10 Best Food Steamer Reviews in 2021 You Should Buy


Food steamers are generally used to steam vegetables. With the process of steaming, food gets cooked without any requirement of oil for greasing. Other than that, the natural nutrients are also preserved when food is steamed. All in all, steaming is one of the best ways to cook food. Apart from vegetables, you can also use food steamers for cooking poultry, seafood as well as meat.

These days some food steamers also come with rice bowls. In this bowl, you can cook rice along with cooking your veggies. This process will make the whole procedure extremely quick. Here is a detailed review of the best food steamers.

List of 10 Best Food Steamer Reviews

1. Oster Double Tiered Food Steamer

On number one, we have the steamer by the company Oster. This is a very effective product which can be used regularly to steamed vegetables. It has a white and transparent design.

Other than that, it is also priced at a very economical rate. What we like most about the product are its functionality and simplicity. Apart from vegetables, you can also steam fish, meat, and poultry in this product. With the help of steaming, food will retain its natural nutrients at all costs. The bowls of this steamer can be nested so that it is easy for you to store the overall appliance.

Additionally, it consumes the power of 400 Watts. There is also a provision of an automatic timer in this steamer. With the help of this timer, steaming will become easier and more convenient for everyone. We genuinely like the indicator on the product, which is there for indicating the power supply.

Moreover, you will be glad to know that the bowls of this product are safe to be washed in the dishwasher. The total quantity is 5 quarts, which is enough for a couple of people. You will indeed like this well-rated steamer a lot.

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2. BELLA Two Tier Food Steamer

The BELLA food steamer has secured the second position on our list. Many people around the country have bought this product, and all of them only have good things to say about it. The product can be delivered to anywhere in the United States within a week.

Additionally, the double-tier design of this steamer is what attracts the buyers the most. One of the most exclusive features of this product is the boil dry protection feature. This feature enables you to cook food simply yet efficiently. It also makes sure that the taste of the food isn’t altered at any cost.

You will like the overall transparent design of the product as much as we do. This steamer can prove to be an essential appliance in your kitchen. You can use it regularly to steam various types of food without any hassle. Other than that, it will also make cooking very fast and fun for you. You do not require even a little bit of oil in the entire process.

Moreover, the product does not emit any amount of smoke. Due to this reason, its cleaning is also effortless. You can also read many positive reviews of the product all over the internet.

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3. Hamilton Beach 37530A Digital Food Steamer

We could not stop ourselves from mentioning this steamer on our list. It is brought by the company Hamilton Beach and is one of the most well-designed steamers in the market. The silver and black design of the product is what makes it much more attractive than it already is.

Additionally, the capacity of the product is 5.5 quarts. This capacity is enough for cooking steamed food for a small family. Its operation is entirely digital; therefore, you do not have to sit around and check it again and again. You will also like the automatic warm feature of this product.

Moreover, this steamer can be operated by the touchpad at the base. This pad is straightforward to use and is sensitive to even the slightest touch. However, we would like to inform you that the containers are supposed to be washed by hands. This means that you cannot wash them in the dishwasher. Always use a mild but effective soap for the cleaning process.

We would also suggest you wash the containers regularly after each use. Furthermore, the rice bowl and drip tray can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

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4. Rosewill Electric Food Steamer

Next up, we have the Rosewill food steamer on our list. The best part about this product is that it is triple-tiered. Due to this, the capacity of this steamer is more than many other food steamers in the market. The product also comes with a rice bowl and egg holder; this provision increases the type of food you can cook in the product.

Other than that, we also like the sleek design of this steamer a lot. The overall capacity of the product is 9.5 quarts. Such a huge capacity is enough for a large family. Additionally, the steamer consumes the power of 800 Watts and starts generating steam in a matter of a few seconds. When water is empty, the product will also shut off automatically so that the food doesn’t burn. You will also notice water level indicators on both sides so that it is always easy for you to fill this steamer.

Moreover, the turbo steam design is what enhances the overall functionality of the product. The material used in creating this steamer is free from BPA. Therefore, you can use it for the safe steaming of food in all conditions.

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5. Cuisinart Digital Glass Steamer, One Size, Stainless Steel

While discussing kitchen appliances, one cannot ignore Cuisinart products. This company has been in the market for several years providing effective appliances to everyone. Therefore, we have added their food steamer here.

This best food steamer is an extremely versatile product that is available for purchase in two finishes. These finishes are – white and stainless steel. One of the best features of the product is that its cooking container is made from glass. Whenever food is kept or cooked in glass cookware, it is known to never react with the material. Due to this reason, glass is safer than any other material. However, we would suggest you take great care while handling this container.

Apart from the container, the lid is also made using glass. It has a convenient handle so that it can be lifted without any difficulty at any time. Moreover, this steamer has a digital control panel. With the help of this LCD panel, you would be able to start, pause, and stop the process of steaming very easily.

You will also like the five preprogrammed settings which allow you to steam food without feeding instructions. Additionally, the capacity of the water tank is 1 liter.

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6. Aicok Food Steamer

On number six, we have the AICOK food steamer for our readers. This is a 9.5-quart steamer that comes at a very cost-effective price. It is so fantastic and durable that it will last many years in your kitchen. The baskets are all stackable above each other so that you can cook different food at the same time. You will also like to know that all three containers of this steamer are manufactured using BPA-free material.

Additionally, the steamer heats very fast so that the steam generation starts quickly. Other than that, the base of this product is made using stainless steel. You may already know details about the high durability of stainless steel. Therefore, its use in this appliance is what enhances the longevity of the overall product.

There is a spout on the side of the base. This spout can be used for filling water easily. Rice tray and egg holders also come included with this product. Due to this provision, many buyers have claimed this product to be highly multifunctional.

Moreover, the product only consumes the power of 300 Watts. You can stream different types of food in it, like many other best food steamers. Furthermore, you can also clean it very quickly. However, we would recommend you to clean the product parts with your hands and not by using the dishwasher.

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7. Secura Electric Food Steamer

We are now going to discuss the Secura food steamer here. This is a highly advanced food steamer that you can use every day at your kitchens.

It consumes the power of 1200 Watts and has a stainless steel construction. There are two containers in this product. Both of them can be easily and conveniently stacked above one another. Other than that, the overall capacity of the product is 1200 Watts.

Additionally, other than personal use, many buyers have also bought this steamer for their restaurants and cafés. The price of this product is high, but its longevity is commendable. It has excellent ratings by many buyers on the internet. You can also read the reviews of these buyers on any famous e-commercial site. Other than veggies, you can also use this steamer for cooking rice and grains.

Moreover, the lid of this steamer is of the non-slip type. It will never cause scaling in any situation. You will also like the easy-to-read LCD screen on this product.

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8. Nesco ST-25F Food Steamer

Next up, we have the Nesco food steamer for our readers. This product consumes the power of 400 Watts and has a black/clear design. Its overall capacity is 5 quarts, and the usage is effortless to grasp.

Other than the containers, you will receive an additional flat bowl that can be inserted inside the main containers. It will act as a rice bowl so that you can cook grains quickly in this product. You can also use this steamer to steam corn, that too, in a standing position. This way, you will be able to cook a maximum of six whole corn at a time. You can also place eggs very conveniently in this steamer.

We like the fact that the entire product is made using BPA-free material. Due to this reason, it is safe to cook all types of food in it. The operation of the product can be controlled with the turning knob at the base. You will understand how to operate it as soon as you get the product.

The product is two-tiered, and both the tires can be stacked well at any time. The stackable nature of the containers also makes it easier for you to store the product in your kitchen cabinets and shelves.

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9. Aroma Housewares 5-Quart Food Steamer

On number nine, we have the Aroma Housewares food steamer for you. This steamer has a base whose exterior is made using stainless steel. You will notice a knob at this base, which can be used to control the functioning of the product.

Other than that, we would also like to inform you that the price of the product is affordable. Therefore, many people can buy it for steaming vegetables in their homes. Additionally, the capacity of the steamers is 5 quarts. You can prepare different dishes using this product.

The overall design of this appliance is very intuitive and smart. Other than that, the product is also durable and long-lasting. It works very well in all conditions without making lots of noise. Many buyers have also rated the ease of use of this product very high.

Moreover, the containers of this steamer are created using food-grade plastic. This plastic is also free from BPA. You will receive additional items such as a steam tray and a drip tray with the steamer.

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10. Euro Cuisine FS2500 Electric Food Steamer

Lastly, we have the best food steamer by Euro Cuisine for our readers. This steamer has a white and stainless steel design. Due to this reason, it will suit well with modern as well as traditional kitchen designs. The overall capacity of the product is 8.5 quarts, which makes it convenient to be used at restaurants as well as cafés.

You will also like the highly functional auto-shutoff feature of this product a lot. When the steamed food is ready, this appliance automatically shifts to the warm mode. This provision is there in the steamer so that the food never gets burnt.

Additionally, the capacity of the water tank is 4.5 quarts. Therefore, you will be able to use this steamer for a long time without refilling it again and again. Like many other steamers on our list, this steamer also has two stackable tiers. You can use hot as well as cold water in the water tank. However, the steam generation is very fast in both cases.

We also like the sleek design of the product that does not look rough from any angle.

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How To Choose the Best Food Steamers

Consider the below-mentioned aspects and factors before buying the best food steamers. All these aspects will surely help you make the right choice. Let us discuss them one by one –


While thinking of buying a food steamer, the first aspect that needs your consideration is capacity. Generally, steamers with a capacity of 5 quarts are best suited to be used by bachelors and couples. On the other hand, if the capacity of the product is 9.5 quarts, it will suffice the needs of a huge family. Therefore, you should look for the capacity of the product usually mentioned in the product description. You will also never face any disappointments if you do so.

Container Material

Containers of a steamer are generally made using glass or plastic. If you are looking for a glass container, you should know that this type of container requires extra care. You have to handle them carefully at all times; otherwise, they will be prone to breakage. Additionally, if you are looking for a plastic container is a steamer; make sure that the material is free from BPA. As you may already know, BPA is a very harmful chemical that can even cause chronic conditions, including birth defects. So, ignore all costs.


Considering the lid of the product may seem like a useless practice. However, we suggest you not ignore it at any cost. We are saying this because if the lid of the steamer is not well made, it can lead to steam burns. Steam burns can be excruciating. Other than that, they can also take a lot of time to heal. Therefore, buy the steamer that has convenient handles on the lids. You may also buy steamers that have well-built knobs on their lids. These handles and knobs will help you in the easy lifting of the lid at all times.


When it comes to the functionality of a steamer, we have seen many functional digital steamers. These steamers can be controlled with a digital display at their base. However, there can also be steamers that are controlled through a touchpad. According to experts, both operations make the steamers highly versatile. You may also consider buying steamers that come with stackable tiers. This provision will allow you to cook different types of food at the same time. Many buyers also like purchasing steamers that come with rice bowls as well as egg holders.


Many of the food steamers in the market are now electrical appliances. You may tend to buy traditional steamers, but you have to know that they are less quick. Therefore, it becomes crucial to see the power consumption of the product. This can be understood from the product description and should always be considered as an essential aspect. We recommend you not to buy a product with high wattage. We are mentioning this because such products may increase the monthly electricity bill in your home.


The price or cost of a food steamer is also one of the most critical aspects. You should not ignore it in any situation. In our list, we have listed many types of food steamers that have high as well as low prices. We urge you to select the steamer whose value fits excellently in your budget. However, by this, we do not mean that you can ignore the quality just because of the low price of the product. Doing that will only disappoint you in the longer run. Hence, along with the price, make sure you assess the quality of the food steamer as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right way to clean and maintain a food steamer?
A food steamer has to be cleaned regularly after each use. If the air holes or pores of the steamer are clogged, the efficiency of steaming could be affected. Therefore, the steamer must be cleaned thoroughly after each use. Cleaning a food steamer is not a complicated task, however, as the size of the steamer increases, remove the steaming container from the base and then dip it in clean water to loosen the food particles stuck on it. You could use a soft scrubber or sponge to wipe clean it.
I find my build-up on the heating element of my food steamer, is it okay? Shall I clean it?
The heating element starts having build-up on it if the water you are using is hard. This build-up is the hard-water limescale, which affects the heating efficiency of the heating element. If the build-up is too much, it could kill the heating element in the long run. Therefore, if you find such a build-up try to clean it (descaling). All you have to do is, pour 3 cups of white vinegar into the water reservoir of the appliance and fill it with water. Now, switch on the steamer and allow it to run for at least 20-minutes. After 20-minutes, you will find the scales or build-up coming off.
Is it possible to cook rice in a food steamer?
Yes, it is possible to cook rice in a food steamer. But, it would consume a lot of time for the rice to get cooked. All you have to do is, put rice into a rice bowl with 2.5 c clean water and place it in the steamer. Close the lid and allow the steamer to run for 30 to 50-minutes, open the lid and check if the rice is cooked, if not continue the steaming for at least 10-minutes, keep repeating until the rice is properly cooked.
Using a food steamer is better than a pressure cooker cooking?
Yes, using a steamer is comparatively better than cooking in a pressure cooker. While the pressure cooker demands leaving food materials in water, the steamer works without water and food coming into direct contact. This, in turn, prevents the nutrients in the food from leaching into the water. Therefore, steamed food tends to have more nutrients in it than pressure-cooked food.
Could I use aluminum foil in a food steamer? Is it harmful to health?
Yes, you could use aluminum foil in your food steamer. It could help prevent the steam from soaking your food. Therefore, using aluminum foil is recommended. On the other hand, if the quality of the aluminum foil you are using is poor, it could be harmful.
Purchasing a food steamer is a good investment?
Yes, food steamers are best as they do not destroy the nutrients in the food. In general, a food steamer could last for at least 2-years if maintained carefully. Remember, if the cleaning and maintenance are done in the right way, it could increase the lifespan of the steamer.


The demand for food steamers is increasing day by day. This could be due to the fact that people these days are now moving towards a healthy lifestyle. We have seen many people struggling to choose the right food steamer for regular use in their kitchen.

Therefore, we made a list of the top ten best food steamers in the market. All these steamers in our light have excellent quality and unique features. You should select the steamer which has all the things you are looking for. However, if you are still struggling, you can refer to the buying guide that we have attached at the bottom of the list.

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