11 Best Cookie Press Reviews of 2021 You Can Choose


Everyone loves delicious cookies. They are not just for children nowadays. Anyone, irrespective of how old they’re likes to gratify beautiful cookies in various flavors and types.

For making a huge batch of sugar cookies for any event, a cookie press (or cookie gun) streamlines the procedure.

Deciding on the best cookie press can be hard and time-consuming since there are lots of facts to take into account. But if you maintain our hints and suggestions in your mind, you will easily find the most suitable one for you!

What Is a Cookie Press?

A cookie press is a little kitchen gadget that’s also handheld, and you also use it to put your cookie dough into different layouts. You might have a flower, center design, snowmen along with other contours.

Someone would ask why to purchase It once you are able to use the pastry bag.

Obviously, you may use the pastry bag to pipe your biscuits.

But using a cookie press, you will have more contour choices.

For many meals, visual appeal is essential. The fantastic shapes, colors, and feel will tempt you into eating all these snacks and food.

As a result, if, for instance, you’re making biscuits for a purpose, you’ll require a product that may make unique shapes of biscuits.

List of 11 Best Cookie Press Reviews

Have a look at our top 11 selections for the best cookie press, all of which can be highly rated by reviewers! We have included different products to match various requirements.

1. Marcato Atlas Biscuit Maker Press

It is made from a mixture of tough anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and a small bit of ABS (a durable, food-safe plastic version ).

Besides its solid structure, it includes a huge array of cookie discs, which means that you are able to extrude around 20 distinct traditional cookie shapes.

The plan of the one is also good; a lot simpler to work with than more conventional choices, as it’s a thinner figure and a”pump design” handle. This makes it far more comfortable usage than an I have noticed. However, this is really a layout that’s captured on a lot lately.

All told, this alternative is fantastic. Obviously, owing to its quality, you are paying a small premium on it, but I think that it’s worth what you get in return: superior structure, layout, and flexibility.


  • Comfortable and easy to use lever pump layout.
  • Incredibly durable aluminum, steel, and ABS plastic design.
  • It has a huge array of cookie disks for making ideal cookies in a massive selection of layouts.
  • Simple to fill.
  • Comes apart for easier cleaning.


  • Somewhat expensive compared to other alternatives.

2. OXO Good Grips Cookie Press 

OXO has raised the bar to a massive scope with this brilliant cookie press. It’s an easy manual product that’s constructed from a blend of stainless steel and plastic material. The disc material is your best one and doesn’t rust or rust with time. It requires the least upkeep.

You will find 12 discs available on this particular model readily available in a variety of shapes such as daisy, sunflower, fleur-de-lis, blossom, stand, shell, leaf, center, snowflake, tree, and anger. This is a superb product to purchase for Christmas and revel in cookie making along with your children.

This version may be employed to create consistent cookies in each use. The non-slip foundation of this press keeps it glued and sturdy at one place whilst dispensing dough.

You need to pull on the lever to create cookies, and it’s fairly comfortable for repeated use. Due to the obvious cylinder framework, you can keep a check on the total amount of dough stayed.

This really is an excellent machine; however, you’ll require some training to comprehend smooth usage. So, do your best not to purchase it near an event in the event you’ve got to take some exercise batches and days. Additionally, the handle substance is much less robust.


  • Releases consistent cookies every time
  • Stainless steel disks are durable.
  • A clear framework to keep a check on staying dough
  • An excellent gift for Christmas


  • Users may need some training from the specialist using this system.
  • The handle substance could have been improved.

3. Wilton Preferred Press Cookie Press

This very affordable cookie press is effective in making cookies for a couple of minutes. It includes twelve shaped disks for your own variety in choice. Therefore, it is possible to easily decorate cookies to your own taste.

This apparatus includes a cone in which you add cookie dough indoors. Anyway, you just push down the handle to allow the dough to come out readily. Additionally, the handle is soft enough to traction with no hassle, nothing you often face problem in grip power.

Its structure is a blend of plastic and metal materials. Additionally, this appliance may withstand corrosion during usage. What’s more, components can liquefy just for ease of cleaning and upkeep.

In any case, you can assess the quantity of cookie dough left in a transparent barrel. You disperse the cookie dough through discs evenly using a high-quality plunger. The item is accompanied by an hourglass layout to meet your hand dimensions when in use.


  • Minimum effort to Generate cookie fast
  • Excellent corrosion-resistant feature
  • Effortless to eliminate parts
  • Clear instructions
  • Simple to See the cookie dough using a translucent design
  • Easy to change discs between cookie batches
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Low cost
  • Quick to create cookies with proper shapes
  • Powerful to Avoid the cookie dough from sticking


  • Contain some plastic components Which Make the cookie press less lasting than Anticipated
  • Take time to use fluently.
  • Hard to Deal with the very thick dough
  • It doesn’t include decorating tips

4. Kuhn Rikon Clear Cookie Press and Decorating Bottle

With a big clear barrel, the press allows you to find the dough staying indoors. The compact design allows you to utilize the press with one hand easily. Simply follow the easy instruction that accompanies the press, and you’ll get accustomed to it in almost no time.

With 10 different disc layouts, it is possible to create many amazing cookies that you’re proud to function. It is possible to use the press to produce adorable nostalgic Spritz cookies for many events.

The press also includes fun recipes and easy-to-follow directions; check them out for additional information. The barrel is removable and dishwasher safe; it is possible to put it on the dishwasher top rack. Hand washes the discs only; differently, it may corrode.


  • Easy to use, clean, and keep


  • The substance should be Somewhat firmer

5. Wilton Comfort Grip Cookie Press

The principal reason this version deserved its place in my list is its own cost. So far as budget-friendly options go, this really is the best cookie press for the purchase price.

What you get is an all-plastic press using a surprisingly comfy ergonomic handle, which is fantastic for making larger batches (your palms will be grateful for this ), along with 12 discs for developing a number of shapes. And yes, they are plastic, also.

But because that which is plastic, it will feel flimsy. There were moments where I had been convinced it’d crack. It did not, but I am still not too confident it will not happen anytime soon. On the other hand, it will not corrode, right?

The cookies do not come out looking quite good, though. I really don’t mean to seem like a know-it-all; however, I have made biscuits a thousand times before, so it is safe to presume that the press is at fault.

Overall, given the superb standing Wilton has, I love to think about the version as the black sheep in the family. Do not get me; it’s alright — not wonderful.


  • It includes 12 plastic discs.
  • The translucent cylinder helps keep an eye on the dough.
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • It is extremely affordable.


  • It seems like it might break at any time.
  • It is Somewhat difficult to get the Ideal cookie Form.
  • It is not dishwasher-safe.

6. Marcato Atlas Deluxe Biscuit Maker Cookie Press

What greater way to produce cookies than using a press that’s in your favorite color. Coming in 6 color choices, you receive your fantasy selection with all the Marcato 8307RD Atlas Deluxe. Contained with 20 stainless steel cookie shapes, you get everything with this merchandise.

You do not want the strain of cutting or rolling dough together with the 8307RD Atlas. At whatever feeling, it presses out it firmly. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable and easy to use. Additionally, you can easily correct your cookie size from big to small with only the turn of its knob.

In small dimensions, you obtain a return of 35 to 40 biscuits, while in a substantial atmosphere, you get 20 to 25 biscuits. Just remove the cap, add the desired cookie perish, fill with dough, replace its best and then press on the handle.

Easy to disassemble for cleaning and refilling, it sports super durable anodized steel, aluminum, and ABS components. With its comprehensive instructions and 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, you may make biscuits day-in, day-out, for this item!


  • Color versions to select from.
  • Twenty stainless steel cookie discs.
  • Company press gets rid of the requirement to roll up or cut down dough.
  • Comfortable and simple to use.
  • Adaptive large/small cookie setting.
  • Easy to disassemble.
  • Made with high-quality components.
  • Detailed documentation.
  • 10-year warranty.


  • Not transparent.

7. Fante’s Easy Cookie Press

Applying this unit, you’ll be amazed to understand that earning cheese straws isn’t a challenging task in any way. If you’re also seeking to make homemade Italian cookies, you are able to create your dream to reality.

It includes five imaginative shapes that slip right to the area, so you get exact cookies or other meals all of the time. You do not need to handle the hassle, such as the conventional cookie cutters, and also, this contemporary tool will not ask that you roll up the dough.

Loading the components is simple. Begin by opening the top cover by unscrewing it, then fill out the dough, select your preferred shape, slide it lightly, then flip the handle. You’ll be able to see the magic then.

For each and every turn of the deal, the dough will probably be pressed evenly and slowly, which provides you precisely shaped cookies. Each of the components could be dissembled easily for cleanup. Wash it with your own hand in warm and warm water and make it dry for a while. Want further advice? Use the documentation which is included with the bundle.


  • The contours slide easily with the device.
  • No sticky mess
  • Handles can be readily turned.
  • Cleaning Isn’t Tough.
  • Highly Acceptable for creating cheese straws


  • Leaks on the medial side
  • Weak design

8. Wilton Simple Success Cookie Press

An excellent budget choice, from precisely the exact same brand as our runner up. The Wilton Simple Success is pure vinyl and prices about 2/3 of what model will run you.

It is a fantastic deal, particularly since this does not have as a number of the very same troubles with the metallic components meshing poorly with all the plastic pieces, but the total decrease in quality would be to its acute detriment.

The plastic construction means that this can put less power without breaking up, so the denser dough does not work too here. Likewise, the disks themselves being manufactured from plastic reduces the total longevity of the option by quite a bit.

It is far better than the vast majority of what is in the marketplace to get cookie presses but only does not stand up to what the much better choices on this listing may bring to the table.

Nonetheless, it is a fantastic economical alternative and maybe a fantastic selection for an experimental endeavor that may ruin the press with its own nature; therefore might be worth picking up on a purchase if you are attempting to do some DIY food science.


  • Easy to use trigger layout.
  • Adequate structure for the purchase price.
  • Very cheap.
  • Adequate range of discs.


  • It breaks readily with stiffer dough, which makes this a bad main choice in the long run.

9. Cuisinart CCP-10 Electric Cookie Press

For somebody who would like an electrical version, this is actually the Cuisinart cookie press that’s advanced and among its type. This version is produced with vinyl and stainless-steel substance. It’s uncompromised quality and contains a 3-years guarantee to guard your buy.

Additionally, it includes 12 discs shaped differently. To offer you a greater baking experience, it’s also talented with 8 stainless steel decorating hints. It’s possible to create biscuits in flexible fashions. The measurements of the disk are 3-4/5 x 3-4/5 x 9 inches. This is likely to make regular sized cookies.

Becoming an electrical version, you can anticipate great consistency out of this system. It’s a one-touch operation to get a smooth and constant flow. The tube provides you a see-through of the remaining part of the machine.

The purchase price of this version is extremely high that can stop many buyers from making a buy. Additionally, the plastic used in its manufacturing might have been a great deal better than the one it’s.


  • It comes with 12 stainless steel disks and 8 decorating hints
  • Very consistent cookies made with all the press
  • One-touch functioning of this machine
  • Smooth Use of this machine


  • The Cost of this version is too high.
  • Vinyl utilized is of inexpensive quality.

10. Ourokhome Cookie Press Maker Machine

This product of Ourokhome includes a large, translucent tube, so you won’t pour the cookie dough frequently. In any case, it is possible to readily see the sum of dough left indoors. This gadget will create consistent cookies quickly.

It’s constructed from BPA-free plastic. Consequently, it includes a nontoxic, durable structure. Besides, you can eliminate its components to wash quickly. It’s equipped with three discs to create fantastic cookies.

Additionally, all of the stainless steel bits are thickened; therefore, this appliance is powerful and long-lasting usage.

In addition, you clean dead stains quickly, as a result of removable pieces.


  • Effortless to clean up
  • Fantastic layout
  • Powerful to restrain the dimensions of the biscuits
  • Simple to Use
  • Reasonable Price
  • Versatile patterns to pick


  • The tube could be deciphered when in use
  • The cookie dough can stick readily to the base.

11. Kuhn Rikon Clear Cookie Press

Kuhn Rikon Clear Cookie Press is made up of a translucent plastic body that allows you to find the contents inside. Its components are food quality; also it includes 14 interchangeable discs of cookie designs.

You’re able to make use of these disks for customizing your biscuits. And, may also use this apparatus to produce your icing, patties, or coulis successfully.

It offers you a premium grade. Made with stainless steel and vinyl, it is going to persist for a lengthy time. This makes it compatible for professional or home use.

This item is user friendly and is dishwasher safe. Additionally, easy to pull aside for cleaning and loading, it has a recipe book in its own pack.


  • Transparent body to see content level.
  • Food grade materials used in their own construct.
  • Industrial usage is harmonious.
  • 14 cookie disk patterns.
  • Easy to disassemble.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Works best with tender dough.
  • Works better when not as complete.

Buying Guide for Best Cookie Press

Prior to picking the best cookie press, then here are a few items to consider to assist you to decide which works best for you personally.

  • Material: Presses out there include stainless steel structure, which makes the surface evenly simple to clean and resistant to absorbing odors and stains. These presses are designed with durability in mind and will persist for a lengthy moment. Another alternative is plastic. These presses are somewhat less lasting but lighter than stainless steel.
  • Easy To Clean: Of all of the kitchen gadgets now, the 1 thing we frequently want is to be certain it is simple to wash them. In reality, I prefer the ones which it is possible to wash in a dishwasher to prevent the cleaning procedure entirely.
  • Capacity: A lot of the time, making cookies with a cookie press will be in reloading the dough. The bigger the canister, the less frequently you will want to reload the press.
  • Turn: This cookie press employs a kind of handle that works out when pushing the dough through the system, making it the perfect style for anyone who has arthritis or weak hands since it is a lot easier to use and doesn’t need that you pull the trigger.
  • Price: Cookie presses come in a selection of prices. Many are extremely affordable, although cordless or electric versions may be more than double the cost of a manual.

Tips for Using a Cookie Press

The craft of pressing cookies can be hard to master. Problems such as fickle cookies, sticky bread, difficulty breaking biscuits, and more, among other small things may get frustrating if you are not adequately prepared. To get first-timers, here are a couple of tips to Make Sure that things go smoothly:

  1. Use recipes made for this particular sort of cookie press. Otherwise, you run the danger of breaking up the press or messing up your biscuits.
  2. Don’t use greased baking sheets or parchment paper. The very best approach to utilize a cookie press is contrary to a bare, ungreased baking sheet to make sure the biscuits stick to it correctly after being shaped. The biscuits will unstick on the surface as soon as they’re finished baking.
  3. Take some time when starting out. Remove the air from the press and set it flat on the baking sheet. Press down firmly and dip until you lift the apparatus to allow the dough end to settle on the sheet. In this manner, everyone the biscuits will probably be evenly-sized.
  4. Do not panic if the biscuits appear small initially; they’ll grow and company up as they inhale, provided that you followed the recipe.
  5. Focus on the recommendations of the maker when deciding on your cookie press, since the depth of dough which every model can manage varies. Some versions are made specifically for soft, airy doughs and might not have the power to maintain up to thicker varieties. The very last thing you need to do is unintentionally damage your brand-new press.

It is quite simple to get the hang of pressing cookies as soon as you get it done a couple of times. But you should always start slow and follow the instructions included in the guide that comes with the press


When you haven’t added a cookie press to your own kitchen gear, now’s the moment. It may be used for much more than simply making perfect and yummy shortbread cookies each moment, but you may also create cheese straws, fill deviled eggs, or rice cakes and biscuits.

Selecting the best cookie press may end up being a little challenging. Utilize the strategies and information above to assist you in finding the best merchandise for you.

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