10 Best Commercial Toaster Oven Reviews of 2021


A toaster, but it’s many applications like baking, roasting, reheating,… Owning it in my own kitchen isn’t a terrible thing. Consequently, famous chefs frequently call for a commercial toaster oven to cook inside their commercial kitchen.

While searching for commercial toaster ovens, a lot of men and women are pleased with indecision within the sheer quantity of manufacturers, models, sizes, designs, and kinds of ovens that can be found in the marketplace nowadays.

We’ll go to examine 10 of their best commercial toaster oven in the industry at the moment so you can find a notion about what style suits you personally.

List of 10 Best Commercial Toaster Oven Reviews

1. Wisco Wisco-620 Commercial Convection Counter Top Oven

Are you in a group or company which sets up stalls in festivals, carnivals, and other events? Can you travel often or own an RV? Maybe there’s very little space in your kitchen for new appliances? You desire this countertop oven.

Anytime you have power, you can cook, roast, bake, or whatever you would like!

The temperature could be set between 100 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit utilizing a simple twist of the knob.

In spite of other commercial toaster ovens, this one lacks lots of digital elements prone to drying out in weeks. Furthermore, its double-wall design offers added insulation and protection to the outside walls to do not dent or burn.

The moment it is cooking your meals, it stays silent. If you know what it’s like to operate with loud exhaust lovers every day, you know how annoying that can definitely get! With this system, it’s no issue.

Better yet, the moment you are done with it, cleaning is a breeze. Every bit can easily come off or from the oven to acquire an extensive cleanup — even the door! Many commercial toaster ovens are made from stainless steel, like this one. Thus dirt and grime wash off smoothly.

Does this seem too good to be true? Really there’s a catch. This is this superb device. It’s tricky to find negative client testimonials. If you would prefer a space-saving, toaster oven that will cook a perfect meal anywhere, this can be the best alternative!

2. VBENLEM 110V Commercial Convection Oven

This big toaster oven steps 23.6″ x 22.8″ x 22″. It’s a stainless steel casing. The oven includes 60 liters capability and 4 rack positions for cooking versatility. Together with the commercial toaster ovens include 4 trays, a bread spade, and a bread clip.

The doorway has an explosion-proof glass with high-temperature immunity and robust heating performance. The stainless steel interior is restless, corrosion-resistant, thermostable, and simple to wash.

This industrial toaster oven is excellent for baking, roasting, reheating, and defrosting. It is widely used for baking cakes, biscuits, drying fruits, vegetables, grilling poultry, pasta, and steamed fish.

This countertop oven includes a handy function which you are able to combine with grillwork to generate food’s surface more appealing. The spray function may be used only together with the atmosphere convection function. It preserves the warmth at a better flavor of meals.

This version features an intelligent control panel. The temperature is just set around 660°F along with up the timer to 90 minutes. The baking app can preset 6 distinct programs of temperature and time for different meals or styles.

3. Wolf Gourmet 4-Slice Extra-Wide Slot Toaster with Shade Selector

Are you a lover of homemade bread? Everybody knows that homemade tastes better, but it can often be a small pain to toast when you can not really fit everything from the toaster.

That’s the reason this industrial slice toaster with Wolf Gourmet has come to save the day, as it’s been equipped with extra-wide slots that will toast your artisanal bread into perfection.

The Wolf Gourmet commercial toaster oven is a 4 piece that has been created with extra-wide slots, which allow even the thickest bread to execute extremely well while inside it. Get both brown pieces of bread on every side and embrace the beauty of the toaster. It’s smart, and it centers on the bread that you put inside; it evenly spreads the heat each time you use it and adjusts to the sort of bread you’ve got.

4. Commercial Chef CHTO2010S Toaster Oven

Our fourth largest commercial toaster oven inside this enumeration is your Commercial Chef CHTO2010S. Directly from the box, you may either fall head over heels in love with its layout or dislike it. I clearly enjoy its retro design, and that is why after affirming it performed tremendously in my kitchen, I chose to incorporate it in this enumeration.

If like me, you are among those who enjoy the appliance’s layout, then I’m convinced you will be delighted to know that the unit retails using a cool-to-the-touch exterior. This suggests that no matter the length of time the appliance remains incomplete functioning, its outer surfaces will not find hot, which then protects anybody who accidentally comes into contact with all the appliances. I have two kids in my home, so I always go the extra mile to make sure that each and every kitchen appliance I get is safe to use them around.

Another characteristic of the system is the ease of cleaning. Within the package, you will also discover a removable crumb tray, which function is to collect all of the dirt and debris that drop from your cooked foods. To wash out the removable crumb tray, all you need to do is take it out, empty its contents into a bin, and wash it off with a moist cloth. It’s also dishwasher safe.

And for your once-a-month cleaning sessions, here’s a thorough guide about the best way best to wash out the inside of your toaster oven. It is non-stick also. Therefore it will not be a hassle or time-consuming to wash.

5. Waring Commercial WCO500X 1/2-Sheet Pan Sized Convection Oven

Would you need restaurant-quality meals directly out of your kitchen? This is your fantasy commercial toaster oven!

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Though it does not seem like much with its inconspicuous allure, this toaster packs a few power that many can not! Where most include three baking trays, this one is big enough to accommodate four. Broil, roast, or bake whatever you can dream of in bigger volumes than exactly what the competition can perform.

Cooking is a cinch with this particular oven, and cleaning it’s much simpler. It is made from stainless steel and contains removable components to truly get a great, deep cleaning.

You will adore this commercial toaster oven; you could even think about starting a bakery! Why not? Because it may plug into any ordinary socket, you can create bread, pizzas, and roasts everywhere you would like!

6. Avantco CO-16 Half Size Countertop Convection Oven

Next, we’ve got the Avantco CO-16 Commercial Toaster Oven. Fit with four racks and a 1.5-cubic foot interior area; this oven boasts of being rancid without forfeiting a much-needed counter area.

Perfect for cooking snack meals, multiple tiny pizzas, or perhaps crisping bread for sandwiches, this stainless Toaster oven is fantastic for cooking with no dedication to a complete stove oven.

The Avantco Toaster Oven includes 1600 Watts plus a forced-air heat flow system which permits your own food to cook evenly and also to allow the flavors to meld together.

But do not be concerned about that warm warmth leaving the oven; the doorway is constructed from double-paned glass, so the exterior is trendy (and secure to look at your meals without an oven glove), whereas the full-size gasket keeps the heat in, saving energy and your pocket in the close of the month.

You’re given complete charge of cooking together with the temperature and time dial controls in the base of the appliance, place into 10 moment and 50-degree increments. The entire selection of the oven is 150*F — 500*F accommodative of the majority of recipes.

To top it off, this oven stainless steel and includes four detachable chrome wire shelves, which makes the cleanup process a cinch. It’s straightforward, higher quality, and easy to utilize during the cleaning and cooking procedure.

7. Hamilton Beach (31126) Toaster Oven

Easy access to a countertop and food with Hamilton Beach. This is your best commercial toaster oven manufacturer-new.

Together with the door open easily, free up room for your own food in the oven. So the food doesn’t fall on the door, and the oven is readily cleaned. Let us appreciate a variety of foods, from crispy toast to yummy roasted veggies, since there are 6 pieces of toast and four cooking options out there. Together with the cooking menu, then select only 1 choice from the bake, broil, and pinch configurations.

Since a commercial toaster oven was created with heating technologies, it utilizes an integrated enthusiast and top-bottom heating element for even distribution of warmth. Let’s understand the cooking is complete using a 30-minute timer and auto-shutoff. In case you’ve got time-consuming food, it’s ideal to select the Stay-On setting.

This is the top commercial toaster oven that accompanies a skillet, bake rack, and removable crumb tray; and also, you may protect your palms while utilizing them, so you may wear oven mitts.

8. Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer

Seven acts commercial toaster convection oven. Electricity-consuming capability is practically 1800 watts. The non-stick spacious inside lighting oven. The capacity for earning broil toast at 1 period is almost5 to 6 pieces.

Easy hot 3lb chicken readily, Bake 12 inch pizza, employed for producing rost for 4 lbs chicken.

The timer is offered within these commercial toaster ovens. Must adjust the particular time in line with the limit of heating food.

Commercial toaster ovens counter is comprised in oven rack positions, baking pan, Air fryer basket, or rack. A skilled chef’s toaster ovens are chiefly employed by the chefs due to their attributes.

Premium-sized commercial toaster oven. Here really is the healthier way to fried the meals as you desire.

9. Chefman Air Fryer Toaster Oven

This commercial toaster oven out of Chefman is an excellent oven that prioritizes performance and convenience over all else. The distance, performance, and also simplicity of use make this a very desirable item.

Let us speak about the atmosphere fryer style. This manner in itself sells this item just as desired. It lowers the need for petroleum since the food is fried and cooked just with the assistance of the atmosphere. Thus, your meals will be healthier. Furthermore, this creates the oven surroundings friendly and very simple to use also.

If it has to do with presets, this oven includes 7 presets. So you’ve got several choices in regards to functionality. These preset include baking, broiling, cooking, frying, etc… This oven includes a power of 25 liters, which can be more than the typical product. If it comes to convenience, this oven leaves no stone unturned.

Primarily, it’s an automated oven. That means that you are able to pre-program the temperature and time of the oven. It comes with all the automatic shutdown features that could save you when you’re ever forgetful about your meals.

Second, it’s a non-stick inside with removable racks. That makes it rather easy to wash also. Additionally, it has a self-cleaning cycle that automatically cleans the inside of the oven thoroughly.

But, there are a couple of complaints regarding the total structure and also the sturdiness of this machine. The knobs are inexpensive and therefore are more prone to come off readily. Thus the apparatus may get more difficult to use later on.

What’s more, the total structure is also quite weak, which makes it less lasting. According to a lot of clients, the performance of this oven also considerably reduces.

10. Cadco OV-003 Compact Quarter Size Convection Oven

If you’re on the market for a top-quality, compact commercial toaster oven, the Cadco OV-003 Compact Quarter Size Oven is a superb alternative. The oven is compact in size but doesn’t compromise on functionality. The item’s tagline, “Small Footprint and Large Production,” provides perfectly. This oven is 21.5″ wide, 18.9″ large, and 15.8″ deep using a cooking area of 0.83 cubic feet.

This smaller inside space permits the Cadco OV-003 to warm up more rapidly and keep cook temperatures without difficulties. The inside of the oven includes a squirrel cage fan, which functions to circulate heat evenly and consistently through the unit. This oven requires much less electricity than a standard oven or perhaps some bigger commercial toaster ovens.

Regardless of the little cook area, this oven has three cooking racks which may be utilized concurrently. The enthusiast and cook inside lead to evenly cooked things on all three racks irrespective of which rack is closest to the heat source.

The fully stainless steel interior is easily wiped down after the oven is cool. The 3 wire racks could be removed to be washed as well as the double-walled glass door is cool to the touch on the outside when cooking and may be wiped clean when the inside has chilled too.

How To Choose The Best Commercial Toaster Ovens

Cooking Functions And Capacity

Industrial & commercial toaster ovens offer you an assortment of innovative cooking purposes for all sorts of meals. Additionally, they have a bigger capacity and quantity of rack places to match foods such as a larger amount of meals.


The controls on commercial toaster ovens normally operate temperature and time. There are a couple more inventions that have various timers and temperatures for various racks. No matter the controls will be automatic or manual.

Deciding that’s most suitable for you is based on the quantity of turmoil in your commercial kitchen (or just how forgetful you are!).

Cool-touch exterior

Now here’s an excellent feature for the families. Gone is the day of burning your hands across the side of a popular toaster! If you acquire a toaster with a cool-touch exterior, it is going to stay cool while in operation, which makes these versions a safer choice for households with little children or families with more limited counter areas.


Quantify your counter area before purchasing so that you are able to compare the toaster oven’s measurements for your available space and understand just how much space it is possible to give to some other countertop oven. You will also need to ensure that the place you have selected is near a socket and the cable length can achieve it.


Toaster ovens vary in cost from as much as $80 to as large as $1,000. Different cost businesses typically provide different attribute sets.

If you are just looking for something essential to assist with breakfast, then there is no need to cover more advanced capabilities. But, pricier toaster ovens with convection configurations tend to offer you all kinds of fancy cook styles. These versions can frequently function as options to a full-size oven.

If you’re especially interested in trendy design, a great deal of power, and increased energy efficiency, a luxury toaster oven might be well worth the investment.


Irrespective of your commercial setting’s rush hour frequency, investing in a few of the best commercial toaster ovens over will permit you to rest assured that your clients will be served in a timely way. Bearing that in mind, in case you’ve detected a unit that you believe best matches your toasting needs and needs, I recommend you to go ahead and place a purchase whilst inventory lasts.

With all these selections to choose from in the marketplace now, it is sometimes a true challenge to pick the perfect commercial toaster oven which is appropriate for your requirements.

So, We can help you restrict your search by building a record of the merchandise. Then have another glimpse at the testimonials, which can allow you to find that ideal item.

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