10 Best Granite Sealer Reviews in 2021 You Should Buy


Once you have the kitchen countertop made of granite, it’s time to maintain them after use. And choosing a granite sealer will be crucial to maintaining its natural beauty.

With this article, we will give you a list of the top 10 best granite sealers available with a buying guide to make it easier for you to choose. Stay tuned now …

List of 10 Best Granite Sealer Reviews

1. TriNova Granite Sealer

The first of the list of best granite sealer is a product from TriNova. And most importantly, it can safeguard your granite countertop or some other porous rock from undesirable stains for approximately five decades, which is striking.

This item comes in an 18-ounce jar, and it employs the spray method to use the sealing representative to the surface to be shielded. It is possible to take advantage of this sealer on any kind of surface such as Quartz, Marble, Granite, Quartzite, Porous, and Soapstone.

What is more, a single extra-long tube is contained in the entire package that’ll reach down to every nook to cover every angle of this kitchen. The tube’s installation procedure is straightforward: simply flex the tube and twist the nozzle and you’re all set.


  • Quick dry and apply sealer.
  • Works on virtually any surfaces
  • Double application (Sealer and protectant)
  • It does not have a bad odor.


  • Bit pricier than ordinary products

2. Miracle Sealants 511QT6 511 Impregnator Penetrating Sealers

This product by Miracle Sealants is that can permeate deep into the pores of the granite counter and supply long-lasting protection. According to the maker, this granite sealer solution should guard your countertop for as many as 20 decades, and it is a great deal!

We like this item because it may be used on granite counters situated on the inside and outside without degradation with time.

Really, this sealer is 100% UV resistant and won’t chip or break away even when it comes in direct contact with the sun. Another facet you will enjoy is your policy.

This product has an extremely large coverage of approximately 1,000 to 4,000 square feet, making it among the best granite countertop sealers on the current market, at least in regards to policy area and for its durability.


  • The big coverage
  • Provides a layer of security lasting and durable
  • Offered in different sizes offered at different costs
  • It may be used both inside and outside.


  • It may make a light shade granite counter.
  • We need to employ several coats to get a decent Outcome.

3. Black Diamond Stoneworks GRANITE SEALER

This water-based sealer is ideal for kitchens because it’s free and nontoxic of powerful chemicals. This item provides you great value for money and is simple to use, and produces good consequences.

The key point to notice about the Black Diamond Stoneworks granite sealer is the fact that it has to be applied liberally, and also the surplus rapidly eliminated, to make a polished and tidy finish. Should you leave it for a long time, it creates an unpleasant, muddy look on the surface.

The period of the period for which outcomes continue will be dependent on the kind of stone. Typically, you are able to go through a few months without needing to reapply it.

However, the major issue has been its strong odor, which could be overpowering. If you forget that fact, it’s an affordable product that really does a great job.


  • Simple beverage and wipe-off application Procedure
  • Produces visible results immediately
  • Lasts for many months in high-activity Places
  • Appropriate for kitchen surfaces Because of Its non-toxic character


  • Very powerful odor
  • Bigger sizes don’t include spray top.
  • Excess should be immediately removed, or it can render a muddy residue.

4. Grout & Granite Penetrating Sealer from The Floor Guys

If your house has other surfaces like granite countertops, travertine, as well as your own granite counters, this sealer works nicely on all of them. So that you do not need to devote another budget for each.

Another crucial quality that draws our focus is the fact that it may protect against mold growth. On the flip side, unlike other goods, it may dry in as little as five minutes after usage. It’s also quite optional merchandise to conserve time.

The Floor Guys will allow you to pay up to around 500 square feet using a one-liter jar. It may be the ideal pick for a sealer, which you are able to use on all surfaces. With this information, you’re ready to purchase!


  • It dries quickly while the result is prolonged.
  • Works well on many surfaces
  • It’s a powerful disinfectant for the Long Run.


  • It may lead to discoloration on light-colored surfaces.
  • It Might Not Be adequate for large Locations.

5. Aqua Mix Enrich ‘N’ Seal

Our pick of granite sealer for big regions is Aqua Mix Enrich’ N’ Seal. This item protects the surface of the granite when darkening and accentuating colors with no surplus sheen.

It may be used on interior and exterior natural rock surfaces to protect against staining. The breathable formulation enables moisture to escape the surface of the stone.

1 quart of Aqua Mix Enrich’N’ Seal supplies up to 375 square feet of coverage per jacket, which makes it a superb option for large surface areas. For optimum protection, use two to three coats of sealer.

This item is put on, keep the surface dry for at least half an hour. After 48 hours, the sealer is totally cured and will guard your granite against stains. It can supply you blot protection for as much as 15 decades.


  • Resists stain
  • Deepens the rock color
  • Low VOC
  • Allows moisture vapor transmission
  • It doesn’t change the resistance of the face


  • Expensive

6. Rocklinite Labs Tuff Duck Granite Sealer

This product claims to include double the quantity of active ingredients in contrast to other manufacturers. The formulation is water-based and non-toxic. It’s intended to conserve the natural look of your granite in addition to other porous hard surfaces.

This granite sealer from Rocklinite Labs is provided in a one-quart jar and is intended to cover approximately 300 square feet. You just have to apply 1 coat so as to completely protect your grout and granite. Once implemented, your surfaces will be protected between 3-5 decades.

Once it’s been implemented, you’re assured that water can’t permeate the sealer. Additionally, it will help to protect the surface from several sorts of stains. If the oil has been spilled onto the outside, it won’t have the ability to penetrate.

But, it’s essential to be aware that this item is only acceptable for porous and natural rock. Other kinds of rock will clog the sealer. You could also realize that the sealer gets fairly thin in the event the surface of the granite remains moist.


  • Protects inside surfaces for up to five decades.
  • It covers around 300 square feet.
  • Non-Acidic formula.
  • Single jacket required.
  • Suitable for many porous hard surfaces.


  • Just acceptable for porous and natural rock.

7. Weiman Disinfectant Granite Daily Clean & Shine

The next one in my list comes out of a well-known manufacturer — Weiman. I have tried both the granite sealer, in addition to the cleaner and polisher one. However, I determined that this one deserves the location in my round-up, after all.

This item claims to have the ability to repel moisture and protect your rock surfaces from the water and oil-based stains — and that is exactly what you’re getting.

Manufacturer Weiman recommends utilizing this item 1 to 2 times each year., but when we are referring to often-used surfaces (or you detect it is not quite as successful as it had been ), don’t hesitate to make that after every four weeks or so.


  • Protects your counters from the water and oil-based stains
  • Relatively smooth program
  • Suitable for use in many areas of your Property
  • It does not require a regular application.


  • Can leave the surface looking fuzzy

8. Supreme Surface Granite Sealer

This is the best granite sealer for a budget, may impart the immediate glow and subtle odor upon usage, and also the dullest and faded countertop resembles a brand new rock.

This all-purpose granite sealer is supposed to function as a cleaner, polisher, and sealer too.

Due to its own non-toxic and bio-degradable home, this sealer is safer to use anywhere in your home, including the kitchen area and bathroom. To top it off, the pH balanced temperament of the sealer neutralizes the harsh substances and tough stains like hard water stains and dirt.

You’ll find this sealer packaged in a steel jar using a spraying nozzle attached to generate the sealing process simple and productive. Do not forget to clean the surface before applying the sealer; differently, the sealer will not function correctly.


  • All-in-one Product (Sealer, cleaner, and polisher)
  • Wonderful odor
  • Non-toxic and Bio-degradable
  • It covers 6500 sq. feet


  • The Cost of this product high

9. Granite Gold Sealer Spray Water-Based

The Granite Gold is an expert granite sealer that supplies long-lasting and durable protection for almost any rock countertop surfaces, such as granite.

This item comes as a spray bottle that’s quite simple to apply. Simply spray it on your granite, wipe with a dry microfiber fabric and let it dry for a minimum of 20 minutes. It can’t be simpler than that!

Greatest, this sealer is food secure and does a fantastic job of not emitting any undesirable odors. It may safely be used around pets and kids, no issue.

But even better, if you don’t enjoy the spray applicator, then you could even buy this sealer as sealer wipes. Very sensible.


  • The program is flexible. It can be bought as a spray bottle.
  • It doesn’t emit bad smells.
  • It could be used in all kinds of colors without discoloration.


  • The Cost could have been competitive.
  • Ineffective if not Permitted to set for at least 20 minutes

10. Stone Care International Granite Sealer

As soon as you utilize Stone Care International Granite Sealer, it’s tough to enjoy any other item. This granite sealer and the shield do just what it says on the tag.

You’ll require some elbow grease to buff out the surplus when you utilize it for the very first time. Nonetheless, you won’t be disappointed with the results that you see.

This gentle product that’s free of poisonous components is the perfect selection for countertops where food preparation is performed. Its mild odor adds to its allure.


  • Dries quickly
  • A small amount will cover the larger place.
  • It stays on for a long time.
  • Merchandise can be obtained readily


  • Can leave streaks if the surplus is not removed immediately
  • Requires a Great Deal of rubbing to buff the surface correctly

How To Choose the Best Granite Sealers

Though we’ve supplied a number of those brands which we feel would be the best, you may have something else in mind. Therefore we supplied some general instructions below. Keep these tips in mind before buying your best granite sealer, and you will be better off.

Ease of Use

You will obviously need the product that you opt to be as fast and simple to use as possible. Products that arrive in spray bottles are particularly handy. They permit you to spray on the desired product allow it to get to operate.

Coating Types

It cannot be evident to encounter several types of sealants. Each sealant has another structure and possessions. Let us look at the features of these types we’ve clarified for you that you don’t waste time on the comprehensive study:

  • Penetrating sealers: would be the most typical kind, the one which just penetrates the rock and seals the pores. You will find premium versions too, which shield from naturally-occurring fluids.
  • Enhancing sealers: are a penetrating sealer mixed with a polisher. They have the typical role of a sealer while also producing the rock glossy and nice.
  • Topical coating: would be those with the cheapest durability in comparison to other seals. They peel off temporarily quickly and are extremely troublesome as you need to employ them frequently.

Food safety

Next, possibly the most crucial aspect to think about is whether it’s food secure or not. You should definitely see the tagged food secure or at least a mention of if the granite sealer is food secure or not. If you do not find any mention, it’s far better to prevent the item entirely as you can’t ever know.

The Odor

Some granite sealers possess a robust and quite acrid odor. Because of this, it’s vital to be certain the region where you’re employing them is well-ventilated. But, it’s likely to monitor odorless goods as well as the ones that are infused with nice scents.


Last but by no means least, pay careful attention to just how long the product that you select protects your granite. Some products will need to be reapplied every few weeks or so. But, other products offer protection for as many as twenty-five decades.

Using guide for Granite Sealers

Step 1: Read The Instructions

This may look like common sense information, but we have seen a lot of individuals don’t do this thing. As there are a lot of unique kinds of granite and natural stone sealing products accessible, and a number of them radically differ in the way they’re used and implemented, the customer should follow the instructions on their product tag.

Step 2 – Clean your Granite Countertop

Before employing the granite sealer, you’ll have to wash your countertop to eliminate stains and dirt, which may stop the sealer from penetrating the pores of this granite. Rub lightly but firmly with any assortment of degreaser or counter cleaner to wash.

Step 3 – Protect Yourself 

Next, you must start the windows to help ventilate the region. Wear a set of chemical-resistant gloves and put on a pair of gloves prior to utilizing the sealer. A granite sealer can create unpleasant or harmful vapors throughout the application process; nevertheless, no hazardous or harmful substances will stay when the sealer has healed.

Step 4: Test A Small Corner

As is true for any product that you are using in your granite counter, you need to make certain to check a small segment of it to guarantee that the sealant will blot it or make a residue. Apply a little quantity of the item to this inconspicuous place, and see whether this specific product can be used with all the granite countertops.

Step 5:  Apply the Sealer

Evenly coat the surface of the granite employing a lint-free fabric or brush that’s been moistened with the sealer. The countertop ought to be moist; nonetheless, it shouldn’t be soaked.

Step 6 – Allow it to Sit

When you’ve implemented the product to your countertop, then let it sit for at least 30 minutes. It’s crucial to wait this period of time to be able to enable the granite sealer to penetrate the pores of this granite and heal correctly.

Step 7: Finish It Up

In case the item’s label suggests a second coating is necessary, then go on and apply another coat using the exact same procedure of application. As was the situation with the very first coat, ensure the item is evenly dispersed over the whole counter. When that has been completed, let the next coat dry to get the right quantity of time.

It is time to clean up any surplus granite sealer which could be on the surface. Bear in mind, a lot of granite sealers will render a haze, so make sure you be diligent about taking away the surplus. After that is completed, don’t use or touch the counter to get around 48-hours. Once 48-hours, the counter could be washed and used again.


The upkeep of granite counters is an essential procedure that gives highly effective outcomes. Largely the unsealed granites will wear and deform over time. Liquid stains start to permeate porous granites as time passes and shape permanent stains. That is the reason you are able to guard your granite counters just with sealers.

Granite sealers are committed products that help extend the natural rock surfaces’ life and attractiveness in your residence. Select the right one to your requirements after contemplating the specific usage for your Item

I hope that my experiences can allow you to discover the best granite sealer for the kitchen countertops.

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