How To Clean A Deep Fryer (6 Easy Steps)


Deep fryers are great for crispy chips, crunchy tempura, and delicious fried chicken. If lingering grease is preventing you from enjoying your delicious treats, you need to learn how to clean a deep fryer properly.

Learn how to properly clean a deep frying pan and get other tips from experts.

How To Clean A Deep Fryer

1. Turn the Deep Fryer On and Unplug It

Do not clean your deep fryer if it is still plugged. To avoid burning, let the oil cool completely. Do not add water to hot oil containers. Otherwise, the mixture may explode.

2. Remove the basket and place it in a sink.

Place the basket in a sink and wash it with the warm soap. You may need to soak the basket in hot water for several hours if food particles have stuck to it.

It’s time to get in a good workout. To remove any debris, use a vigorous scrub motion with your brush or scourer. Rinse and dry on a rack.

3. Drain the Oil Out of Your Fryer.

After the oil has cooled, take the oil out of the deep fat fryer. Keep the oil cool in an oil container that has a lid. The coil should be discarded if it has gone rancid. If the coil has gone rancid, i.e., it smells or changes in color, you can dispose of it by placing it into a bag. To prevent oil drips from your countertop, place a container or bag inside the sink when pouring oil out of the fryer.

4. Clean the oil holding area of your fryer 

To remove food particles, scrape the bottom and sides with a plastic spatula.

If your deep fryer is oily, you can use a kitchen towel for cleaning and soaking up any oil residue. Keep going until all of the oil is absorbed by the kitchen towel. It is now possible to clean the deep fryer.

Place a bowl of warm soapy water next to the fryer. Use your sponge to clean. To remove any grime stubbornly stuck to the pan, heat some water in a fryer and let it sit for about 30 minutes.

You can use vinegar-water solution or baking soda water paste to clean the interior of your deep fryer if it remains oily after washing with Soapy Water.

After drying the entire fryer, use a clean cloth to wipe down the heating elements and allow it to dry completely.

5. Clean Your Fryer’s Controls, Handles, And Exterior.

A damp towel and a little vinegar can make a big difference. It is important not to add too much moisture to the oil as it will cause gumming and make it more difficult to clean. Electronics are not able to withstand moisture, which can pose a safety risk.

To remove any crusted areas, you can also use your toothbrush.

6. Refill your deep fryer with oil, replace the basket, and plug it in

Make sure everything is properly seated before you begin to fry.

How Often Should You Clean the Deep Fryer?

How Often Should You Clean the Deep Fryer

To avoid grease buildup, make sure to change the oil frequently and clean your fryer once in a while. If the fryer isn’t used often, it’s a good idea not to change the oil and clean a deep fryer after each use.

It doesn’t matter how often you fry in your deep fat fryer. However, it is important to know how to clean it after each use.

Salting your food in a deep fat fryer will make it last longer. After the food has been removed from the fryer, you can add salt to it. Salt and hot oil create free radicals that cause oil to break down faster, which can lead to unpleasant flavors and smells.

Keep the cooking temperature at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. The higher the temperature, the more oil is oxidized.

How Often Should You Change Cooking Oil?

To remove any oil that has been contaminated by the deep fryer, use a skimmer to run across the oil. Oil should be changed once per week if you fry on a regular basis.

You can change the oil once a week if you are a frequent fryer. You should replace your oil when you notice the following signs: Burnt smell; Burnt taste in fried foods, Darker color in fried food.

Fryer Maintenance Tips

Fryer Maintenance Tips

You can check for monthly gas leaks by cleaning the gas-conducting pipes with a soap-based cleaner and looking for bubbles. If bubbles are detected, turn off the gas immediately and call a technician to repair the machine. If gas is seen leaking from the fryer, you should immediately repair the hoses and parts.

We recommend that you take steps to reduce foreign objects such as food or water in oil. This can reduce oil quality and taste, as well as causing problems with fried foods. When cooking food, keep the frying pan away from the oil vat to reduce the chance of any loose particles getting into the oil.

You can extend the life of your cooking oil by keeping it at a low temperature and covering the fryer during busy times.


Regular cleaning of your deep fat fryer will ensure that your dishes are fresh and delicious. These steps will not only be good for your business but also save you time and money over the long term.

You can expect your deep fryer to last for a long time if you follow the steps to clean it after every use. Thank you for following the article on “how to clean a deep fryer.” We wish you happy cleaning.

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