4 Best Knife Set Under $200 Reviews in 2021 You Can Buy


The options of best knife set under $200 are available here for those who want to buy a good kitchen knife set but only wish to get a great deal including a great place to keep their knives. Unless you require multiple copies of similar knife, a kitchen knife set is the way to go when it comes to knives. Purchasing knives as a set provides you with a couple of advantages. First, most sets are equipped with a nice block that is perfect for keeping knives in.

Without this block, usually we will be forced to throw our knives in some kinds of container or a drawer where the knives tend to rub against each other. That causes the blades to chip and eventually lose their edge a lot faster than blades that are stored separately each other. It is often beneficial to buy a set of knives for its cost saving although obtaining a block to store your knives in is also nice.

List of 4 Best Knife Set Under $200 Reviews

1. Chicago Cutlery Landmark 14 Piece Block

Chicago Cutlery Landmark knife set is a 14 Piece Block consisting of special knives that have black dual material handles and professional top-carbon stainless-steel, forged blades. The use of high level-carbon stainless-steel is intended to make the blades stronger and harder, which is resistant against rust, stains and pitting while the use of unique Taper-Grind-edge technology helps in providing the best accuracy and sharpness for accurate chopping and is ease to re-sharpen. The use of total metal tang extending from blade’s tip to the knife’s end, which forms part of the handle helps in giving extra balance, strength, and control while the forged bolster helps in keeping your fingers from running up on the blade. That will also can increases safety, weight and balance.

Chicago Cutlery Landmark knife set was first introduced to mark the 75th anniversary of Chicago Cutlery. These Landmark series substantiates the brand’s trademark strength, elegance, sharpness and ease of handling. The stainless-steel handles are ergonomically designed combining safety and comfort with sleek modern styling. The 14-pc Block set comprises 8″ bread, 8″ Chef, 5″ partoku, , six fine edge stainless 4-1/4″ steak knives, 4-1/2″ utilitystainless-steel shears, 3″ parer, sharpening steel, and mahogany stained pine wood block with poly stainless slot inserts and stainless faceplate. All of the knives are all backed by a full lifetime guarantee.

2. Victorinox 8 Piece Knife Set

Victorinox Knife Set is a 8-piece Forschner cutlery set with Swiss hand-finishes. The set consists of 10” sharpening, 10” slicing steel, 8” bread, 8” chef’s, 6” boning, and 4” paring knives, kitchen shears and slant hardwood block. All of the knives have full tang for strength and balance and high level-carbon, anti-stain-steel blades. Ergonomic black fibrox handles are also equipped to the knives to minimize wrist strain over extended periods of use. The manufacturer provides its customers with a lifetime warranty against defect.

Victorinox Knife Set is considered a mid-range line for the aspiring or proficient home chef. This block set from R.H. Forschner consists of a range of the commonest used kitchen cutlery. The blades, which are hand-finished in Switzerland can retain their sharp edges and when necessary they are readily re-sharpened. The edges of the knives are subject of a particular tempering process used to generate edges that can be re-sharpened again and again, so the sharpness of the knife stays original throughout the whole life of the blade. Even though washing by hand is recommended, the cutlery in the set is dishwasher-safe. However, to prevent this knife set from damage, the use of detergent should be avoided.

3. Wusthof Gourmet 12 Piece Knife Block

Wusthof Gourmet Knife Block is a gourmet 12-piece knife set by Wusthof that have synthetic polypropylene handles particularly designed for durability. It is a good choice for knife set at medium price range. All the knives in the set have sharp and precisely tempered blades. With a limited lifetime warranty the set is made in Germany. The set consists of a a 9” honing steel, four steak knives, an 8” bread knife, an 8” cook’s knife, a 4-1/2” utility, a 3” parer, a 2-1/2” parer, kitchen shears, as well as a 13-slot storage block to hold all the items neatly arranged and within reach.

Wusthof Gourmet Knife Block can be a wonderful gift idea for newlyweds or anyone who set up a kitchen for the first time. The set can give you a comprehensive collection of daily essentials in the kitchen. As part of gourmet collection of reputed brand, Wusthof, every knife, throughout the whole length of the knif, features a particular formulation of high level-carbon German stainless-steel to give exceptional balance and strength. Wusthof knives have been already known to be sharp, sturdy, durable, safe, and efficient. In fact, all of the Wusthof knives have undergone laser tests for accuracy and precision. Handwash is recommended for washing these knives for the best results.

4. Mercer Cutlery Genesis 6 Piece Forged

The Mercer Cutlery Genesis 6 Piece Forged is a Collection knife set that comes with tempered glass block. The set comprises 8” bread, 8” chef’s, 6” boning, 5” utility, and 3-1/2” paring knives with a glass knife block. For the blades the set utilize single-piece forged German steel to provide high level-carbon and no-stain. All of the knives come with excellent, black Santoprene nonslip handles to give great safety as well as comfort. Most customers are happy with hise knife set because it has great and very sharp knives. In addition to that, the set also has awesome glass block that appears so well on the kitchen counter.

The Mercer Cutlery Genesis 6 Piece Forged knife set is ideal for those who consider cooking as serious activity and believe food preparation should be easier, faster, and more comfortable. The set features exceptional quality in materials, design, and craftsmanship honed to the précising performance requirements of the discriminating chef, between the professional and the enthusiast. If you are seeking for top-quality knives that can help you in promoting high quality results, then The Mercer Cutlery Genesis knife set can be a great option. If you follow the knife care instruction well they can last for long time.

Conclusion of The Best Knife Set Under $200

In short, whether you are a professional or serious chef or just somebody seeking for a set for your kitchen, then you will find that the best knife set under $200 has you covered. You can ensure that all of the blades of the set are all crafted from high level-carbon stainless-steel. When you get the forged blades, you can expect that all are heat-treated and then ice-hardened creating strong blades that have good edge-retention. It ensures that the forged blades will remain sharp while they hold stains and rust at bay.

While no metal is resistant to stains or rust, if taken care of properly the recommended list of stainless-steel knife sets above will last many years. From their looks and their materials you can easily see how they are built upon the reputation of their makers offering sets of knives complementing their previously-renowned cookware. As long as you can keep your knives dry and clean, your set can even potentially last a lifetime.

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