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Opening cans is a task that has to be treated cautiously and diligently. That is due to the likelihood of spilling the contents on the floor, not to mention damaging the bottles irreversibly altogether. As the surest way forward, you have to use the can opener.

This is simply a piece of equipment that is strong enough and highly specialized to be able to open the cans without leaving behind any undesirable damages. We take a look at the leading 10 of the best can openers for your support and consideration. Take the time to read through to the end.

List of 10 Best Can Opener Reviews

1. Hamilton Beach 76606Z Smooth Touch Can Opener

If you have a host of standard-sized cans, this could as well be the best can opener to set your eyes on. It does have a universal stature and construction that make that reality achievable. All the cans it opens have to bear the pop-top lids to qualify for the opening.

Other than merely opening your cans, this opener also possesses a side-cutting mechanism. This mechanism serves to remove the top while at the same time leaving a smooth edge behind. A large ergonomic lever rounds up the list of its strong points. It makes for effortless operations of the item overall.

2. Cuisinart Deluxe Stainless Steel Electric Can Opener

To undertake the tough and strenuous bottle opening engagements, you need an opener that is similarly tougher and more reliable. By virtue of the stainless steel construction, none comes even close to this one. It is truly tough and wholly resilient in character. That is not all though.

The machine has a Power Cut™ blade that serves to provide the strength and overall efficacy you need to handle many openings without too much worry. All throughout, the item is easily operable thanks to the existence of the one-touch operation technique. In closing, it also has the ability to open any standard-size can.

3. BLACK+DECKER SmoothCut One-Touch Can Opener

BLACK+DECKER is a brand that is highly reputed and well known to deliver truly strong and reliable operations all the while of use. Would it not be wise of you also to tap into a product that is manufactured by it? Start with this one as a flagship item of this brand.

It stands apart from the other can openers in the sense that it employs Side-Cut Technology. This one opens the cans without necessarily leaving behind the sharp edges. As such, its outcomes are safer and less likely to pose any lacerations or incisions on you.

4. Hamilton Beach Electric Can Opener 76777

Most of the openers are specially designed and intended for metallic cans. They are hence largely unreliable in the event that you have the need to open many kinds of containers. Why don’t you lay your hands on this one that is highly versatile and able to tackle many kinds of containers?

The opener is able to take on the hard plastics, lids, jars, and metals. Moreover, it also employs numerous opening techniques, among them being the twist-off and the sliding. Unlike many other openers, this one does not slip as it ensures a firm grip with the item being handled and tackled.


Just in case you are constantly on the move, you want an opener that is similarly optimized for the matters of regular travels. None beats this one with regards to that specific parameter. It is able to assemble and disassemble at will. It is this trait that lets you carry it around smoothly.

Apart from the relative ease of transportation and deployment, the opening machine is also truly reliable for your use. It employs the EasyCut Blade Technology extensively in its cutting apparatus. This one does a great job but without the attendant side effects that come along.

6. Oster FPSTCN1300 Electric Can Opener

Prolonged and frequent can opening are two roles that can never be achieved by the use of manual openers. For them, you want an effortless machine of this kind. The opener has a magnetic lid lifter that manages a hands-free operation. It also goes beyond that to use the power-pierce cutting mechanism to do its thing.

Throughout its makeup and composition, stainless steel materials are extensively used. Expect the item hence to be stronger and less inclined to the premature damages. This is not to mention the prolonged and reliable spates of applications it manages to give off.

7. Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener

As its designation implies, this opener uses electrical energy to do its thing. On the strength of this, it tackles the task in a manner that is truly efficient, consistent, and devoid of any adverse side effects. Moreover, it may also serve commercial settings in ways that are truly robust.

Over and above merely being operable via electrical energy, the opener is also easier to operationalize thanks to the simple press of the button. All the materials used are food-safe and hence less likely to poison your meals as others occasionally do. The battery power allows for smooth and detached use.

8. Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener

Short on the necessary muscle power? We invite you to attempt your hand on this one. It is meant for the simple everyday handling and removable of the tops of cans. Thanks to this stature, the item also handles the common everyday items that are abundantly present in your household.

Because of this, it is truly reliable for your common everyday use. You have it for the taking also if yours is a home that is replete with numerous items that may need to be opened. Its exterior adorns the chrome coating that serves to lengthen the lifespan thereof.

9. Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener

Professional settings and areas require the utmost precision and maximum strength. You can never rely on your ordinary bottle openers to take on such. Instead, you want to lay your hands on one that is strong and appropriately suited for the matters of mass production and engagement.

Why not attempt your luck on this one? Its core boasts of the Cuisinart quality-engineered motor system. This is the one that generates the torque you need to subsequently take on the strongest bottles we have around. Must we also add that it makes for easy cleaning? That should give you some added peace of mind.

10. POHL SCHMITT Electric Can Opener

For your maximum returns on investments, you want a truly comprehensive commercial can opener of this kind. This one is 3-in-1 in the sense that it is able to tackle as many as three kinds of tasks and actions ‘under one roof.’ That stems from its possession of many relevant features in one go.

It also stands apart from the others in the sense that it is detachable. That makes it able to clean and make great use of seamlessly. Thanks to this, you will also find it great and awesome for the matters of regular travels and detachment to remote locations.

Buying Guide for Best Can Openers

To lay your hands on the most suitable can opener, you have to consider the following factors and strong points.

Quantity of the Bottles

The quantity of the bottles you plan to impact ought to rank first. A great opener has to be strong enough to be able to tackle the number of bottles. That can only happen if you match the strength of the opener with the number of cans you intend to impact.

Intended Scale of Operations

For what purpose do you plan to devote the opener? Is it only for small-scale home use or for large-scale commercial usage? Yet again, you have to make a choice appropriately. Large-scale usage often demands that you lay your hands on a tougher and very resilient piece of equipment.

Mode of Operations

These openers employ different approaches to eliminate the tops of the bottles or the cans on which they are deployed. Thanks to these variations, they also demand varying levels of operational expertise to tackle. You must be mindful of this metric as well in the course of making a suitable find.

Safety Features

Obviously, these apparatus are potentially dangerous. For your own safety, you have to choose one that is packed with loads of safety features as well. Check up the blades, the handles, and the levers as they are the worst affected for a large part. Be sure that they fit your hands well and are less inclined to harm.

Planned Longevity of Use

In total, for how long do you plan to devote the items for your use and engagement? If yours is for continual and prolonged usage, you want one that is heavy-duty and also pretty strong. That can only happen if it bears the similarly strong stainless steel material makeup.


With the insight we have generously provided, we are now confident that you have the psychological head start you badly need to make a great find. What now are you still waiting for? Is it not fine and perfect for you to move with speed and find an appropriate one for yourself?

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