10 Best Shower Chair Reviews of 2021 List You Only Need


For those that can not stand out from the shower because of injury, handicap, or age, shower chairs permit you to sit while bathing. It is possible to set them at a shower stall or above a tub. They may also be a wonderful addition to perch your leg while shaving or put toiletries, so they are within reach. But with numerous unique designs available on the current market, how can you decide on the one which is going to do the job for you?

Our testimonials about ten of the best shower chairs are here to assist. We are going to take you throughout their advantages and any downsides to take into account. And our purchasing guide will pinpoint the qualities to search for to receive the best match for you.

List of 10 Best Shower Chair Reviews

1.Essential Medical Molded Shower Bench with Arms

The Essential Medical Molded Shower Bench is just one of the shower stools because it really will come with arms for extra support when standing, which is useful for seniors who only require a bit of equilibrium support.

A simple, strong shower stool hybrid vehicle, the Essential Medical Molded Shower Bench provides a nice quality, no-frills choice at a budget-friendly cost point that will not break the bank.

This version comes with no backrest, which — although some might consider it a drawback — is advantageous since it causes this stool simple to the journey because of the compact dimensions. This shower stool also offers a non-metallic textured molded plastic chair and anodized aluminum frame, which resists rust and discoloration.


  • Cheap
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight


  • With no backrest

2.NOVA Medical Products Shower and Bath Chair 

This item was created as a tool-free meeting chair. We also installed it with no tools in under ten minutes to few the elements, push and snap the buttons.

NOVA utilizes high-quality materials such as plastic made out of blow molding to the chair aluminum frames, which are resistant to rust. These construction materials frequently guarantee durability, and this version won’t be an exception.

As a medical-grade shower chair, this traveling shower chair has a style of drainage holes that prevent any accumulation of germs from the remaining bathwater. The knob, which adjusts the NOVA shower chair’s elevation, was developed to create tall and short users comfy. Additionally, the four anti-skid rubber tips at the bottom of the chair ensure the distribution of the user’s weight over a broad area.


  • Large suction cups which are hardy
  • Well-textured
  • Just cut drain holes which encourage hygiene
  • The chair does not cause skin discomfort or tear
  • It is fast to install and easy to Keep


  • Click buttons aren’t sturdy enough, such as nuts and bolts.

3. Comfortable Deluxe Shower Chair.

This glowing blue cushioned shower chair makes sure you or your loved one shower securely. It averts the probability of falling, slipping, or tripping. The padded type of this shower chair offers comfort to the consumer, and its vivid blue color is not difficult to view and does not blend in with the background color.

You are able to adjust the elevation of their legs without even using any instrument readily in line with the elevation or desire of the consumer. The armrests keep weight for a secure entry in the tub and secure exit from the tub. The cushioned seat feels better to the skin when compared with hard plastic.

It’s the ideal mix of relaxation and performance. In any case, it includes a lifetime guarantee; this is certainly a bonus for Deluxe Shower Chair.


  • It’s durable and user-friendly.
  • It’s adjustable legs.
  • It’s simple and fast to build.
  • The vivid blue color is excellent for visual indication.
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • It does not have holes in the chair for drainage.

4. Ez2care Shower Bench Bath Seat Chair

This is only one of the best shower chairs where work was prioritized over fashion. The white vinyl anti-slip chair and tubular metal legs give it a healthy look. The aluminum legs are anodized, which means you won’t need to think about them corroding from the water.

The big rubber feet are not the most attractive. They will, however, anchor the chair very efficiently to the ground whilst you clean. That is going to be reassuring for anyone who is concerned about security.

There are drainage holes in the chair, which means that you won’t have water pooling uncomfortably under you. Along with the chair adjusts to a height of between 12 and 18 inches. That means it’s going to accommodate both taller and shorter users, in addition to people with various degrees of flexibility.

It may encourage weight up to 250 pounds and will fit effectively and economically on your shower.


  • A really easier assembly procedure
  • Easy to maneuver lightweight Item
  • Equip with very good surface


  • The maximum load capacity of just 250 Pounds

5.Drive Medical 12011KD-1 Plastic Tub Transfer Bench with Adjustable Backrest

The Drive Medical Transfer Bench was designed to accommodate many different scenarios for a reasonable price tag. It sports a high weight capacity, flexible height backrest, and reversible layout for setup over the tub’s left or right side.

The blown-plastic seat and backrest are sturdy, easy to clean, and reasonably comfy. The leg height adjusts in half-inch increments for custom-fitted relaxation, while the flexible back support may be constructed on each side to be used on the left or right side of the tub.

The hand railing included with this seat may also potentially be utilized instead of a typical tub safety rail as an additional bonus.


  • Tool-free meeting with pinch shielding lever
  • Adjustable height legs and backrest
  • Reversible design functions on the right or left side of the bathtub


  • May not match tub walls taller than 19.5 inches

6.Dr Kay’s Adjustable Height Bath and Shower Chair 

Together with Dr. Kay’s Adjustable Bath Stool, the older can enjoy cozy draining and maximum relaxation. This version was 2 inches greater than comparable products. So, this flexible and flexible stool matches the height of almost any user.

Aside from the simplicity of setup, Dr. Kay’s shower feces does not require any tools to correct its screws. Additionally, the maker makes it effortless to establish every part of the shower stool by simply utilizing your fingers.

Dr. Kay’s version is just one of those well-designed stools with ergonomic grips. Its lightweight design allows for effortless lifting and transport. As every older user with freedom requirements deserves comfy shower stools, all these built-in facet grips will improve the stool’s simplicity of usage.


  • Commercially-tough anodized aluminum framework
  • Water-resistant plastic chairs
  • Easy to build and uncouple
  • A space-saving layout that makes It fit tiny baths easily
  • Anti-slip plastic suction feet that distribute weights evenly.


  • The maximum load capacity of just 220kg weights

7. Moen DN7105  Bath Safety Transfer Bench

This is a comfy non-slip bathroom seat for older. It’s a massive seat that fits in the bathtub; the consumer can comfortably and safely sit the tub.

Additionally, it has a basket planner in which you’ll be able to keep the bathing essentials or toiletries. It’s simple to construct, and it may be installed on either side, left or right, based on the need of the consumer. Together with a potential of 400 lbs, you can adjust its height anywhere between 16.5 & 21 inches readily.

Equipped with a customized textured vinyl coating, this unit may be the perfect selection for men and women that want a reasonable item.


  • It’s a distinctive and innovative style.
  • It’s going in and out of the shower really simple.
  • It includes a lifetime guarantee.
  • Quite affordable to purchase


  • It may be somewhat slippery.

8. AquaTeak The Original 18″ Asia Teak Shower Bench

This teak seat by Aqua Teak includes its raw material acquired from Asia initially. As one of the renowned makers of walnut furniture, we’ve got confidence in Aqua Teak products. Crafted from sustainably harvested solid walnut, this shower chair is exquisitely lovely, incredibly well made, and lasting too!

Teak has been used in shipbuilding for centuries because of its naturally water-resistant properties. With an exceptional appearance not found in many shower chairs, it is good for seniors with a specific style. This wooden shower chair features stainless steel components, so there is no concern about rust.

Aside from functioning as a tub bench, you can put this teak shower seat from the terrace. In addition, it may be used in the very front of your own fireplace and from the poolside during the diversion.


  • Durable and strong teak timber
  • This wooden seat can function both outdoor or indoor usage.
  • High water resistance


  • High cost

9.Duro-Med Tub Transfer Bench & Sliding Shower Chair

The Duro-med Transfer Bench & Sliding shower chair manufacturers concentrate on mobility products and have created a really beneficial item that can fit most bathtubs.

The whole length of the item is 39″, and also the chair size is 19″. You get just one armrest that can be placed on both sides of the framework to create it right-sided. The Duro-med operates by putting the consumer out the tub and then slipping them indoors.

We really enjoy the safety belt that’s made to avoid the consumer from slipping and harm, in addition to the chair lock, which keeps the consumer security and secures once within the shower.


  • Sliding feature.
  • Safety belt.
  • Pelvic cut-out.


  • Sizing limitations

10.Carex Bath Seat And Shower Chair

Carex Health Brands unveil a distinctive bath seat that has a maximum weight capacity of 400lbs. We analyzed this worldwide version and will confirm that it satisfies the need for medical-grade shower chairs. Additionally, it’s a perfect product for your elderly, handicap, and individuals recovering from harm.

This version’s design ensures that the backrest fits any bathtubs or shower also enhances stability. Using its user-friendly height adjustable legs, you are able to extend the chair from between 16 to 21 inches conveniently. Normally, universal bathroom seats have side knobs for correcting their chairs, but this version uses an innovative layout. Simply rotate the curved knobs at each leg’s base in a clockwise direction, along with the chair elevates.

Aside from the stability and comfort, we discovered this version of the Carex universal Bath Seat simple to transport. It includes built-in, ergonomically-designed facet grips. They’re attached to either side of the plastic chairs.


  • Universal model supply high stability
  • Supports maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • Built-in top-notch for holding handheld shower sprays
  • Space-saving layout Which Makes It fit Tiny bathtubs
  • Setup and maintenance are simple.


  • The deficiency of armrests reduces equilibrium levels for users.

How To Choose the Best Shower Chairs

Size & Shower Space 

Whichever solution you choose, make sure to assess the tub and toilet space carefully. Many shower chairs can not be returned once they’re opened because they’re considered hygiene solutions.

It may be a waste of cash to buy something which does not wind up fitting into the available space.

Ease of use

The shower chair is designed to aid people with physical or mobility handicap issues when they will need to shower. Except when they’re restricted to wheelchairs, these chairs provide ease of use during bathing to become independent of their caregiver. Ordinarily, these kinds are collapsible or wall-mounted so that consumers can use them easily.

Weight Capacity 

Prior to purchasing a shower stool, this shower chair’s weight capability ought to be assessed. Make sure you be aware of weight abilities in addition to seat dimensions to guarantee a secure and comfy fit…You require a shower chair with higher intensity and weight capability. In case the ability is significantly less, and the consumer’s burden is more, it will not have the ability to operate properly.


Deciding on the shower chair is at a suitable height is essential for security and comfort. When it’s too large, getting down could be dangerous or awkward. Too low, and it can be tough to get up. Many shower chairs are adjustable in height to accommodate a selection of needs.


Prior to picking a shower chair, you ought to think about a number of things. Will it have to be relocated elsewhere throughout another individual’s shower? Will it have to be taken along to several places, like a resort or a family member’s house? So you have to locate a shower chair that’s lightweight and mobile since the shower chair ought to be streamlined, and its own shouldn’t occupy a great deal of room. You should start looking for a shower stool that is easily transported and stored.


Showers involve a good deal of humidity and moisture, so that you require a shower chair whose substance guards against moisture and humidity.

Aluminum frameworks tend to be strongest and most secure, even though they may be more expensive than plastic choices. Wooden options offer a more stylish appearance but at a premium price tag.


Ordinarily, the toilet is a moist area, and lather from additives frequently raises the chance of tripping accidentally. So, shower chairs are equipped with comfortable grip handles and thighs to defy any moist condition. This security feature should not be dismissed if you would like to purchase any versions.

Easy to clean

Last, get a shower chair that’s easy to clean and needs less upkeep. Obtaining a shower seat that’s difficult to wash isn’t a fantastic idea; purchase the one which is readily cleaned up.


There are several distinct options to select from when picking which shower chair is ideal for you or your loved ones. In this guide, we discussed their exclusive characteristics, pros and cons also gave you a very clear idea about what you want to look for while purchasing a shower chair.

We hope this manual has enabled one to select out the best shower chair on your own or an older or limited-mobility loved one!

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