How to Build a Rotisserie Smoker?


A rotisserie smoker sure comes in handy when you have plenty of mouths to feed at once. However, these grills can be somewhat expensive, and you might not be ready to purchase one at the moment.

But who says you cannot still live large even without a ready-made rotisserie smoker? Well, this is where a DIY rotisserie smoker comes in. Yeah, you read right; a rotisserie smoker you can build yourself. No need to burst your account to get a rotisserie smoker that would serve you and your family and friends; just a few tricks here and there, and voila, you have yourself a more effective outdoor cooking option.

You can build your rotisserie smoker if you commit yourself to the process, and that’s why we are here with the post: how to build a rotisserie smoker? I bet you cannot wait for this! OK, let’s dive into it.

What Is a Rotisserie Smoker?

What Is a Rotisserie Smoker

First of all, you have to know what you are building before learning how to. A rotisserie smoker is outdoor smoking equipment with multiple racks that holds a lot of meat cooked for long hours while rotating on a skewer. As the foods rotate, they are cooked slowly and evenly. The food rotation helps you not to get worried that you might end up with uneven food.

Rotisserie smoker cooks foods slow and even. One of the major benefits of slow-cooking foods is that you get really soft and juicy meat second to none. Your food rotates over smoke for long hours, and the result is a delicious meal with smoky flavor – talk of a pellet grill vibe!

Why a DIY Rotisserie Smoker?

As said earlier, a DIY rotisserie smoker is a life-saver for people who are on a tight budget and cannot currently afford an industry-built rotisserie smoker but still have to bring families and friends together.

Secondly, you get a really effective smoker that is economical. This is because a rotisserie smoker allows you to cook for long hours without using much power. Doing long hours of cooking on your kitchen oven would consume more power compared to when using the smoker. Also, you get a smoky flavor infused in your food without much ado.

What Are the Materials Needed to Build a Rotisserie Smoker?

For the body, lid, and grill, you would need the following materials:

  • 25 8 inches x 8 inches x 16 inches Cinder blocks
  • 4 to 8 wood/metal stakes
  • 4.8 inches x 8 inches x 8 inches half blocks
  • 15 8 inches by 8 inches by 16 inches cap or regular blocks.

For the pit, you would need these materials:

  • 4 feet by 1.5 inches metal pipe
  • 2 cubic feet gravel/sand
  • Metal drum safe
  • 20 feet by 1.5 inches angled iron
  • A wood hockey stick
  • 4. 5 inches by 5 by 16 inches bolts
  • Threaded rods – 2 pieces.

Note that you can change the dimensions of each material to suit your taste, depending on the size of the rotisserie smoker you want.

The Tools Needed for Building:

For safe and easy work, you would need the following tools:

  • Measuring tape
  • Chisel
  • Handheld grinder
  • Carpenter square
  • Long and short level
  • Permanent marker or any other writing tool
  • Hammer
  • Cutting discs
  • Metal/wooden stakes
  • Hand gloves and goggles

How to Go About the Building Process?

A smoker is not meant to be used indoors or in an enclosed area where there are inflammable materials. Hence, you would have to secure a safe spot for the smoker far away from materials that are liable to catch fire easily. Also, consider an area without tree roots. This is because tree roots are difficult to dig out and are inflammable.

You could suffer a fire hazard if you use a spot that has tree roots. Hence, carefully inspect the spot you have chosen to know if it has tree roots or not.
On this spot that you have mapped out, ensure the ground is leveled flat. If it is not leveled, you can level it with 12 inches by 12 inches patio stones. Then, you can proceed to lay a foundation. The patio’s essence is to make the blocks you would be stacking stay put and prevent them from sliding in the hole.

How to Go About the Building Process

Next, pick your flagging tape with stakes and map out the portion surrounding the patio stones you have laid. After this, start digging the pit. The walkway stones you laid would serve as a measurement to guide you on how big the pit would be, which in turn would determine how large your smoker would be. The pit does not have to be deep; just 1 foot is enough for the job.

Next, you should line the inside of the pit with 12 inches of expanded metal with 2 feet rebar metal stakes. The essence of lining the pit with stakes is to prevent sand from caving into it. Then, fill the pit with sand or gravel. After that, you start stacking cinder blocks on one another around the outside of the hole you have dug.
As you stack, ensure the blocks are leveled and that you are also following the laid outbuilding plan. If you notice any bulge while leveling your cinder blocks, this is where the chisel and hammer come in handy. Do not forget the blocks have to fit into one another perfectly.

Keep stacking the blocks tightly on top of the other like a wall. While doing that, leave out space within the wall for the skewer. Also, drill a half-inch hole on either side of the blocks at the top row to mount the hinge brackets. To allow air to feed the flames while smoking, lay some of the blocks on the first row sideways. Mix the half-blocks with the cap blocks in some of the rows.

Next, get ready to construct the skewer or spit. Get your steel pipe and weld one gear into one end, leaving out the other end. Then drill both ends into the ground. Fix brackets to firmly secure the pipe while it rotates and turns, then place horizontal arms on the pipes, including brackets.

The next thing you’ll make is the lid using a drum. First, divide the drum in half down the drum’s length, such that you have a long semicircle half drum. Then make a hinged lid using angled iron and threaded rod. In case you want a lid that rotates, you can do that by welding the threaded rod to the rear part of the cover and then feed it into the upright hinged brackets located at the sides of the cinder blocks. Then, fix the hockey stick on the drum using bolts and copper pipe – the hockey stick serves as the handle.

There you have it! You can go ahead to light up your smoker and start smoking.


Building a rotisserie smoker yourself is not a herculean task. Just ensure you have all your materials laid out, including the tools you would need. With the appropriate tools and materials in place, you would definitely pull this through. Also, you can use the help of some friends to make the work faster, easier, and fun at the same time.

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