11 Best Dual Flush Toilet Reviews in 2021 You Can Choose


Purchasing a dual flush toilet can allow you to save money. It won’t just guarantee that the desirable level of cleanliness, but additionally, it will allow you to control the amount of water consumption. Research indicates that a dual flush method uses 80 percent less water. I believe that is reason enough to think about. And it is more in demand than conventional toilet flush methods.

There are many distinct kinds and designs of merchandise to pick from. Learn who’s the best dual flush toilet on the list as we will run through every toilet kind and purchasing guide them so you can decide for yourself which is most appropriate for you.

What Is A Dual Flush Toilet?

A dual-flush toilet is a version of the flush toilet which uses two a management system so as to flush two distinct amounts of water. If you would like to decrease the quantity of water your toilet uses, this really is the best toilet type for you. This toilet is convenient as it includes a searchable flush for liquids along with a good flush for solids. Thus, if you are a man or woman who frequents the toilet for brief calls, then you are going to find yourself saving half the water that you might have utilized in a traditional flushing toilet.

List of 11 Best Dual Flush Toilet Reviews

1. WOODBRIDGE T-0001, Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet

  • The white ceramic toilet is quite simple to wash and matches every bathroom design. The toilet comes within a comprehensive package that includes all you will ever have to get it installed immediately. The skirted trapway eases cleaning to keep your bathroom clean and wholesome.
  • This really is a great alternative for a master bathroom as a result of this quiet-closing chair and quiet flushing, which will not disturb your spouse when you are using the bathroom late at night or early in the morning.
  • The chair is the best height which will make it possible for you to sit and stand, particularly in the event that you suffer from knee issues. Because of this, this really is a fantastic selection for a family where older men and women live since they are easily able to use the bathroom by themselves.
  • Applying this dual flush toilet will permit you to save approximately 20 percent of your water intake as you select between 1 and 1.6 gallons of water each and every time you flush. The hinges are made from stainless steel so that they are not susceptible to rust and will look fantastic, provided that your toilet will last.
  • Maintaining a toilet brush nearby is advocated since the water level is significantly lower than that which it is possible to find on other toilets. This can allow you to keep the toilet clean.

2. WOODBRIDGE T-0019 Dual Flush toilet

  • The very first thing to grab our attention was that the form of this bowl. It’s cornerless; therefore, it gets quite simple to use and clean out the toilet.
  • What’s more, the flush is very striking in how it works. It’s extremely potent and always employs an optimum quantity of water to push down any liquid or solid waste without any blot behind it. Additionally, you’ll discover that the dual flush doesn’t make much noise when in use.
  • Moreover, as stated previously, it’s super simple to find this product installed. On purchase, you’ll discover an all-purpose package together with all the toilet bowl and all of the vital tools and accessories required to build it. Additionally, it will come with a soft-close seat that’s pre-installed.
  • Furthermore, this item includes an outstanding warranty. On purchase, you’ll be given a 5-year manufacturer guarantee that covers ceramic stains and fading. Additionally, the flush and chair are protected beneath a 1-year guarantee.
  • Though there are barely any complaints which we have together with the product, a little modification could allow it to be even better. The toilet height isn’t really flexible, and in the event, you have individuals of different sizes with the toilet, we recommend that you obtain a wax ring installed.

3. TOTO CST746CSMFG.10#01 Drake Two-Piece Elongated Dual Flush

  • In TOTO, they look vibrant yet simple, elegant solutions meant for basic individual needs. That translates into a TOTO bathroom is always greater than only a routine. It is a ceremonial where each detail, each invention, is designed keeping you in mind. The Drake two-piece elongated dual flush toilet has a brand new, improved layout.
  • It Includes high-end features like Dynamax Tornado Flush and Cefiontect. These innovative features blend will help to decrease the toilet cleaning frequency, reducing using warm water and harsh chemicals. The newest Drake is lasting and potent enough to operate within both commercials in addition to residential uses.

4. American Standard 2887216.020 H2Option Dual Flush Elongated 1.0/1.6 gpf Toilet

  • If you reside in a little area, then you understand size does matter. The American Standard H2Option is a great alternative if your bathroom or house is modest.
  • American Standard is a famous title in the bathroom business, and their top dual flushing toilets are intended to utilize 37.5percent less water. This toilet kit is effective at eliminating more waste whilst consuming less water to achieve that.
  • You’ll be delighted to know that this dual flush toilet meets the EPA water feel standards. As the consumer, you have the option of using either the 1.6-gallon flush or the 1-gallon flush for liquid waste.
  • Another quality of the H2Option you will enjoy is that the pressurized rim. This means that water has been accumulated and especially dispersed at particular points beneath the rim to be sure that the toilet is totally clean once you flush.
  • This toilet can be built with an EverClean surface. This attribute is placed on the surface of the toilet and ensures it’s going to stay free of mold, mildew, algae, and fungus. Your toilet will look good for ages.

5. KOHLER K-3987-47 Wellworth Two-Piece Round-Front Dual-Flush Toilet

  • The KOHLER Wellworth Dual Flush Toilet isn’t as extended as the former choice. However, it’s a rounder, more altered layout. It is still mindful of little spaces too. The curved corners occupy less room. This is only one of those good-looking ones.
  • For houses, this can be a trustworthy and powerful dual flush toilet. It ranks top in the contest of a high flush toilet. Plus, it has all of the qualities to make it glow. But if you are considering purchasing this for a bathroom or public bathroom, it is not an ADA compliant toilet.
  • So besides for house use, there is not much to do with this. Do not let this dissuade you from purchasing it anyway for your house. It is smart, effective, and appealing.
  • It will not squander away excess water at one partial or full flush. The handles at the other side, as some say, take up much less space. Along with the curved edge appears slick and aesthetically pleasing. This best dual flush toilet meets all EPA water demands. So it is efficient and strong.

6. American Standard 2889218.020 H2Option Dual Flush Round Front Toilet

  • In our view, this American Standard version is the top dual flush toilet. It comes in 3 colors: regular white, in addition to bone and linen. This American Standard product weighs just about 68.8 lbs and contains a bowl. As a result of its shape, it’s somewhat less comfortable but still quite sensible. Round versions are usually a couple of inches bigger and more streamlined than the models that are elongated. Furthermore, it sports a jet bowl together with the PowerWash to offer optimal performance.
  • Maintaining this toilet fresh and bacteria-free is a slice of cake using all the EverClean surface. The dual flush mechanism provides 0.9 GPF using the mild flush and 1.28 using the complete flush. It includes a five-year limited guarantee on the mechanical pieces. In addition, it includes a lifetime limited warranty for your chinaware.
  • You are able to locate an ideal height edition of the toilet online; however, the typical model is 15 inches high and much less comfortable for sitting. The toilet itself is powerful and strong. It’s also quite reasonable and makes an ideal option if you would like to save a little space.

7. American Standard 2889518.021 H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Toilet

  • A fantastic all-rounder, the American Standard is among the very well-known toilets throughout the nation, and also for a fantastic reason. This dual-flush choice provides both a timeless design plus a water-saving capacity. Each flush uses 0.92 gallons per flush to the flush and 1.28 g per flush around the significant flushes, which makes it so water effective it is water feel certified.
  • The bowl itself utilizes siphon jet technology that’s both effective and sterile, while the snare is completely glazed to create a smoother transition for waste to pass through.
  • This timeless design comes in three distinct colors, which can be lace, white, and bone. The chrome flush button is clearly marked with raised dots so that you may decide that sized flush to utilize. The bowl contains all the waste pipes, so you don’t need to fiddle with extra ones whenever you’re installing it. In general, this is among the simpler two-piece toilets to install and must just take a single hour.

8. Convenient Height Dual flush Toilet

  • The significant selling point to this toilet from Height Comfort is its own convenient height for the ones that are taller and taller if you’re older. An ordinary toilet seat is increased 15 inches from the floor. This toilet was designed to become an easy-sit because it’s increased 20 inches away from the floor.
  • This toilet is slightly bitted more expensive than many, but you’re investing in quality and convenience. The whole body of this toilet is totally glazed with glistening white ceramic and curved borders to make cleaning a cinch. The toilet seat is included with the purchase and contains a slow launch to get a quiet touch.
  • The inside plumbing of this toilet is fabricated using a high elevation bend from the pipe into the bowl to make certain you obtain a clean, strong flush each moment. The dual flush handle is set on the front and slightly off to the side for simple access.

9. TOTO MS646124CEMFG01 AQUIA Dual flush Toilet

  • TOTO AQUIA IV is a lively dual flush toilet that reduces water clogs using a 360-degree cleansing system that channels the water via the rim to wash each part of the bowl.
  • The DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH system matches the criteria set by CEC, CALGreen, and WaterSense, also enables owners to save 9 into 123 gallons of water each day, as stated by the manufacturer. You might even claim rebates in your water bill if you stay in California, Texas and Washington, and other regions with WaterSense lien programs.
  • This dual flush toilet offers two choices to choose your flushing amount; 1.28 or 0.8 g per flush. The rimless mode keeps the entire pan evenly clean along the bowl’s layout reduces immunity to remove more waste without water. Additionally, this makes the toilet silent. The universal elevation produces this toilet the right selection for both public and private use since it accommodates most people.
  • It’s made from CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze having an ion barrier that prevents the accumulation of debris and mildew. But two or three users discovered the glaze high care and might prefer a non-traditional inner coating that doesn’t need frequent cleaning. They also wish to get a high water level.
  • Placing up the toilet can be catchy without templates to direct you. You have to drill holes in your flooring ahead to set up the 12-inch Unifit Rough-In. You might even go for rough-in of either 10 or even 14 inches purchased individually. Users may also update to a digital WASHLET bidet seat for extra comfort.

10. Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 St. Tropez Dual Flush Toilet

  • This one-piece toilet has an appealing slick design that matches nicely with various styles. Anticipate more relaxation from the skillet plus a skirted trapway which makes cleanup easier. The actuator push buttons permit you to deal with flush involving 0.8 gallons to get a milder flush plus 1.28 gallons to get a hefty flush. This assists you to environmentally careful without affecting the operation. The chair has matte chrome hinges, which are fast to discharge with no extra tools. Additionally, this toilet is extremely durable and safer to use.
  • It’s a glazed trapway plus also a wrap-around skirt to make it simple to wash. Swiss Madison also asserts this toilet is simple to set up, which is excellent news for DIY fans.
  • The Swiss Madison one-piece toilet is preferable to younger kids and older adults, and the bowl features comfort to the older. Last, in a mid-price selection, you’re going to find a strong flushing toilet with good performance.

11. Toto MS970CEMFG#01 1.28-GPF/0.9-GPF Washlet with Integrated Toilet G500

  • Tech is slipping into each area of our lives, and also this Toto Washlet is the best example. In earlier times, moist wash bathrooms were driven. However, these days, a whole lot more people are embracing this particular technique, both for cleanliness and decreasing (toilet) paper waste.
  • The Toto Washlet is a bidet-style toilet that uses 1.28 gallons for flush and 0.9 gallons to get a liquid flush. You do not need to decide on which way to proceed since the toilet flushes itself based on your load and usage. The lid opens and closes as well.
  • It is a genuine valet encounter since you can — if you won’t — get a back and front clean, complete with heated water and an integrated drier. It has a deodorizer to maintain your bathroom smelling pleasant. The toilet has a modern conical skirt plus a slick one-piece architecture.
  • For night-time usage, the touch-pad lighting up. You could even operate the toilet by distance and app two separate configurations to your master en suite. You and your spouse can pre-set distinct preferences—no more battling about up-or-down toilet chairs and water temperature.
  • The toilet seat on the Toto Washlet is elongated, but using those hi-tech attributes, your toilet will be futile during a power outage. It flushes with a gravity-based cyclone system, and the bowl has been coated with SanaGloss glazing to keep it clean. The toilet seat may be heated too.
  • The toilet kit is pricy, though, so if you are ready to cover all of the additional toys, then begin saving up. It seems somewhat delicate, but it might encourage heights over 6 feet and feet over 300 lbs.

How To Choose The Best Dual Flush Toilets

There are lots of components to take into consideration when you’re searching for a dual flush toilet. These can help you pick the most suitable one.

Buttons Vs Handle

With dual flush toilets, the most frequent means to flush is with buttons instead of one handle.

The majority of the time, the switches are around the tank; however, they’re also occasionally on the side. The bigger push button is for fluids, and the bigger button is for solids.

But should you prefer to place additional toilet paper in addition to the tank, then you might choose to elect for one handle. You pull back on the deal for semi-flush, and you also increase the grip for the entire flush.

Water Efficiency

This thought comes alongside our list because of its importance. After purchasing a toilet, it remains with you for a very long time. Hence an ineffective toilet might wind up accumulating enormous water bills to load your financial plan. That’s precisely why it’s required to think about the toilet, which gets the job done with a minimum quantity of water.

EPA Rating

While toilet businesses need to keep their cistern capacity under 1.6 gallons, they’re able to do better. So should they look at a toilet that is 1.28 gallons or under, they receive a particular certification. However, this is just if the toilet still flushes efficiently. Some toilets use less water but do not function too.

When conservation is that important for you, start looking for a toilet that has this EPA certificate. This Certification is Named EPA Water Sense. It requires that the toilet use 80 percent or less of the EPA’s normal (1.6 gallons). And it is not about cistern dimension. It is about the number of flushes.

Some toilets in the marketplace use no more than 0.8 gallons per flush, but they want a couple of flushes to completely eliminate toilet waste. Locate a hardware shop that will allow you to test before you purchase it. This is essential since those additional flushes could cancel any water savings.


You cannot determine how great a toilet is without understanding if it’s not difficult to wash. In case it stains, even an excellent product will provide you a difficult time.

1 method to have a look at the cleaning attributes would be to draw an ink line on the interior regions of the bowl. And then press the flush to detect just how much paint is left following the water strikes. That would provide you a reasonable idea about the cleanup attributes.

Seating Height

The elevation of your toilet plays an extremely substantial function in relaxation and convenience. Therefore, irrespective of the kind of layout, you need to think about the elevation. Most conventional toilets are approximately 15 inches from the floor. But, there are lots of comfort-height toilets out there to select from. They’re ADA-compliant and approximately 18 inches in height. Such layout makes sitting feel as though sitting on a normal seat. That’s precisely why these toilets are a terrific option for individuals with movement disabilities.

Tank lining

1 problem with an uninsulated or unlined dual-flush toilet is condensation. During warmer weather, a cold toilet tank may”sweat” and make undesirable moisture. Some dual-flush toilets have a particular inner liner that divides the tank and tank, reducing the effects of condensation.

Toilet Bowl

Toilets come in one or two components for their primary body. A lot of men and women prefer one part toilet since it’s a lot easier to clean and seems to be uniform. Some might favor the two-part because replacements or repairs are simpler when it’s just a single region of the toilet.

If the container has individual difficulties, it may be substituted on a two-part toilet, whereas on a one-part toilet, the whole toilet will have to be replaced.


By this time, it ought to be obvious to you all attributes which you ought to search for when deciding upon the best dual flush toilet. In addition, we expect that the purchaser’s guide has helped you to comprehend the things that act as important determinants in improving your expertise.

In the long run, a dual flush toilet for you may depend on your own personal preference, but we hope we have narrowed your search down a bit.

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