10 Best Brownie Pan Reviews in 2021 You Should Buy


Are you looking to equip a pan of brownie in your kitchen? Due to the fact that there are many models on the market, you cannot choose the one that is right for you?

We have made a baking test of a variety of brownie pans on the market. From this work, we have compiled a list of the best brownie pans. These items have the highest rating among Amazon buyers, and they are trending today. Check out our list together!

List of 10 Best Brownie Pan Reviews

1. Wilton Brownie Bar Pan

The steel Wilton Brownie Bar Pan understands what it will, and it is right in its name. It is fantastic for those brownies you are able to eat on the move, or shirt with ice cream and also have for dessert.

The pan will serve you around 12 thick parts of brownie, each a great square with rounded, crispy borders — no longer arguing about who receives interiors and that receives outsides. Each pit is 2.75 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep.

The squares are heavy enough to allow hot air to circulate them around for cooking. Then it is possible to pop out the snacks immediately by virtue of the nonstick coating.

This nonstick coating additionally helps with cleanup. It makes it effortless to wash down with warm soapy water. You might also place this pan in the dishwasher, but doing this by hand is best.


  • Nice, individual molds for your brownies.
  • Spread nicely for heating.
  • Non-stick for simple cleaning and discharge.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • You might also use it for creating square cupcakes.


  • The deep wells need an upgraded brownie recipe or even more mix.
  • There’s absolutely no mixture of the interior and out brownies; all possess a crust. Some users might prefer both.

2. Baker’s Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan

The upcoming top alternative for brownies fans is Baker’s Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan. It’s among the very best brownie pans with moist facilities and various chewy advantages. This wonderful unit is produced with pride in the united states. It is intended to add two chewy advantages to a baked brownie.

Additionally, the amazing inside walls have been geared towards subliming your baking performance with heat flow to the center of the pan (because these components take more time to inhale ).

That is not all: Baker’s Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan includes a super thick and non-stick structure, which ensures that this version never wraps and does not take a great deal of time to wash.

Better still, there’s an included recessed manage to make sure users can grab this pan and then flip upside down. Each unit includes a flexible nylon spatula, which finishes this pan in addition to a brownie recipes insert, which can be convenient.

Additionally, Baker’s Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan includes a constant chamber to provide more space for your batter to distribute readily. Further, the brownie pan matches conventional box mixes without needing to take care of the strain of adjusting to guarantee a comfy fit.


  • Single baking room
  • Nonstick cooking surface
  • Uniform heat flow
  • Three inside sidewalls
  • Simple to wash


  • Cutting the scapula is not as easy as you’d expect

3. Wilton Performance Pans Aluminum Square Cake and Brownie Pan

Wilton Performance Pans Aluminum Square Pan is guaranteed to bring one of the most exquisite square brownies.

This Wilton brownie pan is made with a heavy-gauge, high-quality aluminum structure, which is extremely acceptable for baking. It makes it possible to bake your cake evenly and thoroughly.

Specifically, Wilton Performance Pans Aluminum Square Cake Pan has a thickness of two inches that’s also excellent for multi-layer cake.

In any case, this square cake pan gets the rolled edges for easy going in and out of the oven.

You ought to wash this particular cake pan in warm soapy water before and after use for the best preservation.


  • Durable material to use Through the Years.
  • Large 8-inch size for one to bake freely.
  • The fantastic thickness for creating a specious brownie.
  • It could be used for several purposes of cooking.


  • Slightly sticky

4. Bakelicious Crispy Corner Brownie Pan

Are you currently thinking of a skillet pan, but you are unsure about these ice-cube trays? Try out this one by Bakelicious. Rather than grids, the pan includes six hollow diamond-shaped ridges at the center.

The faces of the pan will also be molded into tight octagons. This layout bakes a dozen octagonal brownies, and every brownie has 4 sharp edges, which means that you get 48 brownie crusts rather than 4 sides.

Confused? We are going to clarify. Ordinarily, a pan of this size would just have crispy crusts in the four borders, so for several dozen biscuits, which makes 14 crusts.

However, Bakelicious increases that amount to 48. The interior pan is coated in non-toxic non-stick without a PFOA or PTFE. Along with the bead, ridges assist the pan heat (and cool ) faster by raising the conductive surface region.

The cut-out borders do facilitate easy motion, though, because the grooves make suitable finger-holds. The diamond-shaped ridges or articles’ are all patented.

They guarantee your brownies bake equally with crunchy outsides and sweetly gooey insides. The articles also part the brownies, of course, so that they cook faster. This non-stick carbon skillet does not require seasoning.


  • The odd shape ensures each brownie is a corner brownie’.
  • The molded holes assist your brownies cool and cook quicker.
  • The non-stick coating onto the pan includes zero radicals.


  • The form of the pan eats to the cooking surface, so while you will receive more crispy crusts, you’re going to receive smaller brownie volumes complete.

5. Brooklyn Brownie Copper by Gotham Steel Nonstick Baking Pan

Our top 5 upward is GOTHAM STEEL Brooklyn Brownie Copper Nonstick Baking Pan, offering virtually everything in one pan. This version Permits You to combine your batter in the pan using an electric mixer without even coping with scrapes or peeling afterward,

Additionally, with GOTHAM STEEL Brooklyn Brownie Copper Nonstick Baking Pan, it is possible to bake your brownie on your toaster around 500-degree Fahrenheit. It slips from the pan without needing to use a good deal of oil.

Better still, the pan’s bottom may be utilized as a serving tray once you extract the divider. Not only for brownies alone, but it is also possible to make yummy mini cakes using this brownie pan. Further, its cooking flexibility extends to creating pre-sliced pizza squares to get your lunch a great deal of fun.

Another unbelievable thing about GOTHAM STEEL Brooklyn Brownie Copper Nonstick Baking Pan is really a nonstick coating, which guarantees cleaning after having a breeze. You might even create a rice Krispy cure and be assured of simple cleaning without using oil or butter.


  • Super strong nonstick surface
  • Simple pop out without butter or oil
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can mix from the pan using an electric mixer.


  • For best cleaning results, you need to hand clean, which clearly will be time-consuming.

6. Red Copper Brownie Bonanza Pan by Bulbhead

When you purchase Red Copper Brownie Bonanza Pan, you’ll become not just a brownie pan, but also a detachable divider tray, a lifting tray that will assist you not be ashamed when eliminating brownie using a spoon; a brownie rack, and a recipe booklet.

Red Copper Brownie Bonanza Pan includes a non-stick, scratch-resistant copper-infused ceramic coating that doesn’t contain PFOA, assisting you to remove brownies in the tray without any fear of breaking or sticking.

The brownie is going to be broken into 18 best pieces. You don’t need to be concerned that your brownie will develop into a wreck because of breakage and stickiness.

Having conventional dimensions of 9 inches x 13 inches, Red Copper Brownie Bonanza Pan is acceptable for many recipes of your loved ones.

It is possible to take advantage of this brownie pan to create various different snacks like lemon bars, marshmallows, cookies, pizza, etc… You may locate each recipe in the corresponding manual.


  • Suitable removable dividing tray
  • Durable and Secure substance
  • Pans include many Helpful tools.
  • The dimensions Acceptable for your household recipe.


  • Tough to clean the corners onto the dividing tray.

7. Chicago Metallic Professional Slice Solutions Brownie Pan

Molded brownie pans include challenges. The grid is meant to make serving easier, but it may still be a challenge. Chicago Metallic discovered a smart way to repair this matter.

This the best brownie pan comes in 3 pieces; all manufactured from heavy-duty aluminized steel. The surface is a normal 16-inch from 10-inch pan. A flat sheet of 12.5 inches by 8.5 inches stays snug against both sides.

The horizontal metal plate includes 1.5 inches grips that fit the thickness of the pan. At length, a metal grid with rectangular looped handles may slide in the pan and then sit on the horizontal pan. To serve your biscuits, lift the horizontal section and the metallic grid.

This 3-piece set generates 18 brownies, and everyone has sharp crusts on all four sides. The grids are useful for sandwiches and dessert combinations.

Chicago Metallic employs a silicone nonstick formula, so the pan has no toxins. The pan is secure at oven temperatures up to 450°F. It is dishwasher safe, however, just with mild dish soap.

Conventional dishwasher tablets or capsules may scrape the nonstick coating. Therefore, in the event that you don’t need the bother of changing your soap each time you bake, simply wash the pan.

This pan provides you textured brownies each moment. The 3-inch form 2-inch grids always inhale crispy moist and side gooey centers. Along with the grips, provide a burn-free serving.


  • It measures 10 inches by 6 inches and can be pre-sliced.
  • The pan disassembles into three pieces for simple cooling and functioning.
  • The fashion of your own brownie dividers allows you to perform desserts.


  • At 1.5 inches, then your own brownies are going to be on the thinner side. Additionally, you can not utilize this brownie pan at a broiler since it can not tolerate the heat.

8. CHEFMADE Brownie Cake Pan

If it comes to security and wholesome cooking, you can not go wrong buying CHEFMADE Brownie Cake Pan, 12-Cavity Non-Stick Square Muffin Pan. This version is FDA approved using a food-grade silicone coating with no harmful chemicals, such as PFOA and PTFE.

Further, in regards to carbon steel to provide accelerated uniform warmth. Its amazing structure prevents warping and easy usage. In addition, it helps guarantee an elongated service life. Additionally, its exceptional nonstick square pan makes it feasible to cook without having a great deal of pure cooking oil.

For this reason, you can bake for a brief time without consuming a great deal of energy. Additionally, it a lot easier to discharge the brownies and wash out the pan.


  • Industrial grade construction
  • Safe and wellness to bake with
  • Simple to Use
  • Capable of feeding for a Whole Lot of people at the Same Time
  • Withstand high heat


  • Brownies might not come from this pan readily

9. Wilton Bite-Size Brownie Squares Silicone Mold

This is just another of Wilton’s brownie pan, which is very acceptable for people who like to eat miniature cakes.

The secure silicone substance makes the brownies more difficult and easier to remove from the pan after baking. With this handy substance, it is a lot easier to wash too.

You simply have to take this soft bristle pan from the oven carefully. You are able to put a baking sheet under it to maintain the brownie pan stable.

Though not manufactured from steel, this pan can withstand temperatures up to 500F.

You ought to wash this pan in warm soap and water before and after use for the best results.


  • Make exquisite mini brownies.
  • Easy-to-use silicone material
  • High temperature resistant
  • Also perfect to mold candy, ice cream, or gelatin.


  • The cake’s size is so small that sometimes It’s hard to fall from the pan.

10. Silicone Brownie Pan by Boxiki Kitchen

If you are the kind that is attracted to bright colors, this silicone brownie pan will effortlessly pull you into it. Additionally, it simplifies the most frequent silicone challenge.

Silicone dishes are favored for both brownies and ice cubes since the silicone is bendy. Meaning it is easy to twist and yank it to discharge your dried or baked products. And they are simple to wash as well because the food scratches off.

But from the oven, lifting a silicone dish can spill your batter on the oven walls and floors. Boxiki simplifies this by bonding a durable steel frame to the peak of the brownie pan.

The steel functions as a handle too. It supplies the pan arrangement and lets you fill, move, and move your pan without spilling your baked goodies. There is a 65-recipe eBook to start off you.

The pan has a ribbed underside to assist your brownies to peel more easily. The silicone inside this pan is food-grade and doesn’t have toxins or BPAs. It does not twist or sag, and it does not keep food stains or odor. It is possible to use the pan in the toaster and ovens.

When you are done baking, simply throw the pan in the dishwasher. This square pan’s interior is 1.75 inches deep and 8.5 inches wide.

Boxiki includes a memorable title, great looks, and functional capabilities. The steel framework prevents warping and spilling, while the ribbed underside helps with heat and serving supply.


  • The pan is 8.5 inches square and weighs only 12.8 ounces.
  • Its vivid red color is pretty.
  • The stiff rim prevents silicone spillage.


  • Despite all of its advantages, the steel framework makes the brownie unsuitable for microwaves.

How To Choose the Best Brownie Pans


Brownie pans are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. A few of the pans have a mobile slicer that slices brownies in equivalent form. Others possess individual cavities for every brownie.

The 8 x 8-inch pan is called a normal size pan. You’ll locate rectangular forms, circles, or some other shapes to your brownies available on the marketplace. Additionally, the measurements of the pit on the pan are available in many sizes. A number of them make mini shaped brownies, and a number of them are routine shaped.

Temperature range

The ordinary brownie skillet can handle temperatures between 350°F and 500°F. Just a few pans are safe to be used in a broiler, so check the packaging in the event that you planned to utilize the pan, which way for additional baking.

Some pans are freezer-safe and will handle temperatures as low as °F. Pans that are not intended for freezer use are usually good to be refrigerated.

Non-Stick Coating

If the coat is nonstick, then you are all set for a simple time with the cleaning and cooking. Simply make sure you watch over your own brownie pan correctly, do not wash it, and surely do not scratch it.

A non-stick coating allows you to get the maximum from your brownies. Most of all will lift when you are done — crucial for tacky baked products like brownies. Just ensure that the material has no possible toxins like PFOA.


Brownie pans can be made from glass, ceramic, ceramic, or metal. Metal choices include cast iron, copper, carbon steel, or aluminum. Metals will be the best at running heat, however some plastics rust.

  • Copper is the best conductor, but it is too soft for use with no liner (e.g., tin, aluminum ceramic, or ceramic coating).
  • Aluminum is rustproof but does not always warm evenly.
  • Cast iron is perfect but requires seasoning to prevent rust and create its own reliable non-stick patina.
  • Ceramic and glass brownie pans are fairly but brittle, and they’re able to burn your hands.
  • Silicone pans are elastic, simple to soda, dishwasher safe, and fairly. However, they could spill and do not survive so long as metals, so select wisely.


Presently, on the current market, you will find the best brownie pans that include a great fitting divider. The divider tray is particularly removable, and you don’t have to fumble the dough to every little mold such as the traditional design.

After baking, your brownies are instantly chopped without using a cookie or knife cutter.


If one day you need a pan for making Chocolate ganache–topped brownies or salted caramel brownies. Check out our list of reviews. We have attached purchasing instructions, so you should read this section carefully so that you can choose the best brownie pan and ideal suited to your needs.

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