15 Best Heated Toilet Seat Reviews of 2021 You Can Consider


Having a heated toilet seat is going to create sitting on your throne. With the technology employed in these, you may enjoy a sexy spot in the comfort of your own house.

Locating the best heated toilet seat for loved ones has been a game-changer; an easy, fast, and relatively inexpensive improvement which, very frankly, we ought to have installed quite a long time ago.

But you might be amazed to learn exactly how many distinct brands you will find, in addition to how a number of different characteristics besides heating that a few of those seats have.

As you can not possibly test all of them out, we chose to do it for you, offering you a listing of the best heated toilet seats to pick from.

List of 15 Best Heated Toilet Seat Reviews

1. UltraTouch Heated Toilet Seat

  • The Ultra Touch toilet seat is appropriate to use with an elongated bowl. In addition, the place of the heated seat has a durable construction with a comfortable surface to set your tushy on. Moreover, the system works with 12 watts of power and contains a sealed design that’s UL listed and secure. Surely, to maintain the bathroom fresh, it’s an antimicrobial agent built-in.
  • The seated area doesn’t have any foam padding and like the substance employed in dishwasher manages. The temperature is between 20 — 25° above room temperature. To get a normal bowl, the dimension sized out of the center of the front towards the middle of the hinge postholes ought to be 16 1/2 -inches and also to get an elongated one 18 1/2 -inches. The normal space for US hinge post holes is five 1/2-inches.

2. TOTO SW2034#01 C100 Heated Toilet Seat

  • If it has to do with bidets, Toto has been among the main manufacturing companies. This Toto C100 Washlet has some fantastic features to get your toilet experience as comfortable as you can.
  • The first characteristic is that the soft shut lid and seat. Essentially, a bit of the seat or lid will allow it to fall down halfway and then stop before gradually closing alone.
  • Once you’re finished using the toilet, there’s a couple of ways to utilize the bidet. There are front and back spraying choices combined with an osculating style so that the wand will move forth and back to completely wash the region.
  • The quantity and the warmth of this water could be corrected by the convenient arm control panel positioned on the side of the toilet seat. There’s also an automated premise spray of this bowl prior to each use.
  • One other fantastic feature is that the air drier with 5 temperature settings to wash your wet places. There’s also an automated air deodorizer to eliminate any scents.
  • Ultimately the heated toilet seats may also be adjusted on the control panel to provide you the perfect warmth to your toilet encounter.

3. SmartBidet SB-2000 Electronic Heated Toilet Seat with Warm Air Dryer

  • If you’d like a heated seat with all of the bells and whistles, then look no more. This is among the greatest models on the current market and comprises a bidet, an air drier, three configurations of temperature control, and an energy-saving manner.
  • In a nutshell, whatever you need in the heated toilet seats, the SmartBidet could provide. Although this unit does operate in a hefty 110 watts, the energy-saving mode (which turns off a few additional attributes ) may cut down this almost half.
  • Important notice for buyers with kids: this really is really a weight-sensing bidet and so might not trigger when kids sit, based on their weight.
  • As one final bonus, setup is reportedly extremely straightforward and requires less than twenty-five minutes generally.
  • Overall, this is a trusted unit that will fit the requirements of any possible buyer. This unit will not have a substantial cost tag relative to other possibilities, but it is standard to get a version with all of the bells and whistles which are available here.

4. Brondell L60-RW LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Round Toilet Seat

  • This item could be among the most well-known alternatives available. The Brondell seat can be obtained for the two elongated and curved bowls and does not only provide warmth. Additionally, it includes numerous different features while staying budget-friendly.
  • The built-in soothing blue light gives this version a little luxury while being suitable for nighttime sessions. Additionally, the slow closure feature ought to keep you fair, particularly in the event that you have children.
  • At nighttime, you won’t need to turn in your bright bathroom lights to have the ability to use the toilet — even if you are half asleep. This version involves a gentle light to light up the toilet bowl. Simply stick to the blue shine, and you’re going to reach your destination.
  • The slow close feature permits a gentle near rather than a seat cover leftover within the toilet bowl. With time, constant shock and stress can cause cracks inside the substance. This can affect the total lifespan of the goods.
  • The heated seat is not complex to set up. You should not require expert guidance, and just a screwdriver is necessary. Some reviewers could put it together in 10 minutes.
  • The version does not include a large number of confusing buttons. Users love how simple it’s to function, and it includes four different temperature settings. The cheapest setting typically matches skin temperature and is hot enough for many to use.

5. Brondell LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Toilet Seat

  • Even though heated toilet seats might look to be a luxury thing –and for the most part, it’s –this version out of Brondell enables your tushy to go through the joys of a hot seat without needing to pay luxury rates. The LumaWarm seat includes three temperature settings, letting you set that just-right degree of heat to your own behind.
  • A soft-closing seat prevents damaging banging, which could damage the toilet or seat, even though a blue LED nightlight permits you to locate the toilet in the middle of the night without needing to switch onto the harsh overhead lighting. This seat utilizes a normal GFI wall socket and fits all standard toilets. Controls contain an on/off switch and single-button light and temperature controls.

6. YANXUAN Bidet Toilet Seat with Self Cleaning Stainless Nozzle

  • It includes almost everything, Easy DIY installation, No maintenance problem, Posterior & Feminine Wash, Movable Cleaning Spray, Self-cleaning Stainless Nozzle, Adjustable Water temperature, Warm Air Dryer, Comes with remote controller, Non-slamming soft final Seat.
  • If you have decided on splurging to a heated toilet seat, trust me if I state that Yanxuan is among the very best ones yet. It’s ALL the functions you’re searching for in a toilet seat. It almost does your entire toilet work for you! Warm you, wash you, dry you–hands-free!
  • Its characteristics include a rear & backwash bidet and a movable cleaning spray. Clean-freaks will thanks that this product because of its self-cleaning stainless steel nozzle. Now even cleaning, it’s touch-free!
  • It’s an adjustable water temperature, water pressure, warm drier –speak about customizable! And to not create it too over the surface, it will include a remote controller. Super trendy, but do not let your children steal it. Learn for yourself why this gets the maximum satisfaction rate from clients on the web.

7. BEMIS Radiance Heated Night Light Toilet Seat will Slow Close and Never Loosen

  • Another fantastic heated toilet seat for people who only need the fundamentals is your Bemis Radiance. This is an easily heated toilet in layout but also manages to put forth elite attributes with what it will offer to the dining table. It includes a temperature controller and may be adjusted to three configurations incomplete.
  • The Bemis Radiance does have its own night light work to get a more suitable experience. It’s a built-in LED blue light that will help light up the toilet enough you won’t have to flip on the lighting in the bathroom whatsoever during the night.
  • The Bemis Radiance also integrates a simple use and set up fastening system. It’s intended to completely match and attach to a bathroom seat with no wiggling issues.

8. Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat

  • This is a luxury seat from Brondell that can be very expensive, but it is so much loaded with attributes that it is probably worth it. According to the producer, the programmable consumer preferences provide the maximum hygienic bathroom experience at the touch of a button. The functions it includes include trendy blue illuminating LED nightlight, replaceable deodorizer, unlimited warm water heating system, aerated spray wash with diameter modification, and nozzle oscillation.
  • This device is the nearest to the performance of the renowned Japanese washlets (among which we are likely to pay later in this manual ). On the other hand, the seats are specially made for North American toilets and would fit any toilet in the nation. You might even select between an elongated and also a round form of a seat to guarantee the ideal positioning. The device includes the sleek shape to your very best toilet fit along with a concealed pocket to make sure that the electric cable and water hose remain tucked out of sight.
  • The double stainless-steel nozzles include inbuilt nozzle sterilization, which can be accomplished through nanotechnology. Aerated wash water and spray pressure can be installed in three unique ways. Other characteristics that are well worth mentioning here consist of the remote controller, gentle-close lid, and seven nozzle places.
  • Clients were impressed with all the performance of the product; many stated they might actually program the preferences for 2 and use them afterward without fixing the settings each time. Others said the seat was well worth the investment and simple to install. The miserable testers linked the unpleasant tales of measuring the malfunctioning components and repairing the leakage.

9. BioBidet BB-600 BB600 Ultimate Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat

  • Here really is the Rolls Royce of the heated toilet seat market. It was especially supposed for a luxury class toilet seat, filled with all the features you need and want. You’ve got front and rear warm water cleansing wherein witch you can cycle both flows for a more thorough cleaning. Additionally, you can adjust the water temperature and water pressure. You can even correct the position.
  • Apart from water, it is possible to dry yourself with a warm atmosphere”sprayed” your own way. No demand for tissue afterward. Of course, you may enjoy the heated seat (fever there’s also completely adjustable). And as an additional bonus, the lid AND the seat possess the slow-close function.

10. KOHLER K-10349-0 PureWarmth Heated Toilet Seat

  • Kohler is a title that most individuals are familiar with when it comes to speaking about bathroom fittings. Frequently name recognition includes a particular expectation of innovation and quality, and also the KOHLER K-10349-0 PureWarmth does not disappoint.
  • This Kohler includes all the things you’d expect. It’s 3 temperature settings, a slow final lid, and double LED lighting.
  • In addition, it includes features that a number of its’ competitors don’t have. These attributes include a concealed power cable, Quick-release hinges to permit the seat to be easily removed for cleaning, and the capability to utilize the free KOHLER PureWarmth program to correct the seat’s warmth, light brightness/color to your everyday schedule.

11. SmartBidet SB-1000 Electronic Heated Toilet Seat with Warm Air Dryer and Temperature Controlled Wash Functions

  • SB-1000 is the very first variant of these heated toilet seats introduced at the SB show by SmartBidet. Generally, three-level temperature settings give you greater choices. In terms of the drier, it’s five distinct degrees based on your convenience.
  • It’s elongated in form, and so in case your current toilet seat is elongated in shape, you’re able to pick this up merchandise without thinking twice. However, don’t be unhappy if your current toilet seat is round in shape since SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat also matches standard round toilet seats, but there might be a small overhang.
  • It employs a wise cleaning mechanism working with a retractable, self-cleaning nozzle and hot air drier. It is possible to adjust the amount of water pressure as well as the places of the nozzle up to five levels. This self-cleaning toilet seat cleans itself before the nozzle expands for washing.
  • For thorough washing, the nozzle includes a total of 3 holes, one for turbo wash, one for posterior wash, and another for a female wash. On the ideal side of the nozzle, there’s a drier with which you are able to keep your toilet seat cool or warm according to your own selection.
  • The producer gives all of the hardware required for the setup of the toilet seat. It sports an energy-saving mode which gives you the capability to reduce prices by consuming less energy.
  • Aside from these upsides of getting this on your bathroom, you may realize that the water temperature could be a gamble occasionally. The temperature will be great or be in the incorrect amount. Make sure you check the power cable space as it is a little short.

12. VOVO STYLEMENT VB-3000SE Heated Toilet Seat

  • The VOVO VB3000SE Heated Toilet Seats are another brand on or record; it’s going to have some fantastic features which you might like. You may select from three levels of warmth for perfect comfort as you sit, and a multiple atmosphere bidet comes with a built-in self-cleaning mechanism. Additionally, it offers a nightlight that will assist you in finding it and reduce injuries at night.
  • The disadvantage to this VOVO VB3000SE is we discovered nit difficult to set up. It was hard to line up in addition to follow the directions. Once installed, the bowl dimensions are decreased by several inches in the trunk. Another difficulty we had was that the nozzle did not always retract. If it did not withdraw completely, you’d get water onto your back and the back of your toilet.

13. ToastieTush (Elongated)- Innovative Toilet Seat Warmer

  • The best thing about this toilet seat heater is that it works in your current toilet; no need to substitute the present toilet seat!
  • This is an advanced design in the realm of heating toilet seats — a heating pad is affixed (with velcro strips) into the bottom of the toilet seat lid. After the lid is shut, the heating pad is connected with the toilet seat, warming into a professionally toasty level.
  • The same as other model alternatives, this one also includes three temperature settings. Don’t forget, though, the heating pad is about the bottom of the lid; this usually means it is touching your back once you sit. Some customers have reported that the maximum setting warms up the seat well, but it is somewhat warm on the trunk when sitting. The middle setting appears to be the magical point.

14. Kohler K-4108-0 Heated Toilet Seat

  • Since these heated toilet seats include an in-line heater, you can expect heated water throughout. This is obviously a massive advantage for men and women that want all of the luxuries they could get while looking around for a toilet seat. The bidet includes both lateral and posterior nozzles that offer warm and warm water for cleaning up.
  • The temperature setting with this toilet seat may be adjusted in 5 distinct ways; many toilet seats have a max of 3 temperature settings. The camera is also a wonderful touch since it shows exactly how complex this specific toilet seat is.

15. Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 Elongated White Smart Toilet Seat

  • For people who like a complete bidet’s cleaning capability together with the luxury of a heated seat, there is this impressive toilet seat from BioBidet. Apart from a heated seat with adjustable temperatures, in addition, it comes with a multi-setting bidet. The bidet wand comprises three individual nozzles for rectal cleansing, female wash, and also soothing bubble extract. The batter oscillates for a wide selection of cleaning whilst at the same time supplying a pulsating massage flow of water for relaxation. Hybrid technology ensures a continuous flow of warm water.
  • A wireless remote gives you total control over the seat’s heating and bidet attributes, while an incorporated nightlight offers visibility for nighttime bathroom visits. This seat comes in round and elongated contours.

Buying Guide For Best Heated Toilet Seats

Heat Settings

When deciding upon a heated toilet seat, the warmth it may create is the main concern. Many manufacturers permit you to pick between a few heat levels for optimum relaxation, and we advocate searching for a brand which supplies at least three configurations for yearlong usage.


The form of the heated toilet is most likely one of those two main things you want to search for. Toilets come in either round or elongated contours. So it’s crucial that you be aware of the shape of your toilet. Then it is possible to learn which heated toilet seats come from the form you want to purchase.


You’ll discover some simplicity to pick the fabric of the heated seat because heated toilet seats are usually made from common material — vinyl. Thermoplastic & Thermoset can be utilized more frequently as they’re more resistant to scratch. Resin is another choice because it can be created in any color that is suitable for your bathroom.

There are a number of brands that produce wooden heated toilet seats. Wooden toilet seats are made from wood fibers & give your bathroom a conventional appearance. As it is a toilet attachment, it must come in touch with a lot of germs. Thus, you should have to look at its anti-inflammatory property.


It can not be stressed enough having a hot toilet seat affects that chilly winter night bathroom runs. A comfy, warm, inviting toilet seat will have you from your mattress, and again, before you are barely awake.

Easy To install

Based upon the brand you opt for, heated toilet seats can call for minimal setup. With a couple of steps and simple to follow directions, it should take only a couple of minutes.

Water and Air Streams

In the event you’re searching for more than only a toilet seat with heating attributes, then think about what sort of cleaning and self-cleaning performance that the unit has to offer you. Normally, the innovative models would include aerated wash sprays, water pressure configurations, premise performance that cleans the toilet before and after every trip to keep it clean and nice.


  • Cheap: Although it is technically not heated toilet seats, even if you are on a very limited budget, you can grab a washable cloth toilet seat cover between $10 and $20. The disadvantage to using these products is they can quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. If all you need is a toilet seat that sticks in and gets hot, it is possible to discover a no-frills design for under $100.
  • Mid-range: In the 200 to $400 price range, it is possible to discover a heated toilet seat that also comprises quite a few different attributes, like a bidet and an air drier. For all these versions, the controllers will most probably be built into the seat.
  • Expensive: If you would like all of the bells and whistles, along with distant and smart toilet seat capacities such as an improvised bowl, automated opening and closure, self-cleaning, and much more, you ought to appear at the $400 to $1,000 price range.


Heated toilet seats used for luxury just a few like. These days, you can readily discover top-notch brands that offer these toilet accessories at sensible rates. If you reside in a frigid climate place, acquiring the best heated toilet seat may be something you would want. It’ll prevent that undesirable shock to your system if your bottom reaches the cold toilet seat in the middle of the night, and no one likes that feeling.

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