Our Team

Albana Bennett

Founder & Author (Kitchen & Dining)
Albana Bennett is the founder of Montana’s Trail House. She’s a baking nerd and resident pastry magician dubbed one of America’s Greatest New Pastry Chefs by Food & Wine. She is always trying to keep it easy in the kitchen. She actually likes making doughs of each type. Spirit meals: Whipped cream.

Natasha Balami

Author- Patio & Garden 
Natasha Balami is the senior editor previously, she functioned as the electronic home editor in ELLE Decor. She spends her free time analyzing and reviewing excellent merchandise for Montana’s Trail House.

Juni Haraldson

Author- Bedroom
Juni Haraldson is a test analyst at the Paper, Textiles, and Plastics Laboratory at The Good Housekeeping Institute where she examines fiber-based goods which range from bedding to clothes.
She enjoys finding new ways to beautify her little United States apartment.

Tena Cortez

Author- Bathroom
Tena Cortez is a seasoned writer and editor specializing in decor and design. Splitting her time between amusement and editor she likes to concentrate on helping others express themselves in whatever medium they choose.

Maca Emanuelly

Author- Kids’ Room
Maca Emanuelly is a stay-at-home-mom to three lovely kids and a wife to a wonderful husband.
She would like to bring you the latest information on what is hot in the world of parenting in the USA.

Lara rojasR

Author- Living room
Lara rojasR is a licensed architect who’s enthusiastic about everything design and structure. In any case, she is a freelance product reviewer that specializes in furniture, homes.