12 Best Vegetable Steamer Reviews in 2021 You Can Consider


Whether you’re a recreational cook or an expert chef, having a vegetable steamer is an effective approach to cook wholesome food. Studies have discovered that steaming vegetables is the best cooking method to keep the minerals and vitamins which make them so healthy.

There is an entire selection of choices on the market; therefore, it can be tough to know which brand to choose and how much to invest. To make matters simpler for you, we have compiled a listing of our best vegetable steamers currently offered.

List of 12 Best Vegetable Steamer Reviews

1. Rosewill BPA-Free, Quart (9L), 3-Tier Stackable Baskets Electric Timer Food

This steamer in the brand Gourmia includes a 9.5-quart capability and 3 stackable compartments that permits the consumer to cook 3 distinct food concurrently.

The control panels set on the item is quite simple to use, and the entire product is constructed from temperature resistant and durable vinyl.

The manufacturer has integrated a timer within this system, which can help you to cook the meals without even undercooking or overcooking the meal’s substances.


  • 3-tier cooking
  • Light-weight and durable plastic merchandise
  • Simple to wash
  • 5-quart size


  • A bad excellent control panel malfunctions after regular use.

2. Oster Double Tiered Food Steamer, 5 Quart

This is only one of the best steamers about and boasts its own name on its efficacy and simplicity of use. The machine is extremely reasonably priced but doesn’t have a guarantee to safeguard it.

This device is an electric steamer that seems great on any counter, is extremely simple to use, and can also be dishwasher-safe for ease of cleanup.

The steamer has two distinct compartments for various foods able to be cooked at a single time, and they’re also clear so that you can see indoors the best way to the cooking procedure is going without needing to open the lid.

The compartments complete up to 5 quarts to fill food together and lock in place on top of one another onto a 400-watt steamer. There’s also a 60-minute timer to the device.


  • The steamer has two compartments for steaming Different Kinds of food at Precisely the Same time.
  • The compartments complete 5 quarts and are clear to see indoors.
  • The device is dishwasher safe.


  • While It’s Very affordable, It Doesn’t come with a guarantee to protect it.

3. Norpro 1-Quart Stainless Steel Mini Steamer Cooker

The stove set includes a kettle, vented and steamer, and a tempered glass lid. The steamer has a capacity of 1 quart. It’s made of stainless steel that is mirrored.

The bottom of the foundation of the kettle is encapsulated using a tri-ply. This helps to ensure that the heating is uniform to prevent hot spots.

The heat is performed quickly and efficiently. It is simple to wash out the steamer by washing.


  • It’s simpler to prepare meals with this steamer since it can hold enough of your vegetables or other food that you wish to steam.
  • The kettle holds a little bit of water which boils extremely fast and may just take less than 7 minutes to steam the vegetables.
  • It’s constructed from a high-quality stainless stain that’s simple to wash.
  • Heat is spread quickly and economically.
  • It may be used to make baby food.


  • It’s too small if you’re cooking for at least two people.
  • The grips may become overly hot.

4. Hamilton Beach 37530A Digital Food Steamer

The Hamilton Beach 5.5 Quart is a cheap two-tier food steamer with a detachable divider for big products.

With its electronic screen, you can set it into steam, delay start, and heat, and it features a rice bowl for steaming rice and smallish foods.

This steam cooker is much more versatile than many others; the delay start feature is unique about this version, and also, a post-cooking warmer can be located on a very number of those vegetable steamers we analyzed.

These attributes, coupled with its low price, ensure it is a fantastic investment for healthier cooking.

You are able to prepare a complete meal at once using this convenient appliance. Food cooks faster at the base tier, which means you ought to place food that takes more time to cook under and use the best tier for things that have shorter cook times.

It may accommodate modest items or massive foods, like corn on the cob or even ahead of broccoli. You could even cook fish, poultry, hot dogs, tough or soft-boiled eggs, and rice.


  • Simple to Use
  • Have handy features such as a water-level window and startup overdue
  • Automatic warm atmosphere


  • Tricky to Wash

5. Cuisinart Digital Glass Steamer

Cuisinart is a heavyweight brand that has earned its strong status by producing quality appliances. This vegetable steamer provides an electronic experience plus a flexible modern layout.

It’s acceptable for any sort of household as it could cook large quantities of food in a brief period.

The steamer contains 5 pre-programmed food preferences to produce the cooking simple. These configurations are for vegetables, grains, poultry, fish, and a guide for advice.

The LCD control panel is easy looking with start/stop, pause, and reheat buttons. The awake is loud enough to listen to if the cooking is completed. It’s a 60-minute countdown timer that’s sufficient to place meals to steam within those minutes.

It’s a 1L removable water tank that’s not hard to wash. The steaming tray is constructed from stainless steel, a glass lid, along with stainless steel rim.


  • Big cooking pot to steam family-sized foods such as fish, vegetables, grains, and much more.
  • The glass lid and glass bowl make it easy to monitor food while steaming.
  • The potent steamer that delivers steam in the top-down, supplying quicker cooking and equally cooked food.


  • Cost is high
  • Somewhat heavy to manage.

6. Vegetable Steamer Rice Cooker- 6.3 Quart Electric Steam Appliance

Steam two meals simultaneously with Vintage Cuisine’s Vegetable and rice steamer! I enjoy the flexibility that this steamer provides, and because it’s clear, it is possible to track the food while it’s cooking.

There are a handy, built-in timer and water indicator that puts you in control and also guarantees that the water level is always the proper quantity.

Stacked on top of one another, the layers incorporate the designed rice jar, both the top and lower steam trays, along with the drip tray.

This is an electrical steamer; therefore it’s all self-evident without a need for boiling water or some other pans and pots.

There’s a tray built to maintain eggs, which can be of no use on a diet that is vegetarian; therefore I feel that is possibly one unnecessary feature with this steamer.

Dishwasher-safe and holding around 6.4 quarts, the steamer’s measurements are 1″ (L) x 12.25″ (H) x 7″ (W). The foundation is 4.5″ and the top and bottom steamer trays are 3.5.”


  • Stackable trays and flexibility
  • Water indicator, built-in timer and it is see-through
  • Simple to use with useful instructions


  • Slightly Tough to pile together
  • Vinyl is thin and May be better quality
  • Uses a Great Deal of water
  • Maybe more prone to leakage

7. Farberware Classic Series Sauce Pot/Saucepot

This stainless steel 3-quart kettle and steamer set is really a no-fuss, simple to use method to boil veggies. Even the saucepot heats up quickly, meaning water comes to a boil fast so that you may begin draining away!

The grips are comfortable and permit the steamer to fit to be eliminated safely. The entire collection is dishwasher safe, which means quick and effortless cleanup. The pot may also be used with no steamer insert.


  • Simple, simple to use set which is included with the bud and steamer.
  • Dishwasher safe for simple cleanup.
  • Durable stainless steel construction.
  • Can utilize the pot without a steamer basket.


  • Just holds a specific quantity of food at the steamer basket.
  • Vinyl handles may get sexy and possibly melt.

8. BELLA Two Tier Food Steamer

It includes 7.4 Quarts of cooking ability, and also the meals begin heating in under 30 minutes.

Since it’s a 2-tiered food steamer, it is possible to use 1 grade to steam your vegetables and another for fish and meat.

It includes two steaming containers, a useful lid, and a grain tray, so you are able to cook many dishes at one time. These components are dishwasher-safe also.

It automatically switches off when the food is prepared and comes with a Guess-Free steaming manual on the front of the unit to get a hassle-free cooking experience.


  • Rotary timer dial
  • Water reservoir window
  • Steaming baskets dishwasher-safe
  • Dishwasher-safe rice cup


  • It isn’t dual-voltage.
  • The top-tiered tray is a bit more difficult to wash.

9. Aicok Food Steamer, 9.5 Quart Vegetable Steamer 

This is only one of those larger vegetable steamers available on the market. Additionally, it comes really reasonably priced and comes with a 2-year guarantee to safeguard it.

The device is powered through an 800-watt engine that warms the chambers up equally.

There are 3 compartments to steam distinct foods individually. The containers are clear so that you can see inside, but they aren’t dishwasher safe and have to be washed by hand.

There’s a water indicator, a 60-minute timer, plus a keep-warm function.


  • Very Reasonably Priced
  • A 2-year guarantee
  • There are 3 Distinct compartments so you can steam foods equally and independently.
  • There’s a 60-minute timer plus a keep-warm function


  • All bits Will Need to be cleaned and aren’t dishwasher safe.

10. Sunsella Vegetable Steamer

The steamer is made of 100% stainless steel of high quality. It’s intended to fit in a variety of pots of different dimensions.

It’s collapsible for storage functions. You do not have to build the steamer. The thighs and the pole in the center are attached to generate the steamer secure and durable.

It could be removed easily in the pan together with the fundamental sturdy ring. The fundamental screws are detachable to make it simpler to steam foods that are large.

The steamer doesn’t require a great deal of space in comparison with bamboo steamers. It’s a diameter of 5.3-9.3 inches with a height of 2-3.4 inches.

The steamer could be used to steam vegetables and desserts, fruits, fish, meat and poultry, dumplings, and eggs.

This is the very best alternative for steaming your everyday vegetables or fruits. This will help to keep the minerals as well as the nutrients that might be dropped by other cooking procedures.


  • To be lasting.
  • The capacity of this steamer is big enough to steam sufficient food for your family.
  • It can easily fit in a variety of pots and pans.
  • The legs are sturdy and resistant to rust.
  • It’s an exceptional design that’s compact and easy to store in the storage area.
  • It may be used to steam fruits and food for your infant.
  • It may be washed in the dishwasher.
  • The steamer could be taken out of the pan easily.


  • It isn’t resistant to rust.
  • If you place more water, then the basket could slide in the water.
  • The legs are too brief.

11. Aroma Housewares 5-Quart Food Steamer

The Aroma 5-Quart AFS-186 may be warmed up inside a minute and will match up to five quarts, letting you cook a number of foods at the same time using its two-tier system.

The top shelf has a lid that is curved, which means you are going to need to place more or longer bulky items at the bottom tier of the steam cooker.

It is readily cleaned in a dishwasher, which saves you from draining the tray by hand. As it is tall and narrow, it’s also easy to store.

The Aroma 5-Quart AFS-186 includes a window that lets you track the degree of water into your steamer.

It enables you to place your timer together with the dial on the front of the bottom, and its own handy graph, which sits directly along with the dial, will explain to you how long you want to steam many different foods for, and it is a beautiful touch.


  • Large water reservoir
  • Two grade, with detachable center shelf
  • Window to track water level


  • Basic, cheap structure

12. OXO Good Grips Silicone Steamer

By OXO, this silicone steamer is excellent for pressure stoves and may be utilized elsewhere as in containers on the stove or perhaps in the microwave.

The basket is made with high partitions to maintain all of your vegetables securely while draining and will stop them from falling into the water.

Additionally, the silicone toes stabilize the steamer over water also will not scratch your strands!

The pleats permit the steamer to bend to accommodate strands or pressure stoves that are 7″ in diameter or greater.

The elastic handles stay cool for simple removal after washing, and in addition, they fold and lock in position making way to get a kettle lid.

This steamer is one piece! It’s dishwasher safe and easy to store as it is going to roll up along with the grips hook on the toes.

Interesting truth — silicone isn’t plastic and consequently is BPA-free and considerably safer. It’s also heat resistant hence the cool touch handles.


  • Versatile
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Perfect for pressure cookers
  • Cool-touch manages
  • Large capacity


  • Does not fit certain baskets or use the Entire space
  • Handles may be awkward to fold lock together.
  • It May seem flimsy or embarrassing given Its silicone.

How To Choose the Best Vegetable Steamer

Ease of Use 

Food steamers arrive in digital and stovetop forms. Digital steamers have timers, and that means that you may place them and do anything else as you await your food.

Stovetop varieties need a few observations — you need to keep your eye on water levels and perfect your time so that your food is cooked exactly the way you need it.

Safety & Cleaning

The protection of a product must be a significant aspect to have in your mind. The majority of the very best vegetable steamer BPA free are made from stainless steel and glass stuff, and it is important that you understand their safety steps. Most of all, the trays and baskets should be simple to wash and dishwasher safe.


One other important factor is that the magnitude of an item. If it comes to kitchen appliances, it’s necessary to think about the dimensions of your loved ones and just how much food that you would like to prepare at one time. Assess the dimensions of the vegetable steamer based on the purpose that you need to purchase.


Many steamer baskets are made from stainless steel, and others are created from bamboo. The bamboo steamer will darken after a while of usage. The stainless steamer will stay the same after each use.

The microwave steamers are made from plastic. Should you want an electric steamer that they are made from different substances but,, they’ve plastic inserts.

Tips for Time To Steam the Vegetables

Steaming is one of the quickest and simplest ways to attract vegetables to a plate. Why not when it’s the sole cooking process you can do without thinking considerably. On the other hand, the significant question is the perfect steaming time for different vegetables.

This section will lead you when it concerns the estimation of steaming time for many different vegetables. Find out more about the steaming time for an assortment of vegetables from the listing below.

  • Spinach and Arugula take 3 minutes.
  • Squash, Carrots, Turnips, and Potatoes take at most 20 minutes to get regular electricity.
  • Green beans, Broccoli, Cauliflower Florets take at most 7 minutes and at least 5 minutes.
  • Peas take 3 minutes
  • Collards and kales take ten minutes.

The listing above presents a straightforward timeline for almost all of the public vegetables you prepare in your daily cooking.


The mentioned goods have impressed tens of thousands of consumers. Thus, use the presented tips to choose among the best vegetable steamers for a proper diet.

Start looking for the very best product to fit your requirements, and be aware that you’re making a more healthy and sustainable decision by buying this particular kitchen appliance.

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