Best Cheese Knife Reviews in 2021 You Can Buy


Are you a cheese lover? and want to use it to create delicious, healthy foods? To make this easier for you, choosing the best cheese knife is extremely important.

Here, we’ll present you with a list of the 15 most amazing user-rated products available today. Please follow the article to choose the best product for you.

Types of Cheese Knives

Should you chance to be a newcomer, you might confuse about how those tools work. In the event you’re just too comfortable with them, then this is going to be a piece of cake! There is a few regular and skilled cheese knives list under.

  • Soft Cheese Knife: Soft cheese knives are often brief and typically include a small curve. Many have holes within their blades that reduce friction when working with soft cheeses. Some gentle cheese knives comprise tines in their ends, which make it simple to pick up and serve the cheese question.
  • Stilton Scoop: In case you’re serving Stilton cheese, then forget about the cheese knife and use a conventional Stilton scoop. Work your way by the cheese’s center to its borders.
  • Hard Cheese Knife: Bears similarity to a tiny cleaver, using a nearly-straight blade plus a considerable feel.
  • Parmesan Cheese Knife: While a tough cheese knife will do the job for Parmesan or even Parmigiano-Reggiano, you might choose to try out a Parmesan knife to get all these extra-hard selections.
  • Cheese Plane: Pick for a Cheese Airplane when functioning semi-soft selections like Havarti or Fontina, or semi-hard cheeses like Gouda.
  • Brie Knife: If Brie is preferred, think about picking up a technical Brie knife. Having a counter blade helps for both lifting and cutting moves.
  • Chisel-Style Cheese Knife: If operating crumbly cheeses, a cookie-cutter could be best. Try another time you like Bleu cheese or Romano.
  • Cheese Slicer with Wire: A cheese slicer fitted using a cord is frequently a fantastic option for producing thin pieces of cheese for pleasure with crackers or on sandwiches. Some kinds are handheld, but some arrive with a cheese board attached.
  • Spreader-Style Cheese Knife: Select a spreading knife for cream-style cheeses, and if you are serving Gorgonzola, consider a specialized Gorgonzola, which offers a longer, thicker blade that’s meant to allow users to spread the thick blue cheese easily.

A number of these cheese knives are offered in sets, which makes it simple to serve guests in fashion. Whichever you select, think about adding a couple of special prong knives into your cheese board or platter. Somewhat nicer than a fork that is plain, all these tools are helpful for moving softly to medium-hard cheeses from serving dishes.

List of 15 Best Cheese Knife Reviews

1. LUNAR Premium 6-Piece Cheese Knife Set

The LUNAR Premium Cheese knife collection from ICOSA Living is a practical, appealing 6-piece knife set that comes with a spreader and a pronged fork, along with four-bladed knives. There is an etched knife using three broad pockets, a triangular-shaped spade, a wide flat knife, plus a narrow cleaver with a flat tip.

Each of the utensils features brief, curved handles, meaning all of them could possibly fit in your cheese board simultaneously.

The LUNAR is constructed of 100% stainless steel, and also, the set comes in a mailbox acceptable for lengthy storage. The cost point is also quite fair, particularly once you think about everything that is included in this set.

In the end, notice that LUNAR provides exceptional customer support –if you subscribe to their own email list, they will send you useful tips and recommendations on several different kinds of cheese and appropriate care of the merchandise.


  • Affordable price point
  • Beautiful stainless-steel build
  • Capable of cutting very thin pieces (about into the width of a cent )
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Won’t Occupy a Great Deal of kitchen area.


  • Small size could be problematic, particularly in the event that you have bigger hands.
  • May rust in the dishwasher without any appropriate attention and care.

2. Fairchild Tech Cheese Knife

It is not only for cheese! The Fairchild Tech “The Big Cheese Knife” is made from a nonstick substance that prevents gooey materials from clinging to the blade.

A yellow plastic handle makes it effortless to locate even in a crowded jar, and also, the 7-inch blade easily works its way through bigger cubes of cheese.

It cuts through milder cheeses, including butter, with no”pleating” the pieces and no sticking to the blade.

If you go through a lot of soft cheeses or will need to cut tacky baked products often, then look at adding it for your own collection. This knife is dishwasher safe, leading to simple cleanup.


  • Cuts Many Different things from gooey brownies to butter and cream cheese.
  • Creates thin pieces of cheese when demanded.


  • Knife suggestion is fragile and vulnerable to breakage.
  • Too elastic for hard cheeses

3. TOSCANA – a Picnic Time Brand Circo Cheese Board with Cheese Tools

Primarily, you may come to enjoy this intriguing Picnic Time Circo Cheese set since the entire bundle includes a cheese board and four various full-tang cheese knives.

Second, you’ll observe these cheese knives are produced from stainless steel that has a long-lasting attribute. This set includes a cheese plane, knife spreader, curved knife using a two-pronged tip, and you may cut the hard cheeses together with the final sharp cheese knife.

In addition, the cheese comes with a hollow moat and its capability to grab cheese brine or other fluids. You don’t need to think about cleaning it since its size is simply 10.2 inches, so you may enjoy your favorite cheese time with your loved ones.

Any cheese fans would consider that it places as a fantastic choice because of the board. Additionally, it’s different than other collections because the majority of the counterparts just feature the knives. Therefore this collection is easily impressed by a client who’s obsessed with cheese.

Should you chance to be a cheese fan, then this product collection is highly suggested for you. In addition, it includes a reasonable cost so that you are able to buy it in your life.


  • The set features a durable hardwood cheese board.
  • It is a perfect Selection for traveling and keeping in a picnic basket.
  • Additionally, it comes with a fair price
  • Its quality is Deemed outstanding.
  • This set is an Acceptable Selection for a present.


  • At times the cheese board may have the part cut displaying a raw, bare wood surface.

4. BOSKA Copenhagen Mini Knife Set Cheese Knives

We recommend this adorable miniature cheese knife set that includes four distinct knives use with tender, semi-soft, tough, and spreadable cheeses.

The gorgeous and uniform layout of every knife elevates the appearance of a cheese plate, or perhaps on the table for only a bite of fruit, cheese, and crackers. At the same time, the attractiveness of owning a pair of four knives would be the fact that nobody needs to wait for their turn to slits themselves a bit of cheese.

These knives can be miniature in size, but they’re powerful in functionality. The blades are made from durable stainless steel; however, the grips are hollow to get a lightweight, simple grip that feels great on your hands. And if all of the feastings is over, cleanup is a snap. Simply pop up the knives in the dishwasher, and you are done.


  • Attractive looking pair of four cheese knives
  • Each knife has a Particular use for tender, semi-soft, tough, or spreadable cheese.
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Hollow handles create the knives lightweight.
  • Dishwasher safe


  • It might be too small for big hands.

5. Prodyne CK-300 Multi-Use Cheese Knife

This is a terrific, versatile cheese knife that you can use for various foods. It is made of stainless steel and is 10 inches long using a 5.5-inch blade.

And its layout for an exceptional surface blade using a super sharp life serrated edge. Since this distinct open surface blade reduces friction once you employ it for lunch and other foods from sticking.

This knife is appropriate for all sorts of cheeses for an ideal slice, which provides thin and lean cheese bits each moment. And surprisingly, you may use it for veggies to vegetables and peeling. And also, this premium-grade cheese cutting knife created using a lasting bakelite handle, which includes 3 rivets that guarantee long-lasting functionality and comfortable grip.

Suppose you will need a flexible tool which you could use for cutting and cutting foods that are different. Therefore it could be the best knife to cut cheese to get a multipurpose cutting job! And otherwise, this is the best budget knife. Why you’re searching for a costly knife to cut the cheese?


  • A Fantastic tool that may use for vegetable and cheese
  • Very unique one surface blade style to decrease cutting friction
  • Lifetime super sharp serrated edge
  • Made from stainless steel
  • It’s a very durable bakelite handle.


  • Not Great for really difficult cheese and frozen butter

6. The Cheese Knife OKP2

The OKP2 is one knife as opposed to a pair, making its price line somewhat higher than a number of the other versions on our listing. But what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality.

The ridged plastic blade has the capacity to cut into both soft and hard kinds of cheese, and it is heat-resistant, around 430 degrees Fahrenheit. The handle is soft and easy to grip, so there is less risk of slippage during cutting-edge. All parts are dishwasher safe.

The blade slices through a brick of chilly cheddar as readily as though it were butter, and even soft cheeses such as Brie slide off on the cracker. 1 caveat: In case you would like to maintain the blade in prime condition, make use of the protective sleeve if you shop the knife. It is sturdy enough to stand up to all kinds of cheese, but it may not be a suit for your own metallic utensils on your drawers.


  • Powerful, multi-purpose blade.
  • Heat-resistant around 430 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • A versatile tool that may also be used to reduce ice cream or mousse cakes.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • The vinyl blade is more prone to chipping if not properly saved.
  • The handle is not as permanent as the blade, can snap if you are too rough with all the instrument.
  • Comparatively Large price point.

7. Global GS-10-5 1/2 inch, 14cm Cheese Knife

Having a slim, razor-sharp blade of molybdenum/vanadium Cromvoa 18 stainless steel, the Global GS-10 cheese knife also has a stainless steel handle, which provides dimpling for a secure, comfortable grip.

A finger notch situated between the blade and handle provides added security. The curved, serrated blade provides an open design for less adhering and contains prongs in its tip, allowing for simple pick-up before serving.

This technical knife is designed for cutting medium company to firm cheeses and includes a lifetime guarantee against defects and breakage.

Excellent weight, fine balance, and cuts extremely nicely. Minimum resistance to departure the knife.

If you love moderate to hard cheeses and have a tendency to buy average-sized cubes instead of very large ones, compared to this cheese knife may be precisely what you want.

Most reviewers have been highly happy with its functionality in addition to its own aesthetic. While not great for serving guests, it creates a pragmatic addition to the well-appointed kitchen.


  • The all-stainless steel structure is sensible and attractive.
  • It easily cuts through quite difficult cheese.


  • The handle may feel uneasy for Individuals with really large hands.
  • Some customers report difficulty becoming consistent-sized pieces.

8. J.A. Henckels International 5-Piece Cheese Set

The J.A Henckels International 5 piece cheese set is referred to as the greatest cheese collection on the current market. You don’t need to be concerned about the money since this cheese knife set has an affordable price.

In addition, the bundle includes four cheese knives plus a semi-heart sharped knife that may be used on hard cheeses and dispersing. A single rectangularly shaped knife is contained in this group for cutting and dispersing. When you have guests visiting your house, it is simple to serve together with all the two-pronged fork to discuss with your visitors.

As soon as you obtain this set, you’ll get a lifetime guarantee, which means that your investment doesn’t go to waste.

Additionally, another fantastic side of the set is the fact that it includes a dishwasher safe attribute, so you’ll spend less time cleaning it. It’s a win-win, correct?

This collection stems from Henckel’s firm is suggested for any cheese fans since they enjoy their goods that you don’t find in many companies nowadays.


  • It includes a fine cutting board.
  • Despite these tools are functional and heavy, they’re still very appealing.
  • The Entire collection is modest in size.
  • It comes at an Affordable Price.


  • No bag or box to store the knives

9. Exquisite 6-Piece Cheese Knives Set

This gorgeous pair of cheese knives is a necessity to boost the best table setting that contains a huge array of soft, tough, and green cheeses.

This wonderful set is particularly designed to function, cut, slice, shave, and then disperse all types of deliciously soft and hard cheese. Everything starts with the nice-sized, curved ergonomic handles, which are created from stunning acacia wood, and proceeds with the caliber stainless steel blades.

Easy to grasp, these knives do not disappoint as they firmly slit, cut or disperse cheese without developing a cluttered mess or blending different flavored cheeses.

Contained within this six-piece collection are just four cheese knives acceptable for cheeses of varying consistencies, cheese, and a cheese spreader.

Simple to wash and clean by hand, these cheese knives shouldn’t be placed into the dishwasher so that the standard of the wood grips can be preserved.

Packaged in a beautiful box with a bow, this collection also makes a perfect gift for the cheese lovers in your lifetime.


  • Six-piece cheese knife set
  • It contains four-cheese knives cheese and a cheese spreader
  • An attractive place with strong acacia wood grips


  • Not dishwasher safe

10. Model 1504 CUTCO Cheese Knife

Cutco is a recognizable name with specialist hands. Since they have a lot of different chefs and kitchen knives. However, this really is a 5-inch lovely product that’s created from high-quality 440A stainless steel.

Notably, its distinctive layout that assists in cutting soft butter and cheese, and some other food won’t ever stick to the blade. And it’s “Micro-D” serrated edge which you could use for cutting cheese.

This is actually a gorgeous knife to cut cheese, which has a propylene manage by Kraton. The black comfy handle provides the best grip and balance to decrease vegetables, cheese, and other fruits that are daily.

It may look that this is a really costly knife to cut cheese but remember it’s a versatile tool that you may use for multipurpose cooking tasks. Even already, there are lots of men and women that are delighted with this expert cheese knife!


  • You can cut soft and hard butter and cheese.
  • Produced from 440A high carbon stainless steel
  • Micro-D serrated edge
  • Your meals Won’t Ever stick to the blade.
  • Stunning Polypropylene handle for maximum stability & comfort


  • More expensive than other options

11. BOSKA 3pc Set Copenhagen, Stainless Steel, Explore Collection Cheese Knife

The Boska Holland Copenhagen is a stainless steel cheese knife collection comprised of 3 utensils: a single hollow knife using a pronged finish, one long slender blade for soft cheeses, and one wide blade.

Each knife has been cast as one piece, with handles long enough to prevent getting greasy during usage. The structure makes these knives particularly simple to wash.

Boska Holland offers customers a seven-year warranty on its products, which justifies the slightly higher price point with this particular set. The business has a very long history–dating back to 1896–plus they are based out of the Netherlands, an area which certainly knows its way around cheese.

If you’re searching for a simple, practical set of cheese knives, then the Copenhagen set is well worth a look.


  • Versatile set
  • Simple to wash
  • 10-year company guarantee
  • Beautiful stainless-steel structure


  • Utensils are on the side
  • Higher cost point compared to other utensils.

12. Messermeister 6-Inch Cheese Knife

Having a serrated stainless steel blade comprising curved prongs in its tip, this Messermeister knife proves to be a versatile kitchen workhorse, which users like. A fundamental black manage helps it blend in with other knives in your own collection.

This is a great knife with several uses. It is extremely powerful on soft and hard cheeses, soft veggies and fruits, moist bakery products, and dessert bread.

It is not meant to replace a complete set of cheese knives, it will offer quite a lot of flexibility in the kitchen.

Even though it isn’t intended for serving guests, it will make short work of big cheeses, enabling users to make thin, attractive pieces for snacks and party platters.


  • Versatile; not only for cheese
  • Makes paper-thin slices when you need them


  • Feels less powerful than some other products.
  • Vinyl handle instead of timber.

13. Cheese Knives: BlizeTec Cheese Slicer & Cutter Set

If you obtain this set, you’ll also get four essential cheese knife and slicer, all in 1 bundle. It includes three exceptional excellent cheese knives and a single serving fork for cutting on some tough, semisoft, company, and crumbly cheese.

Additionally, this 420 stainless steel collection is produced especially for cheese fans. Anyone who enjoys various kinds of cheese could select this merchandise as their perfect tool. You are able to prepare delicious cheese into different wholesome foods using this premium cheese knife collection.

Nonetheless, these cheese knives and instrument feature easily design and performance make them appear more elegant and simple to use with their lightweight design. They come in just 5.82 ounces and 5.3 inches. If you would like to keep them in your kitchen or cupboard, you can select a small size.

These tool handles include premium stainless steel attributes. This set helps upkeep job simpler, but it’s suggested that utilizing hand wash only for best performance in a very long duration.

Eventually, this cheese knife set supplies a gorgeous bundle so that you are able to provide this place as a birthday, mother’s day wedding party present.


  • This 1 bundle includes a fair price when comprising four tools.
  • It’s a lightweight design and Enables maintenance jobs easier.
  • It’s made of 420 stainless steel.
  • Could be a Perfect Selection for a present.
  • It’s Ideal for all events.


  • Doesn’t have a dishwasher safe attribute.

14. Freehawk Cheese Knife Set

Notably, a severe cheese enthusiast needs distinct cheese cutting and cutting gear. And this 6-piece cheese knife collection contains everything that you actually need.

This collection comes in the Freehawak cheese manufacturer, and It Has Pronged Knife, Heart Knife, Chisel Knife, Thin Knife, Serving Fork, Spreader Knife. And for much better functionality, all tools and knives made from top excellent kitchen-grade 304 stainless steel.

With this particular product set, you are going to love your soft and hard cheese. This collection has all of the needed tools for cutting, cutting, and serving.

All of these cheese-cutting masterpieces will impress you when you’re open the box and then use them afterward. Plus, it includes a gorgeous box, which makes it a perfect present for Christmas, mom days, birthdays, and birthdays.


  • Produced from kitchen-grade 304 stainless steel
  • Rust-resistant and very easy to clean
  • It comes with a lovely gift box
  • Offered in different colors and dimensions
  • Comfortable and attractive layout
  • Lightweight and easy to save


  • This collection is not a perfect choice for those who adore wooden handle.

15. HARVEST Premium 6-Piece Cheese Knife Set

ICOSA Living assembles the HARVEST six-piece knife place with a sturdy stainless steel build and manages made of fine walnut timber. Contained are a hollow knife, a shovel, a dispersing tool, a wide chisel, a narrow chisel, and a wide-pronged fork.

Despite their two-toned look, the blades are full tang construction, meaning the blades operate the whole length of this piece with the manage attachments”trapped” to both sides. This provides them excellent balance and weight, which makes it easy for anybody to utilize, and this really is the most powerful kind of knife structure.

The very low price point with this collection makes it among the best values on our listing. As a bonus, it comes equipped with a useful guide on the best approaches to utilize each knife.

Our main complaints are using the timber finish, which is not elegant enough to stand up to repeated washings, and also the dimensions, which is little enough to garner comments from a number of our larger-boned guests.

In general, however, this really is a flexible, appealing, and totally acceptable set of cheese knives.


  • Versatile multi-tool set
  • Fantastic price point
  • Attractive finish
  • Well-balanced knives with blades that are sturdy.
  • The included guide helps newbies Pick the Appropriate knives for your cheeses they will be serving.


  • Knives are on the side.
  • Wood finish May Not stand up to numerous washings.
  • Sets will sometimes be sent with lost and/or replicate pieces.

How To Choose the Best Cheese Knife


This greatly depends on substance, coating, finish & manufacturer quality. The caliber is the first note of just how long that your cheese knife collection will do. All these are a cost in your property, on your kitchen, & ought to forever endure for decades or even additional with regular care.


Make sure you think about how you’re going to use your cheese knife. If you’re planning to utilize it in order to serve guests, select something trendy. If you are prepping a lot of cheese and merely desire to cut it readily while providing attractive, even pieces, then you’ll love something much more utilitarian. Think about choosing a kitchen knife constructed particularly for cheese, also consider including a cheese wire, also.

Size of Cheeses

Employing the right cheese knives can exhibit the cheese with a little and gorgeous appearance. If you deal with big cubes of cheese, then you might need strong tools. Should you happen to purchase cheese in bulk, then you need to take into account a two-handed cheese slicer to generate the cutting job simpler.

Despite these tools require just a bit of storage space, they include a decent price when assisting you in slicing massive cheeses into a number of small sizes.

Additionally, the two-handed cheese slicers may take another job like cutting out cakes and other desserts into amazing foods in your life.


We enjoy seeing ceramic & Stainless-Steel, something which may be elegant, sharpened, return to its own full-glory when it comes & utilize all of the blades. Give focus on plating & coating; you also want a cheese knife set that will reach the test of time.


Surprisingly enough, it’s possible to discover a wonderful cheese knife for under $20, and sets of spreaders opt to get a similar cost. Obviously, a few cheese knives go for well over $100, plus some come in at more than $200.


Cheese is really tasty and healthy, and you’ll be able to use them to create various foods.

Any of the goods on this list could be a worthy addition to your kitchen. Hopefully, you are able to make your mind up on determining the best cheese knife to cut down soft and hard cheese after going through this post.

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