7 Best Double Wall Ovens (2021 Reviews & Buying Guide)


Using less space in the kitchen but offering more cooking capacity, the double wall oven will make your cooking life become like a pro chef. The double wall oven (or commonly called built-in oven) provides the house owner with two ovens in horizontal or vertical size at the size of 30 inches or less. This model enables the home chef to prepare multi dishes at the same time, which is highly demanded in a busy modern life or in a large family.
Knowing the needs of the user, many home appliance manufacturers invented and brought to the market a unique double wall oven. However, each oven has focused on several important factors, and that makes the consumer confused when making a decision. In this article, we will discuss what makes the best double wall ovens. Keep reading to clear your mind and come with a final decision.

The Benefit of Double Wall Oven

Double-wall ovens (also called built-in ovens) bring many benefits to users. So, let’s take a look at some benefits that make it outstanding.

Increase the cooking capacity

This type of oven is suitable for commercial use and a large family because you can cook multiple dishes at the same time. Furthermore, the two ovens included in this double wall oven always include a small one which is less power and a big one which is more power, therefore, it fits all people’s demand.

Saving Time

As a result of a busy life, women have less time to spend taking care of themselves. If they could reduce the cooking time in the kitchen, they could spend more on skincare or chatting with other family members. Owning a double wall kitchen enables the cooker to cook different food at the same time, therefore reducing the preparation and cooking time in the kitchen.

Easy to Access

This is an obvious benefit, especially for older cooks. The double wall ovens always build in at a reasonable height enabling the user to access the food without bending. It also makes this model become safer because the user will be easier to pull in and pull out the hot dish without getting burned.

Protect the Food’s Taste

Have you eaten a cake which has a fish smell? If yes, you may understand this situation. Maybe your mother cooks a fish chip then uses the same oven for baking, which ruins the cake’s taste. It doesn’t mean you can not use the same oven for cooking the cake and the fish or chicken, the problem here is you cook as continuously. The raw ingredients you push into the oven may become odor, therefore, it is so dangerous for cooking the cake right after. Instead, you should use another oven. That’s the situation when the double wall oven outweighs other types of oven.

List of 7 Best Double Wall Ovens Reviews

1. Kitchen Aid KODE500ESS KODE500ESS 30 10 Cu. Ft. Electric Double Wall Oven

This 30-in Double Wall Oven is a perfect choice for the beginner.

In terms of cooking capacity, this model has two ovens with 5 cubic feet capacity each, which is a good choice for a large family.

There is also a bun of additional features that help the beginner user to have the best cooking experience. The KitchenAid’s Even-Heat True Convection is pre-seed with a wide range of recipes that will bring a delicious dish even for the first time using.

The KitchenAid model is also a champion in controlling the precise heat in the oven. With a Temperature Probe in both ovens, the temperature in both ovens will be measured accurately, therefore the user can adjust for the best cooking result.

KitchenAid chooses the touchable panel for controlling the oven cavity. This glass-touch screen is anti-scratch allowing the user to view all the functions overtime. The control lock function is an additional feature to improve the user experience. This function ensures that your kid can not adjust or start the oven when they are out of your view.

About the self-cleaning feature, the KitchenAid KODE500ESS uses a high temperature to melt the greasy into the oven. And, you can easily wipe all the dirt down with a small wiping cloth.

2. Frigidaire Gallery 27″ Stainless Steel Double Electric Wall Oven

If the two above ovens are too big for your kitchen, this 27 inch double wall oven may fit your needs.

This FRIGIDAIRE FGET2766UF Double Electric Wall Oven model is a combination of Frigidaire convection oven and microwave. Therefore, this model is perfect for use in a small and medium family when the flexibility is much more important than the number.

The above convection oven with a 3.8 cu. fit offers a big space, which is enough for a big turkey for cooking. This oven is equipped with True Convection technology and a powerful convection fan for controlling the heat circulation into the oven for even cooking. Besides, the Effortless™ Temperature Probe works very well in detecting the temperature in the oven precisely and automatically turns to keep warming when the cooking process finishes.

The 2.0 cubic foot microwave is a great alternative to a second oven. It provides the user with a bun of cooking function for cooking and defrosting. Therefore, with just one press, you can have a delicious dish.

3. LG LWD3063BD 4.7 cu. ft. 30″ Electric Double Wall Oven

LG is a famous brand for high-advanced technology, therefore, we can expect more about this LG LWD3063BD 4.7 cu. ft. 30″ Electric Double Wall Oven w/True Convection Black Stainless Steel- Refurbished.

In terms of capacity, this device offers two 4.7 cubic foot capacity ovens, gives you plenty of space for cooking a complete meal. Both heat distribution in these ovens is excellent which ensures even cooking without the frequent oven opening for re-arrangement. Each oven comes with 8 pre-programmed broil elements for cooking different types of dishes without checking and setting the temperature.

This model uses the touchable control panel for managing the operation of ovens. This panel is extra wide which enables the user to work with it. As said above, LG is well-known for smartphone technology and we can see the advantages of this product. LG included a ThinQ technology in this device, which allows users to connect with smartphones and control the oven through a smart app. Let’s imagine how convenient it is when you can sit at a table for work and wait for cookies without any worrying.

When I tested the product on an afternoon day, I found the perfect design of this model. The larger window on both ovens allows us to view the food in the oven. And, this became a gorgeous moment with the Brilliant Blue Interior.

Overall, this model brings a high convenience for busy housewives with a bun of additional features. And despite its quite high price, it is worthy to make the purchase and improve the cooking life.

4. Empava 30 in Electric Double Wall Built-in Self-cleaning Convection Fan Touch Control Ovens

This Empava EMPV-30WO02 offers the user with two five cubic feet ovens, making it a great choice for big families.

We have to say that this model from Empava works very well in baking. The powerful convection cooking system in the upper oven with the powerful fan delivers an ideal heat distribution for a perfect even cooking result.

This model – again use the touchable control panel for managing the oven operation. All the functions on the glass-touch board are well designed for convenient use for both professional and beginner.

Coming at an affordable price, this product from Empava will be more budget-friendly when it is equipped with lots of technology for energy saving. The Low-E glass, for example, will fasten the preheating process 250% with less energy.

5. Viking VDOE130SS Double Thermal Convection Oven

The Viking company was the first brand to introduce professional-grade stoves to the residential market in 1987. Viking was also the first to manufacture appliances in a variety of colors such as mint green, apple red, and cobalt blue, spearheading a design movement that offered a rainbow of color choices.

As expected for a high-end product, this Viking DOE530SS Double Thermal Convection Oven offers users with many additional features such as a large glass enclosed infrared broiler, meat probe, TruGlide full-extension racks, and the exclusive multifunctional digital/analog TimePiece clock. We have tested and take a deeper look into those features, so keep reading to see how good it is.

Firstly, this double oven provides the user with a total of 9.4 cu. ft Capacity (4.7 Cu. Ft each) and many high-performance cooking modes including TruConvec™ convection cooking, convection roast, convection bake, convection broil, conventional bake, and three-level conventional broil.

Secondly, you do not need to worry about an uneven and time-consuming baking problem when the vari-speed dual flow is equipped. The two-speed convection work with maximum airflow for controlling the heat distribution into the oven and bring an excellent cooking result.

How about the Rapid Ready™ Preheat feature? This model shows its advantage here. While the other common ones take almost 12 minutes for reheating food, the Viking model just reduces half of preheating time by 6 minutes.

However, Viking was still seen as a traditional brand when using the dial for controlling the ovens. Each oven in this model was controlled by a dedicated pair of sturdy, removable, and weighted dials. Although all dials smoothly work, the label on each dial is tiny and hard to see under the weak light.

6. Bosch HBLP651UC: 30″ Double Wall Oven Benchmark Series

Bosch has long been known for its professional quality appliances for professional chefs with many advanced technologies. Products of Bosch are listed in high-end products with a little pricey price but it is worthy for a great experience.

About the cooking performance, this Bosch HBLP651LUC Benchmark® Double Wall Oven30” Stainless Steel comes with two ovens with a total of 4.6 Cu. Ft which will meet the needs of large families. With 14 Specialized Cooking Modes and Custom Cooking Programs, it brings large flexibility for users, even the ones with little knowledge of cooking. For example, you need to bake a pizza, just put it into the oven and choose the pizza mode, the oven will control and bake by itself.

Rather than using the buttons and dials which will decrease in quality over time, the Benchmark® Double Wall Oven30” Stainless Steel HBLP651LUC comes with an LCD touchscreen for controlling. With an LCD display control panel, all the functions will be designed with a step by step layout for more clear and more convenient use compared with a long list of tiny function labels and buttons.

We will keep talking about this model’s design due to its distinction from the above ones. This double wall oven uses side-opening doors (not pulled down as usual) enabling the user to step closer and take the food in or out.

For improving the housewife’s cooking experience, Bosch included the self-cleaning feature in this model. You do not need to worry about the hygiene conditions of your oven after cooking a smell dish with garlic with this feature. With just one touch, you could choose the self-cleaning option for a 2, 3, or 4 hours cycle.

However, there is one feature that disappointed us about this double wall oven. Bosch brings the Fast Preheat into this product with the promise of reducing the preheating time. But, as we tested, it takes up to 12 minutes for the oven to reach 350 F which can be found in the common oven.

7. JennAir JJW3830IL RISE 30 Inch Wide 10 Cu. Ft. Double Electric Oven

This double wall oven from Jenn-Air comes in the first place of top list. It is well-known for its sophisticated styling, innovative technology, and exceptional performance.

About the capacity, this model has two ovens on the vertical with a total of 5.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity. The preheat time is reduced in the lower oven which is suitable for the quick cook in the morning. Besides, dual-fan convection is added to evenly distribute the heat in the oven for good cook.

The 7-inch full-color LCD display enables the user to touch the screen and control the cooking process. Furthermore, you will be impressed with the smart integration included in this oven, this technology allows users to use voice commands such as the Google Assistant to increase or decrease the temperature of the oven. This feature becomes very useful in case you have many things to hold in your hand, and touching the screen seems impossible.

This Jenn-Air Wall Oven JJW3830IL comes with four different styling colors. I recommend you choose the stainless steel one because it will bring a new look to your oven over time.

Picking the Right Double Wall Oven for You

There are many factors you should keep in mind when crawling for a double wall kitchen. Here are the most important factors:

Cooking Power & Features

As the main purpose of picking a double wall oven is for improving the cooking process, the cooking function should be the priority. It can be how fast the oven reaches the set heat or the capacity.

Nowadays, as a result of sedentary life, many people use processed food or prepared food which are kept for hours in the fridge, therefore, the preheating function becomes more important than ever. Knowing that customers hate to wait for hours to warm up the food, many producers added the technology helping in fastening the preheating process and reducing the waiting time.

Double-wall ovens usually come with two ovens at different capacity and power. You should choose one which has a high difference a temperate setting rather than choosing one with almost the same capacity.


Another consideration that people should keep in mind when purchasing a double wall oven is the size. Make sure that you measure the free space that you intend to put the wall oven in before looking for one unless you want to spend time and money on replacing it. It is lucky that there is a wide range of size options for the customer to choose from each model, people do not have to spend time searching for information.

Effective Self Clean

If you like me, I rather spend hours cooking than just a minute cleaning. In this case, a double wall oven with the self-clean feature may be the solution. There are, however, different types of self-cleaning available in ovens. For example the self-cleaning cleaning with steam, which uses hot steam to melt the dirt and enables the cooker to remove it simply with a cloth.

Not only the cleaning features added, one factor you should notice is how easy to access and clean the dirt inside the kitchen. Choose an oven, which you can easily pull the racks out for cleaning. The high-end one will come with one button, where you press and the rack will automatically go out. The low-end one is less efficient and you have to pull it yourself by hand, which sometimes the hand gets burned by the high temperature in the oven.


An oven is big enough to change the look of your kitchen, and it is barely exposed. Therefore, it is suggested to choose one model, which fits the overall look of your kitchen. For example, choosing a modern look for a modern kitchen with a mix and match color. Besides the mix and match of oven look, you also should pay attention to how the material used will change over time. Many manufacturers understand that users wanna keep their oven a new look after time, they change to use fingerprint-resistant stainless steel – a material that reduces the scratch and fingerprint on the oven.

Choosing a vertical or horizontal also be taken into consideration. If you have a large and high kitchen, you could choose both types. But if your kitchen is small and short, it is better to choose a horizontal one.

Frequently Asked Questions

As far as overall performance, are wall ovens better than range ovens?

It is hard to say which one is better when it comes to personal preference. However, in my opinion, the wall oven will bring more benefit. Firstly, it brings a more built-in, custom look than ranges. Secondly, it saves a lot of space for your kitchen.

How often should I clean my wall oven?

It is recommended to clean your oven frequently, after using. After cooling in the oven, the oily dirt may become hard and hard to remove. In the case, the oven added with a self-cleaning function, it is recommended to run it 4-5 times per year.

Should I get a vertical double wall oven or side-by-side?

It is a personal preference, however, each layout has its advantages and disadvantages. While the side by side offers a great height for the user to pull in and out the food, the vertical double oven is suitable for kitchens with small space. There is one thing that you should keep in mind when choosing a vertical double oven that is one oven may be too high and too low and not easy for accessing the food into.

How to set the self-cleaning function to work?

In each model, the self-cleaning process may differ. However, it is simply as above:

  • Remove all oven racks – except any porcelain ones.
  • Set your oven control to Clean (by pressing the button or picking the label on the control panel)
  • Select a cleaning time
  • Select Start.

Is it normal for the oven’s fan to run after the oven has been turned off?

Yes, it is totally normal. In some oven models, the fan continues to work for several minutes to cool down the oven.

What is a convection oven and what are the benefits?

Simply to understand, the convection oven has a fan (or more) and exhaust system. This fan will help in blowing the hot air into the oven and create an even heat distribution around the food for a quick and even result.

The convection oven has many benefits comparing with the regular one such as:

  • It cooks faster: Because the hot air into the oven is blown by fans and directly covers the food, it will reduce the cooking time by 20% to 45%.
  • It cooks evenly: It is obvious that the food in the oven will be cooked more evenly when the heat is evenly distributed by the fans and exhaust system.


As the benefits that a double wall oven can bring is uncountable, it is highly recommended to choose this model for your home. Not only, this model can bring you a great decoration for your modern kitchen, it also for sure will offer you a better cooking experience. The above list includes all products which were tested under many categories. And we hope that it will help you in making a final decision on a suitable double wall oven.

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