12 Best Nakiri Knife Reviews of 2021 You Can Try


Do you like to create nori rolls, kappamaki, and katsuramuki vegetable sheets? Would you like to get a trusted knife that could cut the veggies paper-thin in a couple of seconds, without taking their color and flavor?

Purchasing a Nakiri knife will be able to help you pull very thin cuts.

You realize a nakiri with its rectangular blade. Within this top 12, we’ve recorded the twelve best nakiri knives available on the market.

What is a Nakiri Knife?

It also has another name nakiri bocho, which literally means leaf cutter and can be the Japanese version of a vegetable knife. Even though it may also be a utility knife, its principal objective is to give relaxation in fruits and veggies such as ginseng, plump fruits, and hard root plants.

All components need various cutting edge techniques. The Nakiri knife is intended to execute these various jobs flawlessly.

List of 12 Best Nakiri Knife Reviews

Each Japanese house has this knife, along a rising number of kitchens in the West are becoming one. Make a trendsetter and select one of the best nakiri knives you’ll be able to see on the marketplace. I’ve ready a listing of the most recommended Nakiri knives to fit your requirements.

1. Shun Premier Nakiri Knife

This exceptional graceful product of Shun Premier stands at the very first position as the best nakiri knife. Together with the sturdiest appearance, this knife has drawn a whole group of eyes of those chefs. Apart from offering an ideal rustic appearance, this knife is an idol version for a number of the next knives.

The method by which in which the knife operates is really smooth and agreeable. Together with the satisfying result, the knife featured a few high-tech facilities into the chef. The blade would be the thinnest and most ideal to cut on a cabbage using complete board protection.

Additionally, the border is angled perfectly together with the handle. No possibility that the food becomes trapped in the blade as a result of a hand-hammered finish. Together with the easy-grip, you are able to lift the knifeless strain and cut the slice of the veggies.

The entire knife has this amazing finishing appearance, which uplifts the shun knives accurately. The blade is sharp, thin, and well-featured; it releases the clingy foods trapped in the blade instantly.

In general, this shuns best knife gets got this distinctive capacity to win everyone’s soul by its own appealing appearance and support, no crime.


  • The pleasure of owning a hardy looking knife
  • Uncomplicated fruits and vegetable cutting process
  • Comfortable grip for both big or small-sized hands
  • Useful in a crowded kitchen
  • Wonderful durability


  • Recommends washing hands after using it.

2. DALSTRONG Nakiri Vegetable Knife

I am quite glad that I’m reviewing Dalstrong nakiri vegetable knives. Featuring an outstanding design and cutting-edge breakthrough technologies, this knife is an essential need to ramp up the decor of your kitchen.

You’ll be amazed by the way this knife will provide you appropriate control over maneuvering using its slightly curved handle. Designed to perfection, this sharp scalpel such as advantage is completed to a mirror gloss and also to include rust resistance; it’s produced out of nitrogen.

The right nose and edge of this knife are specially crafted to create pruning and cutting of veggies, fruits, and leafy greens simple. Would you like to bring this wise nakiri knife into your very best cutlery collection? Wait no longer and catch this knife because it’s manufactured from 66 layers of high carbon quality cloth with a razor-sharp blade.

Additionally, its ultra-superior handle provides lifelong durability with exceptional looks. This knife is designed for amazing control and relaxation as you chop the veggies giving a pure grip within the handle.


  • Robust built
  • Nice and exceptional designing
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • 55 Millimeter blade thickness
  • Cozy pinch grip.


  • Somewhat heavy to hold

3. Yoshihiro VG-10 16 Layer Hammered Damascus Stainless Steel Nakiri Vegetable Knife

Get the best of both worlds using this Western-inspired Japanese forged knife. Hand-crafted with the century-old traditional Japanese method of earning knives, this includes a spin of the Western world.

Made from a VG-10 stainless steel center along with 16 layers of Damascus shell, this can be a gorgeous knife that serves a function with a gorgeous layout. It is handpicked after the authentic traditional Japanese method.

It’s intended to defy good pressure and heavy use. It’s also non-invasive and averts friction between the blade and the things it pieces.

The knife is incredibly light and contains a fantastic balance. It’s not difficult to maneuver and utilize for speed cutting. Besides good hardness, the knife can be also quite flexible as it can manage bulks of veggies to slit.

Rather than the all-Japanese knife layout, the handle is made from wood and held together with a complete tang. The handle can also be curved to match various hand kinds for good control, particularly when cutting in moist conditions.

The knife is best used for veggies and can handle demanding foods such as pumpkins and other root crops. But it shouldn’t be used on frozen foods, nutshell, bones, as well as cracking shellfish open not to undermine the sharpness of the edge of this blade.


  • Made for strength and speed
  • Stunning layout and reduced cost of upkeep
  • Non-stick and no-drag slicing
  • Fantastic knife controller


  • Manage can damage the palms within a long period of usage.
  • This is not a dishwasher safe knife.

4. Shun Cutlery Classic 6.5” Nakiri Knife

Shun Classic 6.5-Inch Stainless-Steel Nakiri has blades using a 16-degree angle, providing maximum sharpness when compared with conventional European blades.

Besides flexibility and strength, the knife metal guarantees immunity to rust. What’s more, the knife is offered in a D-shaped design or in a reverse D-shaped style to guarantee control and comfort. Its Pakkawood handles are NSF certified for commercial usage.


  • Sturdy
  • Sharpest blade
  • Great appearance
  • Lasting sharpness
  • No sticking
  • Super straight and clean cuts
  • Comfy and secure gripping.


  • Costly

5. Yoshihiro NSW 46 Layers Hammered Damascus

Measuring 6.3-inches from the blade, the Yoshihiro Vegetable Chef Knife includes 46 layers of stainless steel for a different appearance and higher performance. It Includes a Shitan Rosewood Handle plus also a Saya Cover.

Produced from the Damascus convention, the Yoshihiro includes a VG-10 Core and combines beauty, value, and functionality. It quantified using a moderate-to-hard Rockwell 60. This double-edged knife is best for chopping vegetables and prepping greens with its horizontal cutting edge.

Exceeding the hardness amount of typical stainless-steel, the Yoshihiro includes a thinner and thinner blade that cuts seamlessly through just about any ingredient you’ve got. The Yoshihiro is a rust-resistant knife that is balanced and handmade for relaxation. The Damascus steel provides added durability and durability, which gets rid of food and friction sticking with it.

This double-edged knife includes a protective aluminum sheath known as a Saya. This sheath is constructed from organic Magnolia, which adds to the general look of this knife when you aren’t utilizing it.


  • The blade has a Fantastic sturdy feel for this.
  • It feels great in your hands when You’re chopping.
  • This Is a Fantastic knife that slices food quite thin.
  • Includes a Superb Saya (sheath).


  • It’s thicker in the backbone than some users favor.
  • The wood handle may be Somewhat demanding.

6. Shun Classic 5-inch Hollow Edge Nakiri Knife

Another best nakiri knife out of Shun, using a build quality that will guarantee you’ll use this tool for several decades.

Shun has used Japanese forged VG-10 stainless steel with a hollow ground edge, clad with 16 complete layers of SUS410 high-carbon stainless steel (on both sides, for a total of 33 layers).

The final result is exceptional sharpness and edge retention, together with the frictionless activity you want.

The steel can be regarded as more difficult, less fragile, but also more flexible than conventional steel formulations, ideal for your thin blade structure needed to get a superior nakiri vegetable knife.


  • Beautiful, ultra-sharp, and well-balanced.
  • Quality Good
  • Provides exceptional control and maneuverability
  • Has a lifetime guarantee.


  • It Doesn’t have an aesthetic quality.

7. TUO Cutlery Nakiri Knife

Together with the award-winning name, this TUO knife includes multi-tasking skills. From mincing your own vegetable to dicing it correctly, this knife is currently a celebrity. The blade efficiently resists corrosion and eliminates scratch marks.

The ergonomic handle is valuable in suits and nature with each temperature. The sharp and slender character uplifts the contemporary styled high qualitative prognosis. The color mix is extremely demandable on the marketplace.

The Tuo nakiri knife, with its finesse, enriches the attractiveness of the kitchen in a huge way. Additionally, multi-tasking attraction is a lot in number.

All in all, the knife provides the only purpose, and that’s the very best cutting edge feeling. So it won’t ever neglect your anticipation level.


  • Enlightens the kitchen using all the rustic appearance
  • Fatigue canceling handle
  • Comes up with a Wonderful gift box
  • Total satisfaction with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Requires sharpening if usage approximately.

8. Kotobuki Teruhisa Nakiri Japanese Kitchen Knife

Produced in Japan, the Kotobuki Teruhisa knife is among my favorites. Its model looks like a santoku knife. With a flatter cutting edge, this knife produces great consistent sliced vegetables to create fine meals. When compared to a classic western knife, this nakiri Japanese knife includes a very small upward curve at the suggestion.

It’s undoubtedly that the best option for cooking since the groundwork is commendably done, for example, slicing, dicing, and mincing. Vegetables that need a single down cut as opposed to a rocking movement are ideal for this knife out of Kotobuki.

Having a magnolia wooden handle, it’s fairly comfortable to hold while trimming. Would you prefer to miss with this one at this inexpensive price and incredible capabilities?


  • Magnolia wood handle
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Flatter cutting edge


  • The handle requires proper maintenance.

9. Kai Wasabi Black Nakiri Knife

Many Nakiri knives are luxurious because of their distinctive purpose, design, and style of fabricating. The Kai Wasabi Nakiri knife is a bang for the dollar choice, which lets you have a high-end knife at a lower price.

Although this knife is made in Japan, it doesn’t adhere to the classic hand-forged blade. On the contrary, it’s made from Daido 1K6 high-carbon stainless steel. It’s great strength and contains remarkable effect absorption, which lets you utilize various cutting techniques along together with your Nakiri.

The zipper has better edge retention compared to some of the knives in my listing. What’s exceptional about this particular knife is it is catered to match several techniques in clipping. This Japanese knife is double-beveled and based, which is the best knife for both right-handed and left-handed cooks.

This knife includes a plastic foundation handle made from a polypropylene mix. Though this doesn’t efficiently absorb moisture, it repels liquids well and provides fantastic traction even in wet and slippery conditions.


  • Impressive blade retention
  • Perfect for right-handed and left-handed consumers
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Ergonomic design


  • Non-stick blade surface
  • The plastic handle finally breaks and cracks.

10. Wusthof Classic 7-Inch Nakiri Knife

This knife is together with the versatility of a pristine cleaver exclusively created for veggies in addition to the qualities of a chef’s knife. The best point of the timeless knife comes with a no-stick blade using the border in Granton design, sloping on either side so you can cut and slit nicely.

Its blade is 30% sharper and keeps the edge longer than any customary blade in Asian fashion. The advantage, while cutting-edge, creates air pockets because the fruit or vegetable being cut is discharged easily.

The knife has been constructed utilizing precision-forged technologies and high-carbon no-stain steel. Speaking about its own handle, it’s wrapped around the entire tang, which provides maneuverability and exceptional equilibrium.


  • Great construct
  • High sharpness
  • Even and nicer cuts
  • Simple to use and keep
  • Strength, balance
  • Durability
  • Not sticking
  • Comfy


  • No poor side has been discovered.

11. Calphalon Katana Cutlery 7-Inch Nakiri Knife

The seven-inch Calphalon Katana Series Nakiri Knife is assembled utilizing a 33-layer stainless steel procedure, which gives it amazing sharpness — because of its looks and its own blade. It’s custom-forged on the surface of a Japanese VG-1 steel center, which ends in a sharp border.

Fantastic for dicing fruits and vegetables, It comes with an integrated bolster design that allows you to utilize the right complete blade technique. With elegance and precision, this knife utilizes a horizontal blade that’s intended to julienne, dice, and slice working with a firm push forward. Together with the Calphalon, you are able to slice fruits and vegetables, and it is also ideal for slicing veggies quite thinly for sushi-making.

You get a secure grip as a result of the integrated bolster between the blade and handle. You get both eloquent cuts along with a correct full-blade technique for this integrated layout. And the contoured, ergonomically designed grip handle will fit in your hands snugly, letting you hold it for extended periods.


  • The knife has a Wonderful weight and Superb match.
  • It’s super sharp and well-balanced.
  • Cuts effortlessly


  • Anglers found that the steel of the knife to be very brittle.
  • Many users found it more likely to rust.

12. Mercer Culinary Genesis 7-Inch Nakiri Vegetable Knife

Meet Mercer culinary genesis 7-inch nakiri knife and become amazed at the results it gives. Adding an ergonomic Santoprene handle provides intense relaxation to the palms while trimming.

Additionally, with its own non-slip grip constructed, you can cut and cut the veggies even with moist hands. Able to withstand cold and hot temperatures, this knife out of Mercer won’t break down at any price. Constructed with high carbon forged stainless steel substance, it’s corrosion and rust-resistant. To guarantee better strength and durability, this knife is certainly the very best selection and provides optimum equilibrium.

For extra stability and long-lasting sharpness, Mercer nakiri knife includes a tapered ground border. In addition, it ensures efficacy and efficiency when trimming and chopping veggies to prepare luscious meals to invite friends round for a little get together.

Enjoy life guarantee when you have this product and also remember washing it into a dishwasher will cut the performance due to the harsh detergents. Wash with hand and store in a cutlery block to prevent injuries because of the sharp edges.


  • High carbon steel constructed
  • Great balance for greater managing
  • Taper ground edge.


  • No complaints really.

How To Choose the Best Nakiri Knife

Since every new on the marketplace claims are the very best, so the way to discover which one is appropriate? Some variables determine the best Nakiri Knife. You need to understand them prior to making any choice.


Handle quality is another crucial consideration. You need a knife that works well and is comfortable to deal with. Handles that have ergonomic layouts that fit into your hand curves are easier to grip and move for lengthy intervals.

Additionally, in case you’ve got a business handle, you are not as likely to slide and potentially injure yourself.


Among the aspects to consider while looking for this knife would be that the material. For example, high-carbon steel knives stay sharper longer than stainless steel knives do. While they still need sharpening at least once annually, they readily keep a desired sharp cutting capability.

It’s also important to be aware that carbon steel knives are more fragile and more likely to rust than their stainless steel counterparts are. But you can prevent breaking, rusting, and staining by washing your knife (knives truly don’t belong in the dishwasher), drying it immediately, and treating it with caution.

Length of the Blade

The minimal duration of a blade at a Nakiri knife is 5 inches. Thus, chopping becomes comfy, simple, and secure. We suggest that you check the blade length prior to making a buying decision.


Measured in Rockwell, hardness ensures that the knife doesn’t have a fragile blade that may split in half when it slips out of your clasp. A Rockwell hardness of 62 and over is regarded as tough, and we’d advise that you stick to this.

Tips for using The Nakiri Knife

  • When utilizing, then only cut an up and down movement. Avoid attempting to slice vegetables with this knife. Maintaining your palms bent like claws and touching your knuckles softly into the blade, then glide up the knife and down in a straight and also cut. The knife will chop throughout the veggies on the cutting board with no additional force.
  • Much like any kitchen knife, then wash a nakiri knife immediately after using it. If you’ll be cutting more veggies after, rinse the knife using a fresh kitchen towel prior to placing it aside.
  • Avoid attempting to cut frozen veggies since this might damage or dull the blade.
  • Even though the plan of this knife significantly lowers the possibility of accidents, it’s still very important to use it correctly and take caution when trimming with it. Together with maintaining your fingers curled below and utilizing your knuckles as a guide, ensure that your grip is comfortable but firm. Examine the sharpness of the blade frequently, as a dull blade requires greater pressure to utilize, which may cause accidents.
  • Pick a fantastic quality chopping board and constantly cut with the board on a level surface.
  • Hold the knife in your dominant hand with your palms on one side, your index finger on the surface of the blade along with your remaining three fingers on the grip for a firm grip and precise control provides a company gripping in addition to precise control.
  • Like other sharp knives, you also wish to ensure you are familiar with the traction, so you are able to maintain control.
  • Rubbing a light coating of mineral oil onto your own nakiri knife is yet another step you can consider whenever you’re finished with it. This gives a protective coating to keep it from rusting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are nakiri knives used for in the kitchen?

Nakiri knives are specially made for cutting vegetables since the blades will reduce them just without damaging their internal surface. This is going to end in perfectly-cut veggies which you are able to cook to the foods that you want.

How do I clean my nakiri knives?

For routine, regular cleaning, a good wipe with a moist and soft cloth is going to do. If the blade has oil on it or stubborn residue stuck onto it, then wash it with warm water and then dry it with a cloth before it’s totally dry. Don’t keep your Nakiri knife submerged under normal or warm water for too long that this could invite ancient rusts, forming tough water stains and disintegrating the manager (particularly if it’s constructed from wood).

Speaking about storage, virtually all high reputed and quality Nakiri knives will include their sheaths. The knife sheath is the safest spot to break.

Why do you need to choose one nakiri knife in your kitchen?

This item is a demand for a kitchen. A complete dinner requires an ideal cutting dish, and the ideal knife is it. It literally enriches the attractiveness of the cut vegetables and meals since it does not earn any harm to them.

Additionally, it provides a nice finishing appearance to your own salad, and so the food grows more attractive. And for these, you should have this knife.

What is its difference for Usuba knife?

The two nakiri knives and Usuba knife are all intended for cutting. Nakiri includes a straight blade, which is very good for trimming or cutting vegetables. Whereas a Usaba knife is somewhat more pliable, that is used for cutting vegetables more exactly.


In conclusion, I’d love to say that choosing a good product is rather tough a job with no basic understanding. This item review can assist you in creating a reasonable decision following your needs from where you are able to take it further.

I have mentioned the twelve Best Nakiri Knife over with cons and pros. In addition, I have said fundamental buying tips. I hope now you’re all set to hit the link and make sure your buy.

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