12 Best Corner Toilet Reviews of 2021 You Can Choose


Locating the best corner toilet for your house can be a tricky feat as you must guarantee that the toilet fits your area perfectly. Though corner toilets might not be as hot as the typical toilet layout, we understand there’s still a high demand for these toilets–which is the reason we’ve established this post.

A corner toilet could play a very important part in making it completely operational. Besides optimizing space, it’s also water-effective, simple to use, and durable without sacrificing general relaxation.

We’ve put together a listing of the best corner toilets in 2021 that will help you choose which corner toilet to buy.

List of 12 Best Corner Toilet Reviews

1. Signature Hardware 443130

  • You might have a great deal of cash ready to go in the best toilet, but then you understand space is a problem. In this circumstance, you’re left with no option but to purchase smaller components. But guess what, Signature Hardware 443130 Braeburn 1.28 GPF Toilet is your remedy to placing small bathrooms to great use.
  • You see, this two-piece kit is created for the corners, so a lot of the distance will remain unused. The components boast of a shiny white coating that matches any decor you’ve got. Regardless of being a mid-priced device, the producer threw into a soft-closing guide that avoids noisy slamming.
  • Here’s a million-dollar question; just how effective Signature Hardware 443130 Braeburn 1.28 GPF Toilet? Put, you haven’t anything to be concerned about. This toilet is made of high-quality materials, and in addition to this, you also receive a limited lifetime guarantee as insurance if something breaks. Like most modern bathroom fittings, it utilizes 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

2. American Standard 270BD001.020 Cadet 3

  • Durability is among the principal characteristics to look for in the best corner toilets, and this component certainly matches the requirement. Additionally, it is simple in the wash as a result of the structure, which is just another plus. It’ll reduce how long is required to maintain the corner toilet tidy. Another quality that helps you to keep it clear is your Ever Clean anti-microbial surface, and this can be an integral characteristic for maintaining the toilet as clean and sterile as clean.
  • This really is a compact corner toilet, so that it’s a superb alternative for a little area and can fit in a small bathroom. You will still have to get a seat as it is not included with the toilet.
  • The device comprises an oversized 3-inch flush valve and a flapper that is chemical-resistant. When choosing a bathroom fixture, it is important to think about not just the unit’s layout but also the mechanisms such as the flush valve. This can help to give the very best experience.

3. Troyt Compact Corner Bathroom Toilet 2-Piece

  • If you’re seeking a relatively inexpensive corner toilet, then you are going to appreciate this one! This toilet can be obtained and made from durable vitreous china–therefore, it’s durable, scratch-resistant, and also blot-proof.
  • This really is a two-piece toilet that’s simple to install and includes all except for the bolts and bolt covers, which you’ll have to get individually. Its white end will look great in any bathroom, and its own dual flush method is worth every penny. The partial flush onto this toilet has a 0.8 g per flush evaluation, and its own entire flush includes a 1.6 gallons per flush evaluation –which means it is more effective than the instructions established by the EPA.
  • In general, if you would like a corner toilet that can allow you to conserve water (the manufacturer asserts it can really help you save as much as 25,000 gallons of each water per year), then this might be the perfect toilet for your dwelling. Its measurements are intended for smaller spaces, and its own slow-close lid can keep you (or your children ) from slamming down the lid. This toilet is available at an excellent price, and in the future, it’s worth much more than what it can cost you.

4. Sheffield Corner 2-Piece by Renovators Supply Manufacturing

  • This Renovator’s Supply’s corner toilet is a really stylish unit, obtaining a widened, step-like design close to the foundation, making it quite stable. Besides looking great, this toilet is also quite water-efficient since it’s a dual flushing system, comprising two chrome push buttons. One of these provides a mild flush of 0.8 gallons, while another gives a solid 1.6 gpf.
  • This mechanism has the capacity to save as much as 25000 gallons of water annually, which can help you dramatically reduce your water bills if utilized properly. Building-wise, the toilet is created with grade A vitreous china with shiny white porcelain, Reno gloss finish that’s scratch and stain-resistant, which makes the toilet very lasting.
  • Concerning height, that this unit includes a toilet seat height of 16 inches, and it is an ideal elevation dimension. This elevation makes it comparatively comfortable for the vast majority of individuals. On the layout, the item includes a two-piece structure which is composed of an elongated chair plus a quarter ring-shaped container, where the 90 sides are intended to match across the corner of the bathroom.
  • Other characteristics include a 12-inch demanding in, a 2-inch flush valve, and a soft close toilet chair. But, it doesn’t come with a ground bolt or bolt covers, and so these have to be bought individually prior to setup.

5. Bone China Elongated Space Saving Corner Toilet

  • This is still another product in the Renovators Supply, and it is no real surprise. They’re constantly improving their products, the layout, and purpose, while still maintaining it reasonably priced.
  • This item is made from bone china, which can be just another kind of ceramic that is made up of bone ash, kaolin, and feldspathic material, making the item very durable and hardy and resistant to stains and scratches. In the building world, bone china is a rare and precious substance.
  • It’s an elongated bowl that opens up a little more space in contrast to a standard round bowl toilet. But that is only one benefit of getting an elongated bowl, but in addition, it provides the user more room to sit down, and also the height of the corner toilet makes it quite suitable for individuals of different sizes and ages.
  • In regards to flushing, you’ve got two distinct choices: a gentle and difficult flush. That is made possible due to these products’ dual flushing layout. A gentle flush can be used to wash and wash off water wastes, just using about 0.8 gallons of water per flush, though a tricky flash is intended to eliminate solid wastes, employing just about 1.6 gallons per flush. That water use is quite efficient in comparison to a conventional and conventional toilet out on the current market, and that is the reason why this product has its own WaterSense tag.

6. Magnus Home Products Lawen Single-Flush Two-Piece Corner Toilet

  • This is a cheap corner toilet, it includes a Standard Height seat flat along with a round bowl. Therefore it’s better suited to homes with children and brief people compared to tall and older individuals.
  • There is not enough information on the internet to judge how great its flushing operation is. It’s a 1.6-gallon single-flush. Therefore it will not conserve as much water as another dual flush or 1.28 toaster bathrooms.
  • The entire dimension is 35″ depth (front to rear ), 18″ width, and 29″ height. It is height and width are fine, but the thickness projection is extended. So it is going to take more bathroom space than other versions.
  • It’s offered by Magnus Home Products that are a Northern Kentucky-based online retailer of kitchen and bath goods.

7. American Standard 270AD001.021 Cadet 3

  • The American Standard Cadet 3 Triangle with Elongated Bowl brings timeless layout and efficient flushing into the smallest baths. It delivers an elongated bowl that offers comfy seating and unique glazing to inhibit mold and bacteria growth.
  • This toilet’s tank is a triangle with both front corners trimmed. The lever flush controller sits on the left trimmed corner for simple access. Its elongated bowl provides a much more comfortable seat than the curved version. The trade-off is that the elongated bowl sticks out a couple of inches over the bowl.
  • It takes a 12″ rough-in also it extends 35 3/16″ in the corner. The tank is 19 3/8″ broad, and it stands 31 1/16″ tall. The rim sits in 16.5″ high. Add in a conventional elongated toilet seat, and it is inside the comfortable height zone. This corner toilet is made of vitreous china to get a durable finish. It features the EverClean glazing that inhibits the growth of mold and bacteria.
  • The Cadet 3 features a strong flush mechanism that utilizes a 3″ flush valve to push down water quicker throughout the PowerWash rim to clean the bowl of waste. It uses 1.6 gpf. This toilet doesn’t incorporate the chair or provide a line. It includes a five-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

8. American Standard 216AD004.020 Toilet

  • Tired of scrubbing your toilet on a daily basis? Get the American Standard cadet triangle toilet. This is only one of the most effective and effective corner toilets available in the industry. After flushing waste, the rim scrubs the bowl, making it quite clean. So, small scrubbing is expected during cleaning.
  • Moreover, the cadet corner toilet is of the ideal height, making it perfect for taller and more older men and women. Additionally, it is durable and will last for several years to come if well preserved. This is due to its own Vitreous China structure.
  • Another outstanding characteristic of this toilet is it is equipped with an elongated bowl that features relaxation. Conserve space and water at precisely the exact same time once you put in this high-quality corner toilet on your remodeled bathroom.

9. KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil – Extra-Compact Corner Toilet Bowl

  • Corner toilets are best for smaller toilets since they squeeze in the corner. This leaves more open areas for the consumer’s legs… and also for the door to shut. But if you do not like the appearance of a triangular tank, then you can forego the cistern entirely. Tankless toilets are a great workaround.
  • The Kohler corner toilet does not have a visible container, which means that you may install it at the corner or some of those sides. Just make sure you select the ideal wall; you do not need it blocking the doorway. The Kohler is an a’floating toilet’, meaning it does not touch the floor. On the contrary, it’s mounted on the wall.
  • This floating layout leaves an open area under the toilet, making the bathroom feel larger and airier. It creates the illusion of distance without enlarging the space at all. The toilet has a skirted bottom, so it is a lot easier to stay clean. Its conical bowl is fairly also.
  • This dual flush toilet uses 1.6 GPF in thick flush and 0.8 GPF in mild flush. Its chrome push-button flush is set up on the wall and a couple of feet over the toilet bowl. This supplies a cozy flushing elevation and retains the toilet surface cleaner since you don’t touch it with wet hands. Plus, it conserves water also.

10. American Standard 216BD004.020 Toilet

  • If you’re searching for a bigger and more streamlined product that also includes a minimal carbohydrate layout, this version from American Standard will satisfy all of your requirements. Not only is it small, but in addition, it includes a triangular tank plus a layout that allows it to work with only 1.6 gallons once you flush. The electricity rim a part of this energy washing machine, which removes more waste in the bowl by employing a larger quantity of water in a greater strain.
  • This one utilizes the Cadet flushing system, which American Standard designed to be used on the majority of its goods. Additionally, it uses vitreous china, which does not show stains in addition to some other substances can.

11. Renovator’s Supply Round Space Saving Corner Toilet

  • This really is a space-saving corner toilet model with a more conventional rounded front design. Renovator’s Supply had the foresight to offer you the two kinds of bowl configurations in order that they possess a high-value corner version toilet to match everybody’s taste.
  • It’s a toilet that has sleek lines into it, making it look great and makes it effortless to wash. This corner toilet is constructed from vitreous china that isn’t to endure quite a while and keep its glow too. The two-piece layout of the space-saving corner toilet also makes it quite simple to wash.
  • This toilet is thought to have the ability to conserve a normal-sized family of four up to 25,000 gallons of water annually. It’s a fantastic dual flushing system onto it. It utilizes just 0.8 gallons when flushed gently, along with also a still-low 1.6 gallons onto a complete flush.
  • For one, corner toilets that have curved bowls instead of ones that are elongated have a tendency to be comfortable to sit in. Additionally, there are numerous complaints regarding the bathroom chair. Buyers of the model toilet complain about the chair’s durability and fit.

12. Titan Pro Right Height Elongated Two Piece Triangular Toilet

  • For a lot of people, obtaining an American Standard toilet usually means that you’re spending for great performance. The best part that holds even with this particular toilet. It will come with a large selection of qualities which should surely deliver on a great performance. First of all, the bone color is great in regards to fitting with all the other bathroom fittings. You can make certain to have a fantastic time possessing it now.
  • One more thing you need about the design is that it will include a streamlined but nevertheless comfortable design. You should definitely discover the model being good to possess at the moment. It’ll be easy for most people to use it because of the relaxation it can provide. This can be made better thanks to using an elongated bowl design.
  • In regards to flushing, you’ll realize that this version is actually great concerning a strong flushing mechanism. It is going to readily clear the squander in no time in regards to owning it. You can make certain you will always have a simple time possessing one. It’s also worth noting that water usage isn’t likely to be a major thing. People that want to have one will constantly appreciate its own performance.
  • The version will not include the simplicity of setup. In case that you discover that it could be difficult for you to set up, you can always consult an expert. Regardless, it is going to be simple to install for those seeking to do it by themselves.

Buying Guide for Corner Toilets

Purchasing a corner toilet goes past going through a listing and choosing one randomly. You need to make certain you receive the best match for your bathroom whilst at the same time considering its own quality. Below are a few vital points to think about prior to picking the best corner toilet.


If you’re interested in finding a corner toilet, it’s more than likely because you’re experiencing a space problem in your bathroom already. We all know this is not true for everybody who would like a corner toilet, but it’s a fairly frequent motive.

While searching for the ideal corner toilet for your house, be certain you take the measurements of your bathroom toilet and compare them to those of this toilet. Not all corner toilets are the exact same dimensions, and a few are definitely bigger than others–therefore, it’s essential that you assess your bathroom properly from the start. We all know this sounds a bit tedious; however, you won’t regret it.


Water efficiency is an integral aspect to put under account. When most toilets push 1.6 gallons of water per flush, a few newer units discharge just 1.28 gallons, which translates to a good deal of decreased water wastage in addition to decreased water bills.

The most effective corner toilets, nevertheless, are those which feature dual flushing systems, where the light flush sparks 0.8 GPF whereas the hefty one sets outside 1.6 GPH. If you would like to decrease water wastage, this really is the ideal sort of toilet to take into account.

Seat Height

Something as small as bench height may make all of the difference when it comes to relaxation. In case you have children in your home, then obtaining a toilet that is greater than the standard would not be perfect, but in case you have kids, a greater toilet seat would be greater.

Design & Style

Triangle tank toilets are organic creative two-piece toilets that are intended to fit well in a bathroom border and optimize floor space whilst offering an open appearance.

Receive a toilet with a design that fits your bathroom decoration. The corner toilets listed here mainly involve two fashions.

One might be the clean contemporary style. Another is your traditional or modern style. Both styles blend nicely in many bathroom configurations.

Flushing Mechanism

The flushing mode has a significant part in water use. It is vital to choose the flushing mechanism which provides powerful flushing.

Pick one which may transfer waste down the drain and wash out the toilet bowl in one flush.

This is where dual flush comes into play. Not just it keeps the toilet clean, but it also avoids water.

Construction Material/Surface

You would like your corner toilet to hold up nicely for quite a while. If a toilet is created from these substances as durable vitreous china, it’ll go a long way toward attaining that objective.

Additionally, start looking for surface additives that produce a toilet’s surface quite smooth so that they inhibit the growth of mold and mildew.


Another method of finishing up with a high-performance model is through the sort of certificates that include this. There’s not any doubt you’re likely to have a really fantastic time having a version with EPA Water perception certificate. This certificate means that the version doesn’t use a great deal of water to flush out the waste.

You’ll also enjoy it if it’s ADA compliant. This usually means that the model fulfills a whole lot of important specifications, which makes it compliant.


If you would like to maximize the space in your bathroom, then a corner toilet is really a must-have. It will produce more space, letting you add more bathroom fixtures such as bath shower and tub.

You need to seriously think about including a space-saving corner toilet model that will assist you to attain that. One of those versions, which were contained in our best corner toilet reviews, would work well.

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