13 Easy Ways to Permanently Remove Dandelions


After months of endless grey and dull winter days, who would have thought that spring is peeking through? In the mid of February, this may seem hard to be imagined, but it’s true. Spring is just waiting for the perfect time for it to shine. Furthermore, spring means warm sun rays and blue skies. Wittered trees and flowers will bloom again. Fruits and plants will once again bear their precious products. However, there is also another thing connected to this season, and it is dusting or mown of lawns again. But despite that, who would have resisted the beauty and calmness brought about this season? With the relaxing green lawn, any day can be perfect for bonding with the family.

The only problem that can be a headache during this season is a dreaded dandelion. It is both frustrating and tiring to remove these dreaded dandelions over the lawn. Have you seen or heard about it already? Well, if not yet, this is the perfect chance for you to know it.

With lots of rules banning the use of chemicals or herbicides since it brings harm to the environment, it is a need to study and be aware of the natural remedies and safe chemical compounds to resolve it. In this way, you can have a deeper understanding and assessment for you to decide on what action you’ll take to deal with the dreaded dandelions.

Given that, below are the 13 natural and safe chemical ways for you to get rid of dandelions permanently. The details below will show you the best and proven solution so that you can achieve the best results. So, let us start now!

1. Corn Gluten Meal

The very first natural remedy to get rid of stubborn dandelions is through a corn gluten meal. This is ideal and proven effective if you don’t want to deal with dandelions after all. It is called a pre-emergent herbicide or pre-emptive attack. This remedy works effectively in blocking any dandelion seed from rooting on your lawn. It can prevent any development of seed sprouts to a grown one in the first place. Also, this remedy is natural; that is why there will be no problem if it made contact with kids, dogs, or the environment as a whole.

However, there is also a downside to using this. This remedy is not effective if the dandelions are already able to sprout their flowers. So, it must be considered that it must be applied as early as possible. As the dandelion seeds are only starting to grow, this remedy must be applied right after. This can be applied both as early as possible or as the dandelions are only starting to grow. In this way, you can have a lighter job when getting rid of it.

Another thing, this remedy only works until the 5th or 6th week of a dandelion seed. Throughout the growing season, you also need to reapply the same remedy. This assures that the dandelions will never come back. Typically, this only means that there will be a total of three applications in a year.

2. Mow the Suckers

The next natural remedy is through mowing the suckers. This remedy is considered as effective and easy to do as dandelion killers. It can be found in your garage or storage room. Besides, it is tiring and time-consuming for you to cut the dandelion per piece. This remedy, through using a lawnmower, the dandelion killing will be way easier and faster. Here, you only need to ensure that the dandelions are in their yellow flowering stage to cut them more effectively. Aside from that, doing this can prevent seeds from spreading if the dandelions have gone through the puffball stage.

Also, it is more effective to cut the dandelions when it only grows 2 to 2 ½ inches. In this way, it can be prevented from coming and growing back.

Besides, dandelions need sunlight to help them grow and strive. By blocking the sunlight, you can slow or much better, stop the supply of sunlight essential to its growth. This method takes a lot of effort and time. It also needs a proper timing or a schedule that counts the date after cutting the dandelions. In short, commitment to a certain schedule will help eliminate the dandelions permanently.

3. Block out the Sun

The next method is so easy and effective that it doesn’t even cost any amount of effort. This remedy in eliminating the dandelions is blocking out the sun. In this remedy, you only need to find a spot or tool which can help you block the sunlight from hitting the lawn where dandelions are present. By doing this, it prevents the growth of dandelions, leading them to witter and death. This remedy has been one of the most used since it does not need any certain amount to do. Besides, the blocking materials can be easily found in your storage or garage room. You can also find the materials in your surroundings, such as wood and a pile of leaves.

The only thing needed in this remedy is patience when waiting for the effect. Since it does not guarantee a sudden dandelion removal, it will take a lot of time to do its work. Another thing, this remedy is environment-friendly since organic materials can be used in doing it. No animal or plants will be threatened in doing this. Also, even human beings are not prone to any risk with this remedy.

4. Dandelion Removal with Tools

The next natural remedy that you can try is through using tools and hand power. Here, your strength is needed in which you’ll use when pulling the dandelions out of the ground. There are also tools such as a knife, rake, and others else for a faster and better way of removing the stubborn dandelions.

Also, since this kind of plant can root up to 10 inches, there really is a huge need for tools to get it out of the ground easily. This can help protect the lawn, as well as your safety, which is a priority. Here, there will be digging of the ground, meddling with the soil and its inhabitants, and other else. But despite that, there is a guaranteed, clean, and safe dandelion removal. In the end, all efforts are worth it.

5. Plucking the Heads

The next natural remedy to remove dandelions is by plucking their heads. Dandelions are plants that have a puffball-like head, which may be appetizing to the eyes yet disturbing and destructive to the quality of a lawn. Also, if you don’t have the hard work to do lots of digging and cleaning of soil, this is the most recommended alternative. Here, you only need to do plucking of dandelion heads. It does not need any tool or other materials just to prevent the dandelions from growing back. The only focus in this remedy is the dandelion head. Without it, the plan will lose essential nutrients and benefits affecting its growth. Also, if you don’t have so much destructive dandelion on your lawn, this will be a great help. This remedy is best applied to a small amount of dandelion invasion only.

Another thing, this kind of remedy must be done per week or twice to ensure that it will never come back. There is also a need for you to ensure that the heads are removed before it enters the puffball stage. This is because the puffballs contain dandelion seeds, which can be spread to more places through their seeds. Once it got a chance to do so, there will be no assurance that the lawn will not be filled with dandelions in a couple of weeks.

Given that, there is a huge need for plucking the dandelion heads so that they can be eliminated in a safe, proper, and faster way.

6. Vinegar

You may be surprised upon reading this for the first time, yet it is true. Dandelions can be removed and eliminated by using vinegar for the solution. Some households may simply degrade this, but it has a lot of benefits. One of them is eliminating a dandelion. Besides, it is considered one of the most effective killers of dandelions. It has active compounds such as acid, which plays a huge role in eliminating dandelions.

To apply it, you better have a spray bottle to have a better and much more effective application of the vinegar. Ensure that each part of the dandelion was sprayed thoroughly to cut the time of its death. It is highly recommended that you use an average-sized spray bottle to have more vinegar to spray on the dandelions.

Not just that, there is also another way on how to use vinegar in eliminating the dandelions. If you want it to be completely gone, you must pull it out first off the ground and spray the whole with vinegar. The vinegar removes any trace such as root or seed to prevent it from growing back. It can slow and prevent the growth process of a dandelion.

After all, this natural remedy may be time-consuming, but it still guarantees the effective and safe removal of dandelions.

7. Salt

The next natural remedy for dandelions is salt. You may typically see it inside your kitchen and think that it is used to taste food only, but now you’re wrong. This can be the best remedy that you can easily find to kill the dandelions. Besides, it is highly recommended to be spread in the air and on the ground. The only thing that you need to do is to sprinkle or pour an average amount of salt onto the head of a dandelion. Do this consistently for days, and you can already see its killing effect on the dandelions. It is a proven, highly effective remedy since it can easily lead the dandelion into wilt and death.

The only problem or downside in using this remedy is that it can bring harm to the grass or neighboring plants. Given that, you must be careful when applying it to the dandelion. Ensure that only the dandelions are applied with salt.

8. Boiling Water

Our parents have told us to be careful about boiling water since it can be dangerous and can cause injuries. It is used in making tea, coffee, milk, and other hot beverages. Also, boiling water helps clean and enhance the quality of water before drinking it. The bacteria from the water source can be eliminated, as well as the possible diseases that can bring your health into danger.

However, boiling water does not work for those only. Have you ever imagined that it can also be used to eliminate stubborn dandelions on your lawn? Well, yes. Boiling water can help in eliminating the dandelions from your lawn permanently and effectively.

In this remedy, you only need two key values to make the result much more effective in a shorter period. First, you need to be patient. Your patience must belong in waiting for the results to come. This remedy does not provide an instant outcome. That is why you must learn to wait until it takes effect. The next one is consistency.

This value is greatly needed when applying or pouring boiling water to the dandelions. This must be done on a daily basis, so you must be consistent in pouring it. Another thing, if you have more time and hard work, you can try pouring boiling water onto the dandelions a few times a day. This guarantees effect in just two to three days. You’ll just see that the dandelions are starting to wilt and lose their health.

However, there is also a downside in doing this remedy, and that is its need for time. It is time-consuming, as well as effort. Starting from boiling the water in a kettle per day or per hour, it already takes a lot of time and effort. Also, when pouring it onto the plant, there is a huge need for focus and time to complete it successfully.

9. Weed Burner

The next natural remedy that you can use is the weed burner. However, have you heard or seen one like this already? Well, a weed burner is considered as one of the best yet often seen remedies for eliminating dandelions naturally. It is an easy method to use for the effective killing of stubborn dandelions.

Essentially, a weed burner is also called a small blowtorch designed to bring the dandelions on the flame. This flame of fire will then destroy and kill the dandelions. Well, certainly, this method may kill the dandelions effectively. Yet, it brings danger when being operated, especially if you have not enough knowledge on how to use it and on how it works.

Aside from that, it can also bring harm to the surrounding plants and grass. It can spread the fire, which can lead to a massive fire affecting other plants. But this can be prevented if you have sufficient and effective skills in using a weed burner. Also, there is a need for you to attain skills in welding tools to help you more in finishing the project of eliminating the dandelions. With all of these combined, dandelions will be gone permanently.

10. Grass Seed and Mulch

Another natural remedy for eliminating dandelions is through using grass seed and mulch. Besides, there is no other best way to kill dandelions but to keep a healthy lawn. With this, there will be no abundance or striving of dandelions that can ruin not only the quality but also the appearance of your lawn.

Here, you only need to apply the grass seed for a thick patch of grass. This can help in preventing any growth of dandelions on the lawn. Also, it is a good choice to use mulch in enhancing the health and quality of the lawn. A good and thick lawn will eventually choke the dandelions, preventing them from sprouting and striving throughout the lawn. Another thing, as this remedy enhances the quality of soil, the dandelions do not like it. So, as a result, the dandelions will never choose to grow in this kind of soil. This kind of prolific weeds will always do better with acidic soils. A rich in nutrient soil will deprive any thriving of dandelions.

The only thing needed in this remedy is hard work when taking good care of the lawn. Consistent cleaning and maintenance are needed, as well as patience in doing any needed action. There is no other way of naturally eliminating the dandelions without causing any harm to the surrounding plants, but this one. So, all efforts must be put in to achieve the best results.

11. Family Time

Next in line is through family time. You may think of this as a simple and nonsense remedy, yet it still makes a huge difference and help in eliminating dandelions from the lawn naturally. We all know that cooperation will always make a difference in a certain thing, and in this situation, it can also be applied. Family members can help one another to do proper cleaning of the lawn to remove dandelions and other weeds from it. Here, all of the members can help and be assigned to different tasks. The father and elder brothers can be responsible for lifting heavy objects such as rocks, wood chops, and other stuff.

On the other hand, the mother and sisters can be responsible for sweeping the lawn and removal of lightweight debris. The family can work as a team to properly and naturally eliminate the dandelions from the lawn. They can dig its roots, pull it from the ground, and dispose of it properly. In this way, the dandelions will never come back, infesting a lawn or garden.

Aside from that, there is also another benefit that this remedy can provide – to serve as a bonding moment for the family. Despite the busy schedules nowadays, missing a chance to make time and bond with the family is not recommended. There is still a need to make fun and bond with them, even without spending lots of money. One of that is through giving traps and smart ways on how to eliminate the stubborn dandelions. Also, the soil quality can be improved, which is hated by dandelions. With the family’s teamwork and hard work in making the lawn clean and healthy, no dandelion will ever set “root” on it.

12. Rabbits and Chickens

The next remedy is purely natural and guaranteed effective. If you have a lawn and stubborn dandelions currently infest it, and you have a hard time thinking and looking for ways to eliminate it. Well, there are so many natural remedies that you can try, but there is also one that requires your lesser effort and expenses. This is by giving your lawn chickens or rabbits. There may be other places on the earth that hates rabbits and chickens, yet these two incredible domestic animals can do a lot of job in dandelion elimination. But how can that happen?

Well, we will discuss the job being done by rabbits in dandelion elimination. Rabbits are well-known for their adorable appearance and ability to hop tall. It is an animal that eats only grass or leaves from its surrounding. One of its favorites is the carrot, which is a root crop with orange color. However, rabbits can also consume dandelions from a lawn. Dandelions are one of its favorites since this plant has a good smell and taste. These are the qualities being looked at by rabbits, that is why whenever it can make an encounter or find a dandelion, it does not resist but fight for it, like their food.

On the other hand, chickens are also known as domesticated animals since it tastes a lot better than other animals. This kind of animal can be used in anything such as food consumption, display, pet, and so many more. It has a good personality, especially when it is full. However, aside from buying hays and other natural ways, chickens can also motivate and make an uplifting effect on other people. Its appearance can easily take any outfit away and it has a good size.

Here, the chickens are going to be busy feeding themselves with fallen dandelion flowers, leaves, and others else. The chickens can easily grab any of the plant’s products.

13. Pull it off!

For the last thing recommended, when eliminating stubborn dandelions, we have the remedy that requires extremely hard work and patience. This is through pulling it off the ground manually. This requires you to have the strength and hard work to pull every dandelion on the lawn completely, leaving nothing behind. This can be time-consuming and tiring since dandelions can reach up to 10 inches under the ground. It can be hard to pull out, so you need to be strong and persistent in taking it out.

Also, you can use tools such as a hoe, which you can use in digging the dandelion faster, and a pair of gloves to protect your hand from getting injured. Ensure that the dandelions are pulled out with their roots to prevent them from growing back. Take a look and consideration with this if you want to eliminate the dandelions completely out of your lawn. Another thing, do not dispose of the pulled dandelions anywhere on your lawn, for they can leave roots or seeds that can only help them spread and grow again. It is recommended that you use a sack or wheelbarrow to dispose of it properly.

These are all of the 13 natural remedies in eliminating dandelions that you can consider.

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