How to Grill Frozen Burgers? 6 Easy Steps


Many people become indecisive when it comes to whether or not they should grill their burgers while still frozen or if they should wait for it to thaw. But what decision would you have made if you needed a quick meal fix whereas your burgers are still chilling in the freezer, super frozen?

Of course, it would be to toss them on the grill immediately because thawing can take several hours, which you may not have to spare. Well, grilling frozen burgers are possible and would cost you nothing short of taste and nutrients. Would you want to know the best way on how to grill frozen burgers without destroying your chance of a sumptuous meal? Then, do not stop reading.

What Are the Things You Need to Grill Your Frozen Patties?

Grilling frozen burgers is easy, and you do not need much to have your dish ready. Some of the major things required for this process are:

Grilling Spatula

This is needed to separate the already stuck frozen burgers. Make sure the spatula is a sturdy one that can do the job of splitting perfectly. If you do not have a spatula, you can use a butter knife for this.

Food Probing Thermometer

Sometimes, one might not be able to tell if a food is well-cooked or not despite the browning on the outside. This is where a food thermometer comes in. The device helps to read your food’s internal temperature and tell whether the food is done or not. With this, you would avoid ending up with a portion of uncooked or overcooked food.

A Pretty Good Grill

A gas grill is more likely to do a better job on frozen burgers. Notwithstanding, you can also use a charcoal grill; just that it might take a while to heat up and properly cook your burgers.

Hamburger Buns

If you want a filling meal with your burgers, you should try it out with a bun. The hamburger bun would hold your patty together with its toppings. Well, if there’s no bun, then it’s not a burger.


This could be ketchup, bacon, tomato, mayo, cheese, onion, mushrooms, etc., depending on your choice.

How To Grill Frozen Burgers?

I bet you cannot wait anymore; let’s get down to business! The following are the processed doe grilling frozen burgers:

Step 1. Take Your Burgers Out

Take your burgers out of the freezer and cut the pack open. Then, using the grilling spatula, split the burgers apart. This is to ensure the burgers grill evenly on all sides with enough seasoning. Ensure you are using a sturdy spatula because the process of splitting can be a little difficult. If you are not up for that, you can wait for a couple of minutes for the burgers to thaw a bit. With this, you would be able to separate them easily.

Step 2. Prepare Your Meat

After splitting, season them just like you would do to unfrozen burgers. Season with salt and pepper, or you can include any other ingredient you would love to have on your burgers. Mind you, because the burgers are frozen, the seasoning might not stick well like it would when the burgers are unfrozen. Hence, you would need more seasoning than usual.

Step 3. Prepare Your Grill

The next thing is to fire up your grill and leave it to preheat to about 325 degrees. If you are using a charcoal grill, preheat long enough until you cannot hold your hands above the grates for some seconds.

Step 4. Layout Your Burgers

Spread your seasoned frozen burgers across the grill grates and flip every 5 minutes. If you cook other foods together with the burgers, do not move the burgers close to those foods to avoid contamination. Keep the grill heat low to get all the burgers cooked.

Step 5. Keep An Eye On The Burgers

Closely monitor the patties as they cook, and do not forget to flip every 5 minutes to avoid flare-ups. Keep flipping the burgers as they cook for about 20 minutes or thereabout. Also, move the burgers around on the grill as some parts of the grates would be hotter than others. To be sure your burgers are properly cooked, poke with a food thermometer to check for internal temperature. For a well-cooked burger, the internal temperature should be a minimum of 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 6. Serve and Enjoy

Wash your hands with soap and water after this. Remove the burgers, dress them with your favorite toppings like mayo, lettuce, onion, tomato, cheese, meat, custard, etc. Now, toast your bun. You can as well grill the bun to give you that crispy texture. Wait for a minute or two for your burger to cool, then pair with the bun. There it is, your yummy meal is ready!

Immediately after cooking, clean the grates, and wash all tools used with soap and water to avoid cross-contamination.

How to Make Your Frozen Burgers Taste Nice as Much as Fresh-Made Burgers?

There is a notion that frozen burgers have this ‘pre-frozen taste that makes them not as good as fresh burgers. Well, this notion is wrong because you can as well make your frozen burgers taste heavenly, just like the freshly-made ones.

Frozen burgers can have as much flavor as fresh ones. You might not be able to replace the freshness of the flavor inside the frozen burgers because they are formed already, but you can go about it another way to get the delicious taste you crave for. How? By adding enough seasoning.

Frozen burgers need more seasoning for the flavor to be properly infused. All you need is enough salt (kosher salt especially), black pepper, and garlic or onion powder. Generously cover each side of the burgers evenly with the seasoning before grilling.

Then while grilling, before the burgers cook fully, cover the burgers with cheese and let it melt. By now, you would be hearing the sizzling sound and perceiving that heavenly aroma.

Another option that works really well is adding some little flavors and spices to your meat burger before forming and freezing. This would enable you to have a more flavor-infused burger. Ingredients like onions, cilantro, garlic powder, etc., can significantly improve the taste of your frozen burger.

What’s the Best Temperature to Grill Your Frozen Burgers?

Well, depending on your taste and choice, you can grill your burgers to come out in different ways. For instance, if you want rare burgers – that is, having a cool red center – you should allow the burgers to heat up internally until 120 degrees Fahrenheit before taking them off.

For medium-rare burgers (that is, a warm red center), the internal temperature should be 130 degrees Fahrenheit, while for medium burgers (that is, a pink center), it should heat up to 140 or 150 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if you want your burger well-cooked, you should let it heat up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.


Grilling frozen burgers takes almost twice as much as the time spent when grilling an unfrozen burger. But all the same, you would cut down on the time it would take if you had to thaw the burgers first. Also, bear in mind that frozen burgers taste the same way a fresh one would, if not better. Thank you for following up on our “how to grill frozen burgers” post!!!

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