13 Easy Lawn Mowing Tips And Tricks You Can Use


Can’t bear or enjoy it. Lawn mowing is considered one important task in landscaping or gardening during summer and spring. Mowing plays a vital role in the looks of your backyard or lawn. It is also key to a vibrant and healthy lawn; each cut heartens and persuades the grassland to grow up fast and thickly, creating a lush and flourishing look. Also, it blocks out weeds. Lawn mowing regularly can make the grass tough and durable. Mowing can take up time in the growing season. Therefore it is worth ensuring that you are doing it in the right way.

Cutting heights, mowing frequency as well as lawn mower maintenance, all play a vital role in keeping your yard or garden looking exceptional and clean.

Simple Lawn Mowing Techniques to Follow

Mowing looks like a simple job. This is what many people think. They are not aware that once they mow the grass incorrectly, the turf will not grow thickly, healthy well as not drought tolerant. On the other hand, if you follow the right approach or technique, your turf will thrive well. Time mowing, and you’re never getting rid of more than 30 percent of the whole lead surface with every cutting. So, follow these tips and tricks to make your lawn mowing task a huge success:

1. Scalping Lawn

You have to keep away from scalping grass that is mowing it too short. A lawn that is scalp is prone to diseases as well as weed invasion. Scalped grass is likely to be sparse as well as weak, which exposes soil. The leading contributor to weed success is exposure to soil, which enables the seed of the weed to take root. A sparse turf also enables sunlight to reach the seedlings of the weed and provides them a nutrient to boost. Grass that is too short on a regular basis has a poorly developed root system that makes your lawn prone to serious damage from high temperatures or drought.

2. Sharpen the Blade of Your Mower for Fast And Consistent Cut

Keep the blade of your mower sharp and pointed in order to acquire the best outcome for every mowing. If the blade of your mower is sharp, it is able to trim grass evenly and cleanly, while a dull blade tears turf, creating an uneven and jagged edge. These tears make an opening for pests as well as diseases to come in grass blades.

A grass that has been trim with a dull blade builds up a whitish or brown color as the tops of each turf blade die back. You have to sharpen the blade of your mower at least a couple of times during the cutting season. You have to keep away from mowing thick branches as well as stones to lessen blade dulling. This can also result in the damaging of your blade. Think of buying an extra blade; this allows you to always have a sharp blade ready for the next job.

3. Adjust the Height of the Mower

Amend or fine-tune the height of the mower all through the growing season. For example, changing the deck higher in the summer season and let the turf grow longer. A taller turf helps a lot in shading soil that avoids the growth of weed and, at the same time, slows the evaporation of the water from the soil.

What is more, a taller turf also develops a deeper root that makes a grass that is able to survive drought better. During autumn, in places wherein winter brings snow cover, you are advised to lower the cutting deck of the mower for the last cutting of the season in order to assist in preventing the snow mold from developing on the grass.

4. Consider Buying an Automower Machine

Forget about saving many hours every week to keep your grass or lawn looking good and perfect. Be assured of an ideal cut; it doesn’t matter if there is blazing sunshine or heavy rain. Worry no more about your favorite plants, as it only cuts the grass and not your plants. Ensure to invest in automower, as this is considered the lawn’s best friend.

Automower is considered a robot lawnmower that functions on an auto-schedule. It mows the young blades of grass once they’re at their most supple, this leads to a grass, which is as tidy as it is green. If you are asking how your friend or neighbors obtain a carpet-like finish to their grass, there is a huge possibility that they use automower instead of the typical lawnmower. Literally, there are a lot of benefits that you can get if you consider automower aside from a professional finish.

5. Roll Wheel on Edging

Make an even edging along the grass beside walks, planting areas as well as driveways. When you are mowing your grass, roll a wheel of your mower on this edging, and you will never need to string cut edges. You can make use of any number of materials to make edging, which takes account of gravel, bricks, concrete pavers as well as firmly packed crushed limestone, which includes crusher run.

6. Grasscycling

If you allow grass clippings to lie down on your lawn after trimming, that is called grasscycling, and this is a very useful and beneficial method as it saves you time as there is no need to bag clippings. It also saves you a considerable amount of money because there is no need for you to buy yard waste bags. This technique can offer up to 25% of the fertilizer needs of your lawn. As a result, you will save a lot from buying fertilizing too.

There is no need for specialized mulching power, even if you may need to substitute the existing mower blade with a mulching one that cuts the lawn into smaller pieces that decompose fast. You are able to grass cycle without too much mess and fuss. To keep away from being sprayed with grass clippings while you are mowing, buy an adaption kit for the mower, which supplies a plug to pack the hole where the grass clippings usually exit the deck of the mower. You can search for universal kits available online.

Also, let the cut made be not more than 1/3 of the length of the grass. The dryness of the grass is the ideal texture for a smooth function; the appropriate height is about three to four inches and uses a sharp or pointed blade for the same. Throwing away the essential nutrients is surpassed by grasscycling since the nutrients are returned back to the soil. Management of grass clipping is professionally done by grasscycling. The reduction of garbage that has to be gathered and thrown away at the consumption of energy is made possible with the use of grasscycling.

7. Battery-Powered Lawn Mower

If you are searching for a lawnmower, aside from automower, you can also think of purchasing a battery-powered lawn mower for a fume-free and gas-free option. A lot of mowers powered by battery available out there provide enough power to trim typical grass at a standard height. Mowing longer or wet yards consumes a lot of power on your battery. If your backyard is wide or large, you may need to buy an extra battery.

It is highly advisable to search for a machine, which enables you to get rid of the battery for quick charging. This is valuable if you want more than one fully charged battery for every mowing. Also, it is very vital if you store the mower in an unheated storage area. This is vital because a lot of batteries demand winter storage at temp above freezing.

8. Mulch As You Mow

With it comes to the lawnmower, a lot of people, most of the time, fasten a grass collection bin to the mower. And even as there is no denying that a grass clipping-free grass looks very special, leave clippings where they lie, this is important most especially if you cut your grass regularly. The tender and young blades of the yard are absorbed fast into the soil and provide nutrients to the roots. Grass care the organic way.

On the other hand, when is it a perfect time to gather the grass clipping in a grass collection bag? In case you have not been on top of the mowing, and the grass is long, it is advisable to bag it in a catcher. While super long grass clippings have huge amounts of nutrients, the length of the blades is able to smother emerging shoots that make their way up and avoid them from nurturing. If you wish to bring back the large blades of turf to the ground, then you need to buy a mulching kit. This is ideal for you.

9. Schedule Your Mowing

Plant pruning causes stress. This also happens to your grass. The act of mowing puts tremendous pressure and stress on grass plants. Once you mow during the heat of the day, grass plants lose water and the recovery process of slow. So, it is advisable to mow the grass during the afternoon or cooler part of the day. Another choice is to wait until the shade is on your lawn. Turf in the shade loses less water, and what is more, the recovery process is fast and quick.

The perfect time to cut the grass is when the temperature is cool, so it should be in the evening or in the morning. Mowing when the temperature is cool helps in retaining the moisture in the roots where it is required and important. Also, it lessens the possibility of heat exhaustion.

The evening is preferable to the morning. This is simply because this provides the turf twelve hours of darkness to mend and repair prior to the sun comes up. Also, the grass is likely to be wet or dewy from being watered in the morning, and you must not mow if the yard is wet for your safety as well as the well-being of the grass.

10. Only Mow When the Grass is Dry

This is a continuation of the tips above. Just mow when the grass is dry. This is because wet grass does not harm the law; however, it does not generate the best outcomes. Wet grass clogs and fills the deck of the mower. It has a chance of falling over and clumping together as you cut the grass, creating an uneven mow. Pay attention to clumps of moist lawns that fall off the lawnmower. Take away these from the yard after cutting to keep away from killing the grass.

Make sure to always keep away from cutting in soggy soil, as there is a risk of creating wheel ruts as well as tearing up the lawn. If you should cut the grass when it is damp, treat the underside of the lawnmower with silicone spray or oil to help avoid grass from attaching or sticking. Also, it is vital to ensure the blade of the lawnmower is sharp in order to keep away from ripping the lawn out of the soil.

11. Switch Directions

Lawn mowing can be a habitual routine. However, to get an amazing finish, you have to switch directions each time you take the mower out from the shed. By cutting in the same direction each time, the grass blades will begin to grow at set angles.

Also, the weight of the mower will begin to make permanent trace marks on the lawn. Maybe begin mowing at a slanting and then mow back to front and side by side. Doing this assists the yard to grow straight rather than in diverse directions.

12. Double Cut is Good

It may be enticing to mow the lawn to size in a single swoop; it’s not going to be fine with you. By taking off too much length at once, you’re just putting stress on your turf, which will perform poorly. Aim to cut it to about 50 percent of its existing height. Give your yard a couple of days to rest and get better or recover. Then after a few days cut another 50 percent of its new height; this helps a lot in getting the best results. You can also do a third cut if you think that it is still too long.

13. Lines Really Looks Fine

Lines in the grass make a pleasing finish, which shows that you really care for your lawn. It is a very easy process, yet confuses many. Making straight lines on the grass is one of the simplest things you are able to do.

All you have to do is to get a piece of shrub and put it at the end part of your lawn. The next thing to do is to walk your way to it with the lawnmower. Focus on the distant object and not on the ground. This will provide you the first line. Then, at the end of the line, turn and follow the initial line all throughout. Repeat the process.


Having a yard that tickles your kneecaps provides a remarkable feeling. There are many reasons why you need to take good care of your lawn and always ensure that it is in a good condition. Longer yards make for sharp and hard blades if cut back. What is more, this also lacks the luster of daily trimmed grass.

There is no need for you to be the next Graham Ross just to have a grass that will be the envy of others. With just some easy tips and tricks, along with time and dedication, you will have a beautiful and amazing yard. So, what are you waiting for, follow these simple tips and you will have a beautiful and amazing yard. Good luck!

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