Best Manual Coffee Grinders You Can Consider (2021 Reviews)


You will need a manual coffee grinder to whizz your own expertly-roasted beans to super-fresh reasons to brew by espresso or filter, but you are not certain where to begin?

And believe us when we say not all the grinders are up to this job. That is why we’ve decided to reassess the best manual coffee grinders accessibly, so our subscribers can discover the one which’s appropriate for their property.

Benefits of Using Manual Coffee Grinders

With electrical grinder possibilities available, you might well ask why anyone should purchase a manual coffee grinder. One of the chief arguments for doing so was that a manual grinder was a less costly alternative.

That debate is no more valid as lots of the blade grinders. And even a couple of burr grinders will be the exact same cost or even under a manual grinder.

We discovered when we had been reading the testimonials from real buyers, they spoke about 4 chief reasons why they purchased this old fashioned manner of the grinder. Those two reasons are:

  1. Manual grinders provide you complete control over the grinding procedure, consequently providing you more control over the flavor of your coffee beverage.
  2. Manual grinders are a lot more compact than automatic grinders or want a power supply, which makes them perfect to travel with.
  3. Not only are manual grinders cheaper for your home coffee connoisseur, but a number are also visually beautiful items.
  4. They are mobile and may be taken with you when traveling, or in which you don’t have any electrical power resource.

We consider their key advantage of being their own portability. These are rather easy to package, and in the event that you truly like the flavor of freshly ground coffee beans, then among them is easy to take with you.

For biking or camping, however, we would naturally recommend a stainless steel grinder as opposed to a wooden or glass one.

List of 15 Best Manual Coffee Grinders Reviews

1. ROK Coffee Grinder, Aluminum

The ROK Coffee Grinder resembles no additional manual coffee grinder you have seen before. Frankly, ROK is not much as any other coffee-focused firm we are utilized to, but for the purpose: coffee nirvana.

ROK, which originally started as a crowdfunded firm, is about utilizing the individual body as the chief tool. When many businesses provide manual grinders to go alongside automatic machines or conventional pour-over versions such as the Chemex, ROK takes things up several notches.

Their principal product is that the ROK Presso Manual espresso maker, which, yes, is completely possible and much more commonly utilized in Western countries. If you are searching for a power outage and certainly can not go with no joe, among them with a manual grinder will put you up quite well!

Back to the grinder, even however –it is made out of aluminum for a hardy body and equipped with 48mm stainless steel conical burrs. With minimal exertion, it is possible to grind enough to get a double shot of espresso in 30 seconds, which stinks many different versions on this list from the water.

You are able to elect for a measure or step-less grind dimensions by adding or removing the washer, leading to entirely customizable grind dimensions for each and every sort of brew you might possibly desire.

Another artsy version, the ROK Coffee Grinder, is the most costly on this listing, but it certainly looks the part. If you are considering this and you are left-handed, notice it easily configures for left-handed usage, also!


  • A sticky base Offers stability when grinding.
  • The hand crank is on both sides for enhanced ergonomics.
  • Aluminum and steel burrs are lasting and of Higher quality.
  • Double posture prevents wobbling while grinding.
  • Much quicker than many hand grinders.


  • Not Appropriate for traveling because of bulky size
  • Tough to eliminate a base once It’s Been attached to some surface.

2. Zassenhaus “Santiago” Mahogany Beech Wood Manual Coffee Mill

I will get right to the point. For travel, the Zassenhaus Santiago Coffee Grinder likely is not likely to be the best choice because of its dimensions, weight, and total bulky design.

But if you’re searching for something the usage in the home, each of the aforementioned is not going to issue.

They say that practice makes perfect. Well, after more than a hundred decades of fabricating coffee grinders, I want to believe that Zassenhaus, the German firm behind this particular grinder, know a thing or 2 about how to create an excellent product.

Backed with a 25-year warranty with this specific best manual coffee grinder, they have confidence in their own product.

Housed inside the amazing Mahogany Beech Wood, you are going to discover a durable carbon steel grinding mechanism.

Its grind function generates consistent results and contains a high number of grind settings letting you grind for each beverage method, even Espresso, and Turkish.

1 final thing: it feels like a huge majority of coffee grinders are created in China. After doing a little bit of digging, I’m pleased to state the Zassenhaus Santiago Coffee Grinder is fabricated in Germany — funnily enough at exactly the exact same town that generates the Porsche.


  • Stunning Mahogany finish.
  • German-made — top quality.
  • 25-year warranty grinding mechanism.


  • Slightly heavy, which makes portability a challenge.

3. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

For the price tag, a few hand grinders offer you a consistent grind that will be appropriate for the typical barista. JavaPresse’s Grinder is among these grinders. It is a valuable asset to have stowed away on your coffee arsenal.

We were appeased with our findings.

Regardless of the very low price, the JavaPresse grinds coffee always.

In accordance with JavaPresse, there are approximately 15 different usable configurations for this grinder.

It is essentially your coffee grinding pocket tube. Easily match the grinder into your back for camping or backpacking trips, or stuff it into your lawsuit case for any casual event. In addition, don’t be concerned about breaking it. The JavaPresse layout has you covered.

The stainless steel frame makes this grinding mechanism exceptionally durable.

1 fear of working with a grinder with plastic or glass components is breaking or shattering the gadget. The durable design of the grinder allows you to use it the way you want when you want.

Another exceptional feature is that the removable hand crank. It easily slips off the cover of the hex axle, which makes it much easier to shop and store off. Be attentive when grinding — that the crank will secure during the grinding procedure if one isn’t careful.

The bottom mill reservoir easily slides off letting the user eliminate grounds.

The double plate system retains among those burrs stationary while another spins together with the fold. It is effective and generates decent grind consequences.

JavaPresse made an alteration knob beneath the burrs to reach all your grind setting needs.

This grinder not only provides adequate grind dimensions — it provides you the liberty to grind coffee wherever you go!


  • The killer cost is incontrovertible
  • The little stainless steel design makes this grinder flexible and durable.
  • Double plate burr design allows for adequate particle size distribution.


  • Grinding massive quantities of coffee at one time is not possible.
  • Detachable hand crank could slide off through grinding.

4. Comandante C40 MK3 Nitro Blade Wenge

The Commandante actually marks the golden standard of manual coffee grinders concerning sophistication and grind consistency. This german-made grinder is easily the best high-quality grinder on this listing and excels in all top-notch espresso, in addition to readily catering to other brewing designs.

The burrs are produced from the maximum quality steel and have dual axle bearings to ensure uniformity of particle size. This creates a delicious cup of brew and has the extra bonus of being among those very few high-end grinders which still employ a stepped grind method for simple modification and replication of grind sizes. And let’s be fair, it simply looks pretty amazing also!

However, just like any high-end grinder, then you cover the quality. The Commandante is the costliest grinder on this list, and so is an investment for the coffee enthusiast who’ll take nothing less than perfection!


  • Stunning layout
  • Total Selection of grind sizes
  • Outstanding grind consistency
  • Made from top quality materials that will last.


  • Expensive

5. Zassenhaus “Brasilia” Dark Beech Wood Manual Coffee Mill

Zassenhaus has an exceptional reputation as a manufacturer of grinders, deservedly so in my own experience. Their mills are much sought after. This Zassenhaus coffee grinder is an exceptional product using a tried and tested classic design. The mill includes a tempered steel grinding mechanism, which can be durable, in addition to precise.

Constructed from top excellent hardwood, it feels and looks amazing. The burr-style mill generates a precision grind.

I purchased mine online, and it came in a somewhat dented box; however, that the grinder interior was in a pristine state. There is a knurled fixing nut that sets the degree of fineness/coarseness of this grind. I’d recommend that you make certain this nut is loosened before you apply the mill for the very first time and gradually tighten it since you grind to find the atmosphere you desire.

Just like manual mills, it’s extremely quiet to use. However, requires a specific quantity of time and energy.

This grinder does not come cheap, they generally sell for about $100, but they have a timeless build and operate nicely.


  • More precise than many cheaper manual grinders
  • Sturdy construction
  • The grinding machine includes a 25-year warranty.
  • Wonderful talking stage for when we have guests.


  • Ideal to get a few cups of coffee, but difficult to work for bigger quantities.

6. KEAIJUAN Manual Coffee Grinders

A virtually identical layout to the Javapresse coffee grinder, however, for a whole lot less cash! The KEAIJUAN Manual Coffee Grinder is small and compact, and easily portable. Made from a stainless steel frame with a conical ceramic burr grinder.

It’s a variable grind dimension and can from nice coffee to a rough floor for your french press. Not quite so simple to alter this setting as a few, but it’s ok, when you know, just how.

For its low cost, it’s surprisingly well made, and also the quality of the mill is as superior as the Javapresse, to tell the truth. It does not feel quite as strong, however, so questions remain over the durability of the item. However, that debate could be put in the door of all our goods examined.

It takes about 3 minutes to grind enough beans for one brew that does take a little effort. The grade of the coffee created, though, is quite nice, and the grind is constant.

Nice solid stainless steel design that pops collectively instead of screws; just have to take care when holding that it does not fall to pieces on your palms. The ceramic burr was rather stable in the design we’d, unlike various other grinders we’ve had on evaluation.


  • The very low cost provides excellent value for money, particularly compared to other grinders in the marketplace.
  • Makes a fantastic consistent floor coffee. Notably rough floor to our french press.
  • Mobile and powerful enough to take in your travels.


  • Though build quality is great, it does not feel quite as powerful as a few of the grinders in our evaluations, so queries over its durability stay.
  • Must be careful it does not fall apart when grinding because it pops collectively instead of screws together.

7. Handground Precision Manual Coffee Grinder

Developed by an entire community of coffee lovers, the Handground Precision Coffee Grinder is a manual ceramic burr mill created with the consumer in mind. Handground is a distinctive”new” — it is, really, more of a community.

The Handground Precision Coffee Grinder is a good piece of gear known for its quality, consistent layout, and simplicity of usage. Adding 15 grind settings, it is good for many different brewing procedures, from cold brew to espresso.

The detachable hand crank eliminates 90 percent of the sound usually associated with grinders, whereas the 40mm conical ceramic burr mill is double mounted to get rid of burr wobble. The additional stability helps it create a constant grind each time you need a cuppa joe.

Finally, but above all, the Handground Precision Coffee Grinder comes equipped with ceramic knives, which continue five times as long as stainless steel ones, a feature that automatically places the Handground Precision Coffee Grinder towards the top of several baristas’ lists. Additionally, it will come with a 1-year guarantee, which is best on everybody’s list.


  • Total of 15 grind settings that are easy to fix.
  • Mounted axle prevents wobbling found in flip side grinders, providing a consistent grind.
  • Top of this grinder into position so coffee will not spill out.
  • Hopper has indicated traces on the side, which signify ~10 g of coffee for Simple measurement.
  • Produced from quality aluminum and ceramic.
  • Contains a reference graph for different brewing process ratios.
  • Easy to hold
  • The sticky pad on the floor prevents slipping whiling grinding.
  • The handle crank is on the side of the grinder to get a more natural texture.


  • Might have difficulty grinding good enough for espresso or Turkish coffee.
  • Slightly taller compared to more mobile grinders.
  • Priced higher than many choices on this listing, but that cost is for well-rated caliber.

8. Chestnut G1 Manual Coffee Grinder with Adjustable Setting

The Timemore Chestnut G1 is a thing of beauty with its contemporary industrial-chic design. In reality, this immaculately engineered manual coffee grinder stole the esteemed Reddot design award in 2017.

Beyond the impressive appearances, you will discover precision-milled steel burrs made in 5-axis CNC for high grinding efficiency. Two inner ball bearings firmly repair the central axis to make certain that the grinding burrs are both running smooth and adapting optimally.

The G1 Grinder includes an impressive choice of grind settings, which can easily be set to your liking using all the stepped wheel.

Twist the dial clockwise will push the middle burr closer into the outside burr, which then will place the grinder to a nice setting — turning the dial counterclockwise does exactly the contrary, coarsening the grind.

The Timemore functions a home run with this durable and award-winning manual burr grinder — it is perfect for novices and baristas alike.


  • High-quality grinding burrs and lasting structure.
  • Premium materials.
  • Beautiful contemporary design.


  • The grinds-catch may be embarrassing to detach from your system.

9. Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

The Portlex Mini is a really common grinder and is now well recognized since the grinder of choice to travel. This is because of how lightweight it’s and its small dimensions (the handle is removable), which lets it fit within an Aeropress! One other fantastic thing about this grinder is being produced from a mixture of plastic and stainless steel. It’s quite durable and can be more than sturdy enough to bring with you on this hiking excursion.

Like most of the less costly grinders, the mill consistency may do the job nicely for pour and Aeropress but may struggle with French Press or Espresso. It’s 13 click grind preferences that are simple to navigate and recall. It’s worth noting that the tradeoff for the mobile size of the grinder is the fact that it may just grind 20g of beans at one time. So nice for a single cup, but if you’re wishing to brew for your friends too… then prepare to do some significant work!


  • Incredibly lightweight and mobile
  • Simple to Use
  • Very durable


  • Small capacity
  • Grind consistency can not compete with much more expensive versions.

10. VEVOK CHEF Manual Coffee Grinder Burr Coffee Grinder

What could I say about the VkChef manual coffee grinder? It’s easily the best manual coffee grinder we’ve showcased within this report. The thing that puts this grinder beside each other is the fact that it’s a stainless steel burr grinder. This means it requires less time and effort to grind the beans to coffee grounds. The grade of the coffee produced can be second to none.

Additionally, it is incredibly well constructed, and the layout can almost be described as hot! In use, it’s really simple to crank the handle, and it seems almost effortless compared to another grinder.

It’s also small enough to be mobile and simple to use while out and about.

Requires around 1 minute to grind enough beans for 1 cup of Joe. Very simple to turn the fold, and that’s the benefit of a stainless steel burr. The grade of the coffee produced, if it’s for the french press or espresso, is second to none.

Very robust construct except for its glass receptacle. Not an issue in itself but only have to be careful in case you drop it or traveling with this.


  • The superb stainless steel burr grinder
  • Very fast to grind enough beans to get a cup of coffee
  • Makes excellent, consistent floor coffee for not just my french media but also because of my espresso machine also.
  • The 6 exact settings for your grind Allow You to Understand easily what setting you’re on until you grind.


  • Glass receptacle Has to Be handled with maintenance.
  • It’s mobile therefore, the hopper is little but can make around 2 cups at a time.
  • Important to not crank the handle also fast as this creates heat in the stainless steel burr and transports into the coffee.

11. Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill -“Skerton Pro”

Hario makes a variety of reliable coffee gear, so it is not surprising that this mid-level grinder is created out of quality materials. The Skerton Pro retains the timeless Hario layout whilst incorporating a few alterations to supply a more consistent, uniform grind.

Hario is a heat-resistant glassware firm that started off producing medical beakers before transitioning to a different area that deals mostly in warmth –coffee. As you might not traditionally employ heat to a grinder, then you may be sure that the glass is caliber.

The non-stick rubber base keeps the mill from slipping as you twist the handle, with the ceramic burr grinders to prepare around 100 g of coffee. Do not be concerned about needing to remove the handle to adjust the grind dimensions — the Skerton Guru has a grind adjustment wheel on the floor to go from espresso to French press with no fuss.

At 8.3 inches in height, the Hario Skerton Pro could be obtained everywhere, so you can’t ever need to go with no freshly ground beans to get a complicated, beautiful cuppa.


  • Dishwasher safe components are Simple to clean.
  • The silicone cap on the floor helps the grinder remain in position during grinding.
  • Quality materials make this durable and Long-lasting.


  • Have to eliminate several components to adjust the grind setting.
  • Some wobbling from the shaft generates an inconsistent grind.

12. Akirakoki Manual Coffee Bean Grinder Wooden Mill

The Akirakoki is an odd manual coffee grinder as it has been manufactured from one piece of timber — even the threads which combine the two segments are carved into the wood.

The producers claim it won’t ever crack as a result of the wooden layout; I am not certain how much truth there is in this claim.

I am sure with excess moisture and warmth, and the timber could crack and expand?

Mounted inside the Akirakoki, you will come across a pair of semi-permeable conical burrs, which should create less heat than stainless steel burrs.

On the other hand, the issue with a cast iron burr vs. a machined burr is I find the coffee beans have a tendency to get crushed using a throw burr instead of the earth — that the cast iron burrs just are not sharp enough.

The bean hopper can hold up to 35 g of coffee beans, which ought to be sufficient for many brewing needs without filling another time.

All-in-all, this Taiwanese produced coffee grinder is an adequate alternative for anyone buying a small budget. Does this have some defects? Yes, but none of them are actually a deal-breaker.


  • Beautiful solid wood design.
  • Cast iron burr will help to decrease the heat from corrosion.


  • They struggle using a nice grind.

13. Precision Manual Coffee Bean Grinder By Homiry

The Homiry coffee grinder does a very good job at an affordable price too. We discovered in our tests it requires a little effort to create enough coffee for only 1 cup, so be ready to work on your first cup of the day.

On the other hand, the outcomes were generally excellent. It took about 100 cranks of the deal to create enough grounds to get a french press coffee. It has a cleaning brush and bean scoop, all delivered in a wonderful box.

Typically it takes about 3 minutes to grind sufficient rough ground coffee to make only 1 cup of coffee. The crank handle is easy to turn and feels great in the hand.

Fantastic quality and constructed from stainless steel with a ceramic burr. The crank handle is strong and powerful.


  • Well constructed and sturdy
  • Feels great in the hand when cranking the handle
  • It makes great consistent floor coffee for the french press
  • The grind settings are Simple to change once You’re Utilized to the way it functions.


  • Requires a Great Deal of cranking for only 1 cup of coffee
  • The hopper can simply take enough beans for Approximately 3 cups.
  • The alignment of this ceramic burr has been reported to be out of alignment with some users.

14. Kalita coffee Mill KH-3 Retro one

The Kalita Coffee Mill KH-3 Retro One is among the most unique with this listing and surely provides the old school vibe of several partners with a manual coffee grinder. As indicated in the title, this manual grinder carries a retro vibe.

Launched in 1959 at Nihonbashi, Japan, Kalita was dealing in the production and significant coffee and coffee-related gear since the start. It makes this conservative thing feel a little more authentic, does not it?

There is a small learning curve with this beaut, particularly since a lot of these directions are in Japanese, but the principles are the same. Fill out the bell-curve with whole coffee beans and use the hand to manually grind your own coffee.

While adjustable to any grind dimensions you may want, from extra coarse to a fine powder to Turkish coffee, it requires some deliberate trial and error. Adjustments are done exactly the exact same way they’re to get a peppermill, by eliminating the handle and loosening or tightening the equipment nut. Super tight will give an extremely good grind, while looser will create coarser grounds.

The greatest caveat to this version is the fact that it is made from iron and absolutely can not get wet or it will corrode. While there is nothing requiring water to get close to it, it is well worth mentioning. After cleaning, wipe with a dry cloth.

Finally simple to use and clean and operate faithfully, its own retro, classic design is certain to be a talking point each time you intentionally whip it out when the company’s over.


  • Easy to maintain and grind
  • Upper and bottom pieces fit snugly to Avoid vibration while grinding.
  • Grinding mechanisms Made from sturdy cast iron
  • Burrs are Simple to clean and access.
  • Stylish classic design.


  • Cast iron likely to rust
  • Greatest for fine to medium grinds; restricted for coarse grinds.
  • It might require some training to Make Certain You correctly measure grind settings.

15. 1Zpresso Q2 Manual Coffee Grinder Mini Slim

The 1Zpresso Q2 comes in as my best manual coffee grinder. I really like this little matter!

There are many grinders from the provider’s range, and I’ve sampled a couple of them last season, but the 1Zpresso Q2 is my own personal favorite. It is also among the smallest and most budget-friendly out of the whole selection.

Trust me. This hand fold can quickly conquer equal grinders, which price 2-6 times longer!

The grind consequences of this 1Zpresso Q2 is striking, and you won’t have any issue easily grinding java for all from extra-fine Turkish all the way to some coarser grind acceptable for a French Press.

Oh boy, this grinder is fast; I am speaking like turbo pace.

The 1Zpresso Q2 can grind 20 g of coffee in under 60 minutes.

The quick rate of the Q2 is down into both super-smooth bearings placed inside the grinder.

Like all the other coffee grinders at the organization’s range, the Q2 comes with an aluminum frame, and the main shaft and burr-set are made from Stainless Steel.

The burr collection is 100% stainless steel, and these make light work of almost any medium roasted beans — simple.


  • It’s constructed with superior materials.
  • Extremely smooth and fast.
  • Simple to Use.


  • Little bean hopper dimensions — retains approximately 24 grams.

How To Choose the Best Manual Coffee Grinders


Manual coffee grinders provide grind consistency at much lower costs than their automatic rivals. Rather than that money going to a motor you don’t want, it moves into standard burrs, grinders which guarantee a tasty cup each time.

Handle Length

It’s by far the most vital component you need to be contemplated. A handle can break or make the grinder. If the deal is too short, then it requires a whole lot of your energy to grind the beans.


Among the first things, the coffee drinker ought to be considering is your grinder’s capacity. Some folks will be OK with a little grinder since they will simply be grinding enough legumes for 1-2 cups of coffee each day, though other individuals might require a grinder with a bigger capacity. So, of course, grinder ability is an essential point to consider.


The sturdiness of a hand coffee grinder is equally vital since you employ quite a great deal of force if you ground coffee daily, so search for coffee grinders that are made from sturdy materials, like stainless steel. The container may be plastic or glass, but the grinding mechanism will have to be made from something more powerful.

Manual Grinder With A Burr

If it comes to grinders, the user has got two options offered for them: blades or burrs. Which is better? The response to this question is simple: burrs are far better than blades. That is because burrs create a more grind compared to blade do, and also, a more even grind generates better coffee.

Now in regards to burrs, consumers have a choice between ceramic burrs and stainless-steel burrs. Along with also the choice, there is easy also. Ceramic burrs are exceptional to stainless-steel burrs since they’re stronger, and ceramic does not pit the manner that stainless-steel can perform.

Ease of Cleaning

Start looking for grinders that are simple to take apart for cleaning. You’ll have to have the ability to get within a grinder and into the burrs to have the ability to wash it correctly, though a lot of folks do state you shouldn’t use soapy water to wash a coffee grinder since it is going to impair the flavor of their coffee.

Replacement Parts

The last thing for customers to consider is the availability of replacement components to get their coffee grinder. The grinding mechanics in most coffee grinders will gradually work out, so the customer should understand that they can easily replace this mechanism without needing to purchase a new manual coffee grinder. For that reason, it is a fantastic idea for the user to be certain the model they are considering purchasing has replacement parts readily available for it.

Care And Maintenance fo Your Best Manual Coffee Grinders

Cleaning your grinder is also a significant part of using it and keeping it. A filthy mill will not create that top-notch quality brew you desire. Coffee dust and oil can be quite tricky to manage.

1 possible method employed is running rice via your grinder. It may get a good deal of dust and oil without you having to disassemble the system. Watch out, however, since rice may hurt your device. Rice is tough and starchy — a few machines can not handle it.

Typically, it’s best to disassemble your manual coffee grinders, then wash all of the pieces carefully with soap, water, and a cloth (do not use a paper towel, so it may leave pieces of paper within your system ). These easy measures work for essentially any device of any sort. It should take approximately 12 minutes to perform.

A fantastic cleaning regimen and appropriate maintenance will be certain that you make the maximum from your manual coffee grinders.


I’ve examined the main features for every product available in the modern commercial marketplace that we’ve chosen as a high 15.

Each one the grinders are excellent and have their own values each. Do your due diligence, then see which system matches you best stylistically, and you will easily have the ability to detect the best manual coffee grinders to suit your requirements!

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