Best Onion Choppers Reviews of 2021 You Can Choose


As time passed, we have witnessed many onion choppers in the market. We are sure that you would have too. But still, it is incredibly tiresome to find a good onion chopper. Additionally, these days sellers have also started selling fake products. Hence, we have brought our readers a list of the 10 best onion choppers. Each product is unique and effective in its own way.

List of 10 Best Onion Chopper Reviews

1. Mueller Austria Pro-Series 8 Blade Onion Mincer Chopper


There are many choppers in the market that have the design like this product by Mueller Austria. However, you will never find any chopper as durable and long-lasting as this one. We are mentioning this because it is created using 30% extra heavy-duty material compared to other onion choppers.

The usage of the product is simple. You just have to push the press plate over the onions and collect the chopped onions from the storage container below the chopping platform. This container is enormous so that you do not have to empty it again and again.

The product’s price is economical, and you do not have to spend extra pennies for a cleaning brush as it comes with the chopper. With this brush, you can clean the upper plate of the chopper.

2. The Original Vidalia Chop Wizard

On number two, you will find the VIDALIA CHOP WIZARD onion chopper on our list. This is an extremely unique and original product. It will reduce the time you waste in cutting and chopping onions by many folds.

The green color of the chopper is so eye-catching that it will attract guests to your kitchen. For cleaning the chopper, you can put it in the dishwasher. You will also get an additional dicer blade with the product. In just a single motion, you will chop an entire onion with this machine.

It is one of the fastest and safest options in the market. With the help of the dicing blade, you can also dice veggies other than onions. The container of the product can be used as a measuring cup.

3. LHS Pro Onion Chopper Slicer

We are now going to discuss the exclusive LHS onion chopper here. Chopping onions feel like chopping butter with this chopper. You will receive five additional blades with this product.

The ergonomic design of the chopper helps the user to cut, slice, and dice onions with ease. You can also achieve different sizes of vegetables and fruits. Additionally, the blades are made using stainless steel of 310-grade. Other materials than stainless steel are all made from reinforced ABS plastic material. Due to this reason, the product is easy to maintain and durable at the same time.

And did you know? The container of the product is of a capacity of 1.2 liters. This is the largest capacity that we have now witnessed.

4. Prepworks by Progressive Onion Chopper

This multifunctional onion chopper is undoubtedly a dream made true for people who hate onion chopping. But the best part of the product is that its blades move swifter than any other model that you will ever buy.

Its superior quality design includes a container of 2-cup capacity and the main cutting frame. You will also receive a cleaning brush with this product. Therefore, it will help you clean the chopper in a better way. If you are busy, you can also toss it in your dishwasher. We request you to clean the chopper regularly to maintain it and keep it free from harmful pathogens.

It will prove to be one of the best onion choppers in your kitchen. The quality of this chopper is so excellent that it will last several years.

5. Vidalia Chop Wizard Pro Max

Another chopper that we decided to add to our list from the company VIDALIA CHOP WIZARD is their pro-max onion chopper. This company has always been known to launch the most authentic and genuine choppers on our list. Therefore, we were inspired to add a second chopper by them to our list.

The product has a rectangular design, but its edges are all rounded. This way, you will be able to clean its corners very easily. We have often seen people getting frustrated by removing food particles from the corner of a container or tool. This is undoubtedly not the case with this chopper. It has a straightforward design. Therefore if you are buying a chopper for the first time in your life, it can be the one.

6. TOPULORS Compact Handheld Onion Chopper

While looking for an onion chopper, one always tends to look for a simpler option. This product will prove to be the best solution in such cases.

It has a green and white lid that does not get deformed after many washes and uses. It also fits very well above the bowl of the chopper. Vegetable cutting and preparation are always easy with it. Yes, you read that right.

Other than onion, you can also use this chopper to cut other veggies. These veggies can be – tomato, potatoes, and many others. If you wish, you can also incorporate this chopper in cutting cheese, nuts, and fruits. Everything will become easy, fun, and convenient with this chopper.

7. Kuuk Onion Chopper

This long-headed onion chopper will surely impress you in many ways. You can chop as well as dice onions using this product. You will be pleased to know that the product is safe to be washed in a dishwasher. Therefore, you can save some time that you would have wasted if the product was only sink-washable.

When not in use, the chopper can be stashed in cabinets and cupboards to save space. We recommend you air dry it first before you decide to store it.

The revolutionary design of the chopper is created to offer ease of use at all times. The dimensions are – 10 X 3.8 X 3.8 inches only. Multiple people can use it without any problem.

8. ZYLISS Vegetable Onion Chopper

The Zyliss Store onion chopper acts as a slicer, chopper, dicer, and cutter. You can use it to chop other ingredients like cheese and fruits.

The design of the product is simple. Unlike other models, you can understand its functionality just by looking at its picture. All you got to do is place the onions on the chopping platform of the product. Then the user will have to press the head of the chopper, pushing the handle.

Below the platform is a bowl that will collect all the chopped onions in a non-messy way. You can pull the bowl out once you are done chopping onions. The product does not consume electricity; all it needs is a push from your hands. Its sturdy design will withstand every accidental damage with the utmost ease.

9. Sedhoom Onion Chopper

This is the last onion chopper on our list. However, do not underestimate its functionality. It can compete with many regular products in the market and prove to be better than them.

Its design is mentioned on number 8 of our list. The only difference is that with this chopper, you will receive 12 blades.

All these blades are different and allow you to make different types of cuts in onions. To replace the blades, you just have to take the pre-existing blade out of the blade compartment and place a new one.

The quality of the product is so good as it is made using ABS plastic material. The feet are all non-slip type.

Buying Guide for Best Onion Choppers

Buying an onion chopper can be extremely difficult for some people. This may be because these days, markets have too many options. Moreover, companies that manufacture kitchen tools also keep launching these choppers one after the other. But do not get disheartened as we have included a buying guide with numerous factors below. Skim through each factor to get the best onion chopper of your choice. If you have not bought this product before, you should read everything with the utmost attention. Let us now start our discussion of these factors.


It will be disappointing if you do not consider the quality and build of the blade before you buy an onion chopper. You should consider the shape of this blade as it will decide the shape and size of the onions after getting chopped. Other than that, buyers must also consider the number of blades that come with the chopper. In many cases, these blades are five or more in number. Such variety in blades allows you to have different types of cuts in onions and other veggies. This variation also lets you have sliced, diced, and minced ingredients in a few minutes, too, without any hassle.


After getting chopped, onions fall into the container beneath the chopper. It is requisite to check its capacity. We are mentioning it here because if the capacity of this container is too small, you will have to pull it out again and again for emptying it. This will only take more time, and you will be frustrated with the product soon. Therefore, always check this capacity, as mentioned in the description of the chopper. You should also be keen on buying choppers with transparent containers as they are easy to monitor and lookout.


Generally, onion choppers require mechanical strength as they are provided with handles and levers. We have not included the electrical choppers here, as buying them will only increase the monthly electricity bill. These choppers are also costlier when compared to the regular choppers on our list. While purchasing any chopper from our enhanced list, you should check whether the product’s handle is easy to use or not. If it has levers, you should see if it pushes swiftly. By doing this, you will indeed be purchasing the right product for your kitchen.


Buyers across the US have posted numerous reviews of all the products listed on our list. Such reviews are mainly by genuine buyers. Hence, they can help you a lot. You should read them to ensure the genuineness and functionality of the product. Such reviews will also explain the quality of the product in a better way. Additionally, it does not cost you any pennies to access these reviews. All you have to do is search the product on any popular e-commercial platform and search for the reviews section beneath its description. According to experts, – a good buyer always goes through buyer reviews.


We have only included the best products on our list. However, you should still go through its rate. Every penny and every dollar counts. If you choose the right option, you will end up with a long-lasting onion chopper. We would advise you to select the product that does not disturb your budget. Therefore, when it gets damaged, you would be able to repurchase it. The price of the product should also be matched from various platforms. This way, you will end up with the best deal in all conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it true that onion choppers become worthless after a few months of use?

A: Yes, if you purchase a product from a poor brand, then, it could prove worthless within a few month’s use. However, if you purchase from a reputed brand, then we guarantee that it would last at least 1-year of frequent use.

Q: What is the difference between an onion chopper and a food processor?

A: The major difference between the two is the course of power itself. While choppers work on manual power, processors come with an electric motor that drives the blade to cut food. In simple words, while onion choppers work when the user squeezes the chopper to cut the onion, a food processor chops the onion when the device is switched on.

Q: An onion chopper could be used to chop other vegetables and fruits?

A: Yes, most of the models available on the market today could be used to chop other types of vegetables and fruits also.

Q: An onion chopper could be used as an alternative to the food processor?

A: It is designed in such a way that it could chop around 1 to 4 cups of onion at one go. But, the user has to do manual work to chop the onion. On the other hand, food processors are designed in such a way that if it is switched on it could process up to 12 cups of food or anion at one go.

Q: What is the right way to chop an onion in an onion chopper?

A: Yes, if you need to chop an onion in the right way, then there is a method to do it. The first thing you should do is cut the onion into two halves. Now, place this piece of onion on the metallic frame of the machine and then close the upper cover of the chopper and squeeze it. When pressure is applied on the upper cover, the onion would be chopped.

Q: Which is better, onion chopper or food processor?

A: The answer to this question depends entirely on how you need the onions chopped. The size of the chopped onion would be entirely different from the ones chopped by food processors. Apart from this, It demands manual work from the user, and food processors do not require any human help. Now, based on the facts mentioned above, you could decide the best among them.

Q: Could an onion chopper use to make French fries?

A: Yes, products come with sharp blades, it could cut potatoes with ease. Therefore, if you need to make French fries, then onion choppers could be used to do it.

Q: Is it possible to chop or slice meat in an onion chopper?

A: No, no matter the sharpness, brand, and model, slicing or chopping meat is not possible with it. Even if you try doing it and succeed, remember, it could destroy your blade sharpness very fast. Therefore, do not use this model to chop or slice meat.


This is all we have for our readers when it comes to onion choppers. We have tried to include the most authentic products, so our list could prove to be an excellent solution for all our readers.

If you read everything thoroughly, you will end up with the best onion chopper of your dreams. Buying this product will only save you a lot of time. It will also help you to concentrate more on other tasks in your kitchen. If you are doubtful, you can read our buying guide to be surer about your purchase. We wish that you find your model from our list that you will use and love dearly.

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