20 Best Pillow For Allergies Reviews of 2021 You Can Consider


I understand how hard it’s coping with allergies on a daily basis. The coughing, itchy, watery eyes, and non-stop sniffling can mess up your sleep. Replacing your pillow using a hypoallergenic one can alleviate those undesirable symptoms.

And here are the top choices for the best pillow for allergies, things to search for when purchasing your own.

What are the common triggers of sleep allergies?

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, allergies impact countless adults and kids from the U.S. and are among the country’s major causes of chronic disease. Some allergies are deemed infectious diseases, like food, medication, and insect bite allergies. These may be life-threatening sometimes. Others, like hay fever brought on by exposure to pollen, are deemed seasonal allergies.

Perennial allergies, characterized by mild to moderate year-round symptoms, are a continuous source of aggravation for sleepers. Allergens associated with recurrent effects include:

  1. Dust mites, little white arachnids that subsist on dead skin cells. They’re located around the world but flourish in hot, humid places. The mites themselves may cause allergies. Furthermore, their stool contains enzymes that can result in respiratory troubles.
  2. Mold and mildew are fungi that scatter seeds called spores. When spores enter the atmosphere, they could cause allergies in people. Indoor molds and mildew are deemed perennial allergens. Exposure to outside mold and mildew could also result in allergies.
  3. People who have cats, dogs, and other furry pets are susceptible to allergies out of fleas, a microscopic, dandruff-like chemical that animals (and people ) occasionally shed. Dander can cause allergies as soon as it enters the mouth, nose, and other mucous membranes. Dust mites may also feed dander, resulting in a rise in mite populations.

Although recurrent allergies affect everyone in Various Ways, the most frequent symptoms include:

  • Runny nose and nasal congestion
  • Itchy and/or watery eyes
  • Excessive sneezing

Perennial allergies might not lead to significant symptoms for many, but they may be quite disruptive to everyday life, such as sleep cycles. In another section, we will find out more about hypoallergenic pillows and the way they work.

List of 20 Best Pillow For Allergies Reviews

1. Beckham Hotel Pillow For Allergies

  • We all know we are not the only people who feel like resort pillows are so comfortable. If you are with us, then this luxury pair of 2 will provide you high quality for a fraction of the purchase price. It keeps your mind raised with a down-like fill and has a cooling effect as a result of bitter gel fibers. Its hypoallergenic design can be perfect for anyone who has eczema or asthma.

2. Coop Home Goods Pillow For Allergies

  • As a consumer favorite with over 40,000 five-star reviews, this anti-allergy memory foam pillow involves a super gentle bamboo-rayon outer cap to maintain out the allergens. Plus, to make sure you absolutely adore this pillow, it includes a 100-night sleep trial, which means that you may return it any time in that range for a complete refund.

3. TRANZZQUIL Hypoallergenic Bed Pillows for Sleeping

  • Prefer a solid texture? You have met your match. This cushion is made from high-quality foam, which can be removable and antibacterial (so you may get precisely the correct height to your sleeping position, a quality that has two thumbs up from Dr. Dass). Reviewers also described it as using an ideal density.
  • 1 word of caution: The in-ear may include a temporary odor that should fade over time.

4. Aller-Ease 122-HH Pillow

  • In accordance with Dr. Fergeson, among the best ways to ward off dust mites is to wash pillows in warm water. For people who don’t wish to spend more than 50 on a pillow but still desire a line of protection against dust mites, the AllerEase Hot Water Washable Pillow is a fantastic alternative.
  • It to get allergies provides barrier protection from dust mites, and other allergens, as well as the pillow, was designed to withstand germ-killing warm water without losing its shape or lavish comfort. The pillow also will come with a three-year limited guarantee. Folks love how unbelievably soft this product would be; one reviewer even promised their pillow was even better after washing.

5. Casper Sleep Pillow for Allergies

  • Casper’s design essentially pairs a pillow in a pillow. The inner pillow is supposed to provide support for proper neck alignment, while the outer pillow was made to give softness and attic.
  • Using a down fiber option, you can bypass the stuffing, which may result in sneezes. The cotton cap is designed to help keep you cool during the night, which sexy sleepers say really functions.
  • Be aware that 30 times, Casper’s trial period is not provided that other businesses.

6. Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow

  • Snuggle-Pedic is a mattress firm that design, manufacture, and create mattresses in Southern California using materials sourced in the United States. They say they’ve over 18 decades of experience. They also offer you a local customer support division located in Agoura Hills, CA.
  • The organization uses a combo of Biogreen foam and CertiPUR-US-certified foam that’s low in volatile organic compound emissions. Their hats and foam are inherently hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. The Original Bamboo Pillow includes high-quality foam, which the organization claim provides exactly the exact same aid as high-density memory foam also comprises hypoallergenic down alternative fiber that doesn’t go flat.
  • The foam that the firm uses has a smooth feel that averts the lumps and bumps any other stained memory foam pillows can have. This pillow self-adjusts for back, side, and stomach sleeping. The company provides a 120-night sleep trial with free returns and customizations. Furthermore, each pillow for allergies has a 20-year guarantee.

7. Sleep Restoration Bed Pillow

  • The lavish contouring and inherent company, inviting feel makes the Super Plush Sleep Restoration Pillow a leading selection for many different sleeping spots. The general profile is fairly typical in height, and if coupled with a super nice, gel-infused polyester fill, you receive an extremely responsive pillow that could be manipulated to function for multiple relaxation requirements.
  • When under compression that the pillow functions nicely to disperse outwards instead of up to make a flat surface. The cover is 100% cotton and woven into a 240 thread count substance, which makes it extremely breathable. This mix of substances keeps you dry and cool and retains moisture from collecting, in addition to dust mites in taking up residence.

8. DreamNorth Premium Gel Pillow

  • Made of 100% cotton. The ultra-soft feel provides comfort as you sleep soundly through the evening time. The soft texture and feather-light features permit you to break for the best night’s sleep, exactly like sleeping on a pillar of clouds. The fade and stain-resistant properties guarantee that the cushions are protected and long-lasting. Plus, it also properties stop mold, mite.
  • They give a guaranteed one-piece warranty to safeguard this hypoallergenic pillow out of manufacturer defects. The purchaser isn’t liable for the return price in the event the pillow is damaged or if there are a few mistakes in the transport. You will pay the return price entirely or partly for any other explanations.
  • Safety and health are a high priority hence this pillow for allergies to get allergen is a great selection for anybody with allergies, allergies, or some other respiratory problems. The filling of this pillow is made up of poly gel-filled fiber for optimum comfort for many sleeping positions.

9. Queen Anne Allergy Free Bed Pillows

  • Designed particularly for individuals with allergies, this faux down alternative pillow includes zero allergens and dust, which are generally utilized in a goose down and come in a large number of hardness levels like king moderate, jumbo soft, and queen company. As a result of everyone these alternatives, it is possible to discover the ideal pillow for you, irrespective of your preferred sleeping position. Expect a very soft pillow, one that is used in hotel chains such as the Marriot and Hilton, and what’s more, a sneeze-free sleep.

10. WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Loft [Queen Size 2-Pack]

  • The WonderSleep Premium Pillow is just another superb alternative for many sleepers. With shredded, hypoallergenic memory foam fill, which may be removed or added as needed, you will have the ability to match your sleeping style very quickly.
  • It includes dual-layered covers, a micro-fiber inner coating that keeps the foam coated, along with a gentle polyester-bamboo outer lining that is super soft. The outer coating is machine-washable and helps prevent allergens from slipping into the building of your own pillow. Every purchase includes two pillows.

11. Dream Rite Shredded Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow

  • This cushiony pillow is one that allergy suffers can love. Correct the loftiness of this pillow for allergies using its own high memory foam fill to create it soft or as business, as you want. It’s a dust-mite-resistant cover, which can be something experts say to look for when deciding upon a pillow.

12. Xtreme Comforts Hypoallergenic Bed Pillow

  • Made using a micro-vented, kool-flow bamboo cloth, this 3,600+ five-star-reviewed pillow helps stop perspiration and set of moisture; that’s the perfect atmosphere for stubborn germs and dust mites. The interior zipper also lets you adjust the pillow’s depth to accommodate your favorite pillow relaxation. This is the best pillow for allergies you can buy.

13. Claritin Ultimate Allergen Barrier Pillow

  • Should you really feel like Goldilocks nightly hoping to find comfortable (that pillow is too difficult. . .but that you are too soft…), this medium-support pillow ought to appeal to a middle-of-the-road taste.
  • Dr. Dass also enjoys that it is the only pillow that especially cites prevents pollen and pet dander along with dust mites.

14. National Allergy 100% Cotton Bed Bug Pillow

  • This zipper enclosure pillowcase ensures complete coverage and protection against mites that may reside in your pillow. Additionally, it provides protection against airborne pollutants due to its elastic allergen barrier using a pore size of a few microns, which can help guarantee dust mites and allergens won’t undergo. According to testimonials, the situation holds up nicely after being washed and is quite comfortable, though some have cautioned that the situation feels a little scratchy.

15. GhostBed Luxury Memory Foam Pillow

  • Made by this GhostBed Mattress Company, their pillow for allergies utilizes exactly the identical kind of foam which has created their mattress so hot and gel-infused it in to make an extremely innovative, cooling core that dissipates heat and also shapes well beneath your own weight. The foam can also be made with pockets of air for a cool burst feeling, making it a much drier climate and not possible for the collecting of allergens.
  • It’s the best height for your mind to rest upon and fills in the gap beneath your neck to get accurate, soft tissue comfort. A double casing system offers moisture-wicking and a sleek, soft surface.

16. Sleepgram Bed Soft Hypoallergenic Microfiber Pillow

  • This is the best pillow for allergies in case you’ve been hunting for the ideal product or whether you’re sensitive to some particular material. It’s a great pick for sleepers of all shapes and sizes. Sleepgram Pillows can be obtained on Amazon and contains about 5000 positive testimonials. With this exceptional pillow, you receive a three-in-one pillow that’s the ideal match for a perfect sleep.
  • You may love the pillow, and in the event you’re unsatisfied, return it in 100 days to get a whole refund. It includes a 5-year guarantee.
  • Together with the pillow, you can remove or add inserts to correct it to your relaxation. Additionally, it’s acceptable for all sleeping positions, with increased ventilation than other flexible foams. It encourages proper alignment too.
  • It’s a guarantee it won’t go flat, and allergy sufferers will no more undermine their relaxation because the pillows are hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

17. Utopia Bedding Gusseted Pillow

  • If you sleep on your back or side, these medium-firm, gusseted, quilted pillows are ideal since they will encourage your neck and head but could also be molded and formed to make sleeping more comfortable. Made of breathable, hypoallergenic materials, they are offered in queen and king sizes and come in 2 colors: white with blue piping or white with gray piping. The 1 drawback is they need to be dry cleaned to keep their shape. However, over 4600 joyful reviewers do not appear to mind the additional step.

18. Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Ergo Neck Pillow

  • With its 100% polyester knit fabric that’s reported to be a hypoallergenic cover, the Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Ergo Neck Pillow is a good solution for those fighting throat pain. It is designed to give appropriate alignment, support, and relaxation by following the natural curve of the body. This product is ideal for side and back sleepers since it alleviates stress in the shoulders and neck, which assists users in getting a profound, better sleep. The polyester pillow cover is also removable and machine-washable, which means you will have the ability to prevent dust mites and other allergens.

19. Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim Gel Memory Foam Pillow

  • The Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim is among the thinnest profiled pillows in the present market and is created especially for stomach and back sleepers. The memory foam center is well ventilated and contains a double-sided layout to extend the support you want based on the place you sleep in. Additionally, it is gel-infused to extract heat out of the human body and blended with all the foam aeration holes allows for an extremely cooling encounter. The lean profiles have an exceptional reply but do not bottom out and permit for a company’s inherent sense. The whole pillow is covered with a bamboo cloth, making a thicker, more plush surface and also hypoallergenic cover.

20. VECELO Hotel Bed Pillows For Sleeping 2 Pack 100% Hypoallergenic

  • Vecelo mattress pillow comes with an impeccable design using a soft and breathable cover that will assist you lower fatigue during the daytime, so you relax and fall asleep. You are able to obtain the pillow out of Amazon, and it’s about 430 favorable testimonials. The pillow includes polyester fiber along with a cotton cap. Vecelo supplies a 3-year manufacture guarantee together using a free exchange of replacement.
  • It’s a breathable pillow is manufactured from 100% cotton cover, which enables air to circulate, assisting you to remain cool during the evening. Cozy and soft cover that delivers a soft texture when you use them, the diamond designs provide the pillow a lavish appearance. The plan provides optimal support for your neck and head, renovating your own sleep.
  • It is full of special microfiber to offer much better support. It measures 19 inches by 29 inches and available in white color. When you get the bed pillows after a buy, flap the mattress pillows since they want a few days to completely expand.

How To Choose The Best Pillow For Allergies

Sleep Position

Be sure that you search for slimmer, more responsive pillows for back and tummy sleepers and thicker, design cushions for side sleepers. All sleepers will need to attempt to have their mind remain flat between their shoulder throughout the evening rather than be assisted too low, too large. The neck also should be encouraged to permit soft tissue comfort. A fantastic pillow will tackle proper spinal alignment and must be a priority about picking a hypoallergenic pillow.

Can Withstand Heat

There’s not any ideal pillow or sheet which will totally remove dust mites. Dust mites typically perish in temperatures around 130 levels,1, so search for a pillow for allergies that cannot just endure being washed in large temperatures frequently but bounce back into its former fluffiness.

Material Makeup

Though most hypoallergenic pillows are allergen-resistant, you still need to listen to each of the substances which compose your pillow. You’ll come across pillows that are built of organic fibers, processed materials, and artificial substances. Natural fibers are usually mild, breathable, as well as secure. Processed materials are somewhat more environmentally friendly than normal fibers, but they’re digitally processed. Man-made materials demand structures like memory and polyester foam. They are durable, lightweight, and less trendy compared to other forms unless infused using a gel-infused technology.

Tips for reducing inhouse allergens

To help reduce dust mites and other allergens from the bedroom, Someone might try:

  • Washing the bedding at Least One Time a week in warm water, rather than Above 103oF, and drying It on top of the heat
  • With a dehumidifier or air conditioner to Decrease humidity
  • Removing wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Employing hypoallergenic pillows
  • Employing pillow protectors made to fight allergens
  • Vacuuming regularly
  • Installing a high-efficiency particulate atmosphere, or HEPA, air conditioner


Your best hypoallergenic pillow actually depends upon your sleeping position, and encouragement and relaxation lend your distinctive body form. For hypoallergenic functions that you would like to search for, a product that has the aforementioned substances in use is breathable and encourage air circulation, and therefore are less compact in character.

Now you know about it, and you are ready to buy your best pillow for allergies, so do not neglect the pillowcase. There are, in reality, hypoallergenic pillowcases available on the marketplace that are additionally cruelty-free and Eco-friendly, normally made of linen or cotton.

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