12 Best Crepe Pan Reviews of 2021 You Should Know


For a lot of people around the planet, the crepe is your best approach to begin their day. It’s healthful and incredibly delicious.

You do not have to be a master crepe chef to generate a fantastic crepe. You simply need the ideal gear.

To really perform the paper-thin delicacy justice, then you will want to get a committed crepe pan.

We’ve completed the best crepe pan inspection to assist our readers in determining all of the critical characteristics to nail the best option. You could even locate top-tier recommendations within this review to generate a simple purchase.

Why Use a Crepe Pan Instead of Using a Regular Pan?

The reality is, you might even make excellent crepes at a normal pan; nonetheless, spreading the batter equally and attaining an even cook can be complicated. Crepe pans were created for use on the cooker, similarly to ordinary pans.

They are made from a much thinner substance that makes it possible for the pan to achieve high temperatures and make the touch browning on the crepe. What’s more, the rims are somewhat reduced, letting you spread the batter by means of a spreader easily.

When cooking crepes with a routine skillet, you can encounter a few troubles. The bottom may not be completely flat, causing the batter to spread. Another factor is that the heat supply — a few pans have a tendency to heat gradually or make hot spots, which will bring about an unevenly cooked crepe.

Crepe pans can also be exceptionally versatile and can cook eggs and flapjacks — essentially anything that does not call for a solid rim.

List of 12 Best Crepe Pan Reviews

Here’s a thorough review of my merchandise where I talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the 12 best Crepe Pan. This section will provide you more persuasive information to produce your final order.

1. Cuisinart 623-24 Chef’s Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 10-Inch Crepe Pan

Cuisinart’s 10-inch non-stick crepe pan is well-loved by several. It will make a fine-sized crepe you’ll be able to stuff with all sorts of ingredients. It is going to also be easy to keep on your cupboard. It is made by a trustworthy manufacturer and comes at a budget cost.

Its handle is stainless steel and will remain cool as you are cooking. You won’t need to think about grabbing an oven mitt to deal with this pan if you don’t choose to stick it in the oven. It is oven safe up to 500 levels Fahrenheit.

The lip with this pan ensures that the crepe batter can disperse all of the ways to the borders without running. Together with the nonstick coating, you will use less oil to maintain your crepes from adhering. This makes it a fantastic alternative for anyone wanting to eat much healthier.

Last, Cuisinart gives this product a limited lifetime guarantee. You may call customer support and they will help you substitute the pan. They will cover it if you’ve got problems because of manufacturing defects. Ensure that you follow proper care instructions for this particular item.


  • The non-stick coating is easy to clean.
  • Lightweight and oven-safe around 500 degrees F
  • Limited, lifetime guarantee.
  • The stainless steel handle stays cool.


  • No more crepe spatula included.
  • Non-stick may work out with improper usage.
  • Must avoid using heat to maintain pan from warping.

2. Mauviel M’Heritage M150C Crepes Pan

Favored by Michelin-starred chefs throughout the planet, Mauviel’s handmade aluminum cookware is both stylish and functional.

Since copper is still an outstanding conductor of heat, this pan will probably warm-up considerably faster than many others and promises to nourish your crêpes evenly and quickly.

Complete with solid stainless steel handles that remain cool and nice during use, the pan may be used on gasoline, electrical, and halogen stovetops, in addition to in the oven.


  • Taking into consideration the amount of craftsmanship.
  • Cost is quite affordable.


  • You will want to purchase Mauviel’s induction cooker top port disk if you would like to utilize It on induction stovetops.

3. Cook N Home 10.25-Inch Nonstick Heavy Gauge Crepe Pancake Pan Griddle

Cook N Home isn’t quite as well-known as other businesses, but lots of individuals have learned in their pans. They provide excellent advantages, like using a handle that’s lightweight and comfortable to assist control and interrogation, for starters.

They also supply controlled heating and no hot spots, making cooking easier. Additionally, it works on a lot of distinct stoves, although it isn’t recommended for glass stoves. The base of It may scratch the cooker. But it works fine on other stoves and is not going to scratch them. It’s likewise not induction prepared.

If you’re cooking anything aside from crepes in this pan, then make certain you’re preparing horizontal foods over different kinds of foods since this can ensure optimum taste and the best utilization of this pan.

Make certain you don’t place this in the oven as this isn’t dishwasher safe. It is, nevertheless, dishwasher safe. This saves energy and time on cleaning, making you more inclined to utilize the pan over and over again.


  • Versatile and good for different foods.
  • Easy to Manage.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Chemical odor.
  • The non-stick wears off.
  • The coat is more likely to come off.

4. De Buyer Crepe Pan, Blue Steel, Made in France

Although contemporary crepe pans are excellent, if you’re searching for an authentic crepe pan that’s been crafted in France, which is also the state where crepes came out, then that is a pan that you would rather not overlook.

The pan consists of an exceptional substance called blue steel. This substance differs from the traditional aluminum or steel since it seasons with the longer you use it, the greater it’s in its own properties linked with non-stickiness and endurance.

This occurs because of an organic coating referred to as patina’ being shaped on the grim steel which develops with greater use and time.

Many professionals prefer this organic non-sticky coating to artificial ones because of the amazing blue-black look in addition to because of the fact it doesn’t have the danger of containing toxic compounds related to the artificial non-toxic coating.

And moreover, nothing could be more gratifying than having a kitchen tool that gets better with time rather than wearing out.

The plan of this pan also demonstrates that it’s been crafted by those that are genuinely knowledgeable about creating crepes. The borders are flared, which lets you reverse the crepes easily and to move the crepe into the plate.

The pan’s thickness has also been reduced into the proper shallowness that will assist you to make absolutely thin crepes each moment.

The grip was shaped so you are able to have a comfortable grip, letting you have the best quantity of control on how you need to swirl the crepe mixture on the pan.

Not only are you able to create crepes on this pan, but you may also use it to create omelets, pancakes, or to braising vegetables and meat.


  • Made from blue steel that creates a natural non-stick surface Rather than a synthetic one.
  • The pan becomes more experienced and the surface Gets better with usage and overtime.
  • The handle is contoured to give you the best grip and control.
  • You can use this pan for distinct cooking functions Aside from making crepes.
  • The shallow inside and the curved borders give you flexibility in making your crepes, Which Makes It Simple for you to reverse or swirl your own crepe.


  • The directions have to be carefully followed to create the non-stick coating, especially when You’re utilizing the pan for the first time.
  • It needs to be dried completely after each wash to prevent it from rusting.

5. Nordic Ware Traditional French Steel Crepe Pan

This 10-inch crepe pan from Nordic Ware is the perfect size for conventional French crepes. It is made from aluminized steel, which combines exceptional heat supply and durability to get a long-lasting pan.

It sports a non-stick coating that allows you to rapidly reverse the crepes, in addition to making cleaning easier. It is not secure for dishwashers, however, so use a mild detergent and warm water.

As must be the case with a high-quality crepe pan, then the rims are shallow and made from galvanized steel for additional strength. Moreover, the stainless steel handle is comparatively long, providing you more stability when trapping or turning the batter.

Be aware that this pan is endorsed with a 10-year guarantee, which provides excellent reassurance regarding build quality.


  • The aluminized steel foundation combines the efficacy of aluminum with the strength of steel.
  • Shallow rims.
  • Long, stainless steel handle.
  • 10-year warranty.


  • Users discovered that the non-stick coating started to processor after a time.

6. Large Crepe Pan 10 Inch Nonstick Coating and Bakelite Handle

This pan is made of 4-layer aluminum which ensures heat is fast and even in precisely the exact same moment. Using aluminum entails it is scratch-resistant and durable. The high-quality nonstick coating allows for simple release and cleanup. There’s not any requirement for having a crepe spreader.

The premium quality of this non-stick coating saves you a great deal of oil. You shouldn’t spray oil onto the pan because the crepe works out superbly without using any resources.

France and Germany are the countries that produce the best pan for crepes. Durability is one of the biggest benefits of this product. Thus, you have a Crepe pan 60-day protection which permits a money-back guarantee and also the maximum caliber of customer services.

This is a massive pan. Thus, you might even use it for making pancakes, tortillas, roasted vegetables, scrambled eggs, and other foods also.


  • A large diameter guarantees an assortment of uses.
  • The aluminum body is scratch resistant.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Not fit for all sorts of ranges.
  • Too light and thin.

7. Saflon Titanium 11-Inch Crepe Pan

This Pan has a non-toxic coating that can be resistant to repeated scratches from you.

This Saflon Titanium Non sticks Scratch Resistant Crepe Pan is extremely eco friendly. It is possible to easily ditch it in the dishwasher and forget about it completely.

Along with being a non-stick coating, this it can also be cadmium-free, lead-free, and PFOA free.

Even when you’re just beginning, you can get professional-looking crepes using the thick throw aluminum pan.

It may heat up very fast then deliver a dependable and even distribution of heat across the surface of the pan each time you attempt to create your crepes inside.

This product is much thicker than your typical crepe pan since it’s 4mm of quality forged aluminum that provides a more powerful and thicker pan.

It’s also coated with three distinct layers of the very premium Quan Titanium titanium non-stick coating to get a durable texture to your crepe pan.


  • Crepe skillet with 4 mm cast aluminum thickness.
  • Titanium coating is resistant to scrape and stickiness.
  • Eco-friendly features with dish-washer security.
  • Cadmium-free, lead-free, PFOA free.


  • The conclusion will come off with rough handling.
  • Quite heavy for prolonged usage by hand.

8. Cuisinart French Classic Tri-Ply Stainless 10-Inch Nonstick Crepe Pan 

This is another thing from Cuisinart that’s the best French crepe pan in timeless layout. This one can also be appropriately profound and great enough to flip the crepe from the pan.

The core material employed in the creating is aluminum, and it’s tri-ply stainless steel components. The foundation can also be made from stainless-steel substance, which assists in an excellent supply of warmth.

This really is an induction-ready version. It’s also coated with a non-toxic coating that will assist you to bake much better. Additionally, you can wash this item handily.

The company handle is very efficient and features stay-cool property. It’s also quite comfy to hold. To make it even more appealing, this version is dishwasher safe and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

You may need to keep up It to reduce corroding. Additionally, the non-stick coating could come off shortly. Additionally, this can induce food. Additionally, that is thicker than other versions.


  • Suitably deep for the best flipping
  • That is induction ready.
  • The deal is quite solid and firm.
  • The stay-cool handle is more comfortable to hold.


  • This model is thicker than competitive models.
  • The non-stick coating could come off shortly.
  • You’ll need to keep this merchandise to avoid oxidization.

9. Scanpan Classic 10-Inch Crepe Pan

Standard craftsmanship meticulously coupled with a Scandinavian design and equipped with the latest technology — this is the way a Scanpan Classic Crepe pan has been described.

Scanpan Classic Crepe pan a 10-inch diameter. Its patented non-stick foundation with perfect thickness permits for searing, browning, and deglazing and prevents the pan from warping. Thus, create your ultra-thin crepes with this crepe pan with no fuss.

It is made from aluminum that’s hand-cast beneath 200 tons of strain. The non-stick surface making it much easier to wash. This product for use for stir-frying and baking up to 500 degrees. The squeeze cast body provides a uniform heat supply to guarantee a consistent and efficient cooking experience.

Scanpan Classic pan includes a spring-locked phenolic plastic handle, which provides perfect treatment. The pan has a glass cap, which enables you to view your food while cooking.

Produced in Denmark to exacting demands and criteria, the top excellent pan is dishwasher safe and PFOA-free.


  • The skillet permits you to make great crepes with no irregular hot spots.
  • The flexible cookware is PFOA-free.
  • Squeeze-cast body Provides consistent cooking performance.
  • An optimal base depth provides even heat distribution.


  • Even though it’s dishwasher safe, hand washing is suggested.
  • Limited warranty
  • Pan Isn’t too mild.

10. Calphalon Commercial Nonstick 10-Inch International Griddle/Crepe Pan

This is a business that’s famous for quality. They have a three-layer structure with a tough anodized exterior too. Having a heart made from aluminum, this firm is also showing they care about the surroundings.

Like many others on this listing, this pan is excellent for low carb cooking and is the best for different meals besides crepes. If you enjoy tortillas, omelets, grilled cheese, or other things of that character, then this could rank high in your list for your best crepe pan since you may make all of them.

If you’re utilizing your crepe pan for reduced fat, then you do not need to use butter or oil; that is a bonus, and this particular pan involves a unique edition recipe card, which could be useful.

It may burn quickly, and after it does, you need to be worried about the substances. Many have thrown their pans because of fear of being poisoned before acquiring a brand new one from precisely the exact same firm, which demonstrates they still hope for the corporation.

Aside from that, nevertheless, these pans provide you an even heat supply to ensure to have optimum cooking requirements.


  • Fantastic customer service.
  • Heavier than normal to help cook.
  • Very flexible.


  • Prone to shedding its non-stick ability.

11. Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Crepe Pan

If you’re interested in finding a high-end crepe pan and need to include aesthetics and quality to your kitchen set, then this is a specialist standard crepe pan that you could depend on to create excellent crepes each moment.

The tooth coating of the pan gives it a nonstick surface, which makes it the best pan for making crepes, provides it the tasteful black inside, and makes it much easier to wash.

The cast iron construction makes this pan exceptionally durable and leaves it a pan that may be utilized with all types of heating sources, such as wood, fire or coal ovens, gas or electric stoves, induction stove, etc.

This pan is extremely effective at keeping heat, so it’s going to continue to keep the crepe warm for a longer period if you maintain the crepes with this pan.

The handle can be shaped in a manner that provides you maximum control over the pan and can be made within an angle to keep your hands away from warmth.

What’s better about this pan is that it includes a wooden spreader, which you could use to disperse the crepe mixture on the surface of the pan to make those equally thin, flawless crepes that most of us wish to have the ability to craft.


  • It really durable and provides it an elegant look.
  • May be used with all types of heating sources.
  • Easy to clean and to keep.
  • It’s a non-stick interior coating.
  • Handle is intended to supply you with a comfy grip.


  • The pan is a ton heavier in comparison to other pans.
  • Care must be taken to not throw the pan into cold water if it’s hot as it may cause thermal shock along coating could be damaged.

12. CHEFMADE Mini Crepe Pan

The ChefMade Mini Crepe Pan steps just 6 inches around, which makes it among the smallest in the marketplace. It is made from durable carbon steel, which helps to keep a consistent warmth for optimum crepe outcomes. Additionally, it’s compatible with a variety of cooktops and is safe to use at temperatures reaching 446 degrees Fahrenheit.

Though this is a cute small pan, I enjoy that it is resistant to wash and paired with a strengthened riveted handle, making the pan more secure when cooking. The handle will even remain cool to the touch, so there is minimal danger there.

The non-toxic coating is constructed from food-grade silicone and doesn’t have any PTFE and PFOA. It can withstand high temperatures and requires cooking fat — perfect for crepes.

Be aware that this pan is not dishwasher safe. However, it’s still easy to wash. Only use warm, soapy water to remove any possibly stubborn pieces.


  • Durable carbon steel construction.
  • Chemical-free, non-toxic coat.
  • The silicone handle stays cool.
  • It can withstand high temperatures.
  • Compatible with induction cookers.


  • Not dishwasher-safe.
  • Too little for some.

How To Choose the Best Crepe Pans?

Even though the best crepe pan saver requires only some basic attributes, it’s a mistake not attentively to consider them over. Here are the most significant things which you ought to check to acquire something that’s excellent value for the money.

  • Materials: Aluminized steel is a good option since it has the capability to conduct heat evenly. Meaning your crepe will not be undercooked at the center while the borders are burnt. Cast iron is an alternative since this metal is very heat resistant. In reality, it may be used over any heat source, such as a campfire.
  • Weight: It’s an important characteristic to think about since you’ll need to lift the pan to stir fry and twist the crepe. You definitely need a skillet as opposed to a heavy version. At precisely the exact same time, it should not be too mild; it hampers the sturdiness.
  • Size: Next, the thing that you would like to think about if purchasing a crepe pan would be your size (origin ). The normal dimensions for many commercial purposes will be 15 3/4 inches or 16 inches. As for house crepe making, you rather require something bigger such as 13 inches of griddle plate.
  • Handle: It is vital to have a secure grip on the deal when creating crepes. Managing the pan might be near impossible if the deal becomes too hot to touch-base. I love to search for heat-proof handles where potential — these could be stainless steel or silicone.
  • Design: Crepe pans will need to be shallow with a flat inner surface since we need the crepes to become lean. The faces of It may be lightly sloping, allowing switching of your crepes.
  • Induction Compatibility: You will see that a few crepe pans aren’t induction cooktop harmonious. Should you purchase a pan with a metal that’s nonferrous such as aluminum, as an instance, you need to check to find out whether they have a steel or aluminum foundation. This is particularly true when you have an induction cooktop on your property.
  • Non-Stick Coating: If it comprises a nonstick coating, then you have to be certain that the coat is PTFE and PFOA-free. 100% organic pure iron pans may be experienced with beeswax, which also prevents the crepes from adhering through the cooking procedure.


Crepe pans are an excellent tool to keep in your kitchen. Their small size makes them convenient to use and store.

Their distinctive construction makes them perfect for creating exquisite crepes whenever you need them. They are versatile pans too. It is simple to create all types of things when you are not making crepes.

We expect that after reading our comprehensive reviews and thorough purchasing guide, you will have all the info that you want to pick the best crepe pan that’s ideal for your kitchen.

Be sure that you read each option carefully before settling on anything.

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