10 Best Panini Press Reviews of 2021 You Can Consider


Looking for a kitchen appliance to help prepare a delicious breakfast for yourself and your family in a matter of minutes? Then the best Panini press will be the right answer that you should not ignore. Let us look at the 10 best-selling products on the market today and are rated by users through this article.

List of 10 Best Panini Press Reviews

1. Cuisinart GR-4NP1 5-in-1 Griddler

This Panini press from Cuisinart is a great choice to help you serve your meals to the fullest extent and your everyday cooking needs.

This model has up to 5 cooking options, including:

  • Half grill/half griddle
  • Panini press
  • Contact grill
  • Full griddle
  • Full grill

It has the ability to serve a meal on the table in just 15 minutes (including cleaning), which makes many chefs and people in a hurry to eat dinner like using it.

With a non-stick Teflon grill and griddle plates, it provides you lots of cooking alternatives. Each warm plate is 9″ x 11″ providing you nearly 200 square inches of total cooking surface. There are different temperature controls to your griddle and grill, so you could decide on a particular temperature to your griddle and a selection of heat through sear to your grill.

It is possible for a couple of individuals to grill your meat and veggies and cook your pancakes on the griddle for dessert concurrently. Utilize the warm’ setting to maintain those pancakes as you eat your dinner.

Clean up is simple – just remove the hotplates and wash them or set them in the dishwasher. Additionally, it includes a scrape and clean instrument to get in the grill grooves.


  • Removable and reversible hot plates
  • The hinge launch lever provides the option of open or presses the grill/griddle.
  • Drip tray
  • Has a cleaning/scraping instrument


  • Larger and lighter compared to other products and does not keep vertical.
  • Teflon coating might not suit some folks.

2. IMUSA USA GAU-80102 Large Electric Panini Press 1400-Watts

The Imusa GAU-80102 is a multipurpose panini press. It’s bigger than a typical cooking surface provides top and bottom heating for the panini, sandwiches, vegetables, legumes, etc. This nonstick surface is smooth and is a lot easier to wash.

It includes power and a heating indicator light even though the floating hinge top enables this press to have the ability to work well with any sandwich depth.

And, with its well-polished stainless steel outside, it is going to look just great in your kitchen!


  • Large cooking surface.
  • Non-stick.
  • Electricity and heat up indicator lighting.
  • Nice polished outside.


  • No petroleum drip feature.
  • Uneven heat supply.
  • Do not give grill marks to your meals.
  • No fever adjustment switch/buttons.

3. Cuisinart Griddler, Elite, Silver, GR-300WSP1

The Cuisinart Griddler Elite includes a sleek brushed stainless steel structure that gleams and complements any kitchen decor. This fashionable griddle boasts of many cooking purposes, which permits the machine to panini press, half griddle, half grill, griddle, grill, along with high melt appetizers, meats, and sandwiches.

That is only one thing this version brings to a countertop. It includes a digital screen allowing users to set the timers. Additionally, its own dual-zone temperature controller lets you grill bacon on a single plate whilst griddling egg on the flip round the big 240 sq in of cooking area.

This unit incorporates cushioned plates equipped with the brand’s unparalleled SuperBlast attribute to help lock taste at 500 degrees F. Additionally, and it features a completely adjustable top cover, which lets you cook in high precision and absolutely personalized cooking experience.

What’s more, Cuisinart Griddler Elite includes nonstick grill plates that are dishwasher friendly to ensure easy cleanup after ingestion stickiest BBQ sauce or gooiest sandwich. This wonderful kitchen appliance involves a scraping/cleaning tool along with also an integrated drip tray.


  • Six cooking Alternatives
  • Dual-zone temperature controller
  • Offers sear function
  • Digital LCD screen
  • Brushed stainless steel casing


  • On the expensive side

4. George Foreman GRP4842P Multi-Plate Evolve Grill

This 3-in-1 panini press provides an excellent range of cooking choices. It is also possible to cook some wonderful chicken, hamburgers, steaks, and veggies without difficulty. This model includes a 500 searing burst, which can be a very large temperature. This specific grill was made to achieve in under 90 minutes.

Thus, you would not wish to be anywhere near the deal although it’s heating up. There is also a digital control panel that lets you know the cooking time together with the barbecue temperature. Another fantastic design characteristic of the GRP4842P is that all of the control buttons are handily positioned together with the grill outside, which makes it much easier to wash.

The top excellent grill plates are coated with a multi-layer nonstick ceramic coating that makes cleanup simple; it also lessens the demand for using an excessive amount of oil while grilling. The plates around the GRP4842P will also be PFOA and PTFE-free; therefore, they’re secure for people and the environment.

The cool-touch attribute makes the grill simple to manage, along the grill plates are removable, and which also usually means easy to wash.


  • 3-in-1 grill Provides multiple cooking Choices.
  • Has a muffin tray and a heavy baking tray.
  • Super-versatile.


  • Removable grill plates are not easy to wash.

5. Hamilton Beach Electric Panini Press Grill

This electric panini press from Hamilton Beach doubles as a gourmet sandwich manufacturer also comes in medium and huge sizes. Do not be timid when it comes to mixing your favorite sandwich, as the floating lid may accommodate sandwiches of different thicknesses. Nonstick grids impart these timeless grill lines on your meals while also enabling fat to drain off.

Power and preheat lights allow you to know when the system is on and ready to cook. The cooking surface is big enough to get a huge sandwich or 2 smaller ones. High customer evaluations, cheap cost, and quick shipping make this merchandise Amazon’s Choice.


  • Perfect for cakes of all sizes
  • Upright storage
  • Has electricity and preheat lights


  • It lacks an on/off switch.
  • The grill plate can not be eliminated.
  • Some complain that it cooks unevenly.

6. De’Longhi us-jap-hu-nii-ma2082 CGH800 Panini Press

This stainless-steel panini press appears to flash in any kitchen; however, when your kitchen is a clean, minimalist design, this model will look good on your countertop.

I like this version has a thermostat so that you may use it for prolonged times without overheating or overdoing it, which is perfect for big families or cooking for a crowd.

Delonghi’s product is large on ease, practicality with no compromise on design, so if you simply wish to get on with the job and have a pleasing appliance sitting in your own kitchen, this one will probably be ideal for you.


  • Grills fish and meat
  • Sleek design
  • Tilted grill to drain excessive fat
  • Drip cup and simple clean up


  • No open grill choice
  • Hot plates of this product not removable.

7. Breville Duo 1500-Watt Nonstick Panini Press

Sturdy and durable, the Breville BSG520XL is equally practical and great looking. With its brushed stainless steel housing, this makes a nice addition to your kitchenware.

This model warms up quite rapidly (top and bottom). Its inside surfaces are non-stick and scratch-resistant. The best plate impresses perfect appearing sear marks in your food to provide it the great visual end.

The upper plate is kept in position using a floating hinge. This hinge kind helps you to operate at any sandwich depth you throw it. There are lights that show you when the device is powered up and as soon as it’s properly warmed for use.

This grill comes with effective anti-slip feet and isn’t very likely to slip suddenly or create a kitchen accident. Its handle is ventilated and stays ever cool while being used. Better still, it’s an adjustable height controller which you set to fulfill your requirements. Additionally, it’s equipped with a slot for twisting the electricity cable.

The first business to earn a house utilize panini press, the Breville group includes a history of high product standards, and they don’t compromise with this version.


  • Wonderful finish.
  • Quick heat up time.
  • Better and bottom cooking.
  • Non-stick and scratch resistant surface.
  • Power on and preheat indicator lighting.
  • Anti-slip feet.
  • Adjustable height control.
  • The power cord winding slot allows for safer and easier storage.


  • No on/off switch.

8. IMUSA USA GAU-80103 Electric Stainless Steel Panini Maker

The IMUSA USA GAU-80103 Electric Panini Maker is a versatile kitchen appliance using a marginally larger cooking surface compared to the typical choices. It provides even top and bottom heating for the panini, veggies, meats, sandwiches, etc…

The sleek, durable, nonstick surface is a whole lot easier to wash. There is a heat and electricity heat indicator light to inform users once the system is prepared for use at your preferred temperature. This model IMUSA USA carries a floating hinge shirt that ensures it can manage any sandwich depth thrown at it.

And, with its stainless steel exterior finish, this wonderful appliance looks great in any kitchen. Anyway, it features a preset temperature to guarantee every sandwich is sprayed on the grill to golden brown perfection.


  • Nonstick coating for easy cleaning
  • Large cooking surface
  • Nicely polished exterior
  • Heating up and power indicator lights


  • Uneven heat distribution
  • No fever adjustment buttons/switch
  • Deficiency of a trickle attribute
  • Does not leave grill marks on your meals

9. Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press

Having a two-color mix and a glistening finish, This Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press ooze with style. However, it’s slick look is not the one thing that this sandwich manufacturer has going.

This Cuisinart panini press permits you to appreciate restaurant-style sandwiches and even more simply by being a well-made apparatus that works perfectly at all levels. This makes it the ideal addition for the kitchen, especially in the event that you like delicious paninis; also, you do not need to leave your home to receive one.

The unit’s upper and lower grill plates have a non-stick coating; therefore, cleaning it’s a breeze. The non-removable grill plates also give into the absolutely crusty consequences while creating your personal panini and not getting in the way whilst cleaning.

Then there are other minute details that make this a fantastic alternative for a sandwich manufacturer. There is a drip spout that sparks the extra oil and provides it a strangely professional search because of its specific price point.

The sandwich maker includes power and ready to cook indicator light, together with a preset temperature to be certain these paninis are golden brown and absolutely clear. You also get a cleaning tool and also a recipe book if you’d like to become creative with your own sandwich-making abilities.


  • Dual-Function system (Griddler and panini press)
  • Strong construction
  • Heats up fast
  • Indicators make it Simple to know when it is done.
  • Simple to wash


  • Thicker bread with many components won’t be simple to press.

10. George Foreman GRP4842MB Multi-Plate Evolve Grill

The George Foreman Evolve Grill creates fresh and tasty paninis. But if you’re searching for more than only a panini press, then you will enjoy this grill also includes waffle plates and ceramic grilling plates.

In reality, you may use the elastic plates for poultry, hamburgers, grilled veggies, and much more. A fast burst of warmth, around 500 degrees Fahrenheit, is helpful for searing meat.

Whether you are cooking beef or creating a panini, the flexible grill plates are intended to accommodate your meals. The grill plates are coated with a nonstick ceramic cloth, making cleanup easier and lessens the demand for additional cooking oil. As an additional bonus, the grill plates are removable and dishwasher safe.


  • It makes waffles, paninis, and much more.
  • Heat searing burst
  • Plates are removable


  • It takes a while to warm up.
  • Some complaint about cooking
  • Short power cord

Buying Guide for Best Panini Press

Locating the best panini press to cook fast, delicious meals in your home can be tricky. Because you’ve got a great number of alternatives offered on the current market, finding the ideal machine for your needs can be a tricky procedure. But to help you out, We’ve discussed some crucial factors to consider when shopping for this product:

  • Size: Bigger panini presses that enable cooks to create more paninis at once are a fantastic solution for feeding a bigger group. But, they generally consume more energy than smaller goods, so couples or individuals should look at a small or moderate choice.
  • Easy To Use: Anyone mature can utilize it since they’re just straightforward to use. Just set your sandwich together and place it onto the press. Pull the lid down and place the timer, and you are done. After the timer finishes, you will have a fantastic panini prepared to eat in moments.
  • Grill Plates: The grill plates come in a variety of forms, including cast iron, cast iron, glass-ceramic, and non-Teflon. The discs come in two stovetop and electric models so that you have to select one which fits your requirements.
  • Versatility: Even though there’s barely any version that provides one purpose, they nevertheless differ concerning flexibility, with a few offering over others. A flexible panini press ought to enable you to perform more and replace several kitchen appliances, eliminate the need to buy another gadget.
  • Floating Hinged Lid: The most recognizable characteristic of a panini press is its own floating lid, which lets you cook meals of different thicknesses. A fantastic feature to have is that a locking capacity on the hinge so it is possible to float the lid over food such as pizza or bruschetta to melt down the shirts without flattening the meals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the difference between a panini press and a panini grill?

A panini press is occasionally known as a panini grill. But a guide panini press demands an outside heat source, including a campfire to warm the plate and heat up the sandwich. Alternately, a panini grill has to plug into an electric socket to create heat to cook the meals.

How can I clean the Panini press?

Do not ever wash the panini press at the sink. It is an electric appliance, and these must never be placed under running water or, worse, submerged in water. Before cleansing, then make sure it is unplugged, and make sure it is completely chilled.

Then check to find out whether there are any big bits or crumbs from the panini press. If there are bits or crumbs, reverse the press above a sink or big garbage can throw the bits. When you’ve ensured that there aren’t any large crumbs in the panini maker, use a moist paper towel and then wipe the press’s interior completely.

What can I do with my panini press?

  1. Everything from panini as pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches…
  2. Grill vegetables, chicken, hamburgers, or steaks
  3. Bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns


Whether or not you would like to earn a yummy breakfast sandwich, or tasty panini for lunch, then using a panini press might save lots of hassle and time since these machines provide quality results very quickly!

You are able to confidently select a product from our listing of the top 10 best panini press for creating that yummy meal. Nonetheless, you must compare your tastes contrary to the characteristics and specifications of this product you’re interested in. You will have the ability to find one that best fits your requirements.

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