11 Best Sofa for Back Support Reviews in 2021 You Can Try


If you suffer from back pain, most house furniture can get challenging. Beds, sofas, and chairs which you sink into just serve to create your back hurt worse.

Locating fantastic sofas for back support really can assist you with this kind of problem. Additionally, only the best sofas for back support can stop back pain issues and permit you to have a suitable position.

We included our top 12 listing of sofas, which we found on the internet, which means that you may pick from the assortment of best sofa for back support. Let us begin with the important things.

How Furniture Affects the Back

We invest a whole lot of time sitting down, not only in the workplace (for all those folks who operate inside them) but at home too. This has, as we have noted, consequences to our stance — persistent poor posture may result in recurrent back pain farther across the line.

The simple fact is that the human body is not actually supposed to invest as much time sitting in today’s world; often, it tends to perform. This can be compounded with the fact that many people invest as much time in awkward positions (within a computer screen, by way of instance ) and slouching. When sitting in comparatively healthy places, there’s a build-up of strain from the spine and buttocks, which over time may take its toll.

It is not simply our sitting places in work that may exacerbate back pain, either. Obviously, it is tempting to sink into a comfortable settee after a very long day, but that may also bring about bad posture, placing pressure on your own nerves. Thus, when selecting a sofa, you have to make sure it is conducive to healthful posture and that it supplies your back with the company support it requires.

How To Prevent Back Pain When Sitting On The Couch

List of 11 Best Sofa for Back Support

1. Honeypot – Sofa – Weronika – Storage Sofa Bed

Want something that seems neutral and timeless? Honeypot’s Weronika Sofa is ideal for you in this circumstance. As you can see, it’s a gentle gray tone, which makes it perfect for a variety of settings.

It’s highly rated in many different attributes, such as how easy it’s to build. Additionally, its company cushions, will offer the reinforcement your back needs at the end of a very long moment.

You get a type of warranty when you get the Weronika Sofa, too. If it does not fit in your house, Honeypot will take it back from you at no extra price.


  • Company enough to maintain your spine with no sinking in.
  • Unfolds to turn into a bed if you wish to break.
  • A neutral tone makes it effortless to match in with any color scheme.


  • Some owners reported that it had been a bit too business to sleep.

2.  Seatcraft Anthem Home Theater Seating Leather Multimedia Power Recline Sofa

Seatcraft Anthem Home Theater Seating Leather Multimedia Power Recline Sofa definitely is among the best sofas which you may discover online. Significantly, this sofa features all these characteristics you may directly benefit from. Apart from that, this sofa offers quite a wonderful dose of relaxation; therefore, let us have a good look.

To start with, this sofa is created from the best materials. The hand-selected high excellent leather that’s rather comfy will allow you to feel only pure relaxation whilst sitting within this sofa. Additionally, this material definitely offers quite a fantastic durability and leaves this sofa to seem quite beautiful and certainly stylish.

Then, the capability of the most comfy couch to extend a dream-level of relaxation comes in the flexible recline. The capability to sew and correct your headrest along with your footrest will permit you to discover the best possible location on your own. Watching movies on this sofa won’t ever be the same as previously, we promise it.

In the end, this best sofa for viewing television comes with very convenient home entertainment chairs that will offer this wonderful experience and relaxation. There are two cup holders and convenient overhead lighting. This is one of the handiest sofas for your home movie theatre.


  • Made from the best leather materials.
  • Best class relaxation ensured because of the recline option.
  • Equipped with two cup-holders and overhead lighting.
  • Footrest designed for maximum adjustability.


  • The cost is somewhat expensive but worthwhile.

3. Signature Design by Ashley – Larkinhurst Contemporary Faux Leather Sofa 

The Ashley Larkinhurst is among the best couches for back support as well as the timeless layout just adds enormous value to the item.

Having a height of 38 inches, then you may easily sit with your spine straight and easily eliminate without stress. Within this budget, it is pretty difficult to find anything of this type.

Some of the top features you can find in this sofa:

  • Artificial Leather Like Layout: The sofa is made of a polyester mix of innovative microfiber material. Nonetheless, it seems and feels just like faux leather.
  • Reversible and Business Cushion: The underside cushions may be removed and reversed. Therefore, you may have it to survive more. The rear cushions are firm and fixed. They have got a fantastic spring system and maintain the shape for quite a while.
  • Complementary Sets Available: You can discover complementary furniture collections that include a love sofa, recliner, and queen sleeper sofa. Fantastic for complete living room decoration.

We discovered that the cushions to be firm and thick. That is an edge if you prefer to include extra support to your back. Even though microfiber, the cloth is very resistant to pet scrapes.


  • Sofa ft is removable.
  • Comes completely assembled.
  • Stylishly wrapped arms with ample seat.
  • The back pillow is large enough.


  • Not as thick as you’d like.

4. Homelegance Resonance 60″ Bonded Leather Double Reclining Loveseat

My cousin got this Homelegance Reclining Loveseat for the dad’s birthday. He has severe arthritis and spends nine-ten hours every day sitting on the sofa.

This sofa relieved his pain, and he’s got a cozy spot to read, entertain guests, and see TV.

In addition, he noticed that he receives more visits from his friends today, so I figure that this is a great method to increase your life.

Opt for the Homelegance Sofas for Back Support as:

  • It is trendy, sleek, and easy to clean because of its bonded leather upholstery.
  • It succeeds to take the strain off your back.
  • The backrest is inviting as a result of its three cushion segments for your upper, mid, and lower spine. The sofa cushions are ergonomic, also, and company to keep you in the appropriate position.
  • The chair includes a whirlpool edge and a slightly curved layout to enhance your blood flow and keep your hips aligned to your thighs, thus lowering backaches.
  • The footrest is easy to lift to correct so you can unwind your back feet. On the downside, the footrest upholstery is not very lavish.

If you’re searching for rocking and quality back support sofas with lumbar support that keeps your hips adapting to your backbone, the Homelegance Loveseat is the correct option. Even Though It does not possess a wall-hugging layout, this can be a comfy sofa with an ergonomic layout.


  • High-quality materials
  • Sturdy
  • Center console
  • Integrated headrest for head and neck support
  • Easy-to-lift footrest
  • Supportive and lavish
  • Rocks and reclines


  • Not a wall-hugging layout
  • Business footrest upholstery.

5. Domesis Renu Leather Power Lift Chair Recliner

Here we have one of the handiest recliner chairs which money can purchase. Significantly, the Domestic Renu Leather Wall Hugger Power Lift Chair certainly will supply you with fabulous comfort and much better back pain relief. This seat is owned by the category of chairs to your house.

If it comes to style, this seat has everything. Simply speaking, this seat is specially designed to make sure that your spine is kept straight while sitting inside. Additionally, the lumbar support pillow will alleviate back pain very quickly. This certainly is an excellent method of relaxing after a long day of work.

Then, the energy lift attribute will make it possible for you to flex this seat to be able to get up from it with no complications. We are all aware that a few individuals have an extremely significant situation of back pain issues, yet this seat surely can help them a great deal.

The two-button powered recliner allows you to easily command the reclining choice, and it’s so sensible for adults who have mobility problems. Apart from that, this is among the highest quality leather recliners also, it’s produced from the high-quality RENU leather that’s durable and comfortable.


  • Two-button recliner controller for simpler operating.
  • High-quality RENU leather offers comfort and endurance.
  • Perfect seat for relaxing after an exhausting day.
  • Simple to build and goes great in any décor.


  • The sturdy construction makes this chair really hefty.

6. Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Dalton Sectional Sofa Couch

On the lookout for sofas for back support? Get the Stone & Beam Dalton! It’s the ideal height and thickness appropriate for back pain and in addition to relaxation.

We loved how low upkeep the device was very simple to clean with a towel or place spraying.

Here is a Few of the unique features of this device:

  • Sinuous Spring System: This sofa has a sinuous spring system that can hold the shape much better than regular sofas. Ideal for bad backs.
  • High-Density Reversible Foam Cushions: All of the cushions, both the bottom and back, are reversible. The foam material is high density and contains a polyester cloth wrap.
  • Durable and Sturdy Frame: The frame is made of hardwood and laminate timber, which means that you may anticipate the sofa to have huge loads without breakage or cracks.

Among the coolest things about this sofa is its own arm. The arms are nicely padded and comfortable, unlike other sofa arms, which are demanding and edgy.

The cloth is employed with stain-resistant spray; therefore, it is a lot easier to wash but provides off odor for a certain length.


  • Suitable height for rear relaxation.
  • Well-built and secure.
  • Business and not too tender.
  • All cushions are reversible.
  • High-density foam filling.


  • It has a smell that may take a while to really go off.

7. Divano Roma Furniture Classic And Traditional Love Seat

One of my buddies has a Divano Roma Love Seat, which she purchased because she wanted a sofa to sit for a protracted time.

The sofa is easy to wipe clean, though it is not made from leather.

The sheet cloth upholstery is durable, although not amazingly soft. You do not need to worry about spilling a portion of your beverage or hair.

The backrest, armrests, and chair are overstuffed with a company and lavish filling. Even though the sofa is not very soft, it is not so company. You won’t receive tailbone pain or texture that the framework pushing through the upholstery.

The couch is extra wide, so there is enough space for all to take a seat. Today you may have more friends more than you!

Both border seats recline almost entirely so that you can have a rest or simply take the strain off your back. The drawback is the absence of a recline option for the center seat.

The sofa is simple to establish. You do not require some gear, and the entire thing will require less than ten minutes since the metallic components mix seamlessly.

The sofa has a wall-hugging layout, which means that you can recline in it without even having a great deal of room between the sofa and the wall.

You own a footrest that is easy to lift to take the strain off your toes. This option is particularly helpful when you’ve got bad circulation, diabetes, or leg pain.

The Divano Furniture Oversize Recliner Seat is the ideal quantity of soft and firm to protect against any backaches. This sofa can help you maintain the right position to reduce backaches, while the recline takes the strain off your back. Sad to say, the sofa comes in black, and its own upholstery might be milder.


  • Simple installation
  • Two complete recliner chairs
  • Space-saving
  • Comfortable and inviting
  • Low-maintenance


  • Limited color Choices
  • The substance could be milder.

8. Signature Design by Ashley – Yandel Contemporary Upholstered Power Lift Recliner 

For our following sofa for back support, we pick the Yandel Power Lift Recliner. Significantly, this wonderful living room sofa was made to give only pure relaxation. Apart from this, you will unquestionably have the ability to ease your back from pain and also appreciate many hours sitting in this recliner seat.

The very first thing that catches the eye about this seat is your recliner choice. This usually means you can easily adjust the angle of your backrest. Additionally, with only 1 touch of a button, then you’ll have the ability to lift your thighs and experience true relaxation. This surly is your idle boy back support recliner seat.

This is among those specially designed recliner chairs offering a wonderful dose of relaxation. Simply speaking, the back support and the large back design will make sure your entire body is positioned inside this seat.

In terms of the substance, this seat has quite a durable structure with an alloy reinforced chair. Additionally, the leather upholstery is designed to offer a comfortable time and comfy feeling too. Overall, this seat surely will make it possible for you to break and enjoy every moment in it.

If you’re searching for a recliner seat that provides quite a fantastic dose of relaxation, then this is only for you. With this beauty, it’s possible to really enjoy and expertise splendid comfort. Apart from that, the cost is somewhat high, but after all, you understand what it is you’re paying for.


  • Simple to assemble — hardware and tools are included.
  • Inviting comfort ensured because of back support.
  • Flexible recliner choice equipped for improved relaxation.
  • Made from durable and high-quality leather material.


  • The footrest doesn’t grow like other recliner seats.

9. Amazon Brand – Rivet Sloane Mid-Century Modern Loveseat Sofa

The Rivet Sloane is among the very best sofa for back support. It’s a mixture of classic and contemporary designs that will fit in almost any room decor.

You won’t feel overly soft or company sitting on the sofa. However, to be exact, it is about the other hand, which is precisely what you will need for back support.

Moderate Thickness for Upright Sitting: Aside from the back cushion, the chair has a thickness of 22 inches. So, there will not be any slouching difficulty, and you are able to keep your knees at 90 degrees!

Harwood Solid and Durable Frame: The frame is carved from hardwood, giving the sofa stability and endurance. It is not overly heavy but not too light even!

Rugged Polyester Easy Clean Fabric: The sofa is wrapped with polyester cloth. It is not watertight, but if you shed any liquid, then it will not penetrate indoors. Easy to clean with a moist cloth.

Bear in mind the cushions and chairs aren’t reversible. Thus, you can expect them to drop firmness faster than other sofas. In general, it is fantastic furniture to get in the home.


  • Durable cloth capable of resisting rough use.
  • Business and comfy cushion.
  • Modern and sleek design.
  • A suitable thickness for keeping good posture.
  • Sturdy wooden legs.


  • The armrest feels somewhat flimsy.

10. FDW Recliner Sofa Set Sectional Sofa 

The FDW Recliner Sofa Set Leather Sofa is a cheap, stylish selection for small living spaces and the best sofa for older men and women. This collection has back pain-relieving features such as the nearly complete recline, inviting headrest, and easy-to-use footrest. On the downside, the sponge filling isn’t as elastic as memory foam, and it might wear out fairly quickly.

You can think about top Features like:

  •  The PU leather upholstery signifies this sofa is easy to clean, watertight, and fashionable. The dark, brown color options are tasteful and match most décors.
  • It reclines into an almost horizontal position with no fuss. Pull the lever, and you can say goodbye to this bothersome pressure in your back after sitting at your desk the entire day. The rest mode makes it possible to unwind and refreshes also.
  •  The backrest keeps you encouraged and at a proper sofas
  • Posture because of this built-in headrest and slightly curved layout. – – All these attributes permit the sofa to consume your body weight rather than having it push onto your back.
  • The sofa sits tall enough so that you won’t have any issues lifting it off. This attribute is very helpful for the older to preventing back pain problems.
  • The chair has a rounded form and plush cushions that maintain your buttocks slightly available at a correct angle. For those who have lower back issues or sciatica, this chair may relieve them. On the other hand, the sponge filling isn’t quite as elastic or lasting as memory foam.
  • The set bits have footrests that stretch and retract easily. You’ll receive top support on your toes and relieve bad circulation.
  • The sofa set is small so that it matches even in tiny flats, and it’s easy to carry or move around when you are cleaning. The drawback is that heavier and taller people will not feel really comfortable with this sofa.


  • Reclines almost fully
  • Sturdy
  • Waterproof
  • Simple to maintain the proper posture
  • Built-in headrest (seat height)
  • Comfortable seat
  • Footrest
  • Easy to maneuver around
  • Simple to build
  • Steel framework
  • Wall-hugging layout


  • Sponge filling

11. Bonded Leather Double Recliner Sofa

This Bonded Leather Double Recliner Sofa comes from a lineup of Divano Roma Furniture products. With everything this sofa brings to the table, you definitely will be benefiting far from it. Anyhow, this sofa features several features that directly lead to its general quality and relaxation. Let us see.

Now, this sofa actually excels in each area of relaxation because it’s quite soft and comfy leather cloth outfitted. This usually means you could really experience true relaxation when spending some time on this sofa. The overstuffed arms, chairs, as well as backs, are outfitted with high-density foam that ensures great relaxation.

Apart from that, this best sofa for back pain comes with a recliner choice too. However, because this sofa has three chairs, the recliner choice works for just end chairs. Anyhow, the recliner will permit you to break your legs when you sit on this sofa. Additionally, there’s a lever-action reclining mechanism that permits you to work with the recliner readily and with no complications.

Never the less, this sofa will certainly offer maximum comfort for you or your loved ones. The form and the overall look of the sofa will also be something worth mentioning. It is easy to match this sofa in almost any living room décor.

Having said that about this wonderful sofa, we could simply add this sofa has quite great value for the cost. Significantly, this sofa is owned by the `’cheap” price point class but definitely provides some fantastic features which you could gain from.


  • High-density foam guarantees that wonderful comfort.
  • Overstuffed arms, chairs, and springs to get back support.
  • High-quality leather fabric equipped for comfort and durability.
  • The recliner characteristic for end chairs allows leg pain relief.


  • This sofa is somewhat bigger than anticipated.

How To Choose the Best Sofa for Back Support

Being at the should receive the very best possible sofa for your back support surely requires appropriate understanding. Now, we’re likely to go over everything you have to know about back support sofas and how to select the right one. Let us see.


If you think of back support, you probably envision a sofa that appears dull. Luckily, that does not need to be authentic.

There are many sofas in the marketplace nowadays. They are available in every size, shape, and color it is possible to imagine. As a result of this, you may surely take into account the way you want yours to appear.

Prior to selecting a sofa, stop and consider the decorating scheme in your property. Can you utilize particular colors, or is there a subject you are after?

Bear this in mind while you look at sofas, which means that you may select one which fits into your décor.


Now, the very first thing that you will need to appear at when picking the best sofa for back support is relaxation. However, how do you truly know if the sofa is comfortable or not without sitting before? Well, you ought to search for a few distinctive features and substance that’s utilized to create it.

Significantly, just the top sofas are created from high-quality substances, and they have a lot of unique characteristics that give a wonderful dose of relaxation. Apart from that, comfy sofas aren’t that cheap, meaning that you may want to cover somewhat more as a way to receive them.

Supportive spring system

Most sofas with great back support are going to have a spring system that will stay firm rather than squash inside.

In more costly ergonomic sofas, you’ll discover hand-tied spring programs or much more commonly called eight-way hand-tied spring machine. These sofas have springs on each corner and need intensive labor hours and therefore the cost.

You could even locate sofas with sinuous springs that function as well as the had-tied ones.

Whatever may be, the spring program, assess if the spring stays firm even after significant usage.

Sofa Height and Depth

The height and thickness of a sofa is another important aspect to think about if you would like unmatched comfort and back support.

Obviously, different sofas come in various heights and depths. If you are large and tall, then you desire a sofa that’s a bit bigger and deeper. Sofas that are shallow and short will not do you much good so far as comfort and back support is worried.

Fortunately, it’s simple to locate the best sofa with great height and thickness since the producer’s always incorporate the height/depth measurements, particularly if you’re buying Amazon.

Focus on firmness

Much like mattress purchasing, you need to come across a sofa that provides you adequate back support in each sitting posture. While super-soft sofas may feel and look comfortable, they frequently mold too tightly to the trunk, which may induce posture issues.

You are able to ensure that your back muscles are participated by checking the stability of the foam on the seat and back cushions. Should you observe that you just sink into the sofa after only a couple of minutes, your sofa may be overly soft and maybe the reason for back trouble later on (in which case, you might want to obtain brand new foam cushions).

To fend off some horrible niggles, start looking for a sofa that specifically supports your lower back.


You have to have the ability to lift your toes without bending down, especially in the event you’ve got bad circulation or leg pain. Lumbar pain could be related to tight calf and knee pain, which explains the reason this feature is indispensable.

Recliners that supports back pain (optional)

The recliner sofa is perfected for both relaxation and spine pain. It is possible to alter the place of the rear support but still keep a position that is straight.

Recliners also contain footrest, which is very good for those that enjoy watching TV or reading novels for hours.

The sole difference between non-reclining and reclining sofas is the cost. It’s possible to pay a little longer for recliners and will continue to keep your back pain off.

Overall value for the price

When picking a sofa, you have to be aware of how much you’re prepared to cover it. This usually means that you can not simply opt for a sofa that’s far out of your financial plan and choose to receive it. But, it’s a great thing that a lot of the sofas that appeal to the `’cheap” price point group are really excellent.

On the flip side, some more costly sofas provide better features and much more relaxation. However, they include all the costs. Overall, deciding on the sofa that has enormous value for your money is vital if you would like to gain from it.

Additionally, sofas, which have quite a very good cost-to-value ratio, are unquestionably your number one option. With these sofas, you can, in fact, benefit a great deal from their attributes without needing to cover a high dollar.


Here is an extensive review guide that will help you pick the best sofa for back support. Never forget that if it comes to back pain, prevention is much better than cure, and one method to stop lower back pain is having a fantastic sofa that’s comfortable and has great support.

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