12 Best Raised Toilet Seat Reviews in 2021 You Should Buy


We cannot be ashamed or afraid to discuss bathroom requirements for maturing adults. A crucial and commonly needed thing is the raised toilet seat. We’re all comfortable with seeing it at the hospital or in our grandparents growing up. We will need to be comfy to talk about it with our aging parents.

Together with the best raised toilet seat, they do not have as much to go that makes it easier for them, and also, the handles/arms supply the excess support they want. It’s important to check in these seats and browse through the testimonials to be certain that you are obtaining a secure and sturdy alternative. Here would be the 12 best raised toilet seats selling on Amazon…

What Is A Raised Toilet Seat?

What Is A Raised Toilet Seat?

A raised toilet seat is assistive technology for people who have restricted freedom made to help them use the toilet while seated. The raised seat reduces the space the older adult should lower themselves into the seat and stand back up again. The gap of a few inches will make a world of difference when sitting down and standing up.

There are various kinds of raised toilet seats available in the industry. For example, some are put over the toilet frame while some are set up beneath. A few of those devices provide a lot more features than many others, but that may also boost the purchase price.

You will have the ability to find raised toilet seats with handles (arms), seats with railings, mobile models, and much more. Everyone is going to provide you with a different set of advantages and drawbacks, so it’s vital to understand your requirements before choosing which version you’re going to be purchasing.

List of 12 Best Raised Toilet Seat Reviews

To limit your choice and provide you intel on what would be the very best, read another collection of the best riser toilet seats and their brief reviews.

1. RMS Raised Toilet Seat – 5 Inch Elevated Riser with Adjustable Padded Arms

  • The RMS raised toilet seat provides a superb altitude of 5 inches (12.7 cm) and a comfortable layout. The system includes two flexible handle arms, which provide support and security. You will have the ability to correct this device to your width and height without a lot of work.
  • Furthermore, the unit is lightweight and made from high-quality substances, providing you resistance and durability. It’s also simple to install and use and provides good toilet adaptability. But, it doesn’t remain stable on several elongated toilets.

2. Carex Toilet Seat Riser

  • The toilet seat lift raises the toilet seat’s height by 5 inches to assist the handicapped, the elderly, people fighting to get up or sitting down, patients with knee or hip operation, and some other physically challenged individual (s).
  • This exceptionally convenient toilet seat lift has non-metallic rubber pads to fasten the seat in 1 area. It features a wider and exceptionally comfortable seating space.
  • The toilet riser raises the height of the toilet seat by 5 inches with no need to remove the toilet seat.

3. Vive Hinged Toilet Seat Riser

  • The hinged toilet riser out of Vive is your best raised toilet seat for older and for anybody with post-surgery troubles. By means of screws, it’s by far the most secure riser version on the market!
  • Installing the seat is not much hard. Only insert the bolts through the riser, the first seat, and the lid. This permits you to utilize your current seat, which is something many folks adore!
  • The outcome is exceptional equilibrium, removing slip and fall cases. In addition to that, it’s non-slip pads to get much more secure sitting.
  • Among the best things about this design is that you may lift the riser and other toilet parts. Among the easiest to wash seats on the marketplace!!
  • It comes in two different versions– one for regular along with the other for extended toilets. The seat has an 8.5″ opening, which should be fine for many average-sized users.

4. Yunga Tart Raised Toilet Seat

  • If you’re searching for economically raised toilet seats, possibly for briefly utilize as you recuperate from the recent operation, then the version out of Yunga Tart is definitely one to look at. The seat is appropriate for both round and elongated toilets and supplies a 4″ elevation.
  • Installing the seat is a cinch and needs no additional tools, just increase your toilet seat and cover and set it on the toilet rim. The seat is fitted with four non-slid pads in the bottom, which can help keep it secure and prevents it from going.
  • The seat is contoured for greater comfort, and it has a front and rear recess for easy wiping. It just weighs 2.9 pounds, so it is perfect if you would like to use it everywhere. Regardless of it being lightweight, it’s a weight capacity of 275 lbs that ought to be acceptable for all users.

5. SP Ableware – 9155 Maddak Tall-Ette Elevated Toilet Seat

  • If you’d like nice and secure raised toilet seats, then you will love this bit by SP Ableware. It’s extra wide to accommodate the consumer better. In addition, it has sturdy aluminum legs to get improved support. We enjoy its simplistic nature, which makes fitting it about the standard toilet seat simple. In reality, you’re going to be through with the setup in a few minutes or even seconds. The device works with the standard in addition to elongated types. It comes ready to install and does not require more accessories or attachments.
  • The surface feels fairly smooth and comfy and does not become too cold in the cold, encompassing or overly hot in a hot atmosphere. Anyway, the surface is not slippery or sticky. And for simply getting off and on, the seat features some fine armrests. They also include great padding for additional comfort. It is a fine-looking piece that works fine in several areas. And as a result of this ceramic assembled, it manages the jobs pretty simple. Additionally, cleaning it inst an issue courtesy of this glossy finish.

6. HealthSmart Portable Elevated Raised Toilet Seat Riser

  • This is Amazone’s no. 1 bestseller from the raised toilet seat category and can also be the preferable lightweight toilet seat riser from the listing.
  • What exactly makes this model so unique; is its lightweight, portability, ease of use, unbreakable, as well as cost.
  • This elevated toilet seat riser will include 5 inches height into a toilet seat, which makes it a lot simpler for the consumer to sit down and get up. The seat includes slip-resistant 4 pads, which allow it to readily adhere to the toilet bowl.
  • The seat riser is produced of high-quality unbreakable polyethylene that may support a weight of up to 250 Ibs. It’s quite portable. It may be folded flat for simple transport; it is possible to take it with you wherever you move. Additionally, it’s simple to wash.

7. DMI Elevated Raised Locking Toilet Seat with Armrests

  • This version provides seniors and operation patients using an astonishing 5-inch elevation above a toilet. In addition, it supplies ergonomic handlebars that further improve security and ease of usage. The manage flairs out somewhat to improve firmer grip, which makes users apply themselves when getting on and off the seat.
  • The framework is made of rust-resistant aluminum, which makes the item less weighty for health professionals and older customers to move and save. And with three knobs, the fixture could be fastened tightly in place. It is designed to match with most ordinary round toilets. On the other hand, the model replaces present toilet seats, and that could raise some difficulties if the toilet has been shared with other individuals.
  • At its current price, the item is just one of the cheapest; its higher height benefit and lightweight aluminum armrest might have readily controlled a higher cost.

8. Vaunn Medical Clamp-On 4″ Height Raised Toilet Seat Riser

  • If it comes to medical tools, VAUNN understands what you want. Crafted while taking notice of the vital qualities to use advantage, it is no wonder why they have among their best raised toilet seats.
  • This product is weightless and can be performed everywhere; if it’s needed to be obtained during journeys, this item is most appropriate for you. Additionally, it has a cushioned chair surface to balance the weight reduction and keep it secure.
  • It’s constructed from durable polyethylene that provides comfort to the consumer and may carry about 300 pounds. Additionally, it has a cushioned chair surface which confirms balanced weight reduction and solidity, using a 4-inches added height allowing elderly or handicapped people to sit rise in the seat effortlessly. And this unit is acceptable for regular round toilet bowls and weighs over 4 pounds.
  • The item does not need any tools for your setup procedure; you might just fix the clamps on the toilet bowl. It’s a lid attached to the seat riser for superior aesthetic and hygiene. To wash out the apparatus, all you want to do is wipe the surface down with soap and warm water or use sanitizing wipes.

9. Vive Toilet Seat Riser with Handles

  • The Vive Raised Toilet Seat With Handles is a model that comes in 2 sizes: a standard or elongated variation. It gives suitable attachable grips to make getting on and off the toilet easier.
  • Designed to fit under any current toilet seat, the merchandise could be attached via the use of washers and screws that are included using the riser, requiring no tools or extra pieces for setup.
  • The grips are padded with soft foam grips, which makes them comfortable and simple to use for elderly people who want a little more support and assistance getting down and up in the toilet. They have a 22″ of breadth between these, which ought to be a lot of space for the majority of people. The grips are also removable, so in the event that you decide they are not needed, they may be removed easily. Additionally, it created of rust-resistant aluminum, additionally allowing for fast and effortless cleaning with soap!
  • This seat is designed to support up to 300 pounds of weight, and the seat is constructed from durable plastic, which could be easily squeezed down for simple cleaning.
  • Notice that this unit doesn’t include a toilet seat lid; instead, you’ll want to remove your present lid and seat, set up the riser, then put your old seat and lid back on and screw it back together.

10. Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat with Arms

  • The Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat is an excellent product. This version installs into the toilet bowl under your toilet seat (as seen previously ), and all bolts with each other to finish the installation. The arms are easy to slip off and on, providing that customization you would be searching for.
  • The durability of this Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat Appears to Be a powerful point. And while others claim it’s somewhat unstable, though, a fast washer swap ought to help lock the seat into position for optimum stability. The other hardware will suffice with these raised toilet seats.

11. Drive Medical RTL12027RA Elevated Raised Toilet Seat with Removable Padded Arms

  • The following on this listing of the most effective elevated toilet seat for hip replacement would be your Drive Medical Elevated Toilet Seat.
  • An exceptional characteristic of this version is that the existence of armrests. These armrests are very handy for anybody that finds sitting or bending hard. The removable arms are cushioned, thus ensuring relaxation when gripped. The arms are removable, so you can fix them according to taste or requirements.
  • Additionally, this vinyl raised seat adds around 5″ to the height of the toilet seat. With a tool-free setup, this version delivers a secure fit on virtually all sizes of toilets.
  • With a seat thickness of 9″ and breadth of 8″, users may locate the Drive Medical Raised Toilet Seats a comfy and flexible choice. Coupled with all the 300 pounds weight capability, you have a product which may be employed by various sizes of individuals.

12. AquaSense Portable Raised Toilet Seat

  • The AquaSense Portable Raised Toilet Seats are an exceptional product that’s quite affordable. It’s designed to fit most criteria baths.
  • As a senior needing a greater seat, you may love this raised seat that provides you 4 extra inches of height. Lightweight and portable, it is simple to transfer this seat from room to room in your home or take it with you whenever you travel. As soon as it’s easy to carry, it is definitely not lacking in power; this seat can hold up to 400 lbs.
  • For a wonderful price, you are able to find a seat raiser which includes a sleek design that’s simple to wash. The surplus seat makes sitting and standing considerably easier without needing to bend risk or low falling. An interior lip fits inside the first toilet bowl, preventing it from slipping.

How To Choose The Best Raised Toilet Seats


Most raised toilet seats increase toilet height anywhere from two to six inches. A correctly sized toilet seat will permit the consumer’s feet to rest flat on the ground for the greatest stability. Moreover, the consumer’s knees and hips should be at a level height onto a correctly sized seat.

Shopping online provides you the best variety of alternatives, but it might make it hard to pick the ideal height. But a couple of quick measurements can remove the guesswork. To locate the appropriate elevation, have the consumer sit at a chair that enables their feet to rest comfortably on the ground and retains their hips and knees level. Assess the height from the ground to the rear of the thigh, behind the knee, where the thigh contacts the seat. Write down that number.

Then assess the height from the ground to the peak of the present toilet seat. Subtract the second number in the very first. This number tells you that the height your raised seat should be.

Installation And Removal

Some goods are replacements for your present toilet seat. Others are removable so that others may use the bathroom also. We favor models that could attach with no different tools. The most important concern is safety. It has to match well without the chance of falls for optimum safety since decreasing once raises your odds of a recurrence and potential injury.

Removal is another crucial consideration, particularly if you or your loved ones would be the only people who want this item. We recommend you or your physician inspect the fit regularly to make sure it’s safe to use regardless of which version you select. You will also find mobile ones which you could take when traveling that adds to their value.


The unhappy truth is that the entire world isn’t intended to accommodate larger folks. While most handicap toilet seats will support up to 250 lbs, a few will support around 300 lbs. A drop from a toilet of routine height could be catastrophic, and including up to 5″ will not help; do your best not to check the maximum weight capacity of goods and risk it breaking up.


Another significant concern is if you may want the seat to integrate built-in grips to help encourage the individual when they get off and on the toilet. It is an extra feature that most individuals will love, even if they don’t want it all of the time. If they’re feeling weak or want to reach out to assist lower themselves, then the grips can be helpful.

The 1 reason you might not wish to receive a seat with handles will be if you currently have grab bars installed on each side of the toilet which would remove the need for additional handles or if you’re placing the toilet in a really small, compact area that doesn’t have space for them.


There are a whole lot of methods to earn riser toilet seats safe for anybody’s use. Some are extremely thick and secure, with arms and locking straps designed for consumers with a poor sense of equilibrium, but others have easy or non-skid pads or are fastened with Velcro straps. Your balance and equilibrium are what determine the important stability of the seat riser since these conditions can change considerably (from the various fashion and security that producers create ) and rely on the way in which the user handles himself.


A raised toilet seat gives a helpful solution for people who demand additional support to offset muscle reduction or decreased mobility because of health problems. They optimize the way that your body performs regular activities to make your life more healthy while appreciating the ability to age in place in your house safely.

Hopefully, you will have the ability to purchase the one which meets your requirements best after reading this report.

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