the fryer which you select for.


One other important element to get an air fryer under $100 is your wattage, which highlights its own power. A high wattage will cook the food faster. The perfect wattage to get an air fryer needs to be approximately 1500, while there are different alternatives involving 1000-1300 watts, which functions just fine and might not be exceedingly pricey.


Cleaning is an essential part of cooking. Though cooking is pleasurable, cleaning isn’t. Consequently, if you do not wish to devote a great deal of time cleaning your air fryer under $100 once it is completed processing meals, you can pick a version with dishwasher-safe bits.


All of the reviewed here are good to cook meals with minimal oil or not, one with a cost under 100. The cost is lower than many others as they have fewer attributes to execute fundamental air fryer functions.

In this guide, we try to assemble a listing of the best air fryer under $100 that’s not just pocket friendly but also keeps the initial feel and taste of food that is fried, not only a buzzy kitchen gadget. It is time to catch them and begin your healthy travel.

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