20 Gardening and Landscaping Blogs You Should Follow


Gardening and landscaping are great not just for physical wellbeing but for the mind as well. A meta analyzing assessing the influence of gardening showed that the low impact physical activity of gardening and its capability to get you out in nature- might have a considerable effect on lowering body mass index. The same study also showed that gardening and landscaping ease anxiety and depression. This activity can also promote feelings of fulfillment and community. The perks of gardening and landscaping don’t stop there.

Giving your property a facelift or the community backyard/gardens of your neighborhood might increase the value of your property in case you have a plan of selling it in the future. Maybe of more immediate benefits, growing your organic vegetables and fresh fruits might save you a considerable amount of money at the grocery store while persuading and promoting healthier eating at home.

To top it off, you are able to feel good about helping the surrounding. Enhancing green spaces helps a lot in chipping away the carbon footprint in your place. On the other hand, what if you were not an expert in gardening or you don’t know where to begin? For first-timers, you don’t have to worry as there are many professionals out there that are more than willing to provide tips and tricks on a proper and successful gardening and landscaping job.

Here are the 20 best gardening and landscaping websites that are worth reading and subscribing to. You better check this out if you want to excel in this kind of activity.

1. Kitchen Gardeners International

Kitchen Gardeners International or KGI is one of the best gardening blogs that is worthwhile to follow. This site is committed to promoting a sustainable lifestyle in vegetable gardening. This website provides tips and encouragement for the first-timers and skilled vegetable gardeners and landscapers, as well as thoughts and aspirations for activism. Kitchen Gardener International provides grants to individuals who want to start putting up a community garden. You will come away with lots of amazing ideas as well as useful and valuable insight and inspiration.

2. A Way to Garden

This blog is founded by Margaret Roach, who is a former Editorial Director of Martha Stewart. When she resigned from her glamorous job, she decided to put up a garden and, at the same time, to write a book. After leaving her career, she moved to New York City and purchased a farm close to a village with a populace of 300. The first book she wrote is “ A Way to Garden”, and after that, she began to create a blog by a similar name. You need to consider visiting this blog due to many good reasons.

First and foremost, she is a very likable person. She has witty writing and very accessible and warm. On the other hand, that is not sufficient to sustain those passionate about landscaping and gardening. She offers more. The blog is full of informative and funny insights about landscaping and gardening life. You will find the whole thing here like seed starting, composting to recipes, and slideshows. There is also a FAQ section.

Bookmark this blog and visit most often for new information blogs and articles. You will surely learn many things from her.

3. Cold Climate Gardening

If your house is in the north part of zone five, this blog is perfect. Many knowledgeable and seasoned gardeners and landscapers share their suggestions and advice about proper gardening in this cold area. You will find many resources for cold-weather gardening, which takes account of adapted seeds and floating row covers, and get much advice on the hardiest varieties for your backyard and garden. If you have a passion for flowers, then this blog is the best place to visit as they most discuss various kinds of flowers, even if you will find a bit of the whole thing here.

4. Little Green Fingers

This is owned by Dawn Isaac, who employed in public relations for almost seven years prior to discovering her true passion for gardening. She immediately started her garden design business after quitting her job. After giving birth to three kids, she decided to combine parenting with garden designing. She manages a gardening club for preschoolers, wherein she provides lots of insight, as well as lesson plans and activities, for gardening with little ones. If you want to teach your kids about gardening, this might be the first place to begin.

5. Brooklyn Farm

Are you a city gardener? If so, then you will surely love this website. Here you will find humorous and idiosyncratic insights about the garden, urban gardening, and landscaping. On the other hand, you will also find lots of sound advice on the proper and smart way of using space as well as picking plants for small areas. This is not just ideal for urban gardeners, but rural gardeners too. You better check this out if you have issues in city gardening.

6. The Middle-Sized Garden

Do you believe your garden is extremely small each time you like to put in new styles, but it always feels too big each time you have some weeding to carry out? Perhaps you have a middle-sized backyard, and this blog by Alexander Campbell is ideal for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are struggling for time or want assistance with your cannas, stressed with mobility, or need help with courgettes. The best thing about this blog is that it is filled with professional sound advice. It is the site to visit if you wish to feel like you are asking for recommendations and advice from a reliable gardener who knows the whole thing about anything.

7. The Frustrated Gardener

Another popular gardening blog to follow is The Frustrated Gardener by Dan Cooper. Dan takes a higher approach to his jungle garden. With its sheltered and warm microclimate, Dan has made an exotic place brimming with lots of amazing subtropical flowers.

A lot of us are dreaming of having a tropical paradise that we can call our own. However, Dan has made his dream come true, complete with an outdoor kitchen. Now, he is offering all the vital information on how to do the same for ourselves.

8. Vertical Veg

The person behind this popular blog is Mark Ridsdill Smith, who is an expert in container gardening He has grown £900 worth of veg in one year on his small windowsills and balcony in London, transforming depressing solid gardens into a thriving garden place teeming with life as well as edible plants. Mark is showing us the technique of doing this.

This blog is vital reading for those who are feeling restricted by their lack of land. Mark always finds his way to make gardening fun and accessible, regardless of how unpromising the location may look to start with.

9. Dogwooddays

Created by Nic Wilson, a Candide regular writer, this blog is considered one of the most preferred sources of information about gardening and landscaping. She enjoys growing her food as well as cooking gluten-free meals that come from her garden. Therefore, if you love growing oca, tree chilies, fat baby achocha, etc., you better visit this blog.

10. Urban Gardens

Another popular gardening and landscaping blog that is worth visiting and subscribe to is the Urban Gardens. It has a healthy and full-bodies growing environment in Los Angeles as its background. This blow showcases the innovations in growing plants, amazing examples of urban home gardens as well as industry news. They also highlight stylish accessories and even eco-trends for the home, including the innovative levitating planter, hydroponic as well as and aquaponic indoor garden. Drink some amazing ways of taking pleasure in the fruits of your hard work with this homegrown garden to glass drinks and cocktails.

11. Organic Life By Rodale

This blog has the answers and inspirational thoughts to help you obtain an organic or natural lifestyle. According to Rodale, this blog is considered an online handbook for living organically in the contemporary world. With a professional staff and expert writers, you are assured that their articles about home, gardening, landscaping, food, and health are of high quality, accurate, and updated. Of note are Toad&Co eco-fashion and access to the gardening 101 guides and tips which are accessible for purchase.

12. Timber Press

Timber Press is a very popular publisher of books about horticulture, gardening as well as natural history. The articles cover an array of interests for those who love nature. From interviews, guides, and tips from experts to steps on how to seek food to gift ideas as well as giveaways, there is something for all. Here, you can also find suggestions on how to customize your garden with their sound, very informative, and easy to follow DIY project ideas.

13. Fine Gardening

Part of the Taunton Home and Garden Network and a digital component of the popular Fine Gardening magazine, Fine gardening inspires readers to make an amazing home landscape and garden of both non-edible as well as edible plants. Don’t forget to read the how-to articles and blogs on practices such as composting and one of the many blogs like the Let’s Argue About Plants, which is also a podcast, to maximize your experience in landscaping and gardening.

14. Gardening ( by The Telegraph)

Possibly a point of pride, you can rely on that many Brits take their English yard seriously. Gardening By The Telegraph is the digital component of the Telegraph gardening and landscaping section, which is a US-based newspaper. The blogs include gardening trends and newsworthy stuff. Peruse their blogs for the international gardening scoop as well as bookmark Britain’s 20 Best WoodlandWalks for the next time you are in the place.

15. Scout

Landscaping fanatics join the force. This is a male-leaning online video network that fosters community and learning for all things associated with lawn and garden. They have a forum connecting guests interested in diverse topics like composting, seed swapping, and edible. The archive of informative videos shares suggestions and advice, product reviews as well as thoughts from an expert about gardening subjects. On the other hand, some of the premium forums and content require you to register.

16. Cold Climate Gardening

Created by Katy Purdy, she promises that gardening in cold weather is not more complicated and hard than warmer weather. Her blog offers many resources as well as essential tools to assist you in becoming successful. Kathy provides DIY projects, interviews, essays, recipes as well as opinions. Also, she offers forums, book reviews, and magazines, and even referrals to other websites and professional advice. Browse her blogs in order to know how to cultivate and nurture Mediterranean herbs and other plants in places the same to the northeastern United States.

17. Gardening Know How

Gardening Know How has all your plant growing needs covered. The best thing about this blog is that it includes various kinds of topics that range from several types of gardens and lawn care. They also provide tips and information about indoor plants as well as composting. There is also a problem section that provides help on how to keep your plants safe from pests. Also, you can learn the proper way of solving environmental problems as well as treat plant illnesses.

18. Digging

Founded in the year 2006 by Pam Penick, she aims to connect with other gardening enthusiasts and, at the same time, share some information and advice for growing in the hard and challenging weather of Texas. Pam’s enthusiasm shines in the whole thing. You can see this on her welcome note and to her self-proclaimed obsessions with native, agave Texan plants, garden design, and screech owls. After touring Penick’s gardens, know how she made them and lend her garden approaches. Penick also provides information about local nurseries, shops, events, gardens as well as other fields of interest.

19. Get Busy Gardening

Savvy and newbie gardeners are more than welcome at getting Busy Gardening. This modest and self-effacing blog helps you start a garden with inspiration for sensible projects and provide you cheap, practical solutions to different issues you will face in landscaping. Created by Amy Andrychowicz, a popular blogger, her can-do viewpoint, and her suggestion and advice on plant growing, planning and maintenance will help you experiment your way to a fruitful as well as a beautiful garden.

20. Garden Rant

This blog was started in the year 2006. From the very beginning, Garden Rant provides witty discussions and insights concerning all the things from the field of gardening and landscaping. Bloggers from all over the place write and submit articles. This blog also covers an extensive array of issues applicable to landscapers and gardeners in a lot of growing areas. What is more, to sound advice, this gardening blog also provides reaction pieces on existing events such as new climate change legislation, opinions about gardening latest trends and developments, posts about environmental activism, and a whole lot more. You can find everything about gardening and landscaping at Garden Rant.

So there you have it; 20 best blogs to visit about gardening and landscaping. We hope you have time to visit any of the blogs mentioned if you have specific issues about gardening. We are confident that you will find a solution to your gardening and landscaping problems.

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