16 Best Commercial Garbage Disposal Reviews in 2021


How can you handle commercial food waste whenever you’ve got a catering or hospitality company? 1 approach to distinguish and dispose of food scraps and leftovers would be using a commercial garbage disposal. This system helps your organization to lose food waste economically, flavorful, and eco-friendly.

Here, we will cover all you want to learn about purchasing the best commercial garbage disposal if you are trying to replace the one that you own or you are starting from scratch. Our evaluations of 16 disposals that were put to the test in our labs will make the procedure more seamless and assist you in making the best decision based upon your situation and special needs.

List of 16 Best Commercial Garbage Disposal Reviews

1. InSinkErator Garbage Disposal with Cord

  • The Badger 5 is just another incredible monster made by InSinkErator that arrives pre-wired using a toaster plug. What sets the Badger 5 apart from the rivals is its own endurance. Adding a solid construction and a durable motor, this can be thought of as the typical food waste disposer unit of the full industry. A Quick-Lock connector fastens the sink flange and bolts onto the glass-reinforced disposal body.
  • The 90-degree exudation pipe points directly down to combine with your current p-trap. With appropriate application and attention, it’s operative for a lengthy specified period. At length, the corded commercial garbage disposal is powerful, durable, and reasonably priced.

2. Waste King 2000-1 1 HP Commercial Food Waste Disposer

  • There’s a lot of garbage disposal in the marketplace now, but you need to learn which one is your ideal fit for you. You need to select garbage disposal from the garbage types. Here, I’m going to tell some words concerning the Waste King 2000-1 two HP commercial food waste disposer. At this moment, it’s among the best commercial garbage disposals available on the marketplace due to its very best quality and outstanding performance.
  • Unavoidably, no kitchen is ideal without incredible garbage disposal since garbage disposal can help a whole lot to function from the kitchen. The waste king 2000-1 two HP commercial food waste disposer has a very strong motor, also as 1725 RPM with double voltage system that may eliminate the industrial garbage in a quick moment.
  • Additionally, it’s a stainless steel grind chamber which decreases the disposal sound, and its stainless steel undercutter blade that’s situated under the floor ring cuts and snips stringy and fibers waste to small particles to enhance the free stream; this disposal does not require many phases to grind the disposal since it works flawlessly, even 1 pass.
  • An outstanding garbage cleaner could be a much better solution for your own kitchen to eliminate the garbage in a suitable manner, and it’s but one of those remarkable kitchen appliances in the marketplace. It is possible to put in this commercial garbage disposal to eliminate your kitchen waste efficiently in a brief while, and it’ll make your job simple.

3. InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Excel

  • The Insinkerator commercial garbage disposal is perfect for those companies that are in a tiny degree that includes little deli’s, restaurants, and cafes since they don’t produce much waste and also, therefore, 1.0HP engine is sufficient.
  • Speaking about the engine, its engine may attain around 1725 rpm rate at the same time you flip it on. The dimensions of the garbage disposal are roughly 13×12×12 inches, and the weight is approximately 20 lbs, which is larger than the typical family garbage disposal.
  • Where it has parts includes a grinding room that’s constructed from steel, and it has blades that are coated with a nickel-chrome complete to prevent any rust which could happen due to the liquid. Overall this item is using the exact same hp of a family garbage disposal, but the purpose that’s employed within this garbage disposer makes it much better for your small organization.
  • InSinkErator Evolution is a silent but powerful commercial garbage disposal. It derives its power from the Dura-Drive induction engine, which can be very long-lasting. The engine isn’t only durable but also strong, powerful enough to crush the roughest garbage.
  • Produce less sound during use. The main reason is that the innovative noise-reducing insulated Sound seal technologies plus silent collar spout baffle reduce the noise by up to 60 percent while in contrast to other garbage disposers.
  • Adopting 3-stage Multigrind technologies, this disposal is a perfect option when it comes to tackling the toughest food bits. This garbage disposal was created with alloy stainless steel parts for long-term durability.

4. Waste King L-5000TC Batch Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord

  • If you’re hunting for quite a strong commercial garbage disposal or intending to install a new food business, or whether you’re in charge of a food establishment and also fret about the piles of garbage, Waste King 5000 is right for you.
  • It is simple to put this Waste King Commercial garbage disposal in your kitchen to make the task simpler and stress-free. It’s incorporated with 1725 RPM that could clear your waste out perfectly. It’s also incorporated with a fixed lubricated bearing to decrease the sound, and there’s absolutely not any need to place a lubricant at the attached posture.
  • Additionally, it will come with a fan-cooled motor. You are able to use this garbage disposal for so several years to discard your garbage professionally and constantly. Furthermore, you can use this appliance for bulk feeding operations like moderate to big restaurants, large factories, or resorts (manage the several types of waste).

5. InSinkErator PRO750 Pro Series 3/4 HP Food Waste Disposal

  • The PRO750 garbage disposal device by InSinkErator was made with a streamlined layout. Consequently, you can make certain to insert it into tighter areas in case your commercial assumptions are tight on space.
  • We also enjoyed the way the Sound Seal attribute was implemented. This works efficiently to decrease the quantity of sound the device makes while disposing of waste. Hence, the industrial environment will not be disturbed as a result of the noise of the garbage disposal device.
  • There are just two grinding phases, too, which are excellent for permitting you to eliminate waste quickly and economically. Additionally, it functions with 3/4 horsepower and contains a dura-drive induction engine that supplies you with lots of power.

6. Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

  • If you’re searching for compact but strong garbage disposal, you may want to put money into the L-8000 Commercial Garbage Disposal. It’s compact and lightweight for simple handling after installation.
  • Better, it will not sacrifice strength and endurance. The main reason is that the high-strength and corrosion-proof grind room with all the stainless steel parts to resist corrosion and rust. The garbage disposal derives its power from a high-speed 1HP motor. The engine provides a top speed of around 2800RPMs, thus an ideal selection for garbage disposal, which can grind most kitchen bits.
  • It’s possible to receive this garbage disposal if you’re searching for the best commercial disposal which is simple to install. The main reason is that the pre-installed power cable which eliminates the need for electric wiring or utilizing another power cable.
  • Additionally, it functions as one of the finest options for a commercial garbage disposal that’s simple to operate. This is a result of the capability to trigger it with a wall switch. The disposal is safer to use as a result of this security feature that lets it close off in the case of an overload. Additionally, it features a manual reset button, so you are able to revert its operating position.

7. Salvajor 500-TVL TroughVeyor Disposal System food waste conveying & disposing sy

  • This is an entire system unit to be certain that you grind the waste into liquid form. The gist of the machine is the fact that it’s a water recycling procedure. It is perfect for those regions or areas that have not yet adopted the use of commercial garbage disposal.
  • With the engine power of 5HP, it is going to grind the food waste into a pulp. It utilizes pre-flushing technology utilizing recycled water to clean the bits. In the long run, you save the water and sewerage prices.
  • This system may use 70 gallons of water each minute, though it only uses 7 liters per minute. Being the highly effective machine it is, Salvador will quickly eliminate your waste.
  • Additionally, its TroughVeyor gets got the layout to accommodate your massive conveyor or flight countertops. The conveyors make space for one to wash the big dishes and soak the dishes that are tough to wash.
  • The commercial garbage disposal includes stainless steel parts that are corrosion-resistant. It has thermal enclosed and protected motors. With the support of this rapid opening drainage valve, then it is going to discharge the waste into the sewer easily.

8. InSinkErator PRO1100XL Pro Series 1.1 HP Food Waste Garbage Disposal

  • The PRO1100XL Pro Commercial Garbage Disposal scored my”eighth” place because of the way dependable and powerful it’s while staying quite reasonably priced.
  • I can not stress enough the value of electricity in commercial settings, which explains the reason why the 1.1 HP engine is ideal for busy restaurants. While it’s not quite as strong as the Waste King, I’ve discovered the motor to be more than adequate for a variety of kinds of vegetables, meat, and much more. 1 important issue to notice is that due to how successful it is, blades require some time to slow down, so try not to stick down anything once you have switched it off.
  • As a result of multi-grind innovative technology using a 3-stage attribute, food waste is reduced to liquid in only seconds. This works, since its name implies, in three distinct phases for optimum efficiency. Because of this, moving said squander through pipes is fast and simple. But if for any reason it will lock up, the auto-reverse attribute and jam sensor are you covered.

9. InSinkErator Garbage Disposal + Air Switch + Cord, Evolution Essential XTR

  • The InSinkErator Essential XTR is competent and robust, which makes it the ideal commercial garbage disposal to get a normal home. The machine can tackle harder foods such as beef bones and can readily deal with the garbage load of a 4-6 individual household.
  • The InSinkErator Evolution Essential XTR is the upgraded version of the previously powerful InSinkErator Evolution Compact, with a few small changes made into the home. Among those solid upgrades is that the soundproofing of this unit: the SoundSeal insulation. The business maintains a far quieter performance in contrast to this Compact. Favorable feedback on numerous forums and client testimonials suggest the XTR is more silent.
  • Moreover, the Evolution Essential XTR Commercial Garbage Disposal currently includes attachments, such as a SinkTop Switch and a power cable. Otherwise, the remaining attributes are just like the fantastic old Evolution Compact. It is nevertheless a 3/4 HP garbage disposer with a Dura-Drive induction motor that spins the grinding room at 1725 rpm. There are no alterations to this 2X MultiGrind® Technology where food has been processed through two phases and earth to smaller and finer particles.
  • What is the drawback? 1725 rpm is not necessarily the greatest rotational speed on the marketplace, but it is well worth noting that InSinkErator does not make disposals with different velocities either. It appears that, with nearly 80 years from the sector under its belt, the business has found the best amount. They cut the electricity used on speed and invest it on torque rather. Plus, it works superbly!
  • Overall, the Evolution Essential XTR is the choice for the very best food waste disposal for most kitchens. It is powerful and silent, reasonably priced, and features a 6-year limited guarantee. We do not think you will find anything greater.

10. Waste King 2000-3 2 HP Commercial Food Waste Disposer

  • This is just another 3-phase commercial garbage disposal by Waste King. This one is powered by a 2 HP engine running at a rate of 1725 RPM. The same as the previous versions, this one can be made to take care of commercial operations easily.
  • It’s a Hush Cushion mounting, a fan-cooled, permanent magnet motor, stainless steel grinding elements, and also a 1-year guarantee, like most other Waste King industrial versions.
  • 1 thing to notice is that rather than a stainless steel milling room, this disposal includes one made from cast iron. This is most likely because cast iron is much best in managing the greater grind electricity, but I leave this to the specialists. In any event, you’re searching for a somewhat more potent disposal for your company; this is a perfect option.

11. Insinkerator SS-200-27 Medium Capacity Commercial Waste Disposer

  • The Insinkerator SS-200-27 moderate capacity commercial waste disposer was made to work within the colleges, hospitals, larger restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, and nursing homes. This garbage disposer works efficiently to eliminate your garbage in a brief moment. It’s a grinding room that’s rust-resistant, and it’s constructed from stainless steel. 2 HP induction motor with 1725 RPM makes it increasingly powerful and effective to get rid of several kinds of garbage.
  • To put it differently, a double-tapered Timken roller bearing provides you the ideal shock-absorbing pillow, and it possesses a triple lip seal to protect the engine from water and reduction of grease. When compared with the other sorts of commercial garbage disposal on the marketplace. The Insinkerator SS-200-27 moderate capacity commercial waste disposer is greatest. This garbage disposal turned into a proposal because of its exceptional performance, quiet operation, and maximum energy efficiency.
  • It’s intended to eliminate your large quantity of garbage continuously, which permits you to eliminate your own restaurant, nursing home garbage at a quick moment.

12. Insinkerator LC-50-11 Light Capacity Commercial Waste Disposer

  • Made for mild food services like convenience stores, delis, and fast food choices. Easy to install, together with measurements 13.63 x 13.63 x 14.50 inches and weight 15.9 kg.
  • The LC-50-11 is a light-capacity commercial kitchen garbage disposal. The garbage disposal was created for use in church kitchens, delis, food restaurants, and other food provider shops which don’t require heavy-duty garbage disposal finest for light-duty usage.
  • The 1/2HP engine combines the flexibility of family disposal along with also the durability of commercial configurations. Furthermore, it features a stainless steel grind chamber that’s rust and corrosion-resistant. The commercial garbage disposal is operable with a conventional wall switch. It adopts an automatic reversing mechanism that is easy.
  • This mechanism reduces the odds of clogging to prolong the life span of the engine. The light-capacity commercial waste disposer is simple to set up as a result of the conventional mounting flange that matches most sink openings. Additionally, it features the necessary mounting hardware to get a hassle-free setup.

13. Hobart FD4 Hobart FD4/500-1 Disposer – 5 HP, 208-230/460V

  • Another notable brand of garbage disposal for commercial usage is Hobart. They have some versions of varying electricity, such as the FD4/500 is a renowned model.
  • The Hobart FD4/500 is incorporated with a strong 5HP engine and can manage 4000 meals every day. This is a continuous feed kind of waste disposal using the integrated engine, which has a permanently lubricated bearing and comes with an overload protection system.
  • It’s a turntable diameter of 10 5/8 inches; this major size turntable allows processing a pile of garbage at one time.
  • This unit matches a 7inch ID opening, while the building is rugged and sturdy. Additionally, this can be disabled in two. The top part is constructed from supple iron, although the lower part is constructed from ductile grey cast iron. Much like InSinkErator, Hobart waste disposal includes a painted casing, which goes together with your own kitchen inside. The bottom that gets the engine is associated with the grinding room. This
  • Separation enables the rapid dismantling of this device if cleaning or fixing is required.
  • Hobart specializes in a commercial garbage disposal; however, they do not have a house edition of waste disposal. Maybe it’s this specialty that makes it worth contemplating the Hobart brand.

14. Moen GXS75C Host Series 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

  • Vortex engine technology was employed in the Moen GXS75C commercial garbage disposal, which functions to supply you with a great deal of ability to dispose of food scraps fast. We were amazed at how they have also contained SoundSHIELD technology.
  • This technology is excellent for ensuring the trash disposal unit may operate with a great deal of power whilst also being silent. And, of course, the installation procedure is pretty simple.
  • For this reason, you can feel confident in getting a simple time using this unit set up and ready to work within virtually no time. This is a result of the universal Xpress bracket that will fit the vast majority of mounting components with 3 bolts. We enjoyed the way the power cord may also be removed easily to offer you more choices in regards to added hardwiring.

15. Goplus Garbage Disposal with Power Cord

  • Handle regular food scraps and remove the waste on your kitchen efficiently employing the Goplus 1 HP Commercial Garbage Disposal. The disposal involves a 2600 rpm high-speed engine. The engine has a solid power that helps to decrease the potential for clogging while enhancing efficacy.
  • The 1-liter large capacity grinding space is just another plus. It efficiently deals with a great deal of food waste in a time to decrease the time while beating the meals. Additionally, the garbage disposal uses an ultra-low mute system. The machine incorporates a motor that operates at rates under 50dB for silent performance.
  • Goplus Commercial Garbage Disposal is simple to install with the enhanced fast connector. Additionally, it features an air switch that uses a pneumatic principle for a simpler and safer beginning. The reset overload protector situated in the base is just another addition that protects the motor from overload and overheating conditions.
  • Additionally, there’s a detachable dab, which protects against finger harm when shielding the garbage disposal from spattering the garbage. The garbage disposal device is made with stainless steel and high-quality ABS to eliminate the odds of leakage or jolt.

16. Salvajor ScrapMaster 5-HP Pre-flushing and Disposal System

  • This is still another commercial garbage disposal system that’s for all those regions where they do not permit garbage disposals. Such as the Salvador 500 TVL utilizes pre flushing method to re-circulate water.
  • In the long run, you decrease water waste and invoices while conserving sewage expenses. In addition, it uses just 7 gallons of water to the procedure to give it a more effective rinse. The food waste which you receive from the filthy dishes is then ground from the food waste disposal chambers.
  • It permits you to soak your difficult to wash dishes from the set trays because you take good care of other chores. This usually means that no leftover food is thrown into the garbage can.
  • The Salvador machine though posing as complicated disposal, is simple to operate and just needs low maintenance. It aims at reducing the food quantity to 50 percent. Together with the 5HP power engine, it functions best in college cafeterias.
  • Additionally, it employs stainless steel parts to keep it free of rust, thus boosting the durability.

Buying Guide For Best Commercial Garbage Disposal

Sound Reduction

While kitchens may be somewhat noisy, and it is wonderful to have the ability to hear different people with no roar of a disposer from the backdrop. Noise is largely produced in the vibration originating in the disposer into the sink or counter, alongside the grinding itself.

The top models often incorporate some noise insulation or sound-reduction technology in order to not impede essential communication at work.

If your commercial garbage disposal is making a humming sound, it might demand an easy repair.


As time passes, it is very likely that these machines might get jammed. Even top-tier models made to be jam-free can nevertheless occasionally act up. So you can imagine what may occur with the low- or medium-priced units.

Fortunately, fixing jams isn’t too hard. And if you abide by the user’s manual completely and extend from reckless utilization of your commercial garbage disposal, then there must not be too much problem.


Electricity has become the most significant aspect to think about while purchasing a commercial garbage disposer. This is true particularly for commercial ones; you can pick a disposer solely based on its own power and reside with fewer doubts. That is why I like to produce a categorization based on electricity alone.

Commercial disposers can be broken up into three classes based on electricity; people with less than 1 HP, 1-5 HP, 5-10 HP. More horsepower is obviously better.

Power Cord 

Some garbage disposals include no power cord, which means you ought to get a power cord (approximately $15)–unless you reuse the power cable in the aged disposal or intend to hardwire your disposal rather.


Dimensions are almost the same across all disposals. The measurements are just a significant factor if you are completely cramped for space.

The grinding room, on the other hand, is a measurement which you ought to think about. A larger grinding room means the commercial garbage disposal may endure more waste and won’t get clogged too frequently.


Luckily, there are lots of commercial food disposers on the market nowadays. However large your institution or home is, you’re certain to get the matching disposers for this. Be certain you don’t rush your decision.

Not all industrial disposers are the exact same. They can differ concerning the type of feed (batch or continuous), the degree of the sound they make as they grind the garbage, insulated-non-insulated, along many others.

Your task is to be certain the best commercial garbage disposal you are picking has the ideal size for what it’s supposed to perform. You can’t purchase a little HP disposer when you’ve got a restaurant at which countless individuals consume on a daily basis.

Together with these said, we hope you have found this buying guide enlightening and beneficial. Think about the goods we have introduced you so as to rest assured you are likely to buy a qualitative machine which will not crack after a month of usage.

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