10 Best Mattress Topper For Sofa Bed Reviews of 2021


If you are not feeling comfortable on your sofa bed while sleeping, the addition of a mattress topper will help.

However, choosing a mattress topper among the numerous ones available in the market is indeed something no one wants to think about. We went ahead and made a list of the 10 best mattress toppers for sofa beds because of understanding your suffering. We Do not want to wait any longer; please join us in reading this article!

What Is A Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper is only defined as any distinct layer of cushioning which may be inserted or eliminated from the surface of a mattress.

Toppers are primarily utilized to give additional comfort in addition to adjusting the stability of the surface. They might also serve different functions, like relieving pressure and pain or cooling the bed.

Along with main beds, mattress toppers may be utilized in RVs, resorts, school dorms, guest bedrooms, or sofas.

List of 10 Best Mattress Topper for Sofa Beds

1. Zinus Memory Foam 5 Inch Sleeper Sofa Mattress

This is a kind of hydride sofa mattress topper foam of 5 inches which has 1inch of gel memory foam and 4 inches of high-density base service foam. It includes Certi-PUR-US certified for good functionality, durability, and content.

It includes a five years guarantee. It weighs 38.4 lbs plus a product measurement of 54 x 75 x 8 inches. There’s always a guarantee of Superior relaxation together with all the Zinus Cool Gel Memory Foam 5 Inch Sleeper Sofa Mattress.

2. Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper

The Sleep On Latex Pure Green Natural Latex Topper is your best mattress topper for those that desire foam cushioning but do not enjoy the attribute sinking feeling of memory foam. Latex has a feel much like memory foam, but it is springier, which means that your body will break on the surface without thumping.

Many latex toppers are costly; however, the Sleep on Latex is your most-affordable, well-reviewed alternative we discovered. It is offered in 3 thicknesses and 3 densities: soft, medium, and company –offering more amounts of personalization than any other topper we all believed. Like the Tempur-Pedic, you might even get a different washable encasement with this topper, which makes it a lot easier to keep clean as time passes.

3. Linenspa, Queen 2 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This is very good evidence that great mattress toppers do not have to price the Earth.

Leaving me the most powerful belief is its memory foam material that has been examined by licensed, independent labs to satisfy CertiPUR-US standards. That means concerning emissions, durability, and notably, security, it is all guaranteed.

As an affirmation of quality, there is also a 3-year limited guarantee supplied by Linenspa.

The topper additionally is really “cool”, literally. It is infused with a cooling gel to get greater airflow, heat dissipation, and spine alignment.

Sleeping on it, you are never going to wake up at night time or feel some distress.

Anyhow, the Linenspa two” Gel Infused Topper is a worth-investment option that can allow you to better your own slumber quality appreciably without the need to invest hundreds of bucks.

4. SleepBetter Iso-Cool Memory Foam Mattress Topper

In 3-inches thick, this mattress topper includes visco-elastic memory foam made to be temperature sensitive.

The memory foam is coated with a 100% cotton cover and a 300 thread count.

It is equipped with Outlast Adaptive Comfort technology which produces the foam equilibrium and adjusts to your area’s temperature, permitting you to sleep soundly during the night.

The cover consists of Richloft polyester fiber-fill quilted with 11 oz per sq/yard plus a TightGrip skirt which fits mattresses from 15 to 20 inches deep.

5. LUCID 3 Inch Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Why is the LUCID Memory Foam Mattress Topper the next on my list is its own combination of necessary capabilities!

It comes in various sizes so that you can decide on the best one based on your own sofa bed. What’s more, memory foam includes high-quality material and structure.

To get a memory foam mattress topper, I did not need to think about the temperature. The 3-inch topper concentrates more on venting, enhancing breathability as I sleep. In terms of its aid, I commend it to how it cradles my own body and contains me sleeping straight.

The topper matches my sofa bed nicely, and it feels great on my spine, relieving the strain. It has come to the stage which I occasionally use the topper for my bed!

6. ViscoSoft 3 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper Queen

This mattress topper features breathability, warmth, and even heat distribution to help keep you from getting sweaty as possible sleep. The lavish foam moves with the body and provides medium stability for adequate support under you.

The 3 inches of memory foam also includes a detachable and washable cover which makes for simple cleaning. Some reviewers say that this mattress topper had an obvious chemical odor when they opened it, so you might need to allow time for it to air out before sleeping on it.

Not happy after 60 days? You receive a whole refund with this brand. Additionally, the business supplies a 3-year guarantee.

7. Sleep Innovations 4-inch Dual Layer Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The Sleep Innovations Dual Layer Mattress Topper Set doubles up the help and the softness using its two-for-one mattress topper collection.

Imagine if you could find a two-inch, gel-infused memory foam topper to supply heavenly support to the spine, joints, along the upper body, and a two-inch fiberfill topper to get dreamy, soft relaxation, all in a single? You can, because that is exactly what Sleep Innovations provides with its Dual Layer Mattress Topper Set.

Obviously, as with all products, there are a couple of naysayers. Some previous customer testimonials complain that the group is thicker than they’d enjoy or that it melts hot.

Though the Sleep Innovations Dual Layer Mattress Topper Set is a small splurge, it is actually quite reasonably priced since you get two caliber toppers for much more than you’d pay for you.

8. Classic Brands 4.5-Inch Memory Foam Replacement Mattress for Sleeper Sofa Bed Twin

This is another sort of memory foam substance of sofa bed topper that has a fantastic evaluation. It preserves its shape after folding, making it a nice and durable sofa mattress topper for everybody. It enriches lumbar support and comfort.

It’s a Certi Pur-US certified substance for durability, functionality, and emission. It weighs 35 lbs and an item measurement of 72 x 58 x 4.5 inches. Additionally, in addition, it includes a 3-year guarantee.

9. Zinus AZ-GTFT-150Q Topper, Queen, Green

This Zinus 1.5″ topper has become the most inexpensive yet durable version out there, which can quickly soften any company sofa bed for apparently comfier slumbers.

And if you like the relaxing scent of green tea, well, all the greater as besides castor organic plant oil, then it is an additional green tea infusion. Not only is it soothing to sleep at night, but these scents may also eliminate odor-causing germs economically.

Additionally, its memory foam substance has met all stringent criteria of this CertiPUR-US app to be unquestionably durable and secure to use.

To top all off the goodies, there’s a 5-year guarantee supplied.

If you are going to give up on finding a cheap, secure, and durable mattress topper to enhance the stability of your present sofa bed, this Zinus will become your life-saver. Not to mention that it will benefit from a soothing green tea aroma.

10. Balichun Mattress Pad Cover Queen

The Balichun Mattress Pad cover includes a 300 thread count cotton shirt that is hypoallergenic and includes antimicrobial capabilities.

It is a luxury mattress topper for sofa beds – finish with square jacquard, an equally dispersed storm goose down filling, plus also a pongee reverse made from status polyester.

Additionally, it is equipped with a single-track elastic cloth pocket designed to prolong the life span of your mattress.

This topper offers comfort and support to your spine whilst protecting your mattress from mold and mildew.

This gentle mattress protector is a fantastic bargain for the purchase price. It is cheap, comfortable, and ideal for a sofa bed.

How To Choose the Best Mattress Topper For Sofa Beds

While purchasing yourself the very best mattress topper for a sofa bed, you need to consider these points.


Different mattress topper substances provide different comfort adventures. Memory foam and latex conform closely to the sleeper’s body to get enhanced spinal alignment and pressure relief. Wool and feather toppers don’t conform as closely, which generates less resistance for individuals moving along with this mattress, and they also sleep slightly warmer. Shoppers should find out more about every mattress topper type’s properties since they relate to their own sleeping requirements and tastes.


Be sure that you check at a depth of your present mattress and think about what it’ll be like as it’s a few inches higher. You could even think about your sheets and if they will likely pay for a taller bed. If you weigh over 200 lbs or have really sharp pressure factors, you might also need to err toward a thicker topper that may provide more durability and cushion.


A significant reason people purchase a mattress topper for a sofa would be to upgrade the texture of the mattress. People who wish to gradually sink in the topper ought to think about something with memory foam and, even should they prefer something bouncier, then they ought to consider a topper with great answers like a latex mattress. Fans of a fluffier feel may want to look at a feather bed or something of this kind.

Sofa Bed and Mattress Size

You won’t need a topper that is too little or too loose for your sofa bed, which affects sleep quality! Think about how big your sofa bed and mattress, measuring of these and your preferred topper. It is ideal to find the specific dimensions to ensure you receive the ideal topper size.


Like with many goods, a higher cost won’t necessarily guarantee you a much better performance in regards to mattress topper for sofa bed.

Do not opt for the most expensive one you can purchase – but instead pick what matches your requirements.

Cheaper memory foam toppers made from cotton and polyester may offer the exact same amount of performance as pricey gel-infused or memory foam toppers.

Always select function and purpose within cost.


This is optional since a few bed toppers are only used contemporarily whilst awaiting a new sofa bed to split up. Or a few men and women who need to look after their household at the hospital and require a topper to repair the stability of their hospital mattress.

The purpose here is whether it is only for modern use; you can opt for a lower-end topper to save money.

But if you would like to use it for quite a while, durability is among the essential facets to take into account. It can price expensively initially, but in the long run, you will save yourself a lot.


We have provided you with a list of the best mattress topper for sofa beds that are popular on Amazon today. Together with our buying guide and product details, we hope to have made it possible for you to choose the right product for yourself. Have a good night’s sleep on your sofa!

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