15 Best Air Mattress For Camping Reviews in 2021 You Can Buy


The best air mattress for camping is blow-up beds which provide added comfort to your fantastic night’s sleep as you stay outside. Adding puncture-resistant, self-inflation, watertight covers, and micro coil layers, they assist the bed in withstanding external components.

Here we develop a listing of the best air mattresses for camping and ideas about a good way best to select the best one on the next excursion.

Types Of Air Mattresses for Camping

There are totally four types of camping air mattresses available in the market. Let us see about each of them briefly as follows.

Standard Air Mattresses

Standard air mattresses are easy to transport as they’re small and light. They’re also inexpensive compared to other forms and are easily offered in the vast majority of those stores. They may be rolled up easily and may be transported to any location. But you’ll require an air pump to inflate it, and therefore the extra price of purchasing a single should even be deducted. They supply poor insulating material when used outside, and so they’re cold to sleep.

Self-inflating mattresses

Self-inflating mattresses would be the most popular option among the campers since there’s not any requirement of an outside origin to match the mattress, and so it can be obtained everywhere. Yet another advantage is they are also light in weight and perfect for wild camping. Some mattresses have a foam coating which delivers a nice quantity of insulating material. They are rather affordable, and thus they will not burn a hole in your pocket.

All-In-One Beds

These beds have a sleeping bag attached to them, and they’re also self-inflating in character. They are specially intended for camping and supply very excellent comfort when sleeping. Like the other camping air mattresses nowadays are also easy to transfer and transport.

Double Height Air Beds

In the event you have to remain well over the floor, then you may purchase this kind of mattress. They almost feel just like a true bed, and they’re quite much comfortable sleeping over another 3 types.

1 significant drawback about those double-height mattresses is they are extremely bulky in nature, and so they require can be inflated solely by an electrical or a corded pump that increases the total price of their mattress.

List of 15 Best Air Mattress For Camping Reviews

1. QOMOTOP Ultra Thick Self-Inflating Camping Mattress

  • Some of the best air mattresses for camping may wind up having the heated sense of a pool floaty, particularly for those accustomed to sleeping on a memory foam mattress. QOMOTOP sets itself apart from other air mattresses by including a memory foam top layer to the own mattress. The 4-inch-thick foam makes a softer feel than that of all air mattresses. Adding or eliminating air adjusts the softness of the mattress.
  • This mattress also offers an advanced method of inflating. The carrying tote doubles as an inflator, eliminating the need for bulky rack pumps or electrical pumps which need access to your power supply. With a tall R-value score of 9.5, it is also a fantastic solution for camping in cold temperatures. This mattress is available in both double and single sizes, which makes it suitable for bigger and smaller chairs.

2. Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress for Camping and Travel

  • Lightspeed Outdoors is one of my go-to makers when I’m on the lookout for new equipment for an upcoming camping trip. I have pretty substantial standards; however, their air mattresses constantly meet (and exceed) my own expectations. I have never been disappointed yet, and this version wasn’t any exception.
  • Among the things which make this specific air mattress for camping the best is that its measurements will match any queen-sized sheets. This cuts down on your cost as you won’t need to purchase new sheets solely for the air mattress.
  • Additionally, it includes a carrying bag for simple transport and a high-quality battery pump which can allow you to get the entire thing filled up in no time in any way.
  • The simple fact that this bundle includes pretty much everything you want means you will spend in the long term.

3. Therm-a-Rest MondoKing 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress

  • The Therm-A-Rest Mondoking 3D has a special body design pad that makes it feel spiritual and comfy to any kind of sleeper. It sports a double valve and compressible foam, which means that you can overlook the conventional pump as it’s altogether self-inflating. It makes the installation and breakdown simpler than any other mattress with this listing. Additionally, with four inches of a kneeling attic, it is appropriate for any sort of surface.
  • It packs somewhat larger than many others and weighs just under 5 lbs. It may not be perfect for backpacking, but for your conventional camper, you’re ensured a fantastic night’s sleep in this mattress-meets-sleep-pad hybrid vehicle.

4. Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed with Built-In Electric Pump

  • The Intex manufacturer prides itself in placing quality and client comfort over all else, and also their Dura-Beam Series Air Mattress surely lives up to this standard. Adding an impressive 600 pounds. Weight capacity provides incredibly excellent comfort and assistance. Dura-Beam also makes certain that the air mattress for camping stays inflated and business throughout the night since you break after a challenging camping day. To make matters even better, this air mattress is created in double elevation’ form variable to make sure it’s not hard to get in and out of, which is fairly rare on the marketplace.
  • So far as durability is concerned, it includes a watertight, extra-thick surfaced top that adds to its comfort, moreover making it lasting. The material it’s made from is multilayer and puncture-resistant. The large capacity pump that includes this particular air mattress is very handy so that you don’t need to lug around an excess piece of hardware since you go camping. It is pump inflates the mattress in under five minutes.
  • To make things much simpler for you, this mattress comes with its own carry bag and can be offered in a number of dimensions. According to customer reviews, this is among the most popular camping air mattresses around right now, with just minor complaints regarding pump sound, the first PVC extending, and non-compatibility with regular sheets.

5. SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress with Eco-Friendly PVC

  • Designed for durability, comfort, and simplicity of usage, reviewers state that this product does exactly what it is supposed to perform. It is created for outside usage and inflates in under 3 minutes using a high-profile, rechargeable pump.
  • A waterproof flocked top adds warmth and comfort, while the”sure-grip” bottom helps prevent slipping. The air mattress for camping comes packaged with a storage bag for simple portability and contains a restricted 1-year guarantee.
  • Reviewers say they have been in a position to get good use from it for camping and in-home. Many reviewers also say they have had good experiences with customer services.
  • Some reviewers complain about the pump having a complete fee for finding the air mattress inflated, so bear this in mind before heading out for a major trip.

6. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology

  • Maybe you have tossed and turned on your sleeping bag, wishing you’d brought your bed out of home? Well, you can. The SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress lives up to its title and then some.
  • Its 40 internal air coils make it a perfect selection for the avid camper who suffers from regular joint and back pain, as the coils help make sure the mattress retains its shape so that you may remain sound asleep during the night.
  • The outside community was raving about its own laundry list of characteristics that allow it to stand up to the rigors of character: an effective inner pump for fast inflation and deflation, a powerful bottom grip to keep it set up at night, along with also an extra-thick, water-resistant top for extra comfort and security.
  • Each one of the experts makes it straightforward to manage the little motor sound in the pump and its own non-compatibility with regular sheets.

7. Intex Pillow Rest Classic Airbed with Built-in Pillow and Electric Pump

  • The Intex Pillow Rest Classic is a superb budget choice for a camping mattress. It’s all you need in a camping air mattress, but at a reasonable price.
  • Produced from the extra-thick substance, the Pillow Rest Classic has exceptional durability and is resistant to punctures. It’s a multifunctional, watertight coating, making it soft and comfy to lie with or with no sheets, along with being significantly less noisy than directly vinyl air mattresses.
  • At 11 lbs (5kg), the Pillow Rest Classic is quite lightweight and fits snugly into its own carry bag, making it effortless to transport and traveling with.
  • Its built-in electric pump inflates the mattress very fast and is easy to use, but it will require power to work. Additionally, it has a built-in “cushion” that runs across the surface of the product. However, it’s still possible to use your pillow on top of it if you would like.
  • The Pillow Rest Classic is extremely comfy, durable, and really is overall a fantastic excellent air mattress.

8. EnerPlex Never-Leak Air Mattress Single High Inflatable Blow Up Bed for Home Camping Travel

  • This queen-sized mattress lives up to its”Never-Leak” guarantee, using a tightly sealed outside pump that inflates the bed in only 90 minutes and welded seams to maintain the air in. It is somewhat lower than a few on our list, using only 9 inches of height, but that will help cut back on weight if that is a concern to the camping trip.
  • The mattress’s coil-beam structure imitates the comfort of a traditional bed with inviting construction. We like that the outside pump includes numerous universal nozzles, which means that you may use it to inflate internal tubes and water possessions you have caused your trip, and you’ll be able to plug it in your auto charger, also.

9. Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set

  • The Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set is a super comfortable air mattress for camping that also contains two inflatable cushions and a handheld. The gentle, flocked surface can help to enhance relaxation and the tide beams discourage your sleeping bag or sheets out of going around. The top is watertight and easy to wash.
  • It has a two-in-one valve having an additional wide opening which simplifies inflation and deflation. This queen-sized air mattress measures 60″ x 8.75″ x 80″, easily sleeps 2 adults, also contains a 600-pound capacity. In regards to mobile mattresses, the Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set is among the very best.

10. Coleman Air Mattress

  • The very first thing we discovered about the Coleman Air Mattress is that the range of elements it includes! Besides this air mattress with side tables and a battery-operated pump!
  • The coil structure of this bed makes it among the comfiest mattresses we’ve ever encounter.
  • The mattress also offers a durable and well-built steel framework that can support up to 600 lbs. What’s more, it includes two pull-out side tables which have integrated cup holders!
  • We really enjoy the sewn-in cover that helps to keep the mattress firmly in the room. All you have to do is add it in the zip and cover it up! In addition, the mattress is guaranteed not to lead to any leaks if you use it inside or outside.

11. King Koil Twin Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

  • Snuggle up alongside your loved one from the snug King Koil Twin air bed. Though the mattress will not come in the king and queen variations, it might be best for car camping couples to choose the bigger twin to make sure there is sufficient space in the tent. Then snuggle around each other for heat.
  • This is not just your typical inflatable bed. King Koil has additional features such as a built-in pump, watertight quilt shirt, and a convenient elevated border that functions as a pillow.
  • The exceptional coil beams provide improved rear support, and you will rest easy knowing it is assembled with ecofriendly PVC. With an ordinary inflation period of 3 minutes, you won’t need to wait to shut your tired eyes, but you are going to need to be close to an electric socket. Consequently, if you’re heading out for a romantic escape at the campground or just using a guest, come over to go-to for the evening.

12. Coleman Double-High SupportRest Air Mattress for Indoor or Outdoor Use

  • The Coleman SupportRest Double High Airbed is among those sexier choices on the market. The mattress is a lot greater compared to alternatives on our listing, and it is a wonderful touch for men and women that do not prefer to sleep too near the ground. This is an excellent multipurpose air mattress: although it’s perfect for camping, it could double as a spare bed in your home too.
  • The best cover comes with a velvet-like lavish texture that is soft and comfy. Additionally, it will help prevent you from slipping around on the very best. The Airbed is offered in a queen size and readily matches any queen sheets.
  • The Wrap’N’ Roll storage method makes it effortless to keep this air mattress: just deflate it, roll it up, and keep it at the built-in storage method. The AirTight system also can help ensure that no air can escape as you are sleeping so that it preserves its stability throughout the evening.

13. Stansport Self-Inflating Air Mattress

  • The Stansport Self-Inflating Air Mattress is available in 3 distinct sizes, and the biggest amongst them weighs over a pound. It includes a streamlined and die-cut mummy bag layout, making the air mattress mobile in addition to durable. This product consists of a fully bonded substance which makes it durable and enables it to support a burden of over 300 lbs.
  • The very best thing about the air mattress for camping is the fact that it’s self-inflating, and it is simple to fold in a streamlined shape, making it effortless to carry. You may either use this mattress as an excess layer of insulating material for your own tent flooring or as a sleeping mattress for sleeping purposes. This mattress can quickly accommodate someone who’s 6′ 4″ tall.

14. Therm-a-Rest LuxuryMap Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress

  • Another high of the range single camping air mattress in Therm-a-Rest is your LuxuryMap Mattress. That is one flexible mat which, although made for car camping, is semi-packable and only about mild (3.26 pounds (1.5kg)) to get a brief overnight backpacking trip. With an R-Value of 6, it’s going to be well worth carrying it to get a hot, insulated, and thoroughly luxurious sleep.
  • What sets the three-inch top LuxuryMap besides additional winter sleeping pads would be your exceptional pressure mapping foam which provides more aid in certain regions with higher density foam. And in other regions, lower density foam ensures that the shoulders and wrists have a more soft and pliable spot to snuggle into.
  • This really is a self-inflating air mattress that will require a small amount of additional air to top this up to your favorite firmness. As air is allowed in, the foam interior expands. Therefore it is worth it to leave the mattress fully self-inflate for a fantastic half an hour or so. It’s a superb alternative for anyone seeking to keep prices down.

15. Etekcity Upgraded Camping Air Mattress

  • Since many air mattresses are over a foot thick, a decrease profile mattress occasionally makes more sense for car camping. This twin-size mattress from Etekcity provides excellent comfort and durability at thinner dimensions. It sports a wave beam interior construction, which provides more comfort and support than a typical air mattress. The shapes of this”wave” top conform better to your system compared to a conventional mattress with a flat top, making for a better night’s sleep. The best features a velvety cloth coating that adds an excess layer of warmth and a comfortable texture.
  • Among the biggest pluses of the air mattress for camping is its own air compressors, which run off a rechargeable battery, so which makes the mattress in a campsite simpler. The battery supplies enough juice to pump the bed up several days before requiring a recharge. The mattress contains a wall plug power cable along with a car charger power cable for a backup.

How To Choose The Best Air Mattress For Camping


Among the most crucial components to think about while hunting for the ideal air mattress for camping to accompany you in your outdoor camping excursions is durability. At a bedroom, then your mattress is supported by a base, covered infrequently washed linens, and in a temperature-controlled environment. Out in character, your air mattress is going to be exposed to the components, and you will need something which could withstand that.

The more lasting, the greater. The very last thing you need to do is worry about repairing a leak on your air mattress if you are outside in the wilderness. Furthermore, an air mattress that’s waterproof or water-resistant will be perfect because you can’t if it may rain or the floor could be moist.


Ordinarily, you’ll discover air mattresses in standard twin, full, queen, and king sizes in addition to single-height and double-height versions. We found that the single-height to be much better suited to the outside compared to double-height versions.

A single-height air mattress steps between 9 inches and 11 inches high, while double-height ones vary from 17 inches to 25 inches in height.

The ideal size of your air mattress for camping will largely be determined by personal taste, size of their tent, and also storage area, among other elements. But, queen and twin sizes are far more suited for outdoor usage.


Air mattresses come in lighter and thicker manners. It is dependent upon the substance used for the building. Heavier ones are made from thick stuff, last longer, and work well for anyone who has children. If you’re a camper who’s into hiking, hiking, or rock climbing, then choose a milder one.


The R-Value is the ability of a material to resist heat flow. A greater R-value usually means higher insulating power, and the greater it will direct you from the cold floor. Sleeping pads normally have an R-value involving 1 — 5; however, winter-weather pads may have R-values of higher than 5.

Air mattresses with R-values under two are just great to get warm-weather camping. 3-season campers should search for choices with a two — to 4 R-value. For winter camping, once the temperature is around or below freezing, then make sure you have a mattress using an R-value greater than 4.


Most air mattresses are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or textile-reinforced urethane rubber or plastic. But there is often more into the mattress beyond glistening plastics: those who have embroidered shirts are inclined to be somewhat simpler to sleep because your sleeping bag (or sheets) will not slip around on it.


While the relaxation amount of a quality air mattress for camping could be subjective, it is a fantastic idea to think about the manner a mattress is a layout and what sort of service they supply.

Many have stabilizing systems to be certain you can have to remain audio asleep, even if the individual near you is turning and tossing.

You can usually adjust the stability of an air mattress that’s useful to assist you to get to a desirable level of relaxation.

Some air mattresses can also be equipped with gentle, suede-like surfaces so you can sleep on them.


You might be thinking that finding the best air mattress for camping is as straightforward as picking up the first one that you see with a fair price, but your sleeping is something which you ought to appreciate, particularly if on a camping excursion.

Remember, air mattresses are vulnerable to punctures like their classic predecessors, waterbeds. Thus, it’s almost always a fantastic idea to get any adhesives, fabric patches, plastic sheeting, duct tape, or only a full repair kit, together with one to help patch up the holes.

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