7 Best Double Oven Electric Range (2021 Reviews & Buying Guide)


Recently, many households turn their favor to electric devices for safety and accuracy and the kitchen cooker is also in this trend. Many large families now come to the double oven electric range for high and reliable performance.

There are many models from kitchen appliance brands in the market, which confuses the customer when making a decision. Each brand will focus on customer demand and build up its own technology to compete with others.

However, how to know which one is good and which one is bad? In this article, we will provide you – the future purchaser a comprehensive on what should consider when looking for the best double oven electric range and a list of top products where you can choose from.

Why Should I Own a Double Oven Electric Range?

The Benefit of a Double Oven

Most double ovens come in different sizes and capabilities which enable the chefs to cook multi dishes at the same time. Let’s take a look at what a double oven could bring you and do you really need a double oven?

Cook multi dishes that require different temperature at the same time
It is so obvious that if you have two ovens in your house, you can cook two at the same time without waiting for your turn. And, the double oven included is even better when they are all designed at a suitable capacity and temperature, which means they supplement each other for energy saving.

Suit with the need of cooking both dessert and food at the same time or even in turn

Well, you may notice that the oven gets more dirt when cooking with raw food such as chicken and fish than baking a cake. And, if you wanna use the same oven for baking, it is necessary to clean it with soap water for removing the oil, dirt, and germ and it takes lots of time. With the double ovens, you both can save time and have a delicious cake that is not ruined by the fish or kitchen smell

The Benefit of an Electric Range

Effective heating

With the electric range, the heating is distributed evenly for a better cooking result. While the gas range does not work well with the even cooking, especially after a long time of use, the flame starts to not even.

Easy to clean

The kitchen cooktop is the most un-hygiene place in the kitchen due to its highly frequent contact with raw food. When using the gas cooktops, the smoke from the flame can stick into the back wall and make it look dirty. Furthermore, if you accidentally drop anything on the cooktops of the gas range, you have to wait until the burner gets cooler to remove by hand, but with the electric range, you can touch and clean it right up the bat.

Less energy waste

The cooker consumes a large amount of energy monthly, therefore, if you do not wanna take care of monthly billing, go ahead with the electric range. The space between the burner and the pots or pans is freely exposed to the environment, therefore thermal energy is used to warm up the air. According to studies, induction cooktops transform 90% of the energy directly to the food. It is just 74% for smooth top Radiant Electric and 40% for gas.

Ensure the safety

It is deniable that the electric range is much safer compared with the gas range. The user of the gas range is always worried about the gas leakage situation which can catch fire and burn the house. Many gas ranges show their effortlessness in keeping their model safe from this situation, but it does not work well. Many gas booming accidents happen in the US every year. Instead, the electric range is safe with even children when the surface is not hot after use.

Types of Double Oven Electric Range Design

Double oven electric range usually comes in three types of designs: freestanding, slide-in, and drop-in. Each type of design has its own advantages and disadvantages and fits each customer demand. Let’s take a deeper look at the electric range kitchen design.


Zoom in on Front Zoom. Whirlpool - 6.7 Cu. Ft. Self-Cleaning Freestanding Double Oven Electric Convection Range - Stainless steel.

The freestanding range is the most common electric range design which fits all type of kitchen configuration without the need for cabinetry. Freestanding ranges have finished sides, therefore, it can stand alone.

Slide-In Range

Café 6.7 Cu. Ft. Slide-In Double Oven Electric Convection Range Stainless  steel CES750P2MS1 - Best Buy

A slide-in range is a type of electric range that can fit into a countertop or dedicated space. This type of design has no backyard and users control the oven with the front control board. All the control and knobs are on the front side. The cooktops of the slide-in range rest on the countertop which saves a lot of space, especially for a small kitchen.

Drop-in Range

Many customers get confused between the slide-in range and the drop-in range because they are both with an unfinished side. The drop-in range needs a cabinet to fit into and they have no bottom or storage drawer beneath the oven.

Types of Burners in Electric Range

Besides the design of cooktops which is specifically for each kitchen style, it is necessary to get to know the way that creates the heat on the cooktops. There are three materials used for creating heat inside the cooktops with different technology: open coil, smooth top radiant electric, and smooth top induction.

The coin

The use of Spiral coin is the oldest technology for creating thermal energy. This technology is simple, therefore, the cost of the product which uses the coin is cheaper and easier to repair (when it is easier to look for another coin to replace. The heat is exposed on the surface of the cooktop which is usually made of glass, so it is an unsafe technology. After a long time, the trash from food dropped on the surface of the cooktop with the direct exploration of the heat that lies stiffly on the surface and becomes unremovable.


Induction is the safest and most efficient technology used in cooktops. It is also energy-saving and time-saving. The copper coils are used in this type of electric cooktops for heating. The induction heating happens using electromagnetic radiation which uses the pans or pots as the main source for creating heat. Therefore, only specific types of pans or pots can work on this electric cooktop. A current of electricity goes through the copper coil and directly to the pan or pot. Then, the amagnetic field oscillates and the cookware begins heating. Then, your food will be cooked.

List of 7 Best Double Oven Electric Range Reviews of 2021

1. Whirlpool WGE745C0FS 30″ Stainless Freestanding Double Oven Range

This is a freestanding double oven electric range which is equipped with the most powerful features. With this model, spending time in the kitchen becomes enjoyable.

In terms of the main cooking function, there are two ovens on the vertical side: the smaller one on the top which is 2.5 cubic feet of space, and the bigger one at the bottom with 4.2 cubic feet. The difference between the two ovens seems reasonable (almost double) when you could choose a mix-and-match size one for a specific dish for energy-saving.

The cooktops use the smooth top technology for heating.

Like most models in this high-end class, this double oven electric range is packed with convection and hidden bake elements. However, the Whirlpool 30” Freestanding Double Range provides you with more than that. The temperature sensors and the automatic temperature is built-in to monitor the oven temperature and automatically adjust it to the suitable model for a perfect result, especially in cooking.


  • The ceramic glass of cooktop is easy to clean
  • Frozen Bake™ cooking technology to reduce the preheating time
  • True convection enable to fasten the cooking time


  • Some customer complains that the control panel is messy
  • The button is too small

2. LG LSE4613ST 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Range Convection

This LG 30″ Slide-In Double Convection Oven gained the competitive edge and outstanding thanks to its total of 7.3 Cu.Ft capacity.

Two ovens in this version included the smaller one with 3 cu. ft and the bigger one at the bottom with 4.3 cu. ft capacity. The lower oven has convection with a hidden bake element which helps in baking evenly which is suitable for baking pizza, roasting chicken with a perfect result.

Not using the control panel like the above one, this model is a detailed knob control instead which is commonly used in the gas range. There are three cooking modes arranged in this knob to set up the different oven functions.

LG brand is famous for the development of high-advanced technology, so it is not surprising when they bring a smart technology called SmarThinQ into this double oven. The user can connect the oven with a smartphone ( support both iOS and Android operating systems) and they can monitor and control the cooking process through an app on this smartphone.


  • Ultra-Fast Boiling technology enables the user to save time when cooking soup or boils water
  • Wide Viewing Windows allows the user to check the food inside the oven easily
  • A sleek and modern look enhances the kitchen decor


  • Knobs control

3. Frigidaire FFET3026TS 30 Inch 9.2 cu. ft. Total Capacity Electric Double Wall Oven

This model from Frigidaire comes with an attractive stainless steel finish and powerful cooking capacity with five electric burners.

There are five electric burners with a perfect layout on the electric range that make this product become a must-have product for large families. The five burners with different sizes include the largest burner with 12 inches and the smallest with 6 inches. All the burners are controlled with the knob on the front of the gas range.

How about two ovens? This model is packed with 5.3 cu. ft. total oven capacity with a Store-More lower drawer to keep your pans and pots in reach. Both two ovens are equipped with Quick Preheat warms technology to warm up your oven within minutes for energy and time-saving.

As said above, this is a multifunction double oven therefore, it of course features self-cleaning, True Convection, Auto shut-off function. These functions will improve the cooking experience, for example, the self-cleaning features with 3 options allow you to set the cleaning time: 2 hours, 3 hours, or 4 hours cycle.


  • Powerful electric burners and ovens
  • Quick Boil and quick preheat functions to reduce the waiting time
  • Suitable burner size and layout for multi purpose cooking
  • Include one cooking warm zone to keep dishes warm while preparing the other ones.


  • Quite expensive

4. Cafe 30″ Matte White Slide-In Double Oven Induction Range

Now we come up with a budget-friendly slide-in double oven. Although the price purchasing for this Cafe CES750M2NS5 Smart Slide-In Double Oven Electric Range is affordable, it has a high-end appearance which is Platinum glass finish.

The edge to edge glass cooktop with 5 burners and Power Boil technology enables mothers to prepare dinner for a large family in the shortest time.

The dual oven below offers a total capacity of 6.7 Cu. Ft allows you to cook a multi dish at the same time. Using the True European Convection system and temperature probe to control the circulation and adjust the heat inside the oven, this model can bring you a perfect cake.

Both electric range and ovens are controlled with a brilliant digital temperature display which allows the user to control the temperature and cooking mode with just a touch.


  • High-end look but budget friendly
  • Five burners which are powerful and fit even the large size pans and pots
  • Edge-to-edge glass cooktop which is easy to clean
  • Improve the cooking flexibility with 6.7 Cu.Ft double ovens
  • True Convection with Precise Air for an even cooking


  • None

5. Bosch MBS533BS0B Serie 4 Multifunction Electric Built In Double Oven

Now we come with a high-end model from Bosch which is a famous brand in kitchen appliances producing high-end and luxury products.

This model of double oven electric range from Bosch is not an exception. The black stainless steel finish brings a modern but luxurious look to your kitchen.

How about the cooking functions. We have to say that it will improve your cooking experience in the kitchen for both a housewife or a chef who needs the creative cooking recipe. The main oven offers the user 71L capacity and 5 heating methods: 3D Hotair, conventional top, and bottom heat, Hotair grilling, full-width variable grill, Hotair gentle which the temperature ranges from 50 to 275 celsius. There are two impressive things about the main oven that we love. The fast-preheating function reduces 30% cooking time and the 3D Hotair Cooking method which provides an even temperature through all the levels. There will be no flavor transfer for example batch cooking.

The control panel with the safety lock ensures a safe condition for a built-in oven when it is in the hand-level of the kid.

In terms of cleaning support, this model works better than any other version. The EcoClean Direct is an energy-saving cleaning aid mode which not only breaks down the grease at the high temperature for cleaning but also reduces the energy consumption during this time.


  • High-end, modern appealing appearance
  • Pop-out controls for automatically pull out the racks
  • Control panel lock for safety
  • Work at accurate temperature for a even and delicious dish


  • Quite expensive
  • B label energy saving

6. Zanussi ZOD35802XK Built In Double Oven

This model from Zanussi will please the customers who are under the limited budget.

The Zanussi ZOD35802XK is a multifunction oven that is designed perfectly for large houses with high frequent use. The two main ovens with a total of 100L allow the user to cook even a large dish. The main one comes with seven pre-programmed functions with the fan-supported for boosting the heat distribution into the oven for an even result. The smaller one is designed for conventional cooking with up to five functions.

How about the self-cleaning features included? Sounds fantastic right? As knowing that cleaning a frequent use is difficult when the oil and trash from food stuck into the oven and getting burned with high temperature become stubborn and hard to remove by simple way. The catalytic lining technology included in this double oven electric cooktop simplifies your cleaning process just as easily as eating a cake. Set on the self-cleaning button, wait for it to work by itself, and use a damp cloth to wipe away. Just in a few seconds.


  • Affordable price
  • Energy saving with label A
  • Easy to clean with catalytic lining technology
  • Support the quick defrosting
  • The fan in main oven work quietly


  • The shelves are tricky to pull in or out

7. AEG DUB331110M Multifunction Electric Built Under Double Oven

This is a built-under double oven from AEG with an appealing appearance and cooking ability.

The double oven included the small one at 40-liter capacity and the bigger one with 50 litter capability. The SurroundCook oven’s advanced fan technology is added for improving the efficiency of energy use. The fan circulates the air in the oven evenly and quickly, therefore the food will be well cooked with less time and energy consumption.

The extra large baking tray which is 20% larger compared to the common one eable the chefs to bake a large amount of cake, for example, cookies.


  • Energy-saving with A label
  • Clock and timer displayed smartly enable the user to check the condition of food


  • The knobs are made of plastic which is less durable

Buying Guide for the Best Double Oven Electric Range

When it comes to picking the best double oven electric range, there are many factors to consider both how to pick a perfect double oven and how to pick a good electric one.

Cooking Capacity

When it comes to cooking capacity with a double oven electric range, there are two things to consider: the capacity of the double oven and the number of the cooking palate. When it comes to the oven, it is recommended choosing one with different functions and sizes as well as the capacity because it will vary your cooking experience.


As said above, there are three main types of double oven electric range design. Each one best suits one kitchen style. When the freestanding are widely used and suit the family with a large and well-designed kitchen, the slide-in or drop-in match the need of small and medium families which already own a cabinet or countertop free space.


Most double oven electric ranges come 30 inches wide, but some extra-large versions can come 48 inches wide. It is a personal preference. And it almost does not affect the functional features of the electric range. A wider surface allows you more space for putting larger pans and pots at the same time.


Gone are the days when customers chasing for gas ranges, the electric range, now become the first-class option for ranges. And when an electric device is easier in feature with high-tech, the cooking experience with double oven electric range is fantastic. We tested all the products in the market and brought to the reader one top list, which is wary of budget requirement, functionality, and design. We hope that this list is useful and helpful in decision making. If you have any further question, do not hesitate to contact directly with our experts

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