12 Best Tortilla Press Reviews of 2021 You Can Buy


Everyone knows, tortilla has long been a signature dish; it is both delicious, nutritious, and easy to make. Great if you own yourself a tortilla press to prepare breakfast for the whole family.

For this reason, we’ve researched and compiled the top 12 best tortilla press for sale at Amazon today. Please take a look at our reviews to help you choose a product like that!

List of 12 Best Tortilla Press Reviews

1. Victoria 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press

The Victoria TOR-003 comes in 2 dimensions; 6.5 inches and 8 inches. Produced of heavy cast iron, it’s as durable as may be. The producers provide you a limited lifetime guarantee with this item; therefore, you can be certain of that.

This model has a good foundation and a comfortable grip. Both of these features make it effortless to use.

The inside of the tortilla press is experienced with non-GMO flaxseed oil, which makes it a powerful non-stick interior. This house also means it is easy to clean up then.

It’s versatile. It may manage different foods, which range from tostones, empanadas, arepas, dumplings, miniature pie shells.


  • Two sizes to select from.
  • Produced from heavy-duty cast iron.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Non-stick.
  • Versatile.
  • Limited lifetime guarantee.


  • The handle hinge was proven to break/fall apart rather easily.

2. Hardwood Tortilla Press – Red Oak & Walnut

For people who favor having a wooden tortilla press, you can not go wrong using the merchandise by Hardwood. A lot of men and women refer to it as operational work of art’ owing to the eye-grabbing layout which results from colors to finishing touches.

The well-polished top and bottom plates also make the cleanup process so simple that you merely have to wash it using a slightly moist towel.

The build quality has been so great you will have a perfectly round, evenly pressed tortilla from it every single time you use it.

It’s created for providing you a life service in the kitchen. If you’re interested in finding a tortilla maker that may serve your life, you are able to bet on this!


  • Made with durable hardwood
  • 8-inch pressing surface
  • Eye-catching layout
  • Simple to wash
  • Powerful Build Quality


  • Expensive

3. Norpro 6″ tortilla maker

If you’re interested in finding an aluminum tortilla press that’s lightweight and mobile, the Norpros product will probably be a perfect selection for you. It includes a compact design that lets you store it readily.

Though this model isn’t quite as heavy as any other kind, it gives you the very best results when creating homemade tortillas. Additionally, it’s constructed from cast aluminum. Therefore it’s extremely durable and powerful that you utilize for a lengthy time.

This model also requires you little manual effort when controlling its manage to press dough into a round form. In addition, you could even use it to create unique kinds of bread, like flatbreads or roti.


  • Compact look for Simple storage
  • High-quality material
  • No requirement for much attempt to clean and use
  • Easy to use for novices
  • Have two dimensions for more options


  • Not suitable to utilize flour tortillas
  • Perhaps a little flimsy.

4. Eleganceinlife Cast Iron Tortilla Press

This is the best tortilla press for low budgets and is our top choice in the cast iron category.

The model from Eleganceinlife has a wonderful end, and this durability is very likely to continue for centuries to come. Imagine having the ability to discuss this tool with your grandma.

With measurements of 13 x 9.5 x 2.7, using an entire weight of just 5.6 pounds, this really is a medium-sized gadget that will work wonders in your kitchen. It’s easily stored and prepared to be used within an instant.

The one thing you might have to replace every couple of years is really a nut and bolt, which costs only pennies. As its name suggests, it’s elegance in cast-iron style, a work of art to keep in your kitchen.


  • The low end on the funding scope
  • Simple to wash
  • Multi-usability


  • We need to use waxed paper or plastic to ensure no sticking.

5. IMUSA USA 8-In. Aluminum Tortilla Press

If you’re trying to find something which could manage huge quantities simultaneously, this one really is a fantastic selection.

This is a conventional tortilla press with the best leverage — excellent for producing everything from wheat and corn tortillas into tostones, arepas, and patacones.

The eight-inch round surface is made of durable cast iron material, which comes preseasoned to prevent the tortillas from sticking.


  • Fantastic leverage
  • Suitable for large amounts
  • Preseasoned


  • Heavy
  • Clean-up can be dull
  • Many owners whine about sticking

6. HIC Harold Import Co. 43172 Tortilla Press

In case you’ve attempted making tortillas using a rolling pin, you will learn how frustrating it could be to reach an even depth and shape. This model takes the guesswork out of it equal pressure is employed to create always sized and shaped tortillas each moment.

The handle makes light work of pressing; most of the pressure comes in the leverage, not physical power.

This is a good product to use with all the youngsters. It’s safe and enjoyable, and they’ll delight in making a variety of flatbreads and tortillas, which may be filled full of healthful goodness.

Cleaning is also straightforward; warm, soapy water can help keep it looking like new.


  • Heavy-duty aluminum for durability.
  • Light enough to move readily.
  • Consistent thickness.
  • Easy, effortless performance.
  • Ideal for making big batches.


  • It just produces 6″ tortillas.
  • Not as thick as cast iron.

7. Alpha Living Tortilla Press

This model is constructed from heavy-duty cast iron, so it’s powerful enough to assist you in making smooth and flat tortilla effortlessly. Furthermore, this material enables the instrument to accompany you for a very long time since it’s quite durable and hardy.

With this kind of helpful kitchen tool, you can get complete charge of the new ingredients and the way the tortilla is created. Aside from tortillas, this item may also manage empanadas, Arepas, dumplings, miniature pie shells, etc…

For the best outcome and upkeep, you shouldn’t overpress the merchandise when you use it.


  • A Variety of applications
  • Comfortable handle for creating tortilla speedily
  • Willing to withstand the test of time


  • Overpressing in usage might make the product split down.
  • The coating will peel after a couple of months

8. Premium Grade-8 inch Cast iron tortilla press By Lodhi’s

This model created by Lodhi’s has been designed with style tradition, so it includes 8-inch plates that can make the most flavorful tortillas.

The deal is straightened, so it’s a fantastic alternative for people who have weak hands. The weight of this press is balanced; thus, pressing will probably be super and even simple.

Along with providing you the capacity of an effortless press, this tortilla maker is quite easy to wash. The press ought to only be cleaned so you’ll be saving time. Be certain that you wash it well following the wash to protect against any possible harm.

It’s very good for both indoor kitchens and outside requirements too. You’ll have the ability to enjoy parties in your backyard with refreshing, delicious tortillas in case you choose to go for this new.


  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • The handle allows simple pressing.
  • Made from cast iron


  • The tortillas May Not be equally flattened.

9. Uno Casa Cast Iron Tortilla Press

The very best thing about this model is that it includes 100 parts of parchment paper. This lowers the hassle of cleaning twice! It is among the best-cast iron tortilla makers on the current market, and there are numerous characteristics that may prove its value.

It’s so durable and durable that it can last you a life! Additionally, it’s highly resistant to rust, and which means it’s possible to depend on its own efficacy a couple of days following its purchase.

Despite its own heavyweight, this merchandise has a slick and leveled design, which makes it appear more attractive than others. The leveled surface is also valuable for pressing wheat and corn dough equally.

Additionally, it is a multipurpose tortilla press which you may use to create different items like empanadas and dumplings.


  • It comes with 100 pcs of parchment.
  • Can last a life
  • Effortless operation
  • Tortillas feature another taste.
  • Evenly pressed tortillas


  • Pressing too hard could lead to harm.

10. Heavy-Gauge Manual Reastaurant Cast Iron Flour Corn Tortilla Press Maker by Smart Cook

The Smart Cook includes a surface diameter of 7.5 inches. Simple to use, simply heat it on your stovetop, put your own dough, and push it with the handle.

The balanced weight of this and also the extended handle makes you comfortable to work with. It takes very little effort since the layout utilizes its own weight as leverage.

Made with heavy-gauge cast iron, this particular version is completely rust-resistant.

Supplying your uniform depth, and sometimes even heating system, it is a superb selection of the best tortilla press.


  • Easy and comfortable to use.
  • Rust resistant.
  • Presses your tortilla evenly.
  • Even heating.


  • The manage hinge breaks/falls apart rather easily.
  • The black paint can chip on your meals.

11. ARC, 0020, 6.5 inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Among the most notable products of the ARC brand is ARC Cast Iron Tortilla Press. This model includes remarkable patterns that make it seem quite classy and conventional. For that reason, it can be an ideal selection for your homemade tortillas.

This model comprises four easy sizes for you to pick comfortably up for your hobby. With all these options, you won’t skip a size that’s tailored to your requirements. It’s constructed from heavy-duty cast iron, so it’s extremely durable and secure.

This version is coated with a rustproof cover, so it is easy to wash it with soap and water. Additionally, it will come with a bolted grip that gives you secure press in order to level tortillas.


  • Powerful and sturdy construction
  • Provide stable presses
  • Compact design for Effortless storage
  • Come in four dimensions for simpler choosing.
  • FDA approved


  • Its manage maybe a Little brief.
  • Don’t have non-stick plates.

12. Estrella 7.5 inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press

This model from Estrella includes a 7.5inch diameter, which is the conventional size of this Mexican tortilla press. And Estrella is also the very preferred brand in Mexico.

It’s constructed from heavy-duty cast iron, and this durable material makes it possible to make tortillas smoothly and evenly. The foundation and handle will also be enhanced for superior resistance and relaxation.

1 good news for you is that Estrella is acceptable for both wheat and corn tortilla. Having a comfy handle, you can create several types of dishes such as tostones, empanadas, arepas,…


  • Suited to a flour tortilla
  • Made from heavy-duty cast iron
  • Making lean tortilla without much attempt


  • Quite stressful to Wash

Buying Guide for Best Tortilla Press

This item is a lot of variants, from the dimensions and shape to this substance and layout. In the subsequent section, we will dive into the factors you will need to think about if you’re searching for the best tortilla press for you.


The substance of your tortilla manufacturer will determine how durable it is. For this reason, you need to opt for a tortilla manufacturer that’s constructed from metals like cast iron, aluminum, or stainless steel. You may also pick plastic or wood tortilla manufacturers, but they’re nevertheless not as durable as metal tortilla manufacturers.


Most corn tortillas step about an eighth of an inch thick. Some versions may make much thinner tortillas, but should you pick a model made from a lighter material like plastic or aluminum, it may be more challenging to receive your tortillas as slim as you would like.


Based on how big you would like your tortillas to be, then choose the size appropriately. But, you should notice that a bigger tortilla manufacturer will occupy much more space. If you’re an ordinary consumer, you should choose the best tortilla maker of moderate size.


It would help if you also thought of how simple to wash out the press that you would like to purchase is. This may directly depend on the sort of substance used to generate the tool. The perfect press ought to provide you a simple time cleaning its own upper and bottom plates.

We discovered that cast-iron models would be the simplest to clean when they are properly coated.


At the 20 and under price range, it is possible to find aluminum, plastic, aluminum, and cast-iron tortilla makers which produce six-inch tortillas. For $20 to $35, it is possible to discover higher-quality timber, cast iron, and aluminum versions, in addition to some electrical models that may create six- to 10-inch tortillas. Nearly all electrical tortilla press prices $35 and up.

Electric or Manual

Additionally, there are both manual and electric versions. Either path that’s selected doesn’t require a superman power to use. Moderate pressure on the deal will probably flatten the tortilla from the desirable size.


Tortilla presses are an excellent way to acquire all the household involved with meal preparation. They’re multi-functional since they may press a lot of diverse types of flatbread.

We’ve gathered the best tortilla press testimonials, so be certain that you read all of them. Additionally, keep the essential features in your mind and make your choice based on your preferences.

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