10 Best Refrigerator Thermometer Reviews of 2021 You Can Buy


Did you know? If the food that you have cooked is not kept at the right temperature, it will surely be prone to go bad. Such obstacles are often experienced by cooks who own a café or a restaurant.

However, there is a solution to tackle this problem easily. And the name of that solution is – refrigerator thermometer. It helps you in monitoring the temperature of freezers as well as the fridge. You can also use them in many other places, including – blast chillers as well as wine cellars.

They will make preservation very easy and allow you to eat delicious meals without worrying about the food going stale at any time. We do not have any reason why you shouldn’t own one of these refrigerator thermometers. You will surely like them just as much as many other users across the country. And, here is the review of the best refrigerator thermometers 2021.

List of 10 Best Refrigerator Thermometer Reviews

1. Rubbermaid Refrigerator/ Freezer Thermometer

The Rubbermaid refrigerator thermometer has occupied the first position on our list. This product will always display the most accurate temperature; this will let you preserve food in a more enhanced way.

It can also withstand wear and tear as it is manufactured using stainless steel. This is an extremely durable material and is known to last many years without rust or corrosion. Other than that, you will also like the fact that the product can also be hung conveniently. You will also like that it also stands pretty well without falling frequently.

Additionally, it is also certified by NSF, and the scale in it is effortless to read. You will be able to read the temperature in two units, which are Celsius and Fahrenheit. The lens is resistant to shatter and protects the scale very well.

You will also notice the presence of a hanger in the meter. This hanger will let you hang easily from the racks of a freezer or fridge.


  • It provides the reading in two different units at the same time.
  • It is highly functional and easy to use.
  • Other than that, you can also stand or hang them at your convenience.
  • You will also like the finish and stainless steel construction.
  • It can be used to measure the temperature of many appliances such as – coolers, freezers, fridges, etc.

2. Taylor Precision Products Classic Series Large Dial Fridge/Freezer Thermometer

On number two, we have the product by the company Taylor Precision Products. This is a highly versatile refrigerator thermometer that comes with a huge dial. Due to this provision, you will always be able to read the temperature easily and quickly.

Because they are made of stainless steel, you are not afraid of them rusting. You can hang or stand the thermometer at your convenience. Additionally, the readings lie between – 20 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Many danger zones are mentioned in the dial. You should hence always prohibit placing the meter at such places.

As a buyer, you will also like the fact that this product comes with a limited warranty of one year. You can claim it easily if them has any defects or malfunctioning. The company that has brought this refrigerator thermometer to you has also been in the market for many years with several genuine buyers.


  • It has a large dial through which you can note the readings very quickly.
  • The temperature range is also exclusive.
  • You can place it in your fridge as well as freezers without worrying about any damage.
  • The graphics have very colorful and attractive.
  • The design is unique, and you will surely like it a lot.

3. AcuRite 00986 Refrigerator Thermometer with 2 Wireless Temperature Sensors & Customizable Alarms

We are positive that you will like this product as much as we do. This is a digital refrigerator thermometer that runs on batteries. In the package, you will receive two refrigerator thermometers that can be used in the fridge and freezer, respectively. The back of each of these meters has magnets so that you can easily attach them to the required place.

Since it uses batteries for energy, it does not have any wires. Due to this reason, you can put it anywhere without giving it too many thoughts. Additionally, with the meters, you will also receive a clip and a suction cup. Both of these items will allow you to mount the meters very easily.

The temperature range is -40 degrees to 100 degrees (in Fahrenheit). You will also like the temperature alarm that alerts you if there is an unusual spike in the temperature in any condition.

Moreover, you also come with a warranty of one year when buy, and the whole package only weighs 9.9 ounces. The batteries do not come included and are needed to be bought separately.


  • It comes with an exclusive temperature alarm that sends alerts when the temperature is rising or falling unusually.
  • You can use it separately for your fridge and freezer.
  • 2 AAA batteries power.
  • Have magnetic strips and keyholes at the back for easy mounting at all times.

4. Refrigerator Fridge Thermometer

Next up, on our list, we have the best refrigerator thermometer by Unigear. These devices are also digital and are also very easy to use. There is the provision of an LCD screen on the meters that work well all the time.

Additionally, we have to inform you that the product comes in a pack of two; this is so that you can use them separately in your freezer as well as the fridge. We also like the fact that these meters are waterproof. Due to this reason, they last longer than other devices. You can also choose the refrigerator thermometers from two different colors. These colors are – black and white.

The price will also not be considered very high as the meters are digital. You can also record the previous temperatures so that you can monitor everything well.

Additionally, the temperature range is -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. It will surely help you to keep your food at the right temperature. If you have problems with the product, you can also return it quickly within six months. Other than that, you will also like the foldable hooks on the meters that help you hang them conveniently.


  • The LCD screen of the meters is immaculate and easy to read.
  • You can also return the product within six months if you have any quality issues.
  • It is light in weight and has dimensions of – 1 X 8.5 X 4.5 cm each.
  • We also like the easy-to-use design and functionality a lot.

5. 2 Pack JSDOIN Freezer Refrigerator Refrigerator Thermometers Large Dial Thermometer

This affordable refrigerator thermometer with a large dial comes in a pack of two. The temperature range of the meter lies between -20 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The strength of the stainless steel material is very high and will surely help the product last many years in your fridge and freezer.

You will also like the clean construction and finish. As you would have already noticed, it has a broad base so that you can place it anywhere without inconvenience. The integrated hook on the product will also make the placement very easy.

The company also provides a guarantee to all the buyers of this product. Many buyers have claimed that the product is exceptionally incredible when it comes to resisting rust.

Additionally, the large dial has a red indicator so that you can read the temperature even from a distance. The performance is a factor that has been well rated by many customers across the country.


  • The packaging dimensions of the product are – 4.7 X 3.4 X 1.5 inches.
  • The refrigerator thermometers are light n weight and easy to mount.
  • It also has a broad base, so it stands well and remains balanced.
  • We also like the simple yet functional design.
  • Other than refrigerators, you can also use the thermometers in wine cellars as well as deep freezers.

6. Tru Temp Refrigerator-Freezer Thermometer

This product by Taylor has secured the sixth position on our list of the best refrigerator thermometer. It is well-built that can be chosen from two different color options which are – black and white. Both of these colors are pretty universal and will suit many colors and designs of refrigerators.

The dial has a size of 2.5 inches, and it shows accurate readings between 20 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Like many other refrigerator thermometers, this product is also constructed using high-quality stainless steel. You will also like the two-way brackets that help you to hang or stand the product as per your liking.

Additionally, it only weighs 0.8 ounces and has the dimensions of – 6 X 5 X 2 inches. It also has high ratings on the internet by many buyers. You can read the temperature at any time to maintain the flavors as well as the quality of your food. This refrigerator thermometer can also be delivered anywhere in the United States within a matter of a few days.


  • Made using long-lasting stainless steel.
  • It has two different colors.
  • It is highly functional and practical.
  • You can use it in your fridge as well as the freezer.
  • The hook on the product can be used to hang it from the refrigerator shelf.

7. (Upgraded) AMIR Refrigerator Thermometer

This digital thermometer can be used both indoor as well as outdoor. However, you have to know that the batteries required in the meter do not come with the product. Other than that, it is brought to the market by the famous company AMIR.

You will like this device’s sleek yet stylish design a lot. It comes in a package of two-piece so that it is more convenient for you to use them in the freezer or fridge. One of the best parts about the product is that it has an audio alarm. This alarm lets you know whenever there is a sharp increase or decrease in the temperature. You can also access old readings in the meter very easily.

Additionally, It is very easy to understand and use, even by beginners. There are also a few sensors that help in enhancing the functionality. You can also study the installation process easily.

The monitor comes as a separate part, and you can place it away from the fridge. It will still tell you the readings with the help of the refrigerator thermometer sensors.


  • In the package, you receive two models and a monitor.
  • The monitor stands very well and can be placed anywhere.
  • The price is very cost-effective.
  • Additionally, the temperature range of the meter lies between 14 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The transmission range is 100 meters or 328 feet.

8. Camco Durable Steel Refrigerator-Freezer Thermometer

On number eight of our list, we have the refrigerator thermometer by Camco. It is highly recommended if you want a product to measure the internal temperature of the freezer or refrigerator. The dial has well-printed readings, and the indicator also has a sharp point to always indicate the most accurate reading.

The model only weighs 1.6 ounces and has the dimensions of – 1.3 X 2.5 X 3 inches only. You will also like the low price and high ratings on the internet.

The material used in manufacture is stainless steel, which helps keep the development of rust at bay. It is also very sturdy and does not allow any cracks or damages to develop on it.

The in-built and excellent base will help in placing them inside the freezer or refrigerator. You can also hang as per your liking with the help of the hook on it.


  • Can be hanged or stood as per your liking and convenience.
  • The finish is very sleek and is worth commending.
  • The temperature range allows you to use this best refrigerator thermometer in both freezers and refrigerators.
  • It only weighs 1.6 ounces.
  • It is also compact and does not take huge space inside your refrigerator.

9. DayMark Stainless Steel Refrigerator/Freezer Classic Thermometer

On number nine, we have the DayMark Safety Systems refrigerator thermometer for you. This product, like many other refrigerator thermometers on this list, is made using stainless steel of very high quality. You can use it in your fridge as well as a freezer/deep freezer.

You won’t need to fear them being overheated or freeze with the rise or fall of temperature. You will surely be able to monitor your food very well once you purchase this product.

It is very simple to use. All you have to do is place it inside your refrigerator, and it will quickly indicate the temperature. To clean, you are recommended to wipe it with a clean cloth. It is very sturdy, but you should still carry it carefully.

The dial is 2.4 inches in size. This size is standard and very well suited when it comes to refrigerator thermometer dials. The indicator is bright red so that you can always read the temperature with ease.


  • The range is -30 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It is round and comes with an attachment clip present at its back.
  • It also has many positive ratings regarding its ease to use.
  • You can monitor all types of food in the fridge with this product.
  • You will also like the lightweight nature.

10. HIC Harold Import HIC Roasting Refrigerator Freezer Thermometer

Lastly, we have the refrigerator thermometer by Harold Import Co. for you. This device has a 2.5-inch dial and also has the provision of a simple hook on its head. The price is extremely affordable, and they can also be delivered anywhere in the United States. You can use it to preserve food in a better way and reduce food wastage.

It has found many uses in restaurants and cafés. These places cook food in bulk, so there is a high chance of it being wasted. Additionally, the model can also be used in the freezer to monitor the quality and flavors of ice creams and gelatos.

To wash this product, you can wash it in soapy, warm water. Moreover, this refrigerator thermometer can also be used in wine fridges, blast chillers, as well as portable coolers. You can also read many reviews of this product by buyers all across the country.


  • It has multiple uses in many places.
  • It shows temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • You can also place and mount it with great ease.
  • Food safe and has also been approved by the NSF.
  • It helps in reducing food spoilage.

How To Choose The Best Refrigerator Thermometers

You can consider the below-mentioned aspects to make the right choice when it comes to the best refrigerator thermometers. Let us discuss them one by one –

Temperature Range

The temperature range refers to the scale around or between which it can measure the temperature. These ranges are printed in some thermometers, while in the case of digital refrigerator thermometers, they are not.

If the lower range is extremely low, it means that it can be used in many different freezers. Other than that, you can also use them in wine cellars as well as blast cellars. Again, the lowest range will suit you the best if you are using it for your business.


There are many refrigerator thermometers available in the market that simply indicates the temperature with the help of an indicator. However, you will also find the digital variants. These products require a battery to operate and have a sleeker design.

They also mention the temperature in decimal values so that you experience better accuracy and precision. Digital refrigerator thermometers are also faster when it comes to working. On the other hand, a regular refrigerator thermometer is sturdier and will surely last many years in your refrigerators and freezers.


Stainless steel refrigerator thermometer can withstand harsh conditions very well. Other than that, they can also be used in hot as well as cold environments. Some can be even washed directly in the water.

This is not the case with digital refrigerator thermometers. These types have electrical components and run on batteries. You can also not use them in very cold or very hot areas.

Other special features

All the devices on our list of the best refrigerator thermometer have are different from each other. They also have numerous unique features that make them more distinct. Therefore, before buying a product, you should give some consideration to these features.

Many times there will be instances where a single special feature will be able to attract buyers. You can quickly know these features by reading the description carefully.

Reviews by buyers

Numerous reviews by buyers can be read and accessed on many different e-commercial platforms. If you read them, you will find many features that were not even listed in detail. Other than that, you will also get a slight experience of the refrigerator thermometer even before purchasing it. Such reviews are also helpful to know the genuineness.

If you are someone who does not read reviews, we would suggest you start doing so. You will notice that your choices will become better after reading the reviews.


The price of refrigerator thermometers depends on its type and material used in manufacturing them. However, you should know that while exploring them, you will find affordable, as well as high-end products.

If you are buying the best refrigerator thermometer for domestic uses, we will recommend you to buy the one that suits your budget the most. However, if the device is likely to be used in your business, you can go with high-end products.


Refrigerator thermometers have become a great necessity these days for home cooks as well as professional cooks. While you may already know their uses and importance, you might still suffer from not being able to find the right product.

Therefore, to help our readers, we decided to come up with the best refrigerator thermometers. These products will surely find use in your homes and business. If you are a first-time buyer, you can also refer to our enhanced buying guide to make the right choice. We hope that you find the model that you have been looking for.

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