5 Best Double Oven Gas Range (2021 Reviews & Buying Guide)


The benefit of double oven gas range is undeniable. If you do not know what is a double oven gas range, it includes two ovens built into the same gas range. This high-performance model is usually used in commercial kitchens with high frequent use and a high power burner. But this kitchen appliance also designed to suit the family from small to a big family.

Because this model is designed for many types of user, choosing a suitable one that fit your demand becomes harder. To help you solve that problem, in this article, we will provide information about the best double oven gas range in the market and how to choose a good one.

Benefits of Double Oven Gas Range

Save time

The double oven gas range contains two ovens (in vertical or …) and a gas range at the top. With this product, you can save time by cooking different food at the same time (for example cooking the soup and baking the chicken.

This type of cooker is suitable for large and busy families. As a result of modern life, people have less time for spending on cooking, therefore, it is ideal to manage the cooking time smartly and cook the different dishes at its temperate and style of heat (oven or gas range).

It is also an ideal model for a shared house and dorm. This product, with two ovens and a gas range, allows two or three people to prepare the meal at the same time without taking turns. There will be no negotiation about who should take the first turn and create an equal atmosphere between the roommates.

Low consumption

This model could low down your monthly electric bill. Two ovens in this double oven gas range usually come with a small one and a big one. Therefore, you could choose the suitable one which fits the style of heat and size of the prepared dish for saving energy.

It is the same with the gas range. The common double oven gas range usually comes with four or five burners with different heating types which allow you to set up the most suitable one for saving gas consumption.

Protect the taste of the dish

It sounds funny but it does. I remember one time when I cooked the garlic roasted chicken by the oven and all the dishes that followed afterward have the scent of garlic that ruin all of the family member’s favor.

If you do not want to experience the same situation as me or even worse like cooking a whole fish followed by a cake, you should own a double oven model.

Improve your cooking experience

It is so sure that the double oven gas range costs you more, but that means it will be equipped with additional technology to bring you a better experience. There are several common renovations found in this model such as heat-distributing sensors, one-touch control, removable door,…

Spending many hours in the kitchen may be a burden to women, then why don’t you enjoy it. By spending a lot of time cleaning the oven, kitchen after mealtime, now you can save that amount of time for playing with your child or talking with your husband.

List of 5 Best Double Oven Gas Range Reviews

1. Thor Kitchen 48 inch Freestanding Pro-Style Double Oven Professional Gas Range

Are you looking for a professional style double oven gas range, go head with this model which is said that could fulfill any user desire.

This is a commercial model that is usually used in restaurant kitchens because of its power capacity. There are 7 burners included in this model with one 18,000 BTU sealed single burner and five 12,000 BTU sealed burners. Besides, one 15,000 BTU infrared griddle is added to meet all user demands as the manufacturer said. With the high-capacity as well as the high performance, it is an ideal solution for a large and busy family.

Two ovens in this Thor Kitchen 48 in. 7 Burners Double Oven Convection Gas Range are horizontal which reduces the width and suits families with low kitchen tables. The primary oven is 4.6 cu with a conventional fan for circulating the heat for even distribution, therefore, your food is always even cooked and two oven racks and five rack positions for easy food accessing from outside. The smaller one is just half spacious with a 2.2 cu.fit which saves lots of energy when using.


  • Fulfil any user’s desire
  • Fulfil the large family and dorm demand due to its high performance with 7 cooking zones and 2 ovens.
  • Luxury and modern look
  • Italian-made burner with high-quality
  • The drip pan is made of porcelain, therefore, it is easy to clean
  • The powerful burners allow you to heat the food quickly
  • Two-year warranty
  • The cast-iron cooking grates are durable and sturdy


  • Do not contain automatic shut-off function
  • May not suit the small family’s need

2. Verona Prestige Series VPFSGG365DSS 36 inch All Gas Range 5 Sealed Burners Double Oven Turbo Convection Stainless Steel

This model from Verona is in the Verona Prestige Series which is featured with all of the performance and power of the popular Verona ‘N’ Series and stylized with a new and luxury look.

In terms of the main function, this model included two ovens: Main Oven Capacity 2.4 Cu. Ft ( with Width: 18″ Depth: 17″ Height: 14 and Second Oven Capacity 1.5 Cu. Ft (with Oven Width: 11″ Oven Depth: 17″ Oven Height” 14). There are five burners at different capacities on the gas range which the most powerful one can reach at 17,000 BTU enables the user to quickly cook in case of a hurry situation. Two turbo electric convection fans are added for working with an optimal capacity in holiday gathering events.

As said above, this model is improved for a luxury and modern style. Even the doorknobs are coated with steel finished for a continuous look.


  • Luxury design and corrosion-resistant
  • Affordable price
  • High capacity which suits the medium-size family
  • Comes in four different colors to choose from: Stainless Steel, Burgundy, Matte Black, White
  • Adjustable height form 35-7/16″ to 37-¼”


  • Does not include a digital panel on each oven
  • No timer or clock

3. GE JGB860SEJSS Double Oven Range

If you have heard about GE, you will know that this product is well-known for its powerful and durable kitchen appliances.

The GE JGB860SEJSS Double Oven Gas Range is a 30 ft freestanding gas range with two ovens: the smaller one on the top with 4.3 Cu. Ft and the bigger one at the bottom with 2.5 Cu.Ft capacity helps in saving energy and cooking the different types of food at different temperatures.

There are five burners on the gas ranges with different capacities ranging from 5,000 BTU Precise Simmer to 18,000 BTU for Power Boil which provides the customer the ability to quickly cook the food. Furthermore, five burners are arranged smartly which the GE called edge-to-edge cooktop enables the users to move the pans or pots easily without touching the others.

This model is added with a large variety of features to improve the user’s experience in cooking. For example, self-clean technology allows you to clean the oil by choosing the steam clean option.


  • Easy to clean with self-clean technology
  • Energy-saving as labeled with A label
  • Extra-large and nonstick griddle
  • Affordable price
  • There are 6 different colours to choose from but it is recommended the black stainless steel one for a long-lasting new look


  • Do not contain a fan for heat distribution therefore it may cause the uneven baking
  • No hot surface indicator light to warn the next user

4. Samsung NE58K9850WS/AA 5.8 Slide-In Electric Range Stainless Steel- Refurbished

Samsung is a famous smartphone brand located in Korean but do you know that it is also a high-tech and reliable manufacturer of kitchen appliances?

The Samsung Flex Duo™ 5.8 cu. ft. Self-Cleaning Freestanding Gas Convection Range of this brand quickly can come into our list with its impressive performance.

This double oven gas range comes with two ovens (a smaller one on the top and the bigger one at the bottom) with a total capacity of 5.8 cu.ft. Why I mentioned the total capacity here but not separate it from the other product? It is because this model includes Smart Divider features, which allow you to remove and combine the two ovens in case you want to cook a large dish.

An impressive technology added to this model is Wi-Fi connectivity. With this feature, you can connect the oven with your smartphone and control it from a further distance. It is so convenient for multitasking in the kitchen when you both bake a cake and do work for example.


  • The Soft Close Door technology helps in keep the door open and close quietly
  • Dual Fan Convection for boosting the air circulation in the oven, therefore the food will be cooked evenly and quickly.
  • This product is made of Fingerprint Resistant Black Stainless Steel which always keeps in clean and new condition
  • Wide View Window for viewing the cooking process and food in the oven
  • Powerful 5 burners heat the food quickly
  • Wi-Fi Compatibility which allows to connect and control on both iOS and Android smartphone


  • None

5. Stoves BI900G Built-In A/A Rated Gas Double Oven

Are you looking for a double oven gas range with limited budget? This is a perfect model for you with smart controls and two oven included and five burners on gas range.

This Stoves ST I900G heats quickly, just in 5 minutes, it can reach 180 degrees which allow you to increase the cooking time spent in the kitchen. If it is the first time you have an experience with double oven gas range, you should be careful when baking because the top of the oven is usually hotter than the bottom.

There are two ovens included in this model, the top one with a spacious 39 L capacity as the smaller ones and the bottom one with a spacious 69L capacity as the main oven. This is such an impressive space compared with its reasonable price. Furthermore, the oven is smartly designed with telescopic sliders on the shelf positions which allows the user to access the food without getting burned.

Many people worry about safety when using a gas product, but you can use this product without any worry when it is added with a safety feature. This feature will cut out then gas immediately when no flame is detected.


  • Heat up quicker comparing with other version
  • Affordable price
  • Low energy consumption with A label
  • Include many additional features such as a minute minder and cook-to-off function therefore avoiding the overcooking situations
  • The gas cut-off feature to keep the cooking process safety
  • The digital clock display with touch functionally on the oven made it easier to control


  • There is no CoolTouch Technology included, therefore, the outside of the oven is quite hot during the cooking time.

Double Oven Gas Range Buying Guide

As the benefit that double oven gas range could bring, there is no reason for not owning a model in your kitchen. But it is not easy to choose a good double oven gas range which both suits your needs and fits the kitchen design. So, let’s have a look at what you should consider when choosing a double oven gas range.

Cooking Power and Capacity

The main function of a double oven gas range is to cook, therefore picking a powerful cooking ability should be your priority. When it comes to cooking power, you should look at some factors on the label such as how many burners on the gas range, the capacity of each oven, and even the additional feature for boosting power.

Space planning

The first thing you should keep in mind when choosing a kitchen oven is how large your kitchen is. Be sure that you don’t have to send the kitchen back to the store.

Actually, it is not hard to choose a kitchen oven model that could fit the free space of your kitchen. However, fitting the free space is not all the story, you should choose a kitchen size that could match your kitchen size.

Energy efficiency

If you have a family, you may understand the burden of the monthly electric bill, and that’s why you may notice that the kitchen oven consumes more energy compared to other kitchen appliances.

But do not worry too much about that problem. The manufacturers always know how to satisfy customer needs and solve their problems. Your job is just to choose the ones which fit your demand but less energy-consuming.

There are some notes that you should keep in mind when choosing a low energy consumption kitchen oven. Firstly, class A oven consumes 60% less than the class G1 oven. Secondly, all ovens are labeled by the European Union energy labeling standard, which classifies the amount of energy consumed by a household appliance from A to G. Therefore, if you just care about the energy consumption, choose one with an A++ label on it.

Additional feature

There are several functions you could pay attention to when choosing a double oven gas kitchen for improving your cooking experience in the kitchen. Most ovens come with a fan that circulates the heat into the oven then enables the user to cook evenly and cool down the outside of the oven. Some ovens are equipped with add-on wifi connecting allow busy people to do multi-tasks by monitoring and controlling the oven from a distance. Although the additional feature is not too important, you should consider some main features that suit your condition to enjoy a better experience in the kitchen.

Some common additional features as follow:

  • Heat up and down
  • Fast preheating
  • Grill function
  • Fan
  • Temperature control


The oven costs you a big amount of money and the price range is so large, therefore, you should choose a suitable one which fits your budget. Usually, the price difference is based on the cooking functions that it could perform such as cook, roast, grill, the design which include the luxury model and reasonable price model, additional features. If you have a limited budget, it is suggested to focus only on the function that you need and the energy consumption.


Is a gas oven or electric oven better?

It is hard to say which one is better because each has its advantages and disadvantages. Which one is better is judged by yourself based on your taste and your demand. It could be how is the space you have, the budget, the capacity,…For more information about how to choose a suitable double oven gas range, read the above part about it.

How to clean a gas oven?

When it comes to a traditional gas oven, cleanliness may be a big problem. If you do not clean the gas oven correctly, the trash from food such as spilled food, dirt will block the burner holes and the gas will come out. So, it is recommended to avoid spilling food while cooking and clean the gas oven frequently.

There are many cleaning products available in the market to support you with the oven cleaning task. Most of them are sprayer, you just need to spay the cleaning product directly into the oven then rub it with a brush to remove the dirt.

Or you can make your own home remedy. To me, the most home remedy for cleaning the oven is the combination of water and vinegar. You can try my solution or try to search for a favorite one on the internet.

Can I use the aluminum foil in a gas oven?

It is dangerous to use aluminum foil to cover food and put it into a gas oven because this material absorbs the heat quickly. However, you could use it with more care. Here are some notes if you want to cover the food with non-heat-proof material.

Do not cover acidic food with aluminum foil because there will be a chemical interaction and ruin the taste of the food.
Set up a low temperature to avoid oven fires and kitchen smoke when baking.

Which Oven Brand is Best?

It is hard to say which brand is the best because each brand gains competitiveness with a unique and outstanding technology. One brand could satisfy this user’s needs but fail in satisfying the other’s user. The best way to choose a product is by accessing detailed information, maybe by asking for help from professionals or reviews on the internet. If you want us to name some famous brands on the market, we have a list as above:

  • Stoves
  • New World
  • Indesit
  • Zanussi
  • Hot Point
  • Beko
  • Belling
  • AEG
  • Viking
  • GE
  • Bosch


Investing for the powerful is a smart investment not only for commercial use but also for homely needs. Although you have to spend more money, the value it could bring is uncountable. If you read all information in the article above, we ensure that you will have a full understanding of the double oven gas range as a professor and pick a suitable one. If you have any other comments on the experience on each model, comment below and directly contact with our experts for further discussion.

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