14 Best Pool Test Kit Reviews in 2021 You Should Try


To get a swimming pool to be secure to use, the pool owner must use an appropriate mix of materials.

As an instance:

  • If your water’s pH is too low or too large, it may influence your eyes and skin.
  • Too-low levels of chlorine allow algae and germs to flourish on your pool, which raises the danger of disease.
  • If your pool is too acidic or too alkaline, your swimming pool walls, pump, along other pool elements could be affected.

How can someone decide whether their pool gets the ideal chemical equilibrium? You will need to utilize a pool test kit accessible frequently.

In this guide, we’re going to review the best pool test kit which needs to be on your wish list. We’ll also talk about the significance of pool water testing and, above all, the factors which should inform your buy choice.

List of 14 Best Pool Test Kit Reviews

1. Poolmaster Essential Collection Chemistry Case (22260) 5-Way Swimming Pool & Spa Water Test Kit

For pool owners who desire a detailed pool test kit to assist them in maintaining proper water balance, they could not do better than to use the Pool Master Essential Collection Chemistry Case.

In cases like this, the pool operator is going to have the tests they will need to check their water to the 5-most crucial parts which compose their pool water chemistry. These pieces are the Chlorine degree, the Bromine degree, pH level, Acid Demand, and Total Alkalinity. And these tests are wholly included within this kit that is simple enough for almost everyone to use to keep appropriate pool chemistry. How is that this evaluation used?

This kit includes testing vials; also chlorine/bromine, chlorine neutralizer, pH test, total alkalinity, and acid need index alternatives. The kit also includes readout scales which are made from UV-protected color chips that are incorporated inside the test block rather than published on them. This prevents sunlight from fading out the numbers on the scale and thus ruining it.

Each of these attributes makes this kit among the top ones for testing pool water, and that is why we’ve decided to make it our number one alternative. There simply is not an evaluation kit as comprehensive or easy-to-use as this one.


  • It is an extensive testing kit.
  • Has a UV-resistant scale.




The Taylor K-2006 Pool Water Test Kit can provide you each of the amounts you require at a good carry case with loads of instructions and guidelines. This pool test kit may assess total alkalinity, calcium hardness, chlorine, and cyanuric acid. This is a comprehensive kit that can check hot tubs, tubs, and saltwater pools.

Potentially among the best things about this item is that the carrying case and tips, which it includes. This pool test kit has saved a few pool owners tens of thousands of dollars in substances by grabbing issues long before things become nasty.

The general cost of this item is extremely honest for how long this can continue.


  • Carrying case with informational cards
  • Will check for much more than simply chlorine
  • Easy to use and easy to browse


  • Possibly more sophisticated than a pool owners favor


Accurately track your center’s salt degree with Taylor INC K-1766 out of Taylor Technologies. This test kit helps one to maintain your salt level at the desirable level all season. Taylor is a fluid pool test kit that will provide you with precise benefits in moments and prolong the life span of your pool and gear by providing fast and effortless maintenance.

The product employs an argentometric chemistry method of analyzing, and it tests the sodium chloride on your swimming pool. The very best quality of this kit is that it includes a heavy-duty waterproof case.


  • It comes with complete testing directions.
  • Features a heavy-duty carrying case
  • It comes with a silver nitrate reagent.


  • It does not test all of your water chemistry.

4. Pentair R151186 78HR All in One 4 Way pH and Chlorine Test Kit

As among the best pool test kits, the Pentair All at One 4-Way Kit tests for pH, chlorine, total alkalinity, and acid need. It’s exceedingly user-friendly and easy to use for people who have never tested their pool water before. That is due mostly to the fundamental yet insightful directions.

Your kit is kept organized and protected from external elements as a result of its blue screen box. The box is high in quality, so it could last you a fantastic deal of time. This whole kit is created for the undemanding upkeep of your swimming pool yearlong.


  • Easy to read
  • Speedy testing success
  • Easy to arrange and transportation


  • Prone to sun/heat harm
  • Reagents may require annual changes for better outcomes

5. Aqua Chek Aqua Chek Trutest Digital Reader

AquaCheck TruTest Digital Reader is among the simplest to utilize water testers out there. It provides effects on complete Alkalinity, pH, Bromine, and Free Chlorine on test strips within just 15 minutes.

It’s a water-resistant and lightweight poop test kit that needs no visual color matching. This kit includes a large screen that guarantees the simplicity of studying the information supplied. Additionally, it includes 25 strips that you may use to fit on the unit and discover the numbers of 3 pool water quality.

The digital pool test kit comes at a sensible price, and the AA batteries have been replaced after a lengthy time, decreasing the stress for an additional price. The beginner-friendly layout makes sure that the outcomes are simple to comprehend with an alert to inform when the compound levels aren’t safe.

It requires 2 AA batteries which aren’t included in the bundle, and you might have to buy them constantly. Another disadvantage is the test strip reader will operate only with the TruTest Digital Test Strips.


  • Provides results in 15 seconds
  • Easy and enjoyable to use
  • No guesswork, color fitting, or calibration needed
  • Capable of coverage numerical effects between color cubes
  • The memory function stores the past 9 test results


  • The test strip reader will operate only with the TruTest Digital Test Strips.

6. LaMotte 2056 ColorQ Pro 7 Digital Pool Water Test Kit

The LaMotte 2056 is among the top-rated DIGITAL pool test kits in the marketplace up to now. It has the power to test the alkalinity of the pool water in minutes. It is a competitive advantage in that the photometer gives accurate results each time.

Have you become a debate about blue versus pink or green vs. red? Some can observe green as you view it as gloomy. This may be a real mess when you’re using a manual pool test kit. As a result of the electronic meter, you do not need to be concerned about not being able to observe a difference in colors anymore.

The LaMotte 2056 ColorQ Pro 7 Digital Water Test Kit has the power to test 7 compound elements of your swimming pool. It is a complete all in 1 bundle. It HAS to be particularly for the price you’ve got to pay.

Even though it’s pricey, tens of thousands of pool owners swear by it. Due to the kit, many pool owners have saved an enormous sum of money on pool chemicals and what is not.

To guarantee maximum accuracy, the test kit employs liquid re-agents generally to check for Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Bromine, PH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness whilst using pills to test for Cyanuric Acid.


  • Testing within minutes
  • Waterproof
  • Accurate effects with liquid reagents and pills
  • Advanced knowledge not needed for pool maintenance


  • Quite costly

7. HTH 1173 6-Way Test Kit Swimming Pool Water Tester

Coming in seventh straight in the center of the bunch is your HTH 6-Way Test Kit. This test kit is inexpensive. This is a really straightforward pool test kit that will provide you amounts for total chlorine, bromine, pH, total alkalinity, total hardness, and cyanuric acid.

Even though this is a 6-way test and will offer that complete hardness dimension which other kits don’t, it doesn’t have a carrying case. A carrying case will keep you organized when it comes to pool water testing, which is among the most critical drawbacks of this HTH 6-Way test.

It’s possible to perform about a hundred tests using only this 1 kit. If you’re fed up with spending money on your own pool and only wish to keep a watch out for the compound amounts, have a peek at the HTH 6-Way.


  • Six-way test kit
  • Can test around 100 times


  • No carrying case
  • No electronic screen

8. JNW Direct Pool and Spa Test Strips – 100 Strip Pack

The following pool test kit on the list is that from JNW Direct. Though this testing kit does not possess the vials or the pizzazz our number one test has, it is capable of supplying the swimming pool owner with the necessary tools for them to continue their pool.

This kit is capable of quantifying 6-key pool chemistry elements, and these comprise Total Hardness, Total Chlorine, Free Chlorine, Total Alkalinity, Bromine, and pH. That implies that it is a fantastic tool for discovering pool chemistry, so it simply does not have the UV-coated scale or vials such as our number one selection did.

Each kit includes 100 strips, which provides the pool owner 100-tests to maintain in their pool chemistry during the swim season. This kit also includes the JNW Direct APP, an APP that makes it possible for the pool owner to record their own testing results, have a look at their newest outcomes, get recommendations, and monitor their outcomes with time. Due to this small kit, nearly everyone can keep up with their pool chemistry.


  • This pool testing kit is simple to use.


  • These tests present a quote rather than spot-on outcomes.

9. LaMotte 2058 ColorQ Pro 11 Digital Liquid Pool & Spa Chemical Water Testing Kit

The very best thing about Lamotte ColorQ Pro 11 is that you just need about 5 drops of reagent to find the results you need without looking at color matching or talks.

It includes the most recent technology, a water-resistant cover, and also a simple push-button control to supply you with the very best and simplest of all times if using it.

Though it’s among the priciest testing kits available on the market nowadays, its machines and technologies make it a fantastic investment that will endure for decades. You may be sure of having precise results every single time you use this kit with amounts rather than confusing colors.


  • A robust and durable kit
  • Have a superb five minutes auto-off attribute
  • Easy push-button controller for greater management


  • A costly kit

10. Blue Devil 5-Way OTO Swimming Pool Test Kit- Chlorine/Bromine

Blue Devil B7448 5-way OTO is a five-way testing kit that tests for bromine, Chlorine, pH, Acid need, and alkalinity levels of this pool. It’s simple to use because it is accompanied by an easy-to-read color comparison chart and testing vials.

The kit comes with compact storage since the supplies are stored in a plastic storage case. An individual may use the kit to test chemical amounts year after a second. Easy-to-follow directions are included to prevent second-guessing the outcomes.

The kit includes an Omni stain and scale control that eliminates puffiness and scale build-up brought on by an excessive amount of dissolved metals. In addition, it prevents staining from manganese, copper, and iron, and thus helping prevent severe harm to the kit. The results are quick, simple, and extremely precise, and you can buy dropper bottles individually whenever they run out. Its cost is quite reasonably priced.

Blue Devil B7448 5-way OTO has inferior excellent color match bars, which make it difficult to distinguish readings. The color of the dye is very likely to fade after a time. The entire alkalinity dye is light blue, rendering it hard to look at from sunlight beside the pool, at which everything has a blue backdrop.


  • It’s simple to use
  • Its cost is quite affordable.
  • The results are quick, easy, and highly precise.
  • Can buy dropper bottles individually whenever they run out


  • It difficult to distinguish readings
  • The color of the dye is very likely to fade after a time.

11. HealthSnap 10-in-1 Water Test Strips – Quick

These strips helpful for testing various heavy metals in pools, and each box includes 100 strips.

Some pools do not have to test for concentrations of heavy metals, and that explains the reason I do not suggest these to each pool owner. But should you have to check for metals, these items are a rapid and accurate approach to search for them. These are especially helpful when refilling your swimming pool since you might not know whether your public water source differs.

This manufacturer also provides additional guidance on which amounts you need to see, and it is a wonderful touch. Some companies only offer the results without context for interpreting those outcomes.


  • Rapidly tests for many common metals
  • Cheaper than most other pool testing kits
  • It comes with helpful information for interpreting the outcomes
  • Manufacturer donates some gains towards health research.


  • Not mandatory for pool owners
  • It might be hard for many users to guarantee test pads do not bleed into each other

12. Jed Pool tools Inc 00-481 Standard Dual Test Kit

The next on the list is your Jed Standard Dual Pool Water Test Kit. This is an easy kit that is only going to supply you with complete chlorine and pH. Although it comes in a little case which makes it effortless to carry around, it’s hard to read.

There’s almost no color variation between the chlorine levels. Based on the light available at the moment, you could be misdiagnosing a problem with your pool. The quantity of testing options that you receive on this kit is a bit smaller than some other alternatives out there.

Should you have to learn your chlorine now and you’ve got this particular pool kit lying about, it’s definitely adequate and okay to use. But if you’re seeking to buy a pool test kit that can allow you to continue to keep and diagnose your pool, consider spending a few bucks more on getting a better-quality item.


  • Cheap
  • Tests for the most significant factors
  • Enables easy testing


  • It does not allow to check for bromine amounts and cyanuric acid.

13. Poolmaster 22240 3-Way Swimming Pool or Spa Water Test Kit with Case

Among the contenders for your best pool test kit would be your Poolmaster 3-Way Test Kit Basic Collection. It assesses three compound variables: pH, bromine, and chlorine.

The kit comes with a rounded, clear-view test block along with fitting color caps to create reading the outcomes for the corresponding evaluations simpler. To make this more user-friendly, it sports easy-to-read numerical signs.

This kit comes along with a polyethylene case that’s weather-resistant, so you can save your kit and make sure that it remains protected under different conditions.


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent precision
  • Clear directions


  • Some caps do not match nicely
  • Yellow indicator hard to see

14. RUNBO 4-in-1 Pool Test Strips (100 Count) – Ideal for Swimming Pools

For our subscribers who were not impressed with the 5-in-1 or the 6-in-1 tests, we’d love to introduce to them an evaluation that is a small bit, on the other hand, the Runbo Pool & Test Strip Kit.

This really is a 4-in-1 pool test kit which is not as comprehensive as a number of the other kits we have reviewed, but it is cheaper. This kit is capable of quantifying Free Chlorine, Bromine, Total Alkalinity, and pH levels, and that is it.

Having said this, there are a number of things that we enjoy about this particular test. For starters, we enjoy the fact that it is portable and can easily be placed into a pocket or a handbag. We also enjoyed the fact that the strips were simple to use. There wasn’t any remixing of reagent substances to acquire a test outcome. Each of the pool owners must do follow the instructions and also dip the strips to the pool and wait for the elapsed quantity of time.

In addition, we enjoy that every kit includes 100 kits, so the pool operator may keep tabs on the pool chemistry all year. That is not too bad to get a testing kit that does not cost too much to purchase.


  • This test is portable and affordable.


  • It is not quite as comprehensive as other testing kits.

How To Choose the Best Pool Test Kit

Carry Case

While purchasing a liquid pool test kit, then you need someplace to keep all of the reagents and other tiny pieces. A carry case typically has expert places to maintain bottles differently and makes it simple to store everything securely and in 1 spot.


Very good kits will have a test for pH, sanitizer, advocated range for all dimensions, and total test guidelines. Better kits will test adjustment to pH, total alkalinity, assess the total amount of compound, and distinguish between blended and free chlorine. The very best kit will examine cyanuric acid, calcium, calcium, and iron, and aluminum.

Water source

There are various sorts of water testing kits. Some are intended to correctly examine municipal water, while some are strictly for good water. So, purchase your pool water testing kit based on the origin of your pool water.

In case you’ve got a well, the more typical contaminants you’re analyzing for include germs, Lead, fluoride iron, manganese, arsenic, nitrite, nitrate, and radiological. You won’t require chlorine tests unless you’ve disinfected it.

For people who rely on municipal water, then the typical tests you need are for Chlorine, Lead, and possibly fluoride. There’s not any urgency of testing bacteria unless there’s a scare such as recurrent bronchial complications.

Number of Tests

The majority of the pool test kits have a center to test involving 3 to 11 evaluations. More how many evaluations better the pool water chemistry.

You should start looking for a pool test kit that does not overlook the vital tests such as pH, Chlorine, and alkalinity of the pool water.

It could be an added advantage when the test kit offers you all the testing centers for Iron, copper, cyanuric acid & calcium hardness tests.

Normally, digital test kits provide you more evaluations than manual test kits.


Most pool water test kits cost between $8 and $60, whereas more innovative professional-style kits may cost more than $100. An $8 test kit will often be a little canister of 50 test strips. Should you invest $25, you can anticipate acquiring a more detailed kit that includes a carrying case and reagents. For $60, you can purchase either a high-quality digital test kit or a thorough kit with sufficient reagents to last you for several months.


During this guide, you need to have obtained some very valuable information with respect to the best pool test kit and the value that they can enhance your pool.

Employing a pool test kit is quite important and saves you a great deal of money and time in the long term. Hopefully, this guide was useful for your time you spent studying it.

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