20 Best Pool Thermometer Reviews of 2021 You Can Try



To track water temperatures correctly, you want to get a thermometer match on your pool. There are lots of pool thermometers offered from the marketplaces. Some are pricing large while others are really cheap. Do not tend to purchase a cheap one to spare a few bucks since the proper temperature of a pool will eventually influence the health of the men and women who bathe onto it.

This report concentrates on reviews of the best pool thermometer available on the market to allow you to pick from. What’s more, in addition, it includes a buying guide that will assist you in making the best option.

List of 20 Best Pool Thermometer Reviews

1. Ambient Weather WS-20 Wireless 8-Channel Floating Pool and Spa Thermometer

  • The most bothersome thing about conventional pool thermometers is the simple fact that you need to take them from the pool to observe the temperature. The Ambient Weather WS-20 shows temperature information on another screen you can put anywhere in your house. It’s an innovative watertight design, is simple to browse, and stays accurate after decades of usage. Add to the value that you get together with the indoor screen and different thermometer, and it’s easy to see why it is the very best.
  • The WS-20 bundle is made up of 3 components — a floating water thermometer that transmits data wirelessly, a normal air thermometer acceptable for indoor & outdoor use, along with the observation panel. The transmitter is a device that floats on the surface of the pool and requires precise water temperature readings. It’s a pastel blue color so that it does not stick out of its surroundings.
  • There is an LCD screen you can watch the temperature from if you are close or within the pool. The transmitter operates on solar electricity but has 2 AA batteries backup, which is easy to reach after you unscrew its own lid.
  • The tracking screen is the reason you would like to obtain the WC-20, though. It communicates wirelessly using both detectors and displays the information in a collection of cells that are broken. Each cell includes temperature readings from one source in enormous black numbers on the left in addition to recently listed minimums and maximums on the right.
  • The WC-20 works nicely, but you want to experience the ordeal of placing this up first. All 3 elements will need to maintain close range when you are establishing a connection for the first time. When placed alongside each other, the tracking screen may still don’t comprehend the detectors. It will operate after a couple of attempts, but getting there could be bothersome.

2. Milliard Floating Pool Thermometer

  • This Floating Guy Pool Thermometer is guaranteed to supply a little bit of whimsy and a few ornamental pleasures to any pool, spa, kayak, Jacuzzi, or fishing pond. It is roughly 7-inches tall and is capable of showing temperatures right in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • Additionally, it comprises a rope leash which allows the float to be stored in 1 portion of the pool without even worrying about it drifting off. Another fantastic thing about this thermometer is the fact that it is manufactured from ABS plastic that is intended to give many seasons of use, and it’s only small enough for this to be saved just about everywhere.

3. 9″ Yellow Goldfish Floating Swimming Pool Thermometer with Cord

  • Here’s the best pool thermometer, which accompanies fantastic value for the investment. The item includes a fantastic rating because it provides users a mixture of great features and value. What’s more, it lasts longer, and this means that it saves you money in the long term.
  • This pool thermometer comes with a goldfish on its own top, and this provides a great deal of pleasure to your pool. Additionally, there are assorted animal themes which it is possible to pick from, providing you with choices to select what suits you best.
  • Furthermore, it is simple to read. Because of this, it doesn’t need that you have a set of skills or expertise to acquire the ideal reading. In this manner, it lets you keep tabs on the pool temperature readily.
  • You’ll also love it includes a durable nylon cable for anchoring it. The cable is watertight, and therefore it cannot permit water to permeate through it and get the inner places, and this means it is safe.
  • The pool thermometer readings are provided in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, and thus you buy many different components to boost accuracy. Besides, to make certain that this best pool thermometer functions for a lengthy time period, it’s assembled using a heavy-duty plastic substance.

4. Milliard Floating Pool Thermometer Polar Bear, Large Size String Outdoor and Indoor Swimming Pools

  • Having an optimal, exceptional design and precise measurement capacity, the Milliard Polar Bear Floating Pool Thermometer is worthy of getting the term’s best pool thermometer. Why do I speed these loungers since the best overall? Well, they’re well balanced generally.
  • Being analog, the thermometer includes mercury to demonstrate water temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit levels, which assist users in reading precisely the pool temperature with no guesswork.
  • Additionally, being made from ABS plastic with a beautiful polar bear-like design plus a rope leash to boost the equilibrium, this pool thermometer will offer you the durability, trendy and funny sense, and style decoration into your pool.

5. Ambient Weather WS-14 Wireless 8-Channel Floating Pool and Spa Thermometer

  • The WS-14 is a digital, wireless pool thermometer by Ambient Weather. It floats on the surface of the pool, works up to 8 attached devices, and also supports a sensible line of sight around 100 feet.
  • The screen is quite clear and may even be read from throughout the area, assuming you’ve got at least a good degree of attention sight.
  • 1 problem is the fact that it will not alert you if a sign drops between the detector and the recipient, so you might be receiving an obsolete reading and not even know it.
  • The biggest gripe, however, would need to be the build quality. This seems to great debate among consumers, with some viewing a few years of use out of this device while some have hardly gotten 3 weeks from it.

6. GAME 14900-6PDQ-E-01 Floating Digital Pool Thermometer

  • Next on our list is your pool thermometer from GAME. Using a dual display of LCD displays on each side, you will have the ability to receive an accurate digital temperature reading that’s big and bold, so it’s not hard to look at a glance.
  • The water temperature is provided in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, so the decision is yours. While the pool thermometer’s cover floats over the surface, this digital pool temperature indicator has an extensive expansion that’s 5 inches beneath the surface for greater accuracy when measuring the pool water temperature because the surface temperature will probably differ.
  • Additionally, this is long enough to prevent it from becoming lodged in the skimmer, even though you may also take advantage of the tether line that’s contained, which will also create the job of attempting to get to the pool thermometer much simpler.
  • There’s some disagreement about the accuracy of digital thermometers versus a liquid-based analog thermometer but being electronic provides quicker readings if you do not need to leave your pool thermometer in the water indefinitely.

7. GAME 13034 Tiki Spa and Pool Thermometer Shatter-Resistant Casing Tether Included

  • With many innovative accessories contained in GAME Solar Spa & Pool Thermometer is about the top 7 of the listing. As a solar-powered choice, it will not require batteries to get the job done. Assessing the environment is obviously significant, and as a result of its solar power derived from sunlight, you are able to control and use the thermometer with no situation. With its surface, it is easy to be read, and the amounts are displayed within the double-sided LCD display. By being angled, it is going to permit you to readily ascertain the temperature of the swimming place.
  • Picking an alternative made out of the durable and shatter-resistant structure is almost always a wise move, and this instrument is all but indestructible. Using an easy user interface, followed by a blue button for shifting the temperature screen, everybody can use it and also know about the temperature indoors. It is possible to observe dimensions in Fahrenheit or Celcius. Additionally, it may reach a thickness of 5 inches beneath, letting you get more precise numbers of their water temperature.
  • Installing the application is quite simple, letting you achieve a secure fit without a lot of work contained over the particulars. Together with the long-lasting tether, there’s absolutely not any probability of drifting over the surface, in the skimmer basket, or get between the different areas of the pool cleaning gear. And if you’re a lover of another Game goods, you ought to worry not, as it’s made to match perfectly with the remainder of their gear.

8. Etekcity Dual Temperature Gun Non-Contact Digital Laser Thermometer

  • The infrared thermometer with double laser pointers boasts flexible emissivity whose high precision in measuring temperature. The consumers are free to place the device with Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Together with the very low battery indicator, you’ll never undergo running from their battery lifetime. In any case, the versatile layout is provided to ascertain all surface requirements in boiling to freezing factors.

9. Ambient Weather WS-25 Wireless 8-Channel Floating Pool and Spa Thermometer

  • Now we are gettin’ a little fancy. It’s true that you can read the water by looking at the pool thermometer. However, why walk all of the ways out to do that when you can simply read it to the screen console you remain inside?
  • This thermometer utilizes wireless technologies to transmit via line of sight over roughly 100 ft and reveals the temperature in an LCD screen. Its 8-channel selectable switch lets you monitor temperatures from around eight distinct places with added sensors. It is telescopic but uses 4 AAA batteries for backup and upgrades about every 60 minutes.
  • Be certain that you eliminate your floating pool thermometer when adding chemicals into the pool. Until they have dissipated, a few pool chemicals can be harsh on vinyl thermometers and might cause some rust.

10. Pull Together Floating Swimming Pool Thermometer

  • The floating turtle pool thermometer is a fantastic selection for swimming pools and spas. It includes a cute turtle look and floats on the water surface. It’s also secure and fun for the baby to play. This pool thermometer displays in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. It’s simple to read and contains a series of the tether. Among those things we really enjoy about this pool, the thermometer is it is produced of durable, high-quality substances and can be shatter-resistant. Great option!

11. Large Floating Pool Thermometer Aquatix Pro Premium Water Temperature Thermometers with String

  • We researched the Aquatix Pro Large Floating Pool Thermometer since the very best value total on our listing. It may read up to a maximum temperature of 120 levels while offering the readout onto a massive screen. As it’s an analog thermometer layout, you need to expect it to have a couple of minutes to receive a suitable reading as soon as you put it on your pool.
  • This apparatus will float, but you want to fill the reservoir so it will stay flat in the water. The fantastic thing is that it’s not hard to wash.
  • It includes a one-piece guarantee and can be shatter-resistant. It’s also quite durable and provides a precision of +/four to eight levels.

12. Homga Floating Pool Thermometer

  • A cute-looking shark float may be at the top of the thermometer, but it does not mean it is not capable of taking care of business. It is manufactured utilizing an impact-resistant plastic which makes it incredibly durable, and it is more than capable of studying water temperatures from 0-degrees to 50-degrees Celsius. Once left in the water for many minutes before taking a reading, it requires the pool temperature very accurately. Additionally, it has a handy line that enables it to be tied in position, so it does not float around the whole pool.

13. Swimming Pool, Dartphew 1Pcs Safety Floating Water Temp Thermometer

  • This really is a searchable best pool thermometer you will see on the current market, which makes it exceptionally inexpensive. The merchandise being competitively priced doesn’t indicate that longevity and quality are jeopardized since this pool thermometer functions as precisely as the luxury choices.
  • Would you wish to obtain a pool thermometer with quality assurance to make certain you get value for the money? Well… You need to think about purchasing this product as it includes 12 months guarantee and a painless money-back guarantee to guarantee satisfaction.
  • You’ll also love how this item is not difficult to use as you want to do drop it in the swimming pool, spa, or pond; after that, read the temperatures. The item is beginner-friendly, and this means that you don’t have to have experience or skills to read it correctly.
  • To make certain, this product is environmentally friendly; it’s made with a high-quality vinyl substance that’s environment shielding.
  • One more thing which makes this product among the very best on the current market is the flexibility it includes. You may use it for both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spas, fish ponds, and aquariums.

14. Floating Pool Thermometer, Large Display with String Easy to Read

  • I can make certain you’re getting a great deal of bang for your dollar when you experience an intention to purchase this pool thermometer since the purchase price of it’s too low for your advantage it brings in.
  • The Flamingo Pool Thermometer provides you with the precise quantity of water temperatures from comprising mercury with both Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees at the scale of temperatures, as well as the highest temperature is around 120F and 50℃.
  • In any case, this item is rather user-friendly. Only by placing it into the water and waiting for 1 to 2 minutes may users pick this up and read the temperature. The gorgeous color and animation shape layout becomes an element that attracts this pool thermometer point.

15. Raytek MT6 Non-contact MiniTemp Infrared Thermometer

  • The MT6 is a virtual, handheld infrared pool thermometer in Raytek. It employs a one dot laser system using a -30º to 500ºC temperature array, and it is powered by a 9V alkaline battery that’s included.
  • Becoming laser-based, the Raytek offers exceptionally precise temperature readings. And contrary to other thermometers mentioned here, it works on pretty much any surface — not only the contents of your swimming pool.
  • Some customers report that it will not really attain the space, in addition to a pungent odor coming from the comprised carry case. Pretty trivial stuff thinking about the general quality of the item.

16. Blufree Floating Pool Thermometer

  • This rubber duck pool thermometer is just another of our enjoyable types to float onto the outside and bob across the pool. Even though a guarantee for swimming pool thermometers might not be the very first thing you consider when buying one, the price you might pay for a best-rated pool thermometer to your mobile hot tub is worth considering.
  • In case the manufacturer backs its product, you’re normally purchasing quality, and this merchandise by Blufree gets the best of 45 days money-back guarantee along with a 12-month guarantee. But if the testimonials are a guide, we can’t imagine anything going wrong with this floating thermometer flamingo.
  • It’s constructed from sturdy stuff and is a conventional water thermometer layout plus a device that doesn’t have any electronic components, unlike digital pool thermometers, which leave very little space for collapse.
  • At the cap of the merchandise has a rubber duck, just like those which we remain floating in our children’s bathtub. Add a small distinctive element to your differently elegant house spa. In its entirety, the layout is almost 8.5 inches long, such as the floating components, and can also be accessible is a blue shark or design layout.

17. Milliard Floating Bear Pool Thermometer

  • Apart from being a very innovative alternative, the Milliard Floating Bear Pool Thermometer is designed to provide precise dimensions of the water temperature. Produced as a polar bear chilling on the surface of the pool, it is going to gauge the temperature of its water whilst drifting about.
  • Your children are going to absolutely adore the adorable detail, and it’s designed to be secure for using, allowing you to not be worried it is going to break and lead to trouble. Constructed to be sturdy and secure, it is easy to browse the temperature above the high-quality plastic surface. Water’s temperature is going to be shown at equally Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • As a sizable choice, it is going to deliver quality dimensions, letting you browse the numbers with no hassle in the process. Having a fantastic value for the cost, you may have a pleasant and innovative solution that will be durable and efficient enough to serve you nicely within the seasons.

18. Milliard Pool Thermometer Sinking for Accurate Below Surface Readings

  • This sinking thermometer comes with a precise measurement adaptable into the base water and resistant to sun rays. This instrument stays floating off as a rope leash can also be included.
  • The 10-inch-tall nice-looking thermometer allows the users to see in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Speaking of this substance, it’s constructed from durable ABS plastic.

19. Non-Contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer Gun by Kecheer

  • We admit. This one could be a little overkill. But if you are a gadget geek, then you are gonna enjoy it. Maintain this handheld laser pool thermometer from the sofa seat and immediately get a temperature reading about any component of the pool. Since your water temperature will change based on thickness, aiming it in the center of the swimming pool is best.
  • The Kecheer utilizes a pre-installed 9V battery and measures temperatures from -58°F into 1022°F (-50°C into 550°C). OK, so that the pool is not likely to become 1022°F (at least, we all hope not!). However, this apparatus may come in handy once you’re barbecuing, doing auto maintenance, or house repairs, which means that you really can get your money’s worth. Not just that, it includes a 2-year guarantee and lifetime customer care.

20. Pentair R141036 127 Tube Thermometer with ABS Case and 3-Feet Cord

  • This high-quality pool thermometer does all you need at a reasonable price. You will love this product offers accurate readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius and is not difficult to read. It includes a thick, durable ABS tube instance plus also a 3-feet cord.
  • Pool thermometers will supply you with crucial details regarding the operation of pool heating methods. It does all you need, and it’s not easy to beat the purchase price. In general, we enjoy this best pool thermometer since it’s durable and simple to read.

How To Choose The Best Pool Thermometers


The best pool thermometer should endure for numerous seasons. Many pool fittings have short lifespans, but thermometers don’t fall into this class. Because of their simple design, they could withstand the heat as well as other climate problems connected with a pool.

The thermometer you decide on should not break easily and ought to maintain its purpose for several seasons. Though some fading of colors isn’t a big deal, you ought to need to do anything to maintain it by studying the temperature year in, year out.


Everything you do need to search for is a fantastic guarantee. Something is very likely to go wrong with your product sooner or later, and if that’s in the first couple of years of its life span, then a guarantee will have you covered. If you don’t buy a product with a guarantee, then you leave yourself open to having to cover repairs or replacing your thermometer entirely.

Whenever you’re purchasing pool thermometers, then it might be well worth spending a bit more for yourself, a money-back guarantee. You will never know what will occur with the attachment, particularly one that is connected with the water all the time. Many pool thermometers will include a guarantee, and you may find a last-minute guarantee. Even if you just receive a guarantee on components, you can definitely save some hassle and money free.


Pool thermometers feature various styles such as hand-held, hanging, or floating. Here’s a review of every of these.

  • Floating: These are pool thermometers that sit on the face of swimming water. As they’re not completely submerged in water, these versions can be accurate but not necessarily.
  • Hanging: The same as its name implies, these are products that hang within the pool. Typically, they are typically tied with a string to the walls of the pool and also permitted to be a couple of inches within the water.
  • Handheld: Handheld pool thermometers are briefly put in water before a [exact reading is accomplished. Alternately, these models include a point and shoot’ infrared laser to assist them in relying upon the temperature readings.

Advanced Features

The next thing an individual will need to consider is if they require a fundamental model that only provides the temperature reading in Celsius and Fahrenheit, or should they require a version that has innovative features like having the ability to link to WiFi, preserving temperature outcomes, or if it may also work as a dispenser and distribute chlorine or bromine.

Analog vs Digital

  • Analog versions are only the fundamental kinds of thermometers your mother used to maintain within her medicine cabinet, which use mercury to reveal the temp.
  • A digital thermometer will read the warmth of the pool and exhibit it on display for you. There’s generally a probe, or anything different, which sits under the surface of the water also tracks the temperature. The warmth on display will vary to reflect the warmth of the probe. Some digital thermometers are wireless.

Solar-powered vs Battery-powered

  • Solar-powered thermometers are eco-friendly since they tap power from sunlight to power their unit. They may be a little more costly than corded ones, but in the long term, they’ll save you a fantastic sum of money for replacement batteries frequently.
  • Battery-powered thermometers are the simple version but likely less common today. They need regular battery replacement to remain alive though you are able to cut back on the cost of using rechargeable batteries.


Pool thermometers are unquestionably a demand for everybody who loves to float. And so, as time moves, these devices are gaining an increasing number of popularity.

Selecting and selecting the most appropriate pool thermometer for you is a huge errand, particularly once you’ve got a wide array to select from. Given the circumstance, I expect we assisted you in discovering the best pool thermometer for you with all these great products we showcased.

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