12 Best Range Hoods For Gas Stoves Reviews of 2021


Why should you use range hoods for gas stoves?

A gas stove range hood is among the very valuable appliances in the kitchen. It eliminates odors, smoke, steam, and potentially dangerous pollutants and fumes generated during cooking.

Since gas stovetops burn gas, they create more fumes and heat than electrical ranges. Thus they need better venting. Gas cooktops discharge toxins like carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide, and carbon dioxide because you cook.

Furthermore, these products also help improve the market value of your property.

We would like to guard your wellbeing and security and make certain you select the best product for your stove. So, We’ve researched and compiled the 12 best range hoods for gas stoves you can trust.

List of 11 Best Range Hoods For Gas Stoves Reviews

1. EKON Wall Chimney Range Hood

  • This range hood from EKON is the best range hood for gas stoves you can get for your kitchen. Its rich features to distinguish itself from other average range hoods makes it a unique and high-quality device.
  • The device is built with a stainless steel construction which makes it durable and strong to withstand any kind of emissions in the kitchen. The motor of the range hood is very powerful with 900 CFM in air purging power which is up to standards.
  • The sound ranges around 65 decibels that means are one of the quietest range hoods with less noise. The LED lights provide more brightness than other conventional models. The 98 bulbs cast enough light to enable you to see inside your cooking pots.
  • The unit comes with the ability to use ducted and ductless mode adding more preference to the user. The unit is also convertible out of the box. You don’t need extra kits or purchases to use this range hood saving you some money.
  • The digital control panel has a touchscreen that’s makes operating the unit easier and convenient. The fan is controlled with one of the 3 blower settings. Included also are Charcoal filters, adjustable vent hood, 2-piece adjustable chimney, and washable grease traps.

2. Cosmo UC30 Under Cabinet Range Hood

  • The Cosmo range hoods for gas stoves is a potent kitchen appliance that gets the work done efficiently. The two-watt LED lamps offer excellent illumination, and this layout should be quite fine and work well.
  • It’s a 3-speed fan that can exhaust 380 CFMs produces around 380 cubic feet per minute for exceptional venting, and it is simple to wash the filters at a dishwasher.
  • In addition, the slick design keeps the warmth coming while keeping undesirable sound levels at 65 dB. Most of all, it is made from tough materials that endure virtually everything with only moderate cleaning. Really, you will have nothing but a smooth atmosphere in your kitchen.
  • Together with sidelights, you are able to cook at night without cranking the huge lights.

3. Cosmo 668WRCS75 Wall Mount Range Hood

  • In case you have room to get a full-size kitchen range hood, then this is a superb option. Not only can it be made of high-quality stainless steel, but it’s a couple of high-tech alternatives to make it much more functional. When looking at kitchen range hood testimonials, people are praising this version.
  • The very first thing I enjoy about this unit is your soft-touch control panel along with an LCD display. Even though analog knobs might be more dependable in the long term, obtaining a touchscreen makes it look as if my kitchen is still futuristic. It’s possible to control the fan with one of 3 fan levels of the brushed stainless steel range hood with a maximum CFM of 380. I will enter specs and amounts later, but that is enough power for many consumer-grade gas stoves.
  • Another reason this is among the best kitchen range hoods is the fact that it includes 2W LED lighting. They’re additional bright to assist you to see anything you are cooking, and they do not have some sound, unlike halogen. Speaking of sound, this hood is much simpler compared to many versions, capping out at 65 decibels. For comparison, that is lower than any human language. Other characteristics that I enjoy about this particular kitchen hood comprise the charcoal filters, the more washable grease traps, along with the flexible vent hood. On top of that, you may even run this with no port, and you do not need to find an adapter for this!

4. Cosmo COS-QS75 Range Hood with 500 CFM

  • End on the listing of range hoods for gas stoves stems from Cosmo and also this one you will adore for its low sound levels. You might wish a conversation as you cook?
  • In addition, it appears ultra-modern as a result of the touchscreen. Do not worry; it is backlit so that it works even for mothers who wish to warm up some milk without even waking the baby together with all the glowing kitchen lighting –just switch in your range hood.
  • This is an appliance that can allow you to save in several areas: from power to cash. That is thanks to filters you may wash rather than replacing them, as well as also the energy-efficient LED lighting. The filters are complex concerning trapping grease or oil, which means that your air & house will remain clean without residue.
  • You may use it like a ducted or non-ducted apparatus. Just plug it in, and you will be prepared to go. Just do not forget which you will need to buy extra carbon filters should you use it like a ductless installation.
  • Here is an interesting feature: this version has a remote control so that you can switch it off or on while lounging on the sofa. That is another way you can conserve electricity: if you understand, you forgot to place off it, and you do not wish to get up out of the comfy chair.
  • This version works for dirt, but also toxins and scents; therefore, it is what you need at a range hood in the 21st century.

5. Kitchen Bath Collection Wall-mounted Stainless Steel Range Hood

  • Together with all the Kitchen Bath Collection HA75-LED Range Hood, You’ll Get High-end LED lighting. Every one of these lights has 49 separate bulbs. This makes the lights 3 times brighter than any ordinary range hood using LED lighting. The lights are obviously here in order to guard your appliances and also the cook-top to be particular. Additionally, they can allow you to cook smoothly as you’ll acquire adequate light at any given time of day.
  • You’ll find a touch screen control panel that’s simpler to navigate than any other button controller or charge controller, or analog controller. In addition, the control panel is so slick, making it very classy to check out. What I enjoy the most about this control panel is that you could easily clean this with no debris or dust becoming stuck at the corner, a difficulty you will surely face with a change.
  • You will find 3-speed configurations for your fan. You may adjust the rates and match your various needs as you desire. If you would like to have more stream of atmosphere, simply increase the rate together with the premium touch display panel. Do the exact same to decrease the rate too.
  • Inside these range hoods for gas stoves, you’ll find an adjustable chimney. There are 3 sides to this particular chimney. What great about this is that there are no welded seams observable on either side. Conclusively, I would love to say I enjoy this range hood because of its effective filtration of this exhaust fan, and I am confident that you will love it as well.

6. Chef PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood

  • If you can manage to devote slightly bit more than our budget purchase’s price tag, try out the Hauslane’s range hoods for gas stoves version. It is a very simple but fashionable design once more; therefore, it is going to suit kitchens. It will have an industrial look, however, so in the event that you enjoy milder lines that this one might not supply you with the aesthetics that you desire. The one large advantage of this design is that it is easy to wash: the right lines just need a wipe down.
  • Here you will be impressed with functionality as a result of the 860CFM score and the fact which it is possible to select one of six configurations –over on most other versions.
  • It is another range hood for gas stoves that needs minimal upkeep and costs in the long term since you may put the filters into your washing machine to wash them.
  • Virtually anyone can think about this one, whatever the design of your kitchen as you’ll discover three ventilation options. Be aware that this version is much more suitable for kitchens in which you will have a duct, however.
  • The newest uses LED lights that can help you conserve electricity and what is controlled using a digital display. This gives it a contemporary flair and means there are no cracks around switches where dirt can build up. That is a good plus in our novels, and it is also simpler to run an electronic setup as soon as your palms are greasy out of cooking.
  • The timing is displayed on display; therefore, it is a fast reference if you want to track cooking occasions.

7. Proline Wall/Undercabinet Range Hood

  • The Proline range hood comes packed with attractive features and bundles for your money’s worth. For starters, it sports a four-speed mill that stinks from the heat/odors out of your kitchen. Again using this range hood, this degree of power shouldn’t bother you.
  • The engine running the mill works at low sound levels; therefore, one finds something. The Proline is fitted using energy-efficient LED bulbs so you can perform your cooking at any time of the day.
  • The Proline range hoods are covered under a 1-year guarantee for parts and labor and a couple of decades of components to pay for damage/accidents.

8. AKDY European Style Wall Mount Stainless Steel Range Hood

  • The AKDY 30is a wall-mount unit having a decorative chimney and higher electricity airflow. The CFM is 400 is enough to pull any sort of irritants from the kitchen and supply clean air.
  • The sound levels of this unit are 65dB that’s a little higher compared to the number one alternative. The range hood includes a stainless steel structure making it simple to wash.
  • If you’re interested in finding a more practical range hood, this version is the best option. The device includes an electronic controller touch panel to allow you to run it with more versatility.
  • From the panel, you can correct the LED lighting to the ideal amount you have to have in the kitchen. Additionally, the blowing off of this machine could be controlled here. Among the identifying features of the range hood are your inbuilt timer and clock.
  • The AKDY range hood was designed to be installed; thus, the ductless options can be bought separately. The range hood includes an air compressor to keep heat from escaping whenever the hood is dormant.
  • It includes a guarantee of 1-year-old covering against defects and damages. The qualities of this range hood qualify it to become among the best range hood for gas stoves at an inexpensive price.

9. FOTILE JQG7522 Range Hood

  • We recommend this version as it’s strong ventilation and suction capacity. It’s a higher range of rate together with all the differential touch buttons and also will filter all of the cooking fumes, scents released from the kitchen. It’s created out of steel materials and provides a best-in-the-industry guarantee program for its clients. The range hood also has a light that illuminates your own stove.
  • This Range Hood for Gas Stoves cleans debris and odors in the ceiling using its powerful twin motors, provides three-speed configurations, a proprietary impeller design that divides dirt and fumes, simple to wash heat-resistant aluminum substance, and a deflector that offers precision airflow controller. It’s silent on the lower settings and contains one button using a memory feature to each intensity level.

10. KOBE RA3836SQB-WM-5 Deluxe Wall Mount Range Hood

  • Even though there’s something to be said about using an electronic wall-mounted range hood for a gas stove, I actually enjoy the power and operation of the version by KOBE. As among the best kitchen exhaust hoods, it is possible to make it work for everybody but the most effective gas stoves. It has a few really great features, and it is designed to last.
  • When comparing the mill evaluation of distinct versions, you will see that this is only one of the best. It can operate up to 700 CFM, which may quickly get rid of the cooking fumes and dangerous chemicals, thus reducing the harm to the epidermis and wellness. Actually, it might even be powerful enough for restaurant-quality stoves, even should you just happen to own one in your kitchen.
  • Another reason I like this unit is it’s among those ductless range hoods for gas stoves testimonials in 2021. Therefore, if you can not connect to the exterior, you can use the charcoal filters, which include the machine, and keep your kitchen free of harmful odors and fumes.
  • Additionally, it will come with a minimal sound level of 40dB plus a maximum sound level of 55dB. The thoughtful low-noise layout can help you enjoy high-quality cooking pleasure from the silent atmosphere. That having been said, ductless is not as great as the solution, so just go that route when you must.
  • Fixing the kitchen chimney Vent is outfitted with two 5-layer aluminum filters because of the removable and dishwasher-safe filters. Additionally, it’s handmade with durable 18-gauge industrial grade stainless steel with a sleek layout, all it requires is a couple of wipes, and dirt and contaminants come off. In general, if you would like power and class, this is the range hood to purchase.

11. Zuhne Ventus Kitchen Wall Mount Ducted/Ductless Stainless Steel Range Hood

  • For contemporary makeovers and upscale jobs, the Zuhne Ventus 30″ Kitchen Wall Mount Range Hood is reliable by architects and contractors. This hood is rather energy-conserving, and it will not produce an excessive amount of noise to frighten you.
  • You will find really high lumen LED lights within this product which raises your relaxation of functioning under a range hood. Along with the simple to clean filters which it comprises lasts for several years.
  • Get a higher flow of air using the innovative technologies of the range hood. The greater airflow requires quite low energy to get the job done. So, this conserves your energy bill too.
  • Some people today love ducted installment of the range hood, and a few adore ductless installations. Whichever you have, it is in your favor as it supports the two of those installments. In a nutshell, to conserve power and have a simple installation that is the best range hoods to pick.

How To Choose The Best Range Hoods For Gas Stoves

CFM Power

To locate the CFM gas range necessary for your own kitchen, it takes a fairly simple piece of measuring and mathematics. These are only basic guidelines to help narrow down the broad area of alternatives. It is important to always check the specifications in the producer or consult with your contractor or builder for new jobs to make sure everything installed is up to code to your region.

Remember that gas stoves create greater heat and fumes compared to what the electric stovetop is capable of, so a gas stove will demand a greater CFM to process the atmosphere requirements, no matter the space dimensions. For all these stoves, seem at the BTU of these burners united instead of the stovetop size. (The BTU is the standard measurement for the total amount of heat generated.)

For example, let us assume that the normal gas stovetop has four burners, and every burner is capable of 10,000 BTU. The stovetop has the capacity to create 40,000 BTU at a single time which the range hood might need to help clean and distribute. Split the whole BTU from 100, and you arrive at a minimum CFM of 400 CFM.

Statistics table on how to choose CFM for range hoods

Duct Size

If you decide to go for a top CFM gas stove hood, then the most essential thing to do is be certain your ventilation ducting is a huge enough diameter to accommodate the ability of your range hood.

Here’s a very helpful chart to ascertain the duct dimensions of your hood.

chart to determine the duct size for your hood

If your duct is too little, it is going to reduce the capability of the mill to catch enough atmosphere for peak efficiency. In general, a bigger, more potent kitchen range hood is most appropriate for gas cooktops since they discharge more focused fumes.

Aim for at least 1000 CFM and an 8″ or larger diameter casing. Add amazing baffle filters to this to enjoy the very ideal range hood for your gas stove. Exactly the CFM will ride on your cooking customs, however, 1000 is a safe bet for most cooks. When in doubt, go to your greater CFM.


It is always important to take into account your brand new appliances’ guarantee period. Considering that an array hood is something you will want to work with for a long time to come, be certain of what you may expect from the new purchase. Bear in mind; a guarantee gives a fantastic indication of the quality of the product you are purchasing.


Excellent range hoods for gas stoves clearly have a much better build quality. The most effective construction material for a range hood is stainless steel. This substance can absorb more warmth than other substances, and they’re relatively cheaper but more durable.

Therefore, in the event that you decide on a range hood made from stainless steel, then you’ll receive it at a lower cost, but it’s going to be more lasting. Thus, be certain that you check the construction material whilst buying.

Mounting type

The mounting kind of this range hood is a large aspect to think about how to match the unit for your kitchen. Some range hoods are simple to match, and many others are complicated, which wants a builder to match them. Some of the most popular mounting types include the following:


This variant installs from the wall and functions nicely with a duct system to attach to the exterior. The dimension differs from your range hoods, so it is important that you be aware of the dimensions for excellent fitting into the wall. They’re also able to utilize a ductless system also.

wall mount range hood


If the kitchen features a cupboard over the gas stove, then you’ll have to use under cupboard rangehood versions. They’re simple to install; you can do it yourself. In comparison to other versions, the beneath cabinet range hoods aren’t as successful as the wall-mount versions.

Cabinet range hood


The range hoods for gas stoves are set up to hang from the ceiling and are extremely light to allow them to hang without adding additional weight to the ceiling. They have an attractive layout, but they are less effective compared to wall-mount versions.

Ceiling range hood


At the last view of things, picking functional solutions is essential for any contemporary kitchen. That is precisely why we’ve identified these best range hoods for gas stoves. These items are easy to set up, and they supply several different advantages. This includes an odor-free residence and enhanced air quality. Get 1 now and enhance the value of your premises.

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